a telivision

So I know that within the Voltron fandom times are high and thriving. Though, there has been plenty of discourse between shipping between minors and adults. I’d like to throw in my 2 sense, not that it means anything.
Here’s a shitty power point on what I think abt this.

- Cultural differences
My biggest argument here. Listen here sonny, lemme tell you a story. There are these things called continents. They are all different, with different people and beliefs. I.e, the legal age isnt 18 everywhere ya dipshits. Everyone I’ve seen complaining abt this has been from the US. In Australia the legal age is 16, Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador and Colombia all have it set at 14. And in some countries - such as Chile - the minimum age of consent is 14 but with added restrictions.

- the fuckers are in space my guy

- I agree that some ages are really too young, but once a certain maturity is obtained by a young adult, it should be considered okay to make their own choice. People grow with different maturity rates.

- its a show dear lord, its a telivision show and yall are insulting others for thinking certain people look good together… and also writing explicit sex for them but we dont need to brush that topic.

In conclusion, if you arent supportive of a ship ignore it. Dont insult people over it, or say its bad and unhealthy. Keep your mouth shut abt it and dont be a prick. Also have an open mind to others opinions, and go bother the Boku no Pico fandom if you rlly wanna bully someone because we dont tolerate it here.