a lili


“In that moment, Blue was a little in love with all of them.
Their magic. Their quest. Their awfulness and strangeness.
Her raven boys.”

the raven cycle aesthetic

Face claim for Louis Weasley
Froy Gutierrez

Dynamic Duos - Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin
“Lily and Jane has this incredible comic chemistry that’s fueled by the fact that these two are really good friends in real life. As comedy writers we can throw all kinds of crazy conflicts in their way, knowing there’s always this safety net: Grace and Frankie, like Jane and Lily, really love each othter.” - Howard J. Morris, producer of Grace and Frankie | Emmy Magazine

coreylubo: I didn’t know that picking up a book off a random table at Barnes and Noble would lead me down this path. I didn’t know the wonderful people I’d meet along the way. And I didn’t know, after all this time… Harry’s would still going strong. Happy anniversary #HarryPotter. (I’ll post some more BTS throwbacks on my story tomorrow!) #harrypotter20