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BTS DNA MV - Iconic Moments

ネコとご主人様 (Neko to goshujin-sama)

Kzentertainment has announced the latest in their CD lineup!

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

柴崎蒼真 (Shibasaki Souma), a veterinarian, has a deep love for animals and is devoted to his work—but due to his constant preoccupation with his career, his girlfriend has dumped him. 

After venting to his three-year old female Abyssinian cat, Azure, Souma opens his eyes the next morning to discover that his cat has transformed into a 28-year-old woman?! 

Without knowing exactly how this happened, Souma accepts Azure as she is and begins to live with her as a human. 

One day, Souma hears that his ex-girlfriend has started to date one of his friends with the intention of marriage. Seeing Souma hurt in this way, Azure tries to comfort him… and, remembering what Souma and his ex-girlfriend used to do in bed, assertively approaches him with similar intentions.

Starting a physical relationship with the impulsive Azure puts Souma in an awkward position, but, at the same time, Souma finds his heart being slowly healed because of her. 

However, Azure’s human form, bestowed by the god of cats, comes with a time limit—when Souma finally gets back on his feet, Azure will return to her original form. 

It is when Azure confesses this that Souma realizes the following: that before he was aware of it himself, he had fallen in love with the human Azure. 

And so, a few mornings later, Souma wakes to see…?

CV: 村野住人 (Murata Taishi)

Release Date: June 20th, 2017.


a project i’ve been working on!

i made these masks out of leather, carving them and then painting them. they’re molded to fit the face (although they’re kinda a loose fit; i’ll prolly tie strings to them).

and yeah, i know luna’s is supposed to be face paint and lori’s a visor (i think?), but i just wanted to have fun with them anyway, and i like how they turned out! i’m also thinking of cosplaying luan as the joker someday; that’d be fun (esp since im hella good at making puns on the spot)

never fear, nurse Nico is here!! ✌️ also the best/grumpiest doctor in the world or something, he’s here too, lol

Fun li’l Ex-Aid commission for my partner, @insidethepinfilledhat​ ! Preeetty sure these two are his favorites out of that crazy season, lol. Thanks, bud! 💖

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