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hi i havent caught up with marvel for a while and im kinda interested in the new thor movie, but the tone seems kinda different now? more upbeat, comedic etc. do u think this is for the better and would u recommend

oh yeah the tone is WAY different than the first two, and is drastically different than any marvel movie so far! I would say it’s closest tone-wise to gotg, but it’s almost more improvisational (probs because about 80% of the lines WERE improvised) and i love it so much

thor’s characterization really shines through and taika did such a good job with literally every character

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so... opinions..?

im happy they had newt say those lines, it means a lot and the emotion thomas put into it i love so much. im truly thankful for them. im a little sad it’s not in the movie because that’s such an impactful scene and really really impactful to newts character, it’s why he’s the way he is, so i feel like it should’ve been there. but all in all i’m very glad it was made.


okay weird post but my #1 all-time pet peeve is glycerin Fake Movie Tears, which are used frequently because it’s incredibly hard to cry on cue, especially for multiple takes… but they look SO FAKE and they are incredibly easy to spot, it’s that thing where a drop of water shoots down a person’s cheek in a straight line, super fast. even outrageously talented actors have to use Fake Movie Tears like here’s nicole kidman w/ Fake Movie Tears in big little lies:

and here’s naomie harris and trevante rhodes both using Fake Movie Tears:

so like academy award-winning grown-up actors have to fall back on Fake Movie Tears but these are REAL TEARS in this scene, noah schnapp is really crying for real for MULTIPLE takes when he easily could have just asked to use Fake Movie Tears… emmy when!


1. Dean made Cas watch a Western movie with him, and Cas remembers the lines.
2. Dean dressed up as a cowboy and made Cas do the same so they could “blend in”–which they didn’t because nobody at the crime scene was dressed the same way.
3. Cas walked the walked and talked the talk for Dean because he knows that Dean really likes cowboys.

Bright Premieres Today!

A movie I spent a good piece of time working on a year ago is out on Netflix today. It’s called Bright, and it stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. It’s an urban fantasy set in modern LA in a world that has a lot of fantasy beings, and has had them for quite some time (e.g. orcs, elves, centaurs, fairies, etc.). I was hired to create two languages for the film—a language for the Elves, called Övüsi, and a language for the Orcs called Bodzvokhan—along with their writing systems. The movie’s pretty wild, and I recommend it.

Bright filmed primarily ta LA Center Studios, which is about 30-40 minutes (depending on traffic) from my house. As a result, I worked with the actors in person both leading up to shooting, and then all during principal photography, from October of 2016 to February of 2017. It was a tremendous experience, and I’m really happy with the results, for the most part. I did want to mention a couple of specific things, though.

On the very first day of shooting, we filmed a scene with Chris Browning, who plays a human. I didn’t expect to ever work with him, because generally humans don’t speak the languages I created in the movie, but the director, David Ayer, thought it would be cool to translate a huge chunk of his dialogue into Orcish about a week before shooting. Mind, the other actors had been working on this stuff for like a month, plus had the foreknowledge that they were going to be performing in a created language well before that. Chris got all that a week before—and it was a HUGE chunk of dialogue. Plus, Orcish is much tougher to pronounce than Elvish, imo. He worked his butt off, though, and on the day of, while he didn’t nail every take, most of them were excellent. It was a tremendous piece of work, and he earned my respect. Guy is awesome.

I also wanted to give a shout out to Brad William Henke. He plays Dorghu, and has the most Orcish dialogue. He had a lot to learn, and no real familiarity with learning/using languages other than English, but he worked his tail off, and he killed it. He even started asking me to translate some of his English lines so he could throw in Orcish words/phrases as a change up. Dude’s awesome—and big as a house.

Also I just want to recognize Lucy Fry. I’ve never worked with an actor who learned their conlang lines so exactly, and so effortlessly. Like, I don’t even get it. She basically heard the line once and then evidently had it forever, and also never messed up when performing. I was there for onset dialect coaching, but when it was just her performing, I basically showed up and chilled (and ate too much junk food). She was automatic.

I had a great time working with all the actors, but don’t have pictures with all of them (and embarrassingly kept confusing Joel Edgerton and his stand in, since they were both wearing masks), I’m now realizing, lol, including Noomi Rapace, whom I spent the most time with because David Ayer kept writing new lines for her that I had to translate and she had to learn overnight. She had the hardest job—and the best costumes.

Finally, the art department are my heroes. They really got it when it came to how to use these scripts, and they did some awesome stuff that you have to freeze frame to see:

This movie was a labor of love, and a lot of the work we did didn’t make it into the final film—including the subtitles being changed on some of my lines in post. Compared to other edits that happened, though (including entire characters/actors being cut in post), the conlang dialogue came out pretty good.

Also, even though I didn’t really have cause to work with him directly, Will Smith is awesome. He was always smiling and always happy to chat with whoever was about. He really livened up some long, long shoots.

This movie’s a weird one, and I hope you like it! Whether you do or don’t, though, this is one I’m happy to have worked on, and I know it’s a movie that David Ayer is proud of. This entire script, and everything that happened that wasn’t scripted (which was most stuff), was all him—no crazy oversight/outside input like on Suicide Squad, and no input at all from the original writer, who I never saw or heard from. This is his thing, and I think he did a great job with it.

Thanks for reading! I’m going to have to follow up posts today on the two languages themselves. <3


“I am Thor, son of Odin.”

“Really?  You don’t look like him.”

It’s true, he doesn’t look that much like Odin, but it puts in mind the theme of family resemblance and, hey, look who does look like a family member:

But Loki and Hela aren’t related by blood, yet they look like.  Sure, sure, comic designs are being ported over to the MCU etc.  But you know what’s confirmed by this movie:

Shapeshifter Loki.

Odin, having had to seal Hela away before she caused too much damage, still thinking of her and the loss of her, his firstborn, and not too much later, this happens:


Picking up on just what exactly would allow him to survive, to be taken in and cared for, to be loved and protected.  And Odin, grieving over the loss of his firstborn, coming to love this child who looks so much like her, this new chance to do right with a child.

Ragnarok (and all of the Thor movies, really) is the story about how Thor is actually the redemption of Odin’s line, of course, that the terrible power both Hela and Thor wield is something they either do or don’t learn to do with compassion and good in their hearts.

But I love that this makes Loki just as important a part of the family as he can be. He has his mother’s magic, she would be proud of him, he is Odinson just as much as Thor is, Thor is closer to having his mother’s looks, Loki and Hela share looks, Thor and Hela share a power beyond almost anyone else we’ve seen, the web of connections and themes is everywhere and Loki is 100% fucking there with them all.

I…. don’t understand all of tlj hate?

The movie itself was beautifully shot, for starters, and the plot was definitely believable. Just because it didn’t line up with your perfect, mostly based on fanon, vision does not give you the right to mope and complain and whine because you didn’t get your way.

For those of you complaining about how everyone, mainly Poe, was out of character, I ask you: how much did we really see of Isaacs’ character in TFA? The truth is we barely got to know him at all, and what was fleshed out about him was a witty, led-by-the-heart, heroic daredevil (broadly speaking, and again still with a little fan interpretation)—exactly what we saw in TLJ. Poe isn’t perfect. We’ve seen that he’s a hothead. Does this make him any less of a person? Part of loving a character is loving their flaws too.

And don’t get me started on the Kylo Ren/Ben Solo hate. I’m sorry if every star wars villain isn’t a macho, stoic badass that never cries. I’m sorry that you have to watch a thoroughly fleshed-out, plausible redemption arc that ACTUALLY serves a big purpose and moves the plot along. I’m sorry he killed a fan favorite character, I’m sure Abrams and Johnson deeply regret the misdeeds they commited and would take back every in-character action that personally offended you.

I could go on and on—and granted, I may even agree with you on some things rose/finn storyline i’m talking to you. But everyone would benefit from sitting back, stopping agressively attempting to find wrong in absolutely everything you see just for the sake of being “hip” and living up to crazy peer convention, and enjoying a Star Wars film that was actually, pretty darn good.

ARE YOU STILL SCREAMING ABOUT THOR: RAGNAROK? BECAUSE I’M STILL SCREAMING ABOUT IT. I need so much slice-of-life on the ship fic, I need so much kissing-and-more resolution to the hug scene, I need so much speculation on what happens when they get to where they’re going, I need so much about the various friendships forming, I need so much fic about a whole bunch of people crammed into a relatively small ship for months and the hilarious and awful things that happen because of it. AND FANDOM IS DEFINITELY ON A ROLL WITH IT, THERE’S MORE GREAT STUFF.  (Part one is here!)

The Breath Between Regrets by Vera (Vera_DragonMuse), thor/loki & valkyrie & heimdall & hulk & korg, ragnarok spoilers, 9.5k
   The journey to Midgard should take a year and a day. Long enough for many things.
What the Thunder Said by kyrilu, thor/loki, ragnarok spoilers, ~1k
   Days after the battle, Thor’s skin is still sparking lightning.
the silver forked sky by powerfulsound, thor/loki, ragnarok spoilers, nsfw, 1.2k
   There is a storm, sparking under Thor’s skin. Attracted to it, a magpie to shiny things, Loki is helpless in Thor’s wake.
Reunion by riventhorn, thor/loki, nsfw, ragnarok spoilers, 1.3k
   After so long apart, Loki can’t help being drawn to Thor.
Privilege to love by will_thewisp, thor/loki, NSFW, ragnarok spoilers, 2.6k
   He didn’t know why Loki felt the need to fight him on every ground, to hide things that had no business being hidden, but he was determined to meet him on every occasion. To Thor it seemed that Loki fought with himself as much as with Thor.
followed you down by homovikings, thor/loki & heimdall & valkyrie & tony & sif & cast, ragnarok spoilers, 5.3k
   It’s Asgard but it isn’t.
drowning on your shore by psikeval, thor/loki, ragnarok spoilers, 1.3k
   Loki, entirely solid, does not flicker and does not flinch.
In my Arms by wetdandelions, thor/loki, NSFW, ragnarok spoilers, 1.2k
   “I’m here,” says Loki. Set after the end of Thor: Ragnarok. PWP. SPOILERS.
In the Flesh by hjbender, thor/loki, NSFW, ragnarok spoilers, intersex!loki, 6.3k
   Loki stares back, gives the stopper a gentle toss. It sparkles briefly in the air before he catches it again. “There isn’t anything else you’d like to give me? Nothing you’d like to say? Because”—he spreads his arms and smiles invitingly, both hands suddenly empty—“here I am.”
Nowhere Is Home Unless We’re Both In the Same Place by Velocity_Owl87, thor/loki, ragnarok spoilers, 1.3k
   After the dust has settled, Thor realizes the implications of Kingship and Asgard’s future mean for him as the new King of Asgard. Thankfully, he doesn’t have to grapple with the situation alone, at least.
Heroes Run Towards Their Problems by Naiveandoptimistic, thor & loki & valkyrie & hulk & korg & cast, ragnarok spoilers, 1.6k
   Post-Ragnarok. Valkyrie is a drunken hot mess. Loki conceals, Hulk worries, and Thor gives some wisdom.
Not an Illusion by janto321 (FaceofMer), thor/loki, NSFW, ragnarok spoilers, ~1k
   Loki and Thor find comfort in one another
black sheep and mischief by grim_lupine, thor & loki, ragnarok spoilers, 3.2k
   A bird alights on Thor’s shoulder and pecks his cheek twice, hard enough to make him wince. “What are you doing?” it warbles in his ear. “Wondering what my brother is doing up at this hour, little bird,” Thor replies. “Will you go ask him for me?”
Never Doubt That I Love You by ValkyrieShepard, thor/loki & heimdall & valkyrie & hulk & cast, NSFW, ragnarok spoilers, 10.6k
   After Thor’s proposal, Loki pulls away. As Thor is busy trying to rule his people, Loki finds him again, and the two of them scout a possible planet for their people where Thor tries to get through his brother’s walls. There is much Loki has to work through.
after you, i dont know what i believe in by CallicoKitten, thor/loki & valkyrie & bruce & heimdall & cast, ragnarok spoilers, 9.6k
   aka, the long road to midgard
Crossroads by kyrilu, loki & heimdall, ragnarok spoilers, ~1k
   As Loki leaves Sakaar with a shipload of former prisoners, Heimdall decides to ‘visit.’
victory runes by spookykingdomstarlight, thor/loki, ragnarok spoilers, 3.3k
   A snake couldn’t change its colors, try as he might, trust his own intentions as he wanted to. At this moment, legs braced on either side of Thor’s lap, he couldn’t imagine doing anything to undermine Thor’s rule, his wants, his needs. But tomorrow was another day and Loki’s whims were mercurial.

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parks and recreation + star wars references

I’ve seen a lot of people really upset by Leia’s line “I held out hope for so long, but I know my son is gone.” 

but it didn’t upset me like it seemed to upset other people, because there was a really important earlier line in the movie attributed to Leia, said by Holdo: “When I served under Leia, she would say, hope is like the sun. If you only believe in it when you can see it…You’ll never make it through the night.”

They could have attributed that line to Holdo herself! They could have easily had Holdo just… say that line. But Holdo instead says that incredibly awkward phrasing, “when I served under Leia, she would say…”

That line was 100% Leia.

So, in this movie, Leia said both, “I held out hope, but my son is gone,” and ALSO said, “Hope is like the son/sun. Hold out hope, even when it seems impossible, or you’ll never make it.”

In this movie about hope and failure, Leia is allowed to have a Lowest Moment. She’s allowed to have doubts and fail; she’s human, just like every other character is human, just like her son is human, just like her brother is human.

Luke came back to give them the Spark of Hope, so naturally that Hope would have had to gone out inside Leia for his return to mean anything.

her brother come in her darkest moment, and reignited the spark by reminding her of her own words, of what she herself had always said (she who survived the destruction of her entire planet, who fought the empire, who saved her love) - to make it through the night, you have to hold out hope, even if it looks like the son/sun will never rise. 

“No one is ever really gone.”

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Okay but I find it really funny that basically the entire fandom refers to Jack as "Nougat Boy" or "Nougat Winchester" or something along those lines. It reminds me of those movies or incidents where a middle school kid does something embarrassing once so he's known as "spill boy" or "clumsy" or something. Jack said he liked nougat once, but now he's Nougat boy. That'd be like calling Dean "Pink Panties Winchester." (I'm not complaining about Jack's nickname. He will forever be my nougat son.)

Supernatural: Starring Pink Panties Winchester and his Brother, Salad. With Their intern Nougat. Special Guest: Bees McDiesALot.


Some fans thought The Last Jedi did Poe a disservice, portraying him as brash and volatile instead of the charming hero we saw in The Force Awakens. If you’re one of those disgruntled Poe fans, I recommend reading Marvel’s Poe Dameron comic. It’s one of the best Star Wars tie-ins, and on top of being a pitch-perfect adventure story about Poe and the Resistance, it gives a helpful through-line for his arc in the movies.


The most direct piece of foreshadowing came in issue #14, after Poe suffers a loss during a mission. Leia grounds him until he learns an important lesson about his role in the Resistance, in a direct precursor to his conflicts with Leia and Holdo in The Last Jedi.

So, Poe’s characterization is completely consistent across both movies and the comic. If The Last Jedi felt like a big change, that’s because he didn’t really have a character arc in The Force Awakens. Rey and Finn went through major life changes and learned from their experiences, whereas Poe arrived fully formed as a Resistance hero. That role provided the starting point for his arc in The Last Jedi.

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