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Percy and Nico’s Canon Relationship

Alternatively, things that people forget ignore about Percy and Nico’s relationship and are also totally ignored in Heroes of Olympus.

This is all 100% in the canon and doesn’t have to be shippy unless you want it to be.

  • Percy spoke up about Nico when Bianca was deciding to join the Hunters, because he felt terrible that she was leaving her little brother behind
  • Percy took full responsibility for all of Nico’s (questionable) actions during Battle of the Labyrinth because he blamed himself for Bianca’s death 
  • Percy stepped up and claimed the Great Prophecy as his own at the end of Titan’s Curse so that Nico wouldn’t have to do it
  • Percy lied to Chiron (and everyone else) about Nico being a son of Hades so that Nico wouldn’t be in any more danger
  • Nico cursed Percy and ran off after Bianca’s death, and Percy responded by scouring the country for Nico
  • Annabeth and Grover are both uncomfortable with Percy searching for Nico and claiming the prophecy, probably because they don’t want Percy to be the prophecy kid because he’s their friend and they don’t want him to get his soul reaped, and Grover even protests that “this kid hates you and wants you dead” like, maybe you shouldn’t go looking for him? And Percy shoots that bullshit down so fast and immediately defends Nico and convinces them to keep searching for Nico throughout the next couple months
  • Percy offered for Nico to stay in his cabin at the end of Battle of the Labyrinth
  • Literally nearly all of Battle of the Labyrinth somehow involves Percy fussing over Nico’s safety
  • Percy is constantly thinking about Nico all throughout that book, and every time he hears of danger, his thoughts immediately turn to Nico
  • Percy finds a fast food wrapper in the Labyrinth leftover from Nico summoning the dead, and takes off running through the Labyrinth, which is insanely dangerous, with Annabeth, Grover and Tyson struggling to catch up to him, because he’s so desperate to find Nico
  • Percy begs Nico to leave Geryon’s ranch and come with them on the rest of the quest. Nico refuses, and Percy only accepts this because Eurytion promises that he’ll look after Nico
  • Bianca straight up tells Percy that the reason she felt like she could join the Hunters was because she knew Percy would take care of Nico
  • Bianca sends Percy Iris-messages about Nico’s whereabouts in the beginning of Battle of the Labyrinth because she trusts that Percy is going to track down Nico and talk some sense into him
  • Nico runs away from Geryon’s ranch and back into the Labyrinth because Minos convinces him that Percy is in danger and needs his help
  • Nico passes out after summoning skeletons to help fight the Battle of the Labyrinth, and Percy immediately rushes over to his side, kneels down next to him and tends to him until he’s confident that Nico is fine
  • When Nico shows up on Percy’s fire escape on his fifteenth birthday, Percy feels really sad for Nico and wonders if he’s ever had a birthday party before or ever been invited to a birthday party, and then invites him inside for cake and ice cream
  • Nico is the one who convinces Percy to take on the curse of Achilles, because he’s so worried about Percy’s safety in the upcoming Titan War
  • “I’m sorry if I’m being too pushy, but two years ago my sister gave her life to protect you. I want you to honor that. Do whatever it takes to stay alive and defeat Kronos” more like stay alive because I care about you and I want you to live
  • Nico panics when Percy climbs out of the River Styx because he thinks that he’s hurt, and right before Percy’s about to go in Nico gets really nervous and tries to talk him out of it, even though it was his idea in the first place
  • Nico breaks Percy’s trust by turning him over to Hades in Last Olympian, and spends the entire rest of the book trying to earn it back. And he really honestly was trying to help and didn’t want to betray Percy; Hades even tells Percy that, “I’m afraid Nico was quite sincere in wanting to help you. The boy is as honest as he is dense.” Hades definitely knows that Nico has a colossal crush on Percy and that’s what he meant by “dense,” I guarantee it
  • Percy and Nico obviously kept in touch between Battle of the Labyrinth and Last Olympian because Percy knows that Nico has been searching for a lead on his family and like this is an extremely personal subject that Nico doesn’t talk to anyone else about
  • Percy and Nico are friends?????? Like, actual friends who laugh and talk about real stuff?????? Like, Percy knows Nico well enough to tease him about stopping in to visit Juniper, and teases him about needing to take a nap after he shadow travels, and Nico has this sarcastic sense of humor that he quips back with? “With great power comes… great need to take a nap. Wake me up later.” Like this is witty and funny??? Nico doesn’t talk like that to anyone else
  • NICO DESIGNED HIS OWN CABIN. this isn’t really relevant to their relationship but it annoyed me that this was apparently forgotten.
  • Like even after they save Olympus and the battle ends and everything, even after Percy and Annabeth start dating, Percy still keeps an eye out for Nico. He takes note that he’s sitting at the base of Hades’ throne during the council after the war, because he cares about Nico. He also talks specifically about Nico’s cabin being built, because he’s been trying for years to get Nico to stay at camp.
  • Because Percy cares about Nico. Like, Percy is a complete mother hen about Nico and doesn’t ever pretend to be otherwise. Did I mention that he literally cannot stop talking about Nico’s safety for all of Battle of the Labyrinth, where, simultaneously, he was also worrying about Annabeth and Tyson and Grover and Camp Half-Blood, but still finds lots of time to worry about Nico, because Percy cares about Nico
  • Percy and Nico are friends. Like, they don’t have a “rocky relationship” anymore, like it says in Mark of Athena. They had some rough patches and they worked through them, and Percy was mildly miffed that Nico didn’t tell him who he was in Son of Neptune, but holy shit like Nico went missing and almost died and Percy thinks about this, like, maybe twice, which is totally out of character for him
  • So you’ll have to excuse me if I really don’t accept that Percy was sort of indifferent to Nico going missing and getting trapped in a jar guarded by two giants, because if Percy was actually in character, he would have spent half of Mark of Athena obsessing over Nico just like Hazel
  • I’m eternally annoyed that Percy didn’t say anything to stick up for Nico when Jason and Leo were like, “Hey maybe we shouldn’t go searching for him because he might be a traitor” because, like, Percy always sticks up for Nico and it’s really not like him to just shrug his shoulders and not care that Nico is in danger
  • And I absolutely will not take the excuse that Percy was too preoccupied with other things to obsess about Nico because Percy is always preoccupied with other things and still finds time to obsess about Nico
  • And you’ll really fucking have to excuse me if I don’t accept “Not my type” as a way to close out their relationship because THAT IS MOTHERFUCKING BULLSHIT, THEY’RE FRIENDS, AND THEY CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER, AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS A LOT MORE COMPLEX THAN THAT STUPID ONE-LINER MADE IT SEEM
(Peter Parker x Reader): Criminal

Summary: You were on Team Cap for the fight in Germany, but it turns out you had a connection to a certain spiderling on the other side. With you in prison and then hiding Peter doesn’t know what to do.

A/N: Gets a bit angsty so be prepared. Still debating if I’ll continue this.

 “Wanda, please,” You begged, pleading with the other girl as you ran up to where she was laying in Vision’s arms, ‘We need to go - now.” You were losing, badly, Wanda had collapsed, and you’d lost sight of your other teammates.

“No. We stay with the team. We will lose this battle.” Wanda replied as you helped her stand up as Vision slowly moved away.

“But-” You start, trying to protest. You’d already found an easy escape route to take.

“Steve got away.” Wanda says, cutting you off, “We completed the mission. That’s how we do things around here. We’re a team so we stick together.” 

Before you could argue back you were surrounded by guards. It was too late for hiding now.

“Wanda, what should I do?” You asked, panicked as you looked around nervously. You’d never seen someone point a gun at someone else before, let alone at you.

“We surrender.” She replied, pulling herself to her feet shakily, placing her hands on her head.

You glanced around again, scanning the rest of the airport, hoping for someone else from your team to help you out. You looked around only to see all of the others already in handcuffs being shoved into a heavily armed truck.

You made eye contact with Clint for a fleeting moment. You could tell that this man, the man who had asked you to come fight this war could see the fear in your eyes and all you could see in his own eyes was regret.

You reluctantly placed your hands on your head and allowed them to restrain you before throwing you into the truck with the others, each of you in your own personal cage.

Despite your insistence that you would come willingly you were forced onto a cot and strapped down. At times you could hear the others so you knew that they were in cells close by. You couldn’t bring yourself to say anything.

“-Tony Stark.” You hear Clint say loudly, and judging by the bitterness in his tone the man himself was actually here, “You better watch your back on this guy. There’s a chance he’s gonna break it.” You heard as you forced yourself out of the daze you’d been in. 

“How dare you-”

“Are you kidding me, Tony? They’re kids and you’re treating them like animals.” Clint replies angrily, his paternal instincts coming out as he argues about the two teen girls.

“With no suit, wings or arrows, you’re nothing.” Tony says, “Those girls are fully armed and dangerous.”

“Mr. Stark?” You called out straining to lift your head off the cot with your arms still chained down, trying to catch a glimpse of the man who was responsible for you being here, “Huge honor by the way, is there any chance of you letting us go? Because I have a massive Physics test on Wednesday and my teacher is going to kill me if I don’t show up.”

“I’m sorry, who are you?” He taunts as you see him saunter over.

“Oh come on, I know you’re reading my file on that watch of yours.” You reply, rolling your eyes, “(Y/N) (L/N),  Midtown School of Science and Technology, Sophomore, honor roll, super speed. It’s all there.”

“Along with a series of behavior reports from your foster parents,” Tony Stark adds.

“See? I may be chained down but I’m not an idiot.” You reply with a slight smirk, “If you’re not going to let us go, can you tell Parker that I’m going to miss the robotics competition?”

“Parker-how do you know about him?” He asks quickly, his voice filled with a mixture of concern and surprise causing you to grin, glad that you have his attention.

“Don’t worry, I just snuck a peek under the mask during the fight, his voice sounded familiar.” You explain, “We’re friends, we go to school together -I’d be surprised if he didn’t figure out who I am too- but that’s not the point, the point is that I’m on the drive team for robotics so they need to find somebody to replace me.” You told him, thinking of the scrappy geek of a friend that with no doubt was back at school already and hopefully wondering where you were.

 But Tony Stark was already walking away and you let your head fall back onto the cot, “Well, fuck you,” You muttered, realizing that no one would even know where you were.

“She’s where?!” Peter practically yelled into his phone, confused and angry, “Doesn’t she have to get a trial or something?”

“They’re considering them weapons of mass destruction. Those don’t get trials.” Tony’s detached voice told him.

“But she’s just a kid!” Peter protested.

“And so are you, but you two have abilities, those abilities make you different and hold you to a higher level of responsibility, you accepted that responsibility and so has (Y/N), now she has to face those consequences.” Tony explained.

“But-” Peter started to say before getting cut off.

“This wasn’t a game Peter, this was an all out war, and it makes her a criminal, I’m sorry, but I can’t do anything about it.” Tony said before hanging up, leaving Peter dumbfounded, confused, and just generally unsure of what to do. How could he help her? It so painful to think of (Y/N) being held in some sort of insane prison when there were actual criminals being allowed to run free. Not to mention the fact that Peter had been developing a bit of a crush on you, he felt like he had to save her.

You were restless, all of the pent up energy you had meant that you couldn’t sleep or even think clearly. You didn’t realize you were being broken out until the cuffs around your wrists and legs that you’d grown so accustomed to were suddenly opened.

Before you could mentally respond your body was sitting up right, “Oh thank god,” I cried as you launched yourself out of the door to your cell and into the open where you wrapped your arms around Steve, enveloping him in a tight hug before running to Wanda’s side, helping her out of her own cell and the straightjacket they’d put her in.

Minutes later you were sitting in the Quinjet with the rest of the team, Wanda was sitting quietly next to you (she still hadn’t said anything to anyone so you were just waiting it out), Clint was standing a ways away talking on a burner phone to his wife and kids, Scott was sleeping on a row of seats, and Sam was up front with Steve and Bucky.

“What do you mean they broke out? What’s going to happen to her? Is she going to be safe?” Peter asked, each question rapidly succeeding the other as he stood with Tony outside of Rhodey’s rehabilitation center.

“We’re not sure where they are or how exactly they got out, but she’s with Cap so she’s safe. Steve mentioned her specifically in his letter with specific hopes that you would know that she was okay.” Tony told the young man.

“What should I do? What can I do?” Peter asked, looking to his mentor for advice.

Tony sighed, unsure of what to say, “For now? Replace her on the robotics team, I’ll see if I can’t find a way for her to get back.”

You were wandering T’Challa’s mansion (it was the only place you were allowed to go freely since you and the rest of the team were still wanted criminals and with your powers you couldn’t handle sitting still for more than an hour) when you came across Steve.

“Captain Rogers,” You greeted him, “I really appreciate the whole breaking me out of maximum security prison thing, but when do I get to go home?” You asked. You obviously didn’t want to go back to The Raft, but you were feeling really cooped up and just wanted to get back to some semblance of your old life.

“(Y/N)…You can’t, they’re looking for you, for all of us. If you go back they’ll find you and throw you back in prison.” Steve told you.

“I have a life, school, friends back in Queens. What will they think if I just disappear like this?” You asked, surely people were still confused as to where you had disappeared to.

“We got some intel on that, when you were arrested they told your foster parents and school you were arrested on drug charges.” Steve told you, giving you that look of pity that people who felt bad about your situation always gave you.

“So no one cares that I’m gone.” You replied with sigh, you’d only been at this last home a few months, of course they wouldn’t care to look into what happened to you, you were just another troubled kid to them.

“I’m so sorry (Y/N), with your record it seems like everyone accepted it would happen. I know it’s not fair. Considering the fact that you know that spiderman kid, there’s no way you can go back to your old life and pretend none of this happened.” He said before pulling you into an awkward hug before walking away.

You knew Steve was right, you’re not stupid. But it didn’t change the fact that you were standing in Wacanda with no hope of freedom. Would you ever see Peter again?

I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind)

Summary: You’re nineteen when you get your first recurring acting role in season twelve of Supernatural. There’s an instant attraction between you and Jared, despite the age difference, but he won’t act on it because of Genevieve. When you meet Gen, she gives you the permission to act on your desires.

Words: 5.8k

Married!Jared x Reader

Warnings: smut (like 2.4k of this is porn), consensual infidelity, age difference, lust, teasing, the whole shebang

A/N: this is one of my fics for @loveitsallineed​‘s 1k celebration playlist challenge, this song was Cola by Lana Del Rey. It’s also a lil birthday gift for the beautiful @oriona75​. And finally, it’s part three of my Birthday Smutathon for @laurivcr​‘s birthday! You can find the masterpost here

Your name: submit What is this?

The casting directors at Supernatural only had one reservation when it came to casting you, that being you were only nineteen at the time of your audition. You and your agent worked together to assure them you were ready and serious about the role, and five months later you’d really proved yourself on set.

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Anthony, meet Tony

For @one-piece-of-harry ’s idea. This is probably not at all what you were picturing but tada…

“What the Fuck?!” Tony asks, based on the way the kid flinches back his voice is just a little bit too loud.

“Sorry, Howard. Sorry.” The kid mumbles, staring resolutely at his feet. The name gives Tony pause, anxiety settling like a rock in his stomach. He recognizes that brown hair.

“It’s okay Anthony. I’m not mad, in fact you’re being very brave right now. I’m proud of you.” Tony says, trying to get close enough to shelter the kid from AIM’s attacks. Just because they apparently managed to bring him forward in time, doesn’t mean they’re done with their assault.

“Stark, incoming!” Clint warns, Tony turns, pulling the helmet back on and firing at the new targets. “Shit, is that a kid. Cap, Stark has a kid with him.”

“Woah.” Anthony whispers, staring wide eyed at Tony. “Is that a laser? How are you powering it? What are those people doing? Are you a superhero dad?” Tony’s heart hurts.

“Yeah, yeah I am.” Tony says, now isn’t the time to explain that he is not Howard Stark. Now is not the time to do anything except scoop up the kid and run. “Cap, I’m exiting the fight. Got a kid version of myself here, finish up without me.” There’s questioning noises over the coms’ but Tony ignores them, scooping up the kid, and running.

“Where are we going? Don’t you have to fight those guys?” Anthony asks, Tony looks down at him.

“You’re more important than some idiots who don’t know how last season yellow is.” Tony informs him, landing near the quinjet and climbing on board.

“We need to run some tests.” The Shield agent says, gesturing to Anthony. Tony glares at them, the repulsor whines as it charges up.

“I think that can wait, don’t you?” He asks. The woman has guts, she doesn’t even flinch.

“Dr. Stark, that is a you version of you, we need to find out if he’s from this universe, or if he travelled forward in time.” She protests. Tony keeps the kid close.

“I can do that, at my Tower. The rest of them should be back soon.” He waves get off, Shield can go fuck themselves right now.

“Tower? Time travel? Dad what’s happening?” Anthony asks. Tony sets him down, stepping out of the suit.

“Anthony, I’m not your father, I’m you.” Tony says, he watches his own heart break. Watches tears well up in the little boys eyes.

“So, dad’s still not proud of me then?” He asks, rubbing at his cheeks. Tony’s heart breaks.

“Anthony, you’re a brilliant, brave, caring, amazing kid.” He says, letting the kids hands ball up, clutching the undersuit.

“But, he’s still not proud of me?” Anthony wails, crying into Tony’s shoulder. “All he cares about is Captain America, why can’t he love me?”

“I don’t know kid, I don’t know. I’m sorry.” Tony rubs his back, fighting down his own tears. “I wish I had an answer for you.” He notices Steve out of the corner of his eyes and attempts to get him to walk away gesturing to the door with his chin.

“Tony, you can’t just go off coms like that mid-mission, you know better.” Steve scolds, stopping short when he notices the kid clutched in Tony’s arms.

“He’s mean!” Anthony practically screeches. “Why does dad like you more than me? You’re loud and mean, and I don’t understand!” Anthony’s whole body is shaking with sobs. Tony hums softly in his ear.

“It’s okay, you have Jarvis and Anna and they love you very much.” Tony soothes. Anthony shakes his head, sobbing.

“Jarvis died, and Anna is sick. Mom says it’s cancer.” Anthony wails. That’s too soon, Tony was a teenager by the time he lost Jarvis. He would have been so much worse off if he had lost them sooner.

“Multiverse then.” The shield doctor mumbles. Tony considers throwing something at her. “Reed can send him back.”

“No.” Tony states, glaring at her.

“It’s not that complicated, we can send him back.” She says, “Return him to his own universe.”

“I’m not sending him back. He can stay here, with me.” He says, Anthony blinks up at him, shocked.

“You love yourself so much you want to adopt yourself?” Clint attempts to rib him, but winds up confused about the wording of that sentence and glaring at the ground.

“Barton.” Tony deadpans, staring up at him. “You’re an idiot.” Anthony giggles in his arms, hiccuping slightly.

“I’m sorry for crying.” He whispers. Tony shakes his head.

“It’s okay if you cry Bambino. Gets the feelings out.” He smiles at the boy, and pokes his chest. “You don’t want to keep bad feelings in here, so you have to let them out.”

“Don’t wanna bad heart.” Anthony agrees, rubbing at his nose with his sleeve.

“You could never have a bad heart Bambino, just a sick one. And I don’t want you getting sick.” Tony says, poking Anthony’s nose. Anthony giggles.

“Does anyone else think this is weird?” Clint asks, only to be hustled out of the room by Natasha and Steve. He can yell at Tony later.

“J, I’m going to need paper work for Anthony.” Tony decides. “He needs to be enrolled in school. Also childproof the house, and order clothes.”

“Of course Sir.” Jarvis replies, Anthony’s eyes go wide.

“Jarvis?” He whispers awed. Tony tries to cover up a flinch.

“Not exactly kiddo. This is Jarvis 2.0, I made him after I lost my Jarvis. He’s a learning program.”

“Oh, okay. That’s really cool though.” Anthony mumbles, a single tear running down his cheek. “You’ll teach me about him sometime, right?”

“Of course. I can’t wait to show you our lab.” Tony says. Anthony hiccups, chest heaving.

“Ours?” He whispers. “I get to have a lab.”

“Of course you do. There’s going to be some strict safety rules, but we can share a lab.” Tony ruffles the kids hair. Anthony is staring at him like he hung the moon.

“You’re the best person I ever met.” He whispers. Tony laughs, beaming at the kid.

“Wait until you meet Rhodey, he’s my best friend.” Tony says. “He’s going to love you, spoil you rotten.”

“I don’t wanna be rotten!” Tony shrieks, hiccuping again.

“Don’t you worry Bambino, you’re the sweetest. No rot anywhere on you, right?” He tickles at Anthony’s side, and the kid shrieks trying to bat his hands away.

“No! No rot! Ahhhhahahaha.” He squirms out of Tony’s grip. “All sweet right?” He looks up through his lashes and Tony beams at him.

“The absolute sweetest kid.”


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Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader

Request: “9 - Alex Standall”


9. “I am just protecting you.”

Word count: 1.547

Posted: 15th of May 2017

A/N: I miss my Alex imagines and I am having some feels right now. I need more Alex imagines, I admit! I miss that little inactive chicken nugget. Dude, post something on your social medias! I miss you. :(
Anyways, here’s another request from Aja and I hope that you like it. 
I hope you keep on supporting my writing, guys! I love you all so much and I thank you for the kind words, they really motivate me to write more and to think of the shitty things in my life less. Thank you so much.

P.S.: I am not accepting part 2 requests for my prompts imagines. Sorry.

- G. x

Link: Prompt list

Warning: a little bit of angst, being drunk, swearing

“(Y/N), you’ve already drunk too much!” Your best friend, Alex, exclaimed as he stole the red plastic cup from your shaky hand. You had a blurry vision because you were already sleepy and you had to admit that you were also a little bit drunk.

Alex stopped you on drinking to impose you some limits, because he knew that drinking has never been good to people, mostly to you.

“Alex, you’re not my dad!” You slurred as you tried to snatch the cup back from his hands, but you had no success. The liquor spilt on the floor as Alex tried to distance the cup from yourself. “Fuck, Alex!”

You were in one of Bryce’s party to celebrate his team’s successful game the night before and all of the school was in his gobsmacking and enormous modern house, enjoying the music, the company and all of the bad things in life: drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.

“(Y/N), we’re going home!” Alex forcefully grabbed your hand as he put the almost empty plastic cup on the kitchen counter, a place where it would be a little bit difficult for you to reach.

“No, Alex! I still have to play that suck and blow thingy!” You drunkenly laughed as you pointed to the crowd that was doing the game.

“No, (Y/N)!” Alex protested, but his friends suddenly pulled him away, so he could leave you alone. You flirtatiously smiled to thank them and you carefully walked towards the group.

“Can I join?” You happily asked, feeling tired but happy at the same time. The feeling of being drunk was great as you didn’t have your problematic thoughts, you didn’t have to think of the stuffs that you were going through. You heard people cheering as you stood between Jeff, on your right, and Justin, on your left. You knew that the fun has just begun for you.

The game has started and people started sucking the card and they passed it on to the person on their right.

You felt enthusiastic and less pensive at that moment, you forgot everything in your life, mostly your feelings for Alex, as the alcohol took your mind’s control. You had no control of yourself and you knew that you needed someone to handle you, but who cared? The people around you were drunk too. They probably felt the same thing that you were feeling: they would remember something, but then their minds just would black out totally. Some of them wouldn’t even remember everything that happened during that night.

The game lasted for about two spins before the first card fell off your mouth. You were passing the card to Jeff and, because of your clumsiness or drunkenness, you accidentally let the card go. Even though you didn’t have the clearest mind at that moment, the rules were still clear to yourself: you had to kiss Jeff.

Your senses were awakened by people as they encouraged you to kiss Jeff. You were drunk and you had no problems on kissing any person at that moment. You were out of your control and that was why your best friend was being worried earlier.

“I guess we have to do this.” Jeff naughtily flirted with you as he grabbed your waist, he was a little bit drunk and out of himself too. You knew that Jeff has always liked you, but you loved Alex and you didn’t even know why you were doing this to yourself, but you went with the flow. After all, some party goers did this stuff often.

“It’s not a problem, Atkins!” You winked at him and you hyperactively wrapped your arms around his neck and you both closed the gap between the two of you without any problems.

You both shared a passionate and wet kiss as people made noise for your little hot making out session in front of them. You were both enjoying it as Jeff led you to a less crowded place. Little did you both know that there was someone who was getting his heart broken by watching the two of you, but then was called by his best friends to distract him.

“Let’s lead this thing in an appropriate place.” You bit your lip as you stunned Jeff with your sweet voice. He started giving you some wet kisses on your neck as you both found the way to an empty clean room.

You were both caught up in the moment that you both kept on kissing and left the door wide open. You and Jeff kept on making out as he led you to the warm and comfortable bed, falling on it, with him on top of you.

The things started to become steamy between you and Jeff. The heat in the room fogged up the glass window as the cold wind kissed it from the other side. You turned the tables over as you wanted to take the control of the thing. You couldn’t deny it, but you were both turned on, touching and caressing your body parts as long as you could.

“(Y/L/N), what the hell?” The pleasure that you shared with Jeff while kissing him was interrupted by your best friend, when he suddenly dragged you off Jeff’s body.

“What the fuck, Standall?” You faced him as you tried to protest for what he has done. You angrily pushed him away, but he was stronger than you. You were so drunk and weak, that you couldn’t move him, not even a little bit.

“We’re going home!” He loaded you in one of his shoulders as if you were a sack full of potatoes. Alex was surely thin and slim, but he used to work out, by Officer Standall’s orders, and his arms weren’t that weak as you thought.

“I don’t want to go home!” You protested like a kid, wiggling yourself to make him struggle. You continued on doing it, but you got tired of it as Alex started to walk out of the room. You peeked at Jeff, who was now sleeping peacefully on the bed, passed out, and you let out a heavy sigh as you thought that you deluded him.

You let yourself relax on Alex’s shoulder and you closed the door behind you, letting Jeff sleep peacefully. Alex walked in the middle of the drunk crowd and he made his way out of the suffocating place that you were both in.

He put you on the passenger’s seat of his car and buckled your seatbelt carefully. You had your eyes closed, but you still had the senses to feel Alex’s moves.

“Why did you do that?” You garbled as you felt the car moving. Alex didn’t drink at all and his mind was sober, meaning that you were safe with him.

I am just protecting you.” Alex shortly answered as he focused his eyes on the road, following the road’s speed limit. You weakly opened your eyes and stole a glance of his face: he had his forehead corrugated and a black aura surrounded his raging body.

“I was safe with Jeff too, Alex!” You protested in a calm way as you were so tired to start a fight between the two of you.

“You are drunk, just take a rest and I’m almost home.” He annoyingly answered with a dry toned voice. You hinted the indifference in his voice and you stopped asking things, still keeping your mind alive even though your eyes were closed.

The vehicle suddenly stopped and you assumed that you arrived in his family’s home. He carefully unbuckled your seatbelt as he quietly admired your peaceful face. It almost seemed that you were already sleeping, but the thoughts and your feelings for Alex kept you up and pensive once again.

“I was being protective, because I was jealous.” He caressed your face as you felt his hot breath against your skin, sending some shivers down your spine. “I love you, (Y/N), and it hurt me seeing you making out with someone else, in public.” He mumbled, fidgeting with his jacket as he confessed his hidden feelings to you.

You heard him sigh as he brushed his fingers on your lips, wishing that it was him who kissed you that night, wishing that it was him who you loved, obviously unbeknownst to your feelings for him.

“I love you so much.” He said once again as you felt some hot water sting your skin. Alex was vulnerable and you wanted to shout at him how much you loved him, but something suddenly stopped you.

Alex kept on crying and only God knew how much you wanted to open your tired eyes to confess your feelings for Alex too, but you were so afraid. Afraid of admitting everything, afraid of the consequences, afraid of what might happen next, although you discovered that he loved you back.

You were afraid to love Alex as you both considered each other as best friends for a long time, so you set some limits between the two of you, just like how he set you the limit for your alcohol intake, just how he limited his driving, following the speed limits imposed.

Maybe those limits between the two of you would help you, or maybe not. Probably not.

Ours [Connor Murphy x Reader]

Title: Ours
Pairing: Connor Murphy x Reader
Fandom: Dear Evan Hansen
Requested: yes!
Summary: the squad keeps teasing the reader and Connor for sneaking off to get down and dirty–except, that wasn’t the case at all. Evan sets the squad straight. | Connor taking care of s/o reader with Depersonalization Derealization Syndrome.
Warnings: mentions of sex, alcohol, panic attacks, swearing | POV changes | First person reader | not proof read
A/N: Thanks for such a lovely request, and thanks for giving me so much info on the disorder! I hope I portrayed it correctly, and I hope you like this!

“You all are the luckiest people on the planet!”

I found this hard to believe. It was sort of comical, however, in an only vaguely tolerable way, to see Jared Kleinman kick down the Murphy’s door, juggling several boxes of pizza and a brown paper bag full of God knows what.

“Care to elaborate on that?” Alana called, looking only half way over her shoulder. She and Zoe were on the floor, playing what appeared to be a very intense game of Sorry! They were already in their pajamas–yes, at six in the afternoon–and six of us had decided to have a lowkey party at the Murphy’s, since Cynthia and Larry had evacuated for a romantic weekend. Evan was parked in a recliner, his legs folded crisscross applesauce–his words, not mine–watching the girls’ game with genuine interest.

Connor and I were on the couch, my back to his chest, reclining. He was twitchy, and he had been all evening. I’d briefly asked him earlier if he’d wanted to skip the party, but he’d said no. Still, he laid behind me, combing out my hair with his fingers a little too roughly, his hips shifting uncomfortably every few seconds.

Jared stumbled in, dropping the pizza boxes onto the carpet–earning a loud scream of protest from both Murphy kids, the sound deafening my left ear. Connor felt me flinch and pressed a seamless kiss of apology to my jaw. I felt Evan smile at me from across the room–shy, like he wasn’t sure where to look. I tossed back a lighthearted smile, before turning my attention back to Jared.

“Because, my sweet flower,” Jared began, kicking the door shut and beginning to pull items out of his paper bag, the parcel crinkling annoyingly loud.

“Sweet flower?” Alana squawked, earning a glare from Zoe, who popped the dice unceremoniously and continued to move her peg through the holes.

“I come bearing gifts,” he continued loudly, brandishing his items proudly above his head. “Scotch, condoms, and Cosmopolitan.”

There was a moment of silence, the five of us glancing between the boy in the glasses, his pitiful treasure, and doilies Mrs. Murphy kept on the coffee table.

“I’ll take a slice of cheese,” Zoe called, stoic, Alana reaching around Jared to grab the top box and place it on her lap. Evan and Connor both had to bite down on their laughter at the sight of Jared’s shocked face–shaking beneath me, his breath at my ear, Connor felt like a reassurance that tonight wouldn’t be totally awful.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like our friends, it’s just that since we’d told them we started dating, they’d been a real pain.

“I hold in my fist illegal things!” Jared screeched, tossing the magazine on the floor overzealously. “And you choose to ignore me?”

“My mom owns Cosmos, dude,” I said, rolling over onto my stomach so that I could rest my chin on Connor’s chest, grinning up at him with tired eyes. School had been long for both of us today, and, frankly, I could stand to skip ahead to the part of the night where he kissed senseless in his bedroom.

“There’s wine on the rack, dumbass, and it’s a movie night, no one’s drinking?” Zoe said without looking up from her board game, tugging on one of her braids in thought.

“And who are the condoms for, idiot?” Connor nearly yelled, sitting up and jostling me back into a sitting position, my head swimming for a minute with the sudden movement, before relaxing against the arm of the chair.

Jared’s head swiveled, comically, between Alana, Zoe, and I briefly, before his eyes glued on Evan.

“Boys night?”

No, you creep!

We all laughed for a moment, watching Evan turn a sharp shade of crimson, curling in on himself in the chair. Zoe snorted a little too loudly when she laughed.

It was beginning to get frustrating–not making me sick yet, but any means, but nonetheless annoying. Because I knew what was coming, and it was only gonna piss Connor off–

“I’ll just give the condoms to Connor,” Jared said, throwing the box so that it landed in the empty space between us on the couch. There was suddenly lead in the bottom of my stomach.

Everyone realized, watching with baited breath as Connor eyed the box with firey eyes and a set mouth, a sudden blush creeping up his neck. It could set it off–shit like this had in the past. Still, I think–

“Gross, man,” he said, lightly kicking the box to the floor. His feet were bare tonight, void of the cute socks he usually wore, and after his movement he shoved them under my thigh–either for concealment or warmth, I didn’t know, but I scratched at the back of his calf loyally, letting him know what he did was the right thing.

Proud of you.

He grinned softly at his lap, and I could tell he was proud of himself too.

“What do you mean by that?” Jared screeched, reviving the headache that had started to blur.

“Drop it, Jared,” Alana warned, dropping a handful of green pieces back into the cardboard box, each thunk sending a hot jolt through my head.

“They’re sex machines!” He protested, and I felt Connor nearly choke beside me, drawing his feet away and stuffing them under a cushion. “Are you guys seriously not using protection.”

“Alana said drop it,” Evan said quietly, shocking all of us. “So leave them alone. It’s none of your business.”

“Whose ready for the movie?” Alana covered seamlessly, beginning to set up the tv while the rest of us began to calm.

Connor was shaking, and, away from him, I didn’t feel like he wanted me to reach out and touch him. I waited for the signal, something or anything that was him asking to get out of here, but he never gave it, just curled in on himself and watched the tv with blank eyes.

I shot Evan a smile, nodding in thanks.

What Evan had said was the truth–it wasn’t any of Jared’s business. It had unfortunately become Evan’s business, at one point, making him aware of the glaring fact that no one else in the room seemed to believe could ever be true: Connor and I were still virgins. We hadn’t slept together–and, we hadn’t planned for it in the near future. We just weren’t ready yet.

Not that anyone here would ever believe that.

I’m not sure I wanted them to, either.

Because at least that white lie kept the truth hidden, and maybe that’s the way it would stay.


“Unpopular opinion: this movie sucks.”

“I agree.”

“We can’t watch romantic flicks or Mr. and Mrs. Murphy get ideas and leave early. This shitty sci-fi shit was all I had on hand.”

“Pass the alcohol, I changed my mind about what kind of party this is.”

Their voices were loud, pounding noises against my skull without really making any sense as to what they were saying at all. The dark should’ve helped, or I thought it would, but the high saturation neon colors and loud artificial gunshots on the television screen paired with the nonstop chatter of our friends made it difficult to concentrate, difficult to breathe. Everything was too much at once.

It was like living in a glass box, everything around me was vibrate and loud, amplified to the nth degree–but none of it felt real. Connor was staring unattentively ahead, his hands twitching in his lap. He hadn’t touched me all night. It usually wasn’t a big deal–I knew he was doing it to avoid the constant teasing about our PDA. It was starting to set him off, I could tell. Still, I just wanted a reminder I was real.

I decided to screw it, all their comments be damned, reaching out for Connor’s wrist as the signal.

His eyes snapped up to me immediately, concerned, his pink mouth forming an o. My hands were numb. He rose without a work, linking our hands and dragging me from the room.

“Where do you two think you’re going? It’s a little early to fuck, isn’t it?”

“C'mon guys, can’t you watch the movie? I don’t like knowing you’re doing that while I’m in the house.”

“–and Connor, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s–”

I had barely contained my sobs by the time Connor shut the door.


“You guys shouldn’t do that,” Evan glared, turning off the movie and setting the popcorn bowl aside.

Jared snorted. “We shouldn’t do what? They’re the ones running off to screw each other’s brains out. It’s gross. We’re in the house. It’s bad enough they’re all over one another at school.”

“Yeah,” Alana agreed. “I mean, if they don’t want to hear us complain about it, why do it?”

“I can’t believe she can stand to touch my brother,” Zoe groaned. “He was being a real dick tonight.”

“You guys are so stupid!” Evan nearly yelled, shocking the other three with his uncharacteristic outburst, burying his hands in his usually neat hair. “They aren’t–they’re not–”

“Breathe, baby, breathe.”

His hands were roaming all over, pressing to my chest, watching his hands rise and fall too rapidly. I needed to slow down, breathe deeper. His eyes were concerned, hair falling into his face from where he leaned over me, knees on either sides of my hips. His hands scrubbed quickly at my shoulders.

“Feel me? I’m right here, you’re right here, we’re fine. Fuck, I love you, I’m here.”

It helped–he knew how to help, when it all became too much for me to handle. Touching me–it keep me grounded, reminded me what reality was, where it was. Connor was safety, I knew.

He leaned down, pressing his temple against my jaw, pressing kisses down my neck. We took turns like this–when he overheated, I was there for him, and when I had a bad episode, he was there for me.

“I’ve got you.”


“What do you mean they aren’t having sex?”

“Let go of my shirt, Jared!”

“How do you know they aren’t having sex?” Zoe demanded. The three of them had Evan cornered, cowering into the wall. Evan’s bright pink face heated considerable.

“I walked in on them once? It was at school, after they, uh, left us. It’s not really any of my business–”

“Spit it out.”

“Whenever, uh, she doesn’t feel well–they have this code, she told me. Whenever Connor is upset or paranoid or she has a bad episode–”

“Episode?” Zoe asked, eyebrows scrunched. Evan paled.

“She never told you? She has Depersonalization Derealization Syndrome. Um, from what she explained it’s, uh, a lot of sensory overload–too loud, too bright, too everything–and she gets these episodes where stuff doesn’t seem real, I guess? I’m not sure I’m explaining it right.”

“I’ve heard of that, I think,” Alana said brightly, her face pinched.

“Oh, crap,” Zoe whispered, “and we’ve been making fun of them this whole time?”

“Well,” Jared sighed. “I feel shitty. Feel even shittier knowing Connor isn’t getting his dick wet, like, at all–”

“Just stop giving them crap,” Evan grumbled. “They don’t deserve it.”

“Yeah,” Zoe nodded sagely, scrubbing a hand over her face. “Yeah, okay.”


“Feeling better?”

“Mhm,” I sighed, leaning back into Connor’s touch. He was wrapped around me, our foreheads bumped together under his sheets. He leaned up to sneak a peck at my lips.

“I’m sorry about them,” he apologized again, squeezing my hands in apology, leaning in again to press a lingering kiss to my cheek, earning a giggle.

“Don’t be. Thanks for every.”

He smiled softly, his jaw clicking softly, eyes soft. “Always for you, sweet girl.”

“Don’t get too sappy,” I warned. “They’ll get suspicious.”

“I’m allowed to be sappy when no one is looking,” he protested, kissing my jaw. “I love you.”

“Love you more.”

“Not possible,” he protested, finally leaning forward to seal his lips with mine, his hands grabbing softly at my waist. Connor was safety, I remembered, and I love him more than anything for it. The others could say what they liked–I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

Chalkboards and Kisses

Originally posted by garisanee

Pairing): Reader X Hyunwoo

Genre: fluff, romance

Warning(s): tooth rotting fluff tbh, teacher!au, kid!changkyun

Length: 3.4k

Summary: In which everyone thinks Hyunwoo is a bad boy but really, he’s too soft for this world.

“Let’s not forget that math can be fun!” You practically sing, hands clasped in front of you as you smile enthusiastically at the group of five year olds sitting in front of you. They look back you, unimpressed and bored, mouths open and eyes glazed over.

It’s times like these that you have to remind yourself that you love your job.

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it’s not father’s day in my own country, but why should that stop me from indulging in some Good Dad Tony content

  • it doesn’t even cross tony’s mind that peter doesn’t really have an actual father figure in his life anymore
  • he keeps seeing all the ads of what to get dads for father’s day and he just ignores them like he has for the past 20 or so years
  • in fact, tony stopped trying to give howard gifts when he was 11 when he realized howard didn’t give a fuck, and after that it just hurt too much to even consider it
  • but then he sees a kid, just a couple of years younger than peter, rushing up to their two dads with a bag, and tony watches curiously as they pull out two badly wrapped presents that they give to each parent
  • and as tony examines how the dads pepper the kid with kisses on the crowded street while the kid protests in teenaged embarrassment it all clicks
  • peter won’t have anyone to do that with
  • he knows peter adores aunt may, but she isn’t peter’s father, and so tony’s day takes a complete turn and he goes out on a mission that’s very different from the ones he’s taken on in his iron suit
  • when he meets peter later in the day he seems just as cheerful as usual, and tony would never know something was wrong if he didn’t know exactly what restrained sadness looks like
  • he didn’t want to go too crazy and scare the kid off or something, so he only buys him dinner and dessert and asks him about his life, and peter seems confused and taken aback, but oh does he reach out as soon as tony offers a hand and a listening ear
  • it breaks tony’s heart a little bit at how eager peter seems
  • just before they part, when tony puts his hand on peter’s shoulder and watches him lean into the touch subconsciously, he knows this was probably just what peter needed
  • it doesn’t take him long to discover that this was exactly what he himself needed too

Some of my black and white out takes from the DC Public Schools Walk Out Protest at Trump International Hotel on November 15th, 2016.

Bedtime Stories

Requested by @hochiiiyo

Prompt; that’s not how it goes! 


“Daaaddy, we’ve already heard that one, tell a new story!”  

Gajeel chuckled, rolling his eyes at his daughter’s insistence. It was getting late, but neither of the twins were going to settle without a story for bedtime, and it was his turn to enthrall them with a new tale. He could hear Levy giggle in the next room, and silently vowed to get back at her later on, when the kids were safely tucked away and sleeping. Right now, he had each twin perched on either knee, bouncing them gently.

“Eh? Ya don’t wanna hear about the dragon and the princess?” He teased, ruffling Shutora’s wild locks. So much like her mother’s…

“Nope! Mama told us that one last night,” she replied, and Yajeh nodded sagely, a serious look in his eyes.  

“Yeah, so we wanna hear a new one,” he added, and Gajeel couldn’t help but ruffle his hair as well. Yajeh was more like his father, though he did have a few silly moments thanks to his sister. Despite the years that he had been a father to these two miscreants, he was still in awe that he was something he’d never thought was possible. Maybe he’d give Levy a bit of loving instead of teasing, just to thank her for the millionth time for this.  

“Aight then, what did ya have in mind?”  

“How’d you and mama meet?” Yajeh piped up, tucking his feet up under him while Shutora nodded wildly at him.  

Gajeel froze at the question, a cold sweat pooling at the base of his skull. He clenched his teeth slightly, fighting the shudder of dread that threatened to sweep down his spine. ’Fuck,’ he thought, lcikign his lips nervously. ‘I didn’t think they’d ask this early.’  

Two sets of dark honey eyes were staring at him expectantly, waiting for his answer. Obviously, they were hoping for a pretty story that involved anything but that. He knew that they’d ask one day, and then he and Levy would have to tell them honestly; he certainly didn’t want anyone else to do it before they could. But as to how to tell them now…

“Ah, that,” he said, sighing after a long moment. He hugged the twins closer to him, settling for a more vague story that he hoped they would be happy with. After all, they had attention spans of a kitten, hopefully they’d get bored enough to ask for a more entertaining story.  

“You know how all your friends are scared of me?” He asked, and the twins bobbed their heads in response. “Well, it was like that with me and yer mom too. I wasn’t exactly the nicest of guys back then, either,” he said, his voice taking on a slight edge.  

“So you were mean to mom?” Shutora asked, snuggling closer.

“… Yeah, a bit.”

“Did you say sorry?” Yajeh asked, staring at his father seriously. Gajeel blinked, almost shocked by the question. He nodded slowly, exhaling deeply as he regarded the kids seriously.  

“Yeah, I did. Lots and lots, too.”

“Good!” The twins chorused, hugging Gajeel and surprising him. Good? He bit back a mirthless chuckle. It was anything but good, but the kids’ simple answer had him reeling. They were just as forgiving as their mother, he realized.  

At least, for now, till they learned everything. And he hoped that when that day came, they would still just be as loving and forgiving as they had been tonight.  

“Okay, it’s late guys,” Levy popped her head in, gracing the trio with a warm smile. Gajeel nearly sighed in relief; she had rescued him from elaborating further in his story. He lifted the kids in his arms, ignoring the protests that the kids expressed. Whirling around lightly, he rolled one twin into one of the bunk bed and hoisted the other into the top bunk.  

“There, story time’s over, you’re getting the princess and the dragon next time,” he growled, tickling Shutora before ruffling Yajeh’s hair. “Now, get to sleep, brats.”


“You didn’t tell them,” Levy mused gently, threading her fingers through his mane. He only grunted, nuzzling his face into her lap as she substituted his head for a book stand. It was the last hour before they would drift off into sleep themselves, the time where they could finally cuddle and share their day without the kids bounding in excitedly.  

“Couldn’t.” He said simply, sighing deeply. She rubbed a slow circle on his scalp, making him rumble in content. Gone was the anxiety that he had felt earlier, yet he still felt uneasy. It never truly went away, the regret that he felt when he thought back to the fateful event. Despite her eternal forgiveness, he still couldn’t stop the tendrils of guilt wrap around him, threatening to drag him into nightmares.  

Her fingers continued their dance on his skull, sliding down to his shoulder as she set aside her book. “Need a distraction?” She asked simply, and he chuckled. Count on her to know exactly what he needed. No words were required, just simple love and understanding.  

“Gods yes.”  

The Descendant Materialization (Barry Allen x Reader)

Rating: G

Summary: In a universe where you, the Reader, are National City’s very own Supergirl (and dating the ever-dashing Flash), a surprise arises when one of your descendants accidentally travels back in time to your present day…

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Zootopia Fanfiction Take a Stand: Star of Ceartais Ch.16- I won’t give up, I won’t give in.

(AN/ Hey folks it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of Star of Ceartais. I want to thank you all for helping this fic reach over 900 reviews, 300 followers and over 50k views! You are all awesome. A massive thank to the SOC team who helped craft this chapter, especially to chorpion who beta’d this chapter, so without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Fanfiction.net link… https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12439999/17/Take-A-Stand-Star-Of-Ceartais

Chapter 16- I won’t give up, I won’t give in.

The eccentric red panda owner/editor of BarkFeed known as Mr Boehm was sat behind at his desk in his spacious office with Sasha Jones AKA Miss Ojos. She had come in to hand over photos of the ‘Monster of the Meadowlands’ that had saved her from three drowned attackers. Boehm had been looking at the photos for about thirty seconds in silence until he dismissed them as"Crap, crap, mega crap.“

"What? Those photos are good.” Sasha protested.

“Kid these are blurry as hell and look like they’ve been ripped from a cheesy horror film, I’ll give you $50 each for them cuz’ of the crappy quality.” Boehm bickered.

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anonymous asked:

Do the one in which Tim microwaves cereal, and Jason has to clean it up while trying to get his little bro to eat REAL food.

“Honestly? Sometimes I wonder how the fuck you’re still alive, Tim.” Jason shakes his head, aghast at the living distaster that was Timothy Drake.

“I wonder the same thing,” Tim repsonds dryly from his seat on the countertop, swinging his legs back and forth as he scoops out some more dip from the container he stole from Jason’s fridge. “Also, these chips are stale.”

“Go buy me some more then. And I told you to find something real to eat. Since when have chips and dips been real?”

Tim shrugs and pops another dip laden dorito into his mouth. “You didn’t have anything good in the fridge,” he says around the mouthful. “It all looked disgustingly healthy.”

Jason scoffs, throwing the rag he was using to clean the microwave into the sink. “That’s because I’m smart enough to hide my fucking junk food from you, you little snot.” He dries his hands on his pants and snatches the dip away from Tim, capping it and tossing it back into the fridge, all while ignoring Tim’s protests. “Goddammit, kid. First you break in here, steal my cereal and fucking microwave it-”

“Okay, First of all? It’s not “breaking in” if you give me the access code. And secondly, I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing, let me live.“

"I refuse.” Jason grabs some things to make a sandwich with before closing the fridge door with his hip. “Here, stupid. Make yourself something that will actually fill you up. Maybe you should add something green to it, y'know. Get in your one health food of the day or whatever the fuck. Bread’s in the pantry.” He dumps it all on the counter and leaves Tim alone in the kitchen.

“What if I don’t feel like making a sandwich?” Tim calls out after him.

“Then maybe I just won’t feel like sharing my ice cream. It’s up to you.”

Tim is silent for a hot second. “Fine,” he grumbles, loud enough that Jason can hear him. “I’m making a sandwich, Mother.”

“Good for you, Tim. I’m so proud.”


A Shawn Mendes Imagine.

Requested : No.

Author’s Note : Here’s a mastershit, I have time to waste so… lmao. It’s so long omg but I love going into details, I wanted to do something progressive. The beginning sucks a lot because it’s really not interesting but I don’t care, the five hundreds words following suck, definitely. By the way, I suck at titles too.

WordCount : 5,002

Friday, August 4th.

It was a beautiful day in France. The country was totally filled with sunlight, even in Brittany. It was sparkling brilliantly and everybody went outside. Outings with friends, having a drink at an outside table with them and talking about anything. Strutting in town and planting oneself on the grass in a park. Having time of their lives. In short, it was a real summer day.

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It’s a little late, but Happy Encounter Anniversary!  In honor of the day, I wrote up a little KaiShin fic for you all!  I hope you enjoy!  

“Could you really, Kudou?  You’d be doing me a huge favor,” Hakuba said, earnest.  “I know it’s short notice, but I’m sure you’ve seen how Kid can be.”

Shinichi tried to smile.  “Yes, the newspapers are quite clear about how… capricious he can be.”  He could feel his expression turn serious.  “Are you sure I’m the right detective for the job?”

Hakuba nodded without any hesitation.  “Yes, I’ve given this some thought.  I think it has to be you.  In fact, I think it couldn’t be anyone else.”  A protest was on the tip of Shinichi’s tongue when Hakuba’s phone rang. “My apologies, Kudou.  I have to take this.  Don’t forget, the heist is on Saturday.”

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