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Hi everyone, back again with another masterpost! I decided to do a guide to highlighting, I find highlighting extremely useful when I do my revision. It allows me to locate key pieces of information very fast, thus it is important to only highlight crucial details.  

Please note that this is just a guideline, so change and alter it for your usage.

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psa. if my characterization (ie. excessive violence, usage of slurs, mention of sexual violence, etc., etc.) makes you uncomfortable, please tell me. if you just let me know – even if we’ve already started a thread – i can dial it back. i don’t want to alienate good rp partners just because i came in too hot!! 

We’ve all seen those AUs where Akechi steps onto a better path because Akira reaches out to him prior to the Okumura Palace. 

But like

What about an AU where Akechi steps onto a better path because he visited Leblanc one summer morning and got into an argument with Futaba about Star Wars.   

Akechi has a lot of feelings about Anakin Skywalker, okay?  And about how Persona usage is inherently a “dark side” power because it’s rooted in anger and hatred and burning desire.  

And Futaba is like, oh hell no, do you not get that Luke Skywalker changed Anakin Skywalker’s heart. 

And if Futaba is Shido’s biological daughter, and he found out, he’d get a huge secret thrill about casting them as Luke and Leia.  Akechi you are barely Kylo Ren 

Kazama’s Petty Moment #2: Petty People Praising

Remember when Kazama was shown relaxing, admiring the view the humans built?

Kazama: Snow suits the capital well. Humans themselves are foolish creatures, but the artistic atmosphere they gave the capital when building it isn’t half bad.

Amagiri: Kazama, were you listening?

Kazama, sighing: Do not sound so cross. I have not forgotten our domain’s orders to confirm Emporer Komei’s condititon.

I love how he manages to get things done yet appear to always have time for leisure activities, like his occasional opium usage. But, what I love most is how he always has time to give Petty™ comments.

Bonus! (not rly related to the convo i just like think he has nice legs lol)

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blake-broacher  asked:

So can I refer to real people as fictional things like Stalin and Gandhi. Because I want to reference them but my stories don't take place on Earth. I don't think I can make it actual history

Hey there.

It’s hard to say definitively without knowing the exact usage, but I think that this would be jarring for me as a reader. Those people weren’t fictional and hearing/reading the name calls to mind a very real person…and in another world, that would be confusing to me.

If it was a comedic work and the mention was somehow tongue-in-cheek, then it might work, but in a serious fantasy or sci-fi work, then I think the reference would pull a reader out of the story instead of make a point.

Happy writing!

me: why the fuck is jack called jack when his name is john

google: In Medieval Germany, the Biblical name “John” became “Jankin” and then “Jackin”.Jack is a shortening of that. In Medieval England, “John” was used as a generic name for a person (the usage John Doe still survives). The French used the name “Jacques” with the same purpose, and the two became conflated.

me: jack’s real name is ‘jackin’

herbitallbivore  asked:

Norvegan claims that you tried to get all of his vids about you removed by filing privacy claims? But you bang on about how positive these videos are for you and how grateful you are to him for the exposure. Who's lying here?

He put up my private personal email…

I know where he lives but Im not about to put his address up on the fucking internet because he is a hater.

People are FINE to use whatever original copyrighted content of mine for fair usage (even if they are beta cucks like Michael Hebo who is just jealous he has a lying GF named Hannah Chloe who lied to his face and her dads face) BUT just dont put up my personal info or I WILL have it removed from youtube.

The videos are positive and I encourage them to be made. The sharing of personal data is NOT cool though and just shows how dark these people are inside.

Keep it fun, keep it factual and STOP USING DEAD PEOPLE for your own agenda and STOP sharing private personal data. 

English usage PSA because this is driving me crazy: 

  • ‘Everyday’ is an adjective used to describe something rote, routine, or pedestrian, as in, “Because her gown was being dry-cleaned, she was forced to wear a boring everyday dress to the party.” ‘Everyday’ can also be used as a noun to refer to regular life in general, as in, “Joe grew bored with the everyday in Cleveland, snapped one morning, sold his things, and moved to Paris.”
  • ‘Every day’ is an adverb phrase indicating that something happens with regularity every 24 hours, as in, “I go to the same coffee shop every day.”

Pro-tip: if you can replace ‘every’ with ‘each’ and the sentence still makes sense (as in, “I go to the coffee shop each day” but not “..she was forced to wear her each day dress to the party”) there should be a space in there. 

Cool? Cool.

OKAY BUT if someone previously identified as asexual, aromantic, etc., but they now identify as something else, it isn’t “proof that aces don’t exist” and you’re not a bad person for changing the label of your identity.