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Okay, march 22

The day of infamy. There are going to be hundreds, if not thousands, of posts saying how much they miss MCR and how much they want them to get back together, and I get it. This band saved my life. (Well the people in the band but…) They made me feel less alone in my feelings and outlooks. I would cry if they got back together, but I’m not going to write about that. They broke up because they needed to. Gerard was at the end of his rope and couldn’t take it any longer. He was starving himself, and resorting to booze and drugs to get through shows. Now look at him. Happy, healthy, and writing comics. He would never be like that if the band didn’t break. Also Frank. He is happy, healthy, and still making music. Touring the world with his band. His music helps many people, including me. Ray and Mikey are happy and healthy. Mikey even has a baby on the way! (Give it up for him. Signing up for a child, that takes courage) So guys, this post was just saying, as Gerard put it-
“My Chemical Romance is done. But it can never die. It is alive in me, in the guys, and it is alive inside all of you. I always knew that, and I think you did too. Because it is not a band – it is an idea.”
The guys are doing what makes them happy and carrying MCR with them as they do so. This day will be sad, most of us will probably cry, but remember, the guys are happy. And that’s what really matters.
-Charlie March 22, 2017

My favourite thing about putting the work in to make a web comic (and compared to anything else I do, it’s a lot of work- ask any comic maker!) is that I get to watch people react to my characters!
I enjoy writing stories where characters interact, grow and change and it’s fun to watch reactions to their early selves, knowing what’s to come.

So if you ever want to chat about them with me or send me your reactions, I totally welcome it!

From the Comics to the Streets: Join #PopPoliticsChat Weds 8:30pm EDT

Join us on twitter to talk about the intersection of comics fandom and activism that is in solidarity with LGBTQ women of color and immigrants, ending Trump’s Muslim ban. We’ll discuss the challenge of celebrating the few good examples of diverse representation we have at Marvel while also addressing Marvel’s corporate AND creative problems (like Disney CEO’s serving on Trump’s economic board). We just might even talk about that gentrification subplot in Ms Marvel too.  And maybe Amerikate.

Our Tweet chat is featuring 

  • Desiree Rodriguez (@boricuadesiree) is a columnist and Editorial Assistant for Lion Forge Comics’ Catalyst Prime. Desiree also writes for The Nerds of Color and Women Write About Comics. (Hey @desiree-rodriguez!) 
  • Nelini Stamp (@NelStamp) National Membership Director @WorkingFamilies. Lover of sci-fi & wizards. Troublemaker with @ResistHere, #ResistTrumpTuesdays.
  • Ardo Omer (@ArdoOmer)  is a senior editor at Women Write About Comics and a contributing writer at Book Riot. She has bylines at Comics Bulletin, Hyperallergic and Slate. Batman goes to her for advice.

To participate just click here to hang out at the #PopPoliticsChat hashtag on Twitter, especially tomorrow, Weds at 8:30pm Eastern. 

Ask questions and join the conversation! 

We hope fans will leave the chat with ways to plug into social justice movements and that organizers and activists outside of fandom will feel inspired to make their activism that much more fantastical.

Basically, if I don’t see five Ms Marvel and Ms America cosplayers at the next big rally I’m going to feel like I failed. (Ps, every time I see someone dressed as Cap at a protest I take a photo and tag him as #RealCaptainAmerica. I think Ms Marvel and Ms America are our real Captains America(s) now too. 

felipeunprodrawings  asked:

What's your inspiration that made you draw in the first place? Also your arts really nice ^^

I’d always play games as a wee baby, 24/7. My uncle owned a super nintendo and NES and Sega genesis and I played Super Mario and Sonic nonstop!
I eventually wanted to draw the games I played so I doodled a CRAP TON OF SONIC from kinder to near the end of middle school(I was a huge sonic weeb X o X )
I had already developed some sort of style, and I started writing original comics and fan comics, creating a character thats very dear to me named Starlight. After Starlight, I finally made Lapis~

callmecand  asked:

Ok, can you give me some advices how to write amazing fanfics like you? I'm working on with something and I really need your useful advices.

Fbshgh staaph– qwq
I can only say - try to write as more as possible. I mean, I treat fanfiction like books or something so like chapters in books, the fic needs to be long enough and not just 7-10 paragraphs with needed grammar, dots etc. I mean if you feel like you can write and add more - DO IT GIRL.

Also think good about your plot and character’s… Character? I mean like. Don’t use too much OOC or something, think good how the character will react to the events according to original source like comics or whatever.
If you’re going to write smut - raping is bad.
If one person A is raping OR harassing person B person B will never like it no matter what. N e v e r.
Like sadly, a lot of /afterdeath/ fics are like this and that’s just disgusting.

I dunno… I always try to read books or articles about psychology and stuff to make things look logical, too.
I also like. Never posted a thing right after I wrote it. I wait a day, then read my stuff again and correct the text. You never know what ideas (maybe even better) can visit you later :т … Try to be in a good/neutral mood when u work and don’t force yourself ;33

P.s: im trash at writing fics goodbye

Holy jeez guys over 8,000 followers

I have never imaged I would get this many, im.so happy guys holy crap thank you all so much. I’ve been busy cause

I’ve started drawing again and am writing a comic. So if you wanna see art and such from monster mod please give this blog a follow.


maybe spread this post around to? I would really appreciate it.

I love you all so much!

hey yall. I need your help rn. I’m writing a deaf character, maybe thinking of making a comic out of it, but here’s the deal: I’m not deaf. I would never be able to accurately write someone who is without talking to someone that knows about it/is deaf, so I mean, if yall could hook me up with some tips, or with someone who i can ask some questions, that would be great.

Glad to see other Comic Book Writers are also super leery of Nick ‘Imma Make Captain America a Nazi’ Spencer. 

friendly reminder that jason todd is mentally ill

I’ve been noticing lately that A LOT of fic writers like to erase jason’s mental illness in their writing and I’d just like to point out that, by doing that, you’re erasing a huge part of his character. jason todd is not just some misunderstood bad boy who secretly loves classic literature and makes bad puns and just wants to feel loved. is he all of those things? absolutely. I’d even go so far as to say those things are all essential to his character. but jason is also canonically mentally ill. and (especially in more recent canon) it is implied that jason knows that he’s mentally ill. a lot of jason’s character development comes from his journey through the process of piecing together his past with his new personality and mentality. to write jason as neurotypical is to completely ignore an important aspect of his character, not to mention denying representation to mentally ill fans who relate to jason and see their own symptoms reflected in him.

friendly reminder that jason todd is mentally ill.