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The Weeping Garden

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a/n: the gif has no meaning to this story but I loved this part in the movie so oh well; btw, thanks to everyone for putting up with my ultra shitiness

The statue of Y/n stood in the garden by the palace. Smooth stone benches circled around her pedestal of sapphires so that any one could sit by and watch or talk or read. But the common practice of a person kneeling down at Y/n’s feet means that anyone watching must leave. 

Y/n’s legend traces back to long ago; she was a well-known goddess of truth and virtues, born at a time when the Asgardians needed some truth and virtue in their lives. She was killed by one of her sisters, a jealous and envious lady. 

And so in her honor, a statue was built and placed in a garden of blue and white pastel flowers. Legend declared that only the tears of oppressed and weak would bring her to life, when the world had fallen to dust and needed Y/n’s brightness to guide them. 

Over time, people had begun to pray at her feet, confess their wrongdoings and overcome past sufferings. They believed that their tears gave her strength, enough so that one day she’d be able to awaken and fight for them. So her garden became known as the Weeping Garden, a place where people can go to hope and believe.

Loki does not believe. 

He had not believed for a long while, not since he’d begged for her to awaken and end this suffering he felt-being an outsider. After the truth had come out-after he’d learned of his true heritage and Odin fell into the dangerous sleep-Loki fell to his knees and cried for the first time in a long time. He apologized for everything he’d done to possibly deserve such pain. 

Nothing happened. Y/n did not awaken to take Odin’s place or lead Loki to his happy ending. 

Loki couldn’t even begin to describe the betrayal he’d felt; he’d been abandoned by the one person who was never meant to betray anyone. 

It was now a time of destruction in Asgard. Hela had awoken, apparently ready to unleash hell, and Loki was meant to be on his way to the Eternal Flame. And yet he is distracted. 

Y/n’s statue is staring at him, her blind stone eyes blank but unyielding. 

“What do you want?” Loki snapped. 

Her head did not move. 

“There’s nothing I can do for you!”

Still, nothing. 

Loki swore and held out a hand. The statue wavered off of the ground and Loki ran. He felt hopeful, of all things. But he’d certainly not get on his knees and cry or beg for Y/n to help him. 

If the legend is true-if-then the Flame would bring her to life just as easily as a few sniveling sobs.

Of course a few parts of his brain told him it wouldn’t work. He couldn’t imagine that tears hadn’t been shed for her with Hela around. People must have tried. So why should he? 

Loki didn’t know what to do, but he’d have to make a choice fast. His brother is counting on him and he can’t let Thor down. Not again. 

Standing before the flame, Loki took a deep breath. The cup that held the inextinguishable licks of flame seemed so small and probably meaningless to anyone who wouldn’t know better. 

“This better work,” Loki said to himself. He reached into the basin and cupped his hands together. A ball of fire pulled away. Loki looked at Y/n’s inanimate face. She was carved to be very beautiful. Although she is only stone, her hair bounds over her shoulders, across the curve of her breasts, animatedly. 

Loki, hesitant, as if he feared the flame would go out, put both hands on either of Y/n’s cheeks as though he were about to kiss her. The flame melted the stone into something like rubber that pooled around her feet. Loki took a step back as the melting rock slid down Y/n, who could hardly peel her eyes back. She fell forward and Loki caught her, his heart beating twice as fast with excitement.

He slunk down to his knees, cradling her close. “Are you alright?” Loki asked, brushing her hair from her face. It’s [h/c]. It’s soft. 

And she’s beautiful. 

Perhaps the most beautiful thing Loki’s ever set his eyes on. The rock encasing did not do her features much justice. 

She coughed and wheezed for breath, shaking in Loki’s arms. 

A moment later, her eyes opened. Y/n looked at Loki with weak pools of [e/c]. “You’ve…awoken me.” Those first words startled Loki. He had been unsure and up until she spoke, nothing about the revival felt real.

“Why?” she asked in a thick, wavering voice. She limply struggled against Loki, trying to pull away from him, but her limbs felt heavy as lead.

“Hold on to me,” Loki instructed. She weakly protested a few times as they stood, one of her arms looped around Loki’s waist.

“What are you doing?!” Y/n shrieked when she saw Loki seize Surtur’s crown. “Stop, you’ll kill us all!”

Loki couldn’t determine if Y/n is fully lucid. She seemed groggy and cloudy and physically weak; she could hardly stand without Loki’s help, and struggling to take the crown from him proved difficult. But she seemed aware enough to know what dousing the crown into the eternal flame would mean.

Loki placed the crown into the basin and lifted Y/n into his arms. She thrashed against him. “You’ve killed us all!” shd exclaimed. “Don’t you know what you’ve done?”

Loki supposed he’d react similarly in Y/n’s position. Ragnorak meant the end. The utter end.

“You’ve killed us all!” she exclaimed.

“Unless my brother and I are wrong, then yes, I suppose I have,” Loki grunted as he hoisted Y/n by her hips and throwing her across his shoulders. Y/n struggled against him weakly, hitting her fists against his back. “Let me go!” she exclaimed. 

“Quit moving around,” Loki instructed as he attempted to run as fast as he could with Y/n yelling in his ear and pounding on his back. “I’m trying to save you!” 

Y/n reached her hand down and pinched Loki as hard as she possibly could on the butt. Loki yelped and Y/n managed to worm her way off of him. 

“You are lucky that I am feeling outrageously kind today,” Loki snapped as he seized Y/n by the wrist. She raised another hand to strike him. Loki caught her other limb and stared at her darkly. 

Her eyes are [e/c], stern and unwavering. 

“Come on,” he said. The two ran, Y/n being dragged away but she didn’t fight him off as they exited the palace that had begun to rumble under their feet. 

a/n: hahahah cliff hangar 

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Damian wayne x reader, damian is checking out the reader and gets caught by one of his brothers.

(hope this is ok!)

“What are you doing?” Tim asks, swiveling around in his chair so that he’s finally facing his brother. He looks back and forth between you and his brother, glancing at the both of you like he’s examining the two of you.

“Damian, are you…?” he begins after a moment, finally settling his gaze on his brother. “Are you checking them out?”

Damian merely turns his head around and looks at him, narrowing his eyes as he crosses his arms over his chest, looking at him with something akin to annoyance in his gaze. “TT,” he huffs, and irritation is evident in the way he says his next words.

“Of course not, Drake,” he says, pausing for a moment to give him another nasty glare. “Why would I do such a thing?” he continues, uttering the words as though it were the most obvious thing in the world. For a moment, Tim only stares at him, narrowing his eyes into a squint as he studies him. Damian merely stares back at him, a wordless challenge written on his gaze.

“Oh my god,” Tim says after a moment, raising his hand to cover his mouth as though in surprise. Damian watches as a small smirk slowly makes its way toward the corners of his lips as he opens his mouth and speaks, allowing the words to fall softly out of his lips. “You definitely are!”

Damian merely gives him another nasty glare as he scowls at him, seemingly as though in annoyance. “Shut up, Drake,” he says harshly, irritation evident in the way he says the words. “Mind your own business,” he continues just as harshly, before turning back to focus on his current task at hand.

Tim merely watches his brother check you out, smirking as he does so. God, he thinks, shaking his head as though he’s just found the whole thing silly. His little brother really is growing up.

So I was excited to see Hatter as one of the featured rogues in Batgirl Rebirth’s latest arc which concluded yesterday - dude doesn’t have many main appearances at the moment - but was mainly amused that more than half his appearances has him looking like a swollen punctured grape. Punching fodder much. Ouch. I did like his design here tho, the art was my cup of tea. :)

Reasons why the Batman Lego Movie is arguably one of the best movies of 2017

  • Batman blankly says the lines of “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson and claims it as his own quote.
  • Uses every opportunity to call Robin “Master Dick” and still manages to keep a U rating
  • Patrick Stump writes and performs a heavy metal song both praising Batman and outing him for tax evasion
  • Proceeds to make 3 Suicide Squad jokes/references with 2 of them calling it stupid, then proceeds to use it’s plot for twenty minutes
  • Kite Man is there
  • The Bat Family bond by blowing up the Eye of Sauron
  • Voldemort, the Wicked Witch, Daleks, Jaws, the Gremlins and the raptors from Jurassic Park are all there for some reason and it’s never explained
  • The Justice League throw a party without Batman and he gets sad
  • “you’ve been union jacked”
  • Mentions Iron Man to remind you that Lego also has the rights to them
  • Puts in loads of pop songs to remind you that Lego bought the rights to them too
  • Actually makes a reference to Dick Grayson being able to speak Romanian
  • Has a genuinely amazing soundtrack
  • Is great and honestly if  I had the money I’d have already seen it 5 more times

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Can you do a part II to that Barry Allen soulmate au?

(not exactly my best work, but i hope this is ok! this is a sequel to this!)

“How do you keep finding me?” you ask, turning your head around so that you’re finally looking at him. Barry places his hands on his hips, panting, breathless from all that running he’s done to catch up to you.

“You’re my soulmate,” he replies, uttering the words as though it were the most obvious thing in the world. He pauses for a moment, almost as if to think about the words he’s going to say to you next before opening his mouth and beginning to speak, allowing the words to fall softly out of his lips. “Of course, I’ll follow you through the ends of the world if it means I’ll get to be with you.”

You could feel your cheeks heating up at his words with embarrassment, and you quickly turn your head away from him, trying to hide your flushed cheeks from him. “You don’t mean that,” you shoot back in a protest, uttering the words soft as a whisper.

“Of course, I mean it!” Barry exclaims and begins to move closer toward you, stopping only once when he’s finally standing right in front of you. He’s so close, so close that you could practically smell him—a mixture of sweat and cheap perfume, something that seems to comfort you; he’s close, so close that you could practically taste him on the tip of your tongue.

“Then, prove it,” you say, whispering the words so softly that it almost seems as though you’re merely talking to yourself. Barry merely nods his head at you with a smile before leaning toward you and pressing his lips to the corners of your mouth, giving you a small peck on the lips.

“There,” he says as he finally pulls away. “Is that enough?”

You merely growl at him in annoyance, arms wrapping around his neck to pull him down for another kiss. “It’s enough,” you say after you finally pull away, the corners of your lips curling up into a small smile as a single thought makes its way through your head, repeating itself over and over as though it were a broken record.

Maybe it’s better to give in sometimes.

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i like the way you write flirty jason! so may i request a jason x reader fic where jason is flirting with the reader and the reader is just a blushy mess. i love your work btw!❤❤

(did it as a sequel to this! hope it’s ok!)

“We’ve met again, thief,” you say, uttering your words loud enough to echo in the dead of the night.

Your words are enough to startle the masked thief out of his thoughts, who immediately halts in his tracks and turns his head around so that he’s finally facing you, tilting his head to the side as though in arrogance.

“And we’ve met again, sweetheart,” the masked thief says, crossing his arms over his chest and nodding his head at you as though in acknowledgment. You could feel your cheeks heating up at his nickname for you, and you immediately turn your head away from him, trying your best to hide your reddening cheeks from him.

He doesn’t fail to notice it, however, as not a moment later, he moves closer to you, stepping toward you until he’s close enough to touch you. He places a hand on your cheek, feeling its warmth for a moment before stepping back and raising both of his arms in surrender when you turn your head around and glare at him.

“My, my,” he says, allowing a soft chuckle to spill out of his lips. “You’re still as feisty as I remember, kitten,” he continues, chuckling once more when you give him another nasty glare.

He doesn’t seem too fazed by your silent threats as not a moment later he moves toward you once more, leaning forward to whisper something in your ear. “I’d hate to cut our meeting short,” he begins, his voice deep and husky, immediately sending shivers down your spine. “But I’ve still got something to do.”

And before you could even ask him what it is he’s planning to do next, he’s already leaned his head toward you, moving to plant a soft, gentle kiss on your cheek, rendering you frozen to your spot on the ground, unable to move, unable to do anything else but continue to stare at him as though in surprise and shock.

And then before you know it, he’s already pulled away from you, turning his back away from you and walking away like nothing has happened, giving you a small wink and a quick wave before disappearing from your view.

For a moment, all you could do is stare after him, taking a long look at the direction he’s previously been in, silently wondering whether or not everything that has happened has merely just been a dream. Briefly, you wonder whether or not it has merely just been your imagination, but then you quickly shake your head and dismiss the thoughts out of your head, mentally cursing yourself for even allowing such things to happen.

God, you think, a soft sigh of frustration spilling out of your lips. You really hate that man’s guts sometimes.

3, 2, 1… a fear submitted by Dell to Deep Dark Fears - thanks!

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Dick grayson + amazon! reader + lasso of truth?? Please!

(sorry if it’s so short)

“What do you want?” you ask, a small smirk slowly making its way toward the corners of your lips as you speak. You know you have him wrapped in your finger now, especially now that you’re using your mother’s gift to you. There’s a part of you that tells you that you shouldn’t be using your mother’s gift for situations such as these, but you quickly shake your head and dismiss the thought out of your mind, reminding yourself that it’s only just one time and nothing more.

“You,” he replies, exhaling the words out in a breathless rush. He closes his eyes as the lasso tightens around his form, almost as though it’s getting harder and harder for him with each second that passes. “You’re the only one I want.”

You merely smirk at him in response, leaning toward him to stare closely at him. He opens his eyes and stares back at you, and you could see that there’s a longing in his gaze, something that you know is for you and only you.

“I want you,” he says, whispering the words softly against your lips. You merely smirk at him once more in response, nodding your head at his words as though in satisfaction before leaning closer toward him and whispering something against his lips.

“Then, your wish is my command,” you say, uttering the words softly as a whisper, before finally sealing your words, leaning forward and capturing his lips with yours in a deep kiss.


me too, plagg… me too.

Marichat May (Identity Reveal)

welcome to adrien inner mind theater (again-ish)

my headcanons are that this nerd reads a lot of shoujo manga and that he really does think he’s beautiful af so here you go—

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We saw a post of kamanari and deku get jealous when there boyfriends hang out. What would happen if they hang out on PURPOSE with a little flirting. How would kirishima and bakugou react?

terrible just terrible