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i’m rly tired and sleepy but i’m thinking. about how i just got home from a nigerian party hosted by my mom in law and i was the only non-african person there so i was feeling pretty nervous to dance tbh lmao but like ancestral muscle memory is real bc it came so natural to me and i lowkey wanna explore this topic lol

omg i had the worst nightmare that i went to one of Gerard’s signings and he told everyone he hated me and everyone was whispering about me saying ‘Gerard doesnt like her’ and giggling and then the organizer called me and told me its bc i told people on some website to steal fish???????! like actual fish out of the sea????? wtf Gerard what is wrong with you im gonna steal a fish and slap you in the face with it thats whats up you fool

im oddly remembering a time when i was eating chicken in the main lobby of my school and i didnt have a ride yet and it was extremely cold outside and this lady made me and my old friends leave and i hd to sit in the snow iwth my chicken


“Terrible thing will happen today,” Yuuko happily announces after I delete half my blog. HOW DID YOU KNOW?

Butut that aside, guys, I love Yuuko Ichihara so so much. Her absolute cheer as she announces that it’s going to be an awful day is just. Too good. 

There’s even a heart.

You can bet your ass I’m saving that panel for future use. 

Also @Watanuki what alternate dimension do you live in where Himawari has ever been a sign of good things to come WHICH ONE