a scene

  • Clegane: *throws a stick at a white walker*
  • White Walker: I'm a good zombie so Imma let that go.
  • Clegane: *throws a rock at the white walker*
  • White Walker, walking over to kill Clegane: :) I’m :) trying :) to :) be :) a :) better :) person :) but :) some :) people :) are :) testing :) me :)
Thank you, Dany.
—  can we talk about how freaking PERSONAL that was?! I really don’t remember ANYONE who would speak to Dany with such straightforwardness and gentleness!
Khal Drogo always called her either ‘Khaleesi’ or ‘Moon of his Life’, Jorah or Daario - ‘Khaleesi’ or ‘Your Grace’. They all treated her like a Queen (who she obviously is).
And here we have Jon Snow. A man who loved once but has tragically lost his beloved. He knows the feeling of loss better than anyone and now he sees this powerful woman going through something heartbreaking. He feels responsible for it and wants to comfort her. Not because he has to.
He may know Dany for a short amount of time but already feels emotionally attached to her (and vice versa ;) ).
Jon sees more than just the Heir to the Iron Throne.
He sees a human being with the surface of a strong and beautiful woman.

BTS Reaction To: You “Cumming” Without Permission.

NSFW! Read at own risk!


Jin told you that you couldn’t cum yet, although he made it impossible as his thrusts started speeding up even more. You threw your head back, trying your hardest to hold in your release but it was too much of a challenge. You climaxed, your eyes rolling to the back of your head, moaning out Jin’s name. Jin slowed down his thrusts, panting.

“I-I’m sorry.” You apologised.

“I’ll let you off this time, just next time do what Daddy tells you to do, or you’ll be punished.”

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“Please, Yoongi, please let me cum.” You begged, feeling your climax approaching.

“Not yet, Princess. Hold it in for me like a good girl, okay?”

You whined at his words, knowing you wouldn’t be able to do as he told you. You tried focusing on something - anything - just to take your mind off your approaching release, but you couldn’t. The pleasure you was feeling was all too much, so you came, clenching around Yoongi.

Yoongi froze. “You know what?” Yoongi pulled himself out of you. “You’re not cumming for a week. I told you not to cum, but you did, and I’m not letting you get away with it.”

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Namjoon secretly loved it when you couldn’t hold in your release. It boosted his ego as it showed him that he really was fucking you well. But of course, he’d never admit to that.

As you came, when he had specifically told you not to, he told you to get on all fours. You did what he said, not wanting to disobey him. You already knew what was coming, and that was, that you were going to be spanked. Namjoon always spanked you when you misbehaved.

“Count to ten for me.”

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Hoseok rarely told you not to cum as he loved feeling you tighten around him. But, if you would misbehave, he would tell you not to release just yet, sometimes not even letting you release at all.

“Hoseok, please, I can’t hold it.”

“Yes you can, baby.”

When you came, feeling almost light headed as you did, Hoseok called you degrading names, and spanked you (like Namjoon), letting you know you shouldn’t of disobeyed him.

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Taehyung was annoyed you had came without his permission because he wanted you to understand that he was the one that would control your orgasms. He lent down, biting on your neck, causing you to wince in slight pain.

“If I tell you not to cum - you don’t. Understand?”

“Yes, Daddy.” You replied.

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Jimin chuckled deeply, shaking his head slowly after you had reached your high. “I knew you wasn’t going to hold it in.”

He grabbed a fistful of your hair, pulling it, causing you to moan out. “You’re such a dirty girl, aren’t you?”

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At first, Jungkook seemed slightly frustrated, but he didn’t do anything about it. Confused as you was expecting a punishment, and being slightly disappointed you didn’t get one, you decided maybe Jungkook didn’t actually care if you came, and would only tell you not to just to add to your arousal.

That was until, the next time you had sex, Jungkook pulled out of you immediately as you was about to reach your high. You whined, looking at Jungkook who had a smirk on his face.

“That was for cumming last time without my permission.”

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it’s not that d&d “can’t write women,” ok? can we stop pretending?? they’ve made it perfectly clear that they HATE women. the rape scenes, the out of nowhere sexual assault, the pitting of women against each other…and now, they’ve turned one of the only women they’ve done a decent job with (arya) into someone superficial and mean. they hate femininity so much they’re making sure popular characters, like sansa’s damn family, target her for it. it’s disgusting and exhausting and I don’t have any more time for people acting like these showrunners don’t BLATANTLY HATE WOMEN

boyfriend kth
  • omg
  • taehyung is boyfriend material 
  • take great care of you
  • sometimes it feels like you’re babysitting more than dating
  • but his just really fun to be around
  • will smile every time he looks at you
  • king of forehead and nose kisses
  • eskimo kisses
  • such a cuddly little baby
  • random kisses because he loves you so much
  • cuddles and spanks
  • backhugs
  • so much skinship
  • loves pda
  • wants everyone to know that your his
  • will tease you all the time
  • tickle fights
  • he rests his chin on your head
  • he uses aegyo to get what he wants
  • when he cries it breaks your heart
  • constantly sticks him tongue out the side of his mouth
  • will dance sexually to see your reaction
  • subtle touches in public
  • smirks at you
  • teases you in public by whispering dirty things in your ear
  • is a switch
  • when he’s submissive he’ll whine into the crook of your neck 
  • but when he’s dominate he’ll but so ROUGH
  • loves when you tease him
  • cuddles after sex
  • sexy time over now ;)
  • he gets excited over animals
  • screams when he sees a dog and runs off to pet it
  • dogsitting Soonshim for him
  • getting a pet together
  • tries to cook for you
  • tries to impress you with his rapping skills and other skills
  • will sing to you all the time
  • buys you ice cream
  • karaoke dates
  • mini photoshoots
  • taking ugly photos of each other
  • the boys will always tell you two to be quite 
  • but loves you two together
  • overall taehyung will treat you like a king/queen 

Ahhhhhh, I got some many feels while writing this one, Taehyung is my bias for those who don’t know.

Once I’ve put up Jungkook’s going to go back and edit them, I’ll post once they are edited.

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A Breach of Trust: Chapter 21

(Act 1: Chapter 1-9 )

(Act 2: Chapter 10-18 )

(Act 3: Chapter 19,  Chapter 20)

Reigen was soaked to the bone.

He squinted through the rain and spit water from his mouth as he hauled bag after bag of trash to the dumpster around the side of the apartment. He’d had a flimsy red umbrella for the first garbage run. On autopilot, Reigen had accidentally thrown it out along with the garbage bag. Reigen had told Mob the wind carried it off.

When Reigen returned from the final dumpster trip, he shed his shoes and his socks and his suit jacket, which he hung wet and dripping on a coat rack nail by the door. Reigen collapsed into a kitchen chair he pulled out, huffing out a laugh and running his fingers through his soaking wet hair. Water ran down his face and dripped into the corners of his mouth, salty.

“Are you okay, Reigen?” Mob asked.

Reigen looked up. Mob sat on the other side of the table, fingers gripped visibly tight to the wood. Ash still stained his shirt, and his eyes were visibly shaken. Reigen knew it was due to the “barrier”—whatever that meant in Mob’s mind—reappearing in the stretches of time it took Reigen to toss the garbage bags. Reigen told himself, and Mob, that this counted toward Mob’s training.

“I’m fine, Mob.” Reigen grabbed his right pantleg and wrung it, twisting it tight at his ankle. Streams of water ran down his foot to the tile below. “This is a lot like swimming actually, except fully clothed and it’s terrible.”

Mob met his eyes, concentration furrowing his brow. “You’re being funny, right Reigen?”

“I’m funny all the time.”

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