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1// Interesting music venue choices from Harry & team. I'm not familiar with every venue chosen, but the ones I know of are steeped in history and offer rich musical experiences. He's less concerned about generating giant profits off this tour, since each concert hall is infinitesimal compared to anything he's played since mid 2011. He will obvi sell out all nights on the tour, but there's gotta be more to the story. So what's the angle here?

2// Playing smaller, prestige locations with great sound -will do what in the vision of his career? How does this further his 2017 image?I appreciate the venue choices for their historic and sonic value, but am concerned about the tiny amount of tix (and, selfishly, the effort required to get me to a city 800 miles away). Don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited about his choices. Just intrigued by the messaging.

I KNOW.  I was talking with @cuethetommo earlier and I think a lot of it is just this is really an experience he really wanted.  Smaller venues, actually able to connect with the audience, like you said- the history of it all!  We know how much a music geek he is.  This is kind of what I had HOPED for, but didn’t actually EXPECT.  

I think it aligns with everything we’ve seen so far from him honestly.  The choice for SOTT as the lead single- a song that’s not particularly radio friendly, but means a lot to him.  The choice of Another Man instead of Rolling Stone being the first magazine cover.  The choice of Dunkirk as his first film rather than something easier and less prestige-y.  I think he’s trying to build artistic credibility his doing his damnedest to be as true to himself as a person as possible  (I mean, as much as he can be and still turn a profit obviously because let’s face it, no matter how much of an artiste he is, the industry is still show BUSINESS  ;)).  

Personally I love it.  But..like you said, I’m also SO STRESSED OUT about getting tickets.  I have a feeling it’ll be an incredible, intimate experience though. 

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  1. “my foolish heart” - acoustic collabo
  2. “out of the woods” - taylor swift
  3. “falling slowly” - the frames
  4. “hold on” - michael buble
  5. “beside you” - marianas trench
  6. “blame it on the rain” - he is we
  7. “brokenhearted” - karmin
  8. “stable song” - death cab for cutie
  9. “i’m yours” - jason mraz
  10. “it’s time” - imagine dragons

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...Do u think BTS will perform or at least attend the BBMAS? tbh i hope they attend! T-T i really wanna see them performing!

well, you better get yourself prepared because there’s a huge chance they might be attending. Here’s why:

bang sihyuk (bighit’s CEO) talked about the bbmas and this is what he said:

Basically he said they CAN attend the BBMAS, so if the bbmas invite bts, i’m %100 sure bts WILL go to the bbmas!

Music Choice’s tweets:

Also, maybe they will get to performing too. Jeff Benjamin (works at Billboard) tweeted this: 

”Be patient”

Nothing’s impossible :)

Everyone go watch the broadway.com audience choice awards right now

• there was an open bar
• they haven’t filmed any other years because of what happened in 2013
• you get to watch all of your favourite broadway stars get smashed in one evening and then give each other awards
• Sierra Boggess
• Aaron Tveit
• seriously just go watch it it’s on youtube

Reasons why I keep loving Steven Universe: 

  • Has -at the moment- two non-binary characters with they/them pronouns (Stevonnie and Smoky Quartz)
  • Has a canon couple that they don’t “hint” or “hide” or keep as endgame and when they get screen time they are not afraid of showing them kissing, flirting, snuggling and doing gay stuff (Ruby and Sapphire).
  • Has A PAST canon couple (Pearl and Rose) and they show them loving each other and kissing.
  • Shows how hard is to let go many stuffs that are valuable to you and you love, like people or things you used to do. 
  • Has as a protagonist a jewish autistic boy (both confirmed) and his mother was a bi/pan polyamorous leader of a revolution. 
  • Has a pretty diverse cast in voice-acting and storyboarding.  
  • Has a character with many autistic traits (Peridot) without trowing a “needs to be healed” excuse, but rather showing ways that she adapts to situations (Her record tape was many times used as a way to express her feelings or explain herself better).
  • Has a pretty big amount of non-binary characters that use she/her pronouns. 
  • Has characters that fucks things up and are not perfect, but they keep growing and learning and being better.
  • Has amazing atmosphere (backgrounds, music, color choices, designs). 
  • GOOD CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT (gosh bless them because this is so hard to find)
  • Excluding Pearl that is more ambiguous (some people headcanon her as white and others as POC), none of the main characters are white (Amethyst is Black/Latinx -or both- and Garnet is black).
  • The plot is actually pretty interesting.
  • “Filler” episodes have constant little hints on what could happen in the future/things that would be part of a much important plot-point in the future (The gem shards on “Secret team”, Ronaldo’s constantly hitting the spot, character development). 
  • The villains are not based on just being intimidating but they are shown having weak spots and?? personalities? which is harder to find that I though it would be?
  • It has a nice charm while talking on style? 
  • Many of the secondary and background characters are POC.
  • Those moms in the back that are always fun to search in every beach-city centered episode? I love them.
  • The voice acting job is AMAZING and it really feels like the workers are enjoying their job, (special shoutout to Charlyne Yi that has voiced a total of 8 Rubies and somehow found the way to give them all their own charm).
  • Wasn’t afraid to talk about unhealthy and abusive relationships and show how bad they are. 

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Alright, so for the past few months, I’ve been noticing a lot of talk about the whole “diamond spending” thing with PB. And before I get into the details, I’m just gonna say that all of you are 110% right. It is unfair that many of us can’t afford to unlock special items or scenes with our favorite characters because a lot of the times, we can’t do anything about it. We’re not all rich and capable like some other fortunate people are and while we think it may not affect us in the story, it actually prevents us from accessing other things that could help us like the dossiers in ES or the Adventurer outfits. I’m not saying PB has done nothing in regards to making us happy and having fun because believe me, they have❤️ But none of us want to deal with this issue anymore and it needs to be resolved.

So luckily, @cartoonfanforlife and I have taken the liberty to start a petition in changing this. And yes, I know what you’re thinking. How are we gonna make PB aware about this? Well, that’s why we decided we need backup. @hollyashton has been a HUGE part of the fandom since the beginning and while we believe she’ll be a big influence on getting our point across, she’ll also help take “the gold home.” So what do you guys think?? We won’t make further decisions on this until a majority of us agree to pitch in and work together. But until then, thanks for listening guys!! And spread the word if u can. It would be so awesome to make this real😊💯😊💯😊💯 Thanks again!!

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That promo ad is this one:

with the woman in white where it kind of looks like it could be a show about having ghostly threesomes for some reason. That impression is helped along by the use of The Killing Moon by Echo & the Bunnymen with it’s lyrics Fate / Up against your will / Through the thick and thin / He will wait until / You give yourself to him. It’s an interesting musical choice

So they’re watching it and Jared gets very excited because the wendigo is in there and Jensen is kind of moaning about it? Yeah. Go watch it for yourself. It’s funny.

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BTS’ Rap Monster Talks “Change” Collab with Wale