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  • what dan thinks he's like: tall and brooding, always wearing black because he's dead inside, large usage self-deprecating humor, grand use of irony, edgy memelord
  • what dan's actually like: tall but smiley (complete with dimples), always wearing black because it's a comforting and soothing color, dog-lover, goes on powerful rants about things his audience is passionate about, wholesome memelord
What’s Up with “Titled” and “Entitled”?

Therefore, both of these are correct:

  • I found a book entitled The Great Gatsby. 🍸🎆
  • I found a book titled The Great Gatsby. 🍸🎆

On a side note, it’s important to remember that entitled also has a different meaning, which “titled” doesn’t share: to give someone a legal right or just claim to do something:

  • As human beings, we are entitled to basic rights and freedoms, regardless of gender, race, or religion. 
  • This ticket entitles you to board this ship and take a voyage you’ll never forget. 🎟🚢
  • You are entitled to pound your fist against your chest as many times as you want.

pls obliterate the terms mary sue ect in usage describing any 11 year old artist’s oc who might be a self insert and who gives a fucking shti theyre 11 i was 11 u were 11 “yeah but i was cringy back then” not as cringy as you are right now crushing some kids dreams 4 the sake of a nonexistant “cringe culture” lemmeeee fuckin tell you


Apparently USAG has been livestreaming Doha EFs this whole time???

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don't worry, you're not the reason the planet is low on water. corporations are responsible for most of the planet's destruction. if we really need to save water - we have to make corporations be more responsible in their water usage. same goes for people with large lawns who water their gardens. that's a big water waster there too :(

Why have you sent this message to me. Do you think I don’t know my facts about global water consumption? I know EVERY fact about global water consumption. I compose sestinas about corporate water consumption in my sleep. The fucking president calls me up when he needs to know a thing about water consumption. I eat, sleep, live and breathe this shit. Stat life. 24/7 365 corporate indifference to the public good stays on my mind. You come into my house, where I blog about cats, and suggest that I don’t know a thing? Unbelievable.

My policy on art usage

A lot of people ask questions about reposting my ML art. Since it’s less stressful for me, I currently allow reposts as long as you credit me properly (including a link back) and don’t edit or make money off of them.

(Don’t repost to places where the art is already posted like tumblr though, there’s no reason for that.)

If you want to edit it, you need my direct permission. Thanks!

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I only wish that Lauren goes to college. Her reasoning and arguments could be so much more impressive with additional education, context and proper usage of vocabulary and grammar. I always get distracted when reading her writing with the poor sentence structure or elementary black and white conclusions. She should humble herself more to ask questions rather than shout answers. She has as much to learn as the rest of us. Wise people know when to speak as much as what to say.

Given her hectic work schedule, college is improbable.. Maybe online classes? But, I mean, Lauren has been very vocal about her thirst for knowledge, and she always says she tries to educate herself by reading up on certain issues. And I admire her for that.

She’s still young, and she admitted she was very black and white. I wish that’ll change soon. Because one thing I’ve learned in this world is that our society is all shades of grey. But she makes her own path. She’ll learn on her own.

But yeah, when I’ve watched the Urban Outfitters panel, the difference between her and Amani was this, for example:

Lauren: instead of using your phones and staying on social media blah blah or spending all your time on Instagram, why don’t you search up on articles about politics or feminism or blah blah…

Amani: OR you could stay all day on IG BUT search through relevant hashtags!

(The difference is, Lauren comes off as arrogant or superior. But we know that in reality, most of us would not read lengthy articles while using our smart phones. I do sometimes, but I use my phone for entertainment. WHILE Amani incorporated reality with her ideals. Like encouraging kids that while they’re spending time on social media, she laid a concrete example on how to be more aware on issues, instead of saying “oh don’t be stupid and stop wasting time on social media)

Still, over and over I will say that I admire Lauren for her outspokenness and desire to make a change and raise awareness… I’m just simply making an observation. 😘

Paradigmal Dogma

Dogma is an essential tool of Chaos Magick and goes hand in hand with adopting a paradigm.

What is a paradigm? Common usage today conceives a paradigm as a system of belief. The term originates from Thomas Kuhn’s “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” and refers to a reference experiment and methodology that frames a practice of science. In Chaos Magick we do well to stick with Kuhn’s original insight and conceive of a paradigm in similar manner, in terms of reference practice and method rather than in terms of belief.

What is dogma? Dogma is arbitrary assertion of ways of thinking and common use includes associated practices. Dogma and paradigms fit well together. Francis Crick asserted the “central dogma” of molecular biology which asserted a way of approaching and organizing research efforts based on an assumed “truth” which seemed likely, but well beyond ability to prove at the time. In Chaos Magick we should also identify similar effective dogmas.

In chaos magick we adopt paradigms at will. To work within a paradigm is to also assert associated dogmas. When exploring or developing a paradigm, ask yourself what dogmas one should hold in association with the paradigm. Dogmas are optional refinements and extensions of the base paradigm.

Many of us have such an anti-establishment bent that we resist adopting any dogma, missing the point that all a dogma need be is structure for thought. A dogma need not be believed or constantly held. It is a constraint on thought which can be compared to a structure of constraint in poetry. We have no need of constraining ourselves to constraints established by authority, though having some devised structure of constraint can get us further and produce more interesting results than rejecting constraint entirely.

Conceive of your own constraints, your own central dogma, and judge it by its effectiveness in working within your paradigm.

A Thousand Apologies

So sorry for not being too active. In relation to a recent event and the wonkiness of my Internet connection, I’ve no choice but to reduce my time on Tumblr (Tumblr sucks data like me drinking ice water on a hot day and my data usage has exceeded 80% - renewal is on the 7th of April 😱). 

To those who’ve tagged me, so sorry if I’ve failed to respond. Mobile Tumblr has this thing where I end up on my own page 😑 

I am available on Discord, by the way. So far only @disciple-of-the-assassins-creed and @vrgxo have me on their friend lists 😆 I’ve got Skype as well (same handle as this one). 

Shoutout to the Sisters; @swiggle-muffin @afterglowingassassin @tokufan1 @jiruchan @emouel @edwardcuckway @vrgxo @disciple-of-the-assassins-creed @cybersweetsdonut @coolpurple82 @vaniri @fryed-egg @vanilleeistee @mieliikki @bunnyyumyum @victorianassassinqueen @thatbellagaze @lady-mz-hyde @poojadey12 @babelast @a-little-0wl @xxxjenniferxxx18 @okayyoudontseeme @thepandadrawer @malmo722 @kitkat101895 @apothecarious @midnight-skittles @freedomaboveallelse @masterassassinmercer @themasterassassin @idiotgangleader @deathhoundx and everyone else! I’m sorry if I missed anyone. I Love you guys as well. 

 To those who’ve stood by me that day (you know who you are). I love you all very much and thank you. 😘 


To the Sisters in England, especially London, my prayers are with all of you. I love London as much as I love my hometown and to think I visit London quite often. It’s very unfortunate that such tragic incident could happen. 😢 Hope you guys are all right. So stay safe and stand united!

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on some real shit, if i turn up missing, i didn’t fucking run away. living in or around a city period is cause enough to be aware of sex trafficking but i really doubt these missing people are brought to our attention solely because of increased social media usage by the feds. i love the dmv but damn if i’m not a lil scared bruh


I’m actually working on my drafts right now, and a lot of these are from quite a while ago, so I definitely wouldn’t mind starting new things. Like this to get something from my muse. The length will vary, and so will my usage of icons. And, this is also a non-mutual starter call, so even if I’m not following you, go ahead and put a like in.

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hi there's no particular reason for me sending you this other than that nobody else cares but: People Who Draw [Especially Humanstuck] Calliope Or Caliborn As Dyadic And Cis Are Pussies

i had to google your usage of “dyadic” (in this context, it means “not intersex”) but i wholeheartedly agree anon

So many people disagree about unleashed being better than colors and gens.

Let’s talk about that.

The major reasons I said this are sense of speed and level design. The former is pretty much nonexistent in Colors, and due to the camera, Unleashed has a better sense of speed than Generations despite having slower max speed.

As far as level designs go. For the most part Generations is pretty much boost to win; the only time you’re not boosting through everything is in 2D segments and this doesn’t change at all until you reach Crisis City, over halfway through the game.
Colors is like 75% 2D, with 3D really only being used for either drifting or quick step segments. It’s also composed mostly of platforming and wisp usage so there actually is little going fast in this game.
Unleashed, however, has the boost to win formula without having the boost to win level design; the levels manage to flow very well without you having to boost the entire time. 3D isn’t restricted to boosting and 2D isn’t restricted to platforming. It takes a lot more than just timing your jumps correctly to actually reach shortcuts unlike Generations.

America goals 😍❤

Universal income
Ethical food regulations
Housing for all
Clean water for all
Slavery completely illegal
Free menstrual products
Free healthcare
Uncorrupt Justice system
Sex ed in schools
Effective gun regulation
Free or affordable higher education
Usage of renewable/clean energy
Perhaps ethics taught in schools
Greater investment in education

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Yeah T7 is garbage. Makes you wonder why Kishi put so much effort into something that most people got sick and tired of. And that he did such a bad job of doing. Maybe he should have focused on other things like IDK, more NH interaction? More supporting cast usage? Be more consistent? Nope just toss in more Saskue/T7 BS. The war arc (or the manga) could have been better if things weren't shoved down our throats.


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Can you do an art tutorial because that art style is so nice 😊and I would too see how it is made if that's OK and your art so amazing❤💖 I wish I had money for commission 😥

Hihi, I’ve actually been asked this a couple times now, although your emoji usage really caught my eye 😘 Tbh I’m not really sure how I might go about doing a tutorial though cause my process is messy and unorganized and changes a lot between drawings haha.

That being said I do use some techniques pretty often and could maybe do something on that, probably after I finish my remaining commissions haha

And feel free to send a request if you can’t afford a commission! I don’t often take them on but if I see something I like I usually save it for when I can’t think of something to draw or even between commissions to loosen up 😄