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Imagine carving pumpkins with the Superwholock team.

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Dean: Cas what is that supposed to be?

Sherlock: I think that he was trying to carve all of us.
 **Cas nods**

Sam: And what’s your pumpkin carved as Sherlock?

Sherlock: It is supposed to be a crime scene…

Y/N: Okay where is the Doctor… He took his pumpkin into the Tardis and promptly vanished.

John: He muttered something about getting help from a friend.

**Tardis appears again. Eleventh Doctor pokes his head out**

The Doctor: Hello everyone, I visited a friend of mine and I know that we weren’t doing a contest but if we were I would win. **Sets his pumpkin down and carefully carved into it is one of Van Gough’s work.**

Y/N: You went back in time to see Vincent and you asked him if he could carve one of his works into your pumpkin… Yeah that’s cheating… Dean out of the pumpkin pie.

-I thought we were going to the French seaside, Doctor.

-Yes, well, it is France you know. Or will be, after a bit of tectonic shift. Looks, oh…late Cretaceous, I’d say.

-Cretaceous? Doctor, how on earth did you undershoot the landing by 65 million years?

-Nobody’s perfect, Zoe! Besides, Jamie’s never seen a dinosaur before!

-I’ve never seen a what now?

-Oh you’ll love them, Jamie! Huge reptiles the size of houses with teeth like millstones…

-Oh aye… those sound…nice.

The amount of time that Two spent just trying to take his companions for a nice day at the seaside is very important to me.

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Just randomly 'cause I was in the Fitz tag and saw your post: I read "come to me with remedies" when you were writing it on DW, and I was always too shy to leave any comments, but it's one of the best fics I've ever read. I love your EDA writing; you wrote some of the classics in this tiny fandom.


I forgot I wrote that.

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Holy shit.


yet another dead/dying meme turned into a gifset at the last minute


mogarsjones imagine-enderdragons team-lads-in-the-tardis I feel this speaks to you guys on an emotional level.

That time on Marinus when Ian got out of jail and Susan was so happy to have her Space Family back together again she just had to cuddle Barbara and shout ‘WHOOPEEEEEEEE!’ like the loveable weirdo she is. And then my heart melted. And then I got sad because I started thinking about how her parents were probably dead or something which is why she’s so attached to Barbara and Ian which means the Doctor’s also lost a child and nothing is ok.

“The new Team Tardis is chosen,” Steven Moffat states. “On one side we have Shona (played Faye Marsay), a clever, quick-witted and fearless young woman, ready for adventure.

On the other side, there is Bennett (played by Arsher Ali), the thoughtful, critical thinker, feeling obliged to ask the questions the Doctor might not wants to ask. 

We’re sure we found the right companions, we promise, they will keep the Doctor on his toes.” (x)