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Like, I understand the reason why major comic book villains are basically outside context problems for their respective heroes - it makes for better stories if the threat the villain represents is something the hero can’t easily counter with some obvious application of their powers - but can you imagine how frustrating it must be from an in-character perspective?

You’ve got these amazing superhuman powers, yet somehow, every single non-trivial baddie you have to deal with is fucking shit up in a way that’s totally at right angles to the sort of thing those powers can constructively address.

Beyond a certain point, the only reasonable conclusion would be that some higher power is actively messing with you.

(Which is perfectly true, of course, but unless you’re Deadpool - or possibly Ambush Bug - you can’t possibly know that.)

ID #60032

Name: Mari
Age: 19
Country: Italy

I’m not really good at introducing myself but… let’s begin! I’m just a normal girl who’s looking for her place in the world. Right now, I’m really confused about what to do with my life, and it would be great to have someone I can talk to about these kind of things, and open up a bit, so I can avoid drowning myself in my thoughts. I’m more of a listener than a speaker,but I express myself better with writing and drawing. I’d love making a new friend who I can discuss all kinds of different things with, from silly talk to deep meaningful conversations. I used to have a schedule full of things to do, but now I’m taking a long break and I feel like I’m becoming lazy. Among the many things I love there are: dogs, as I have a big fluf dork myself, animals in general, the sea, cooking yummy dishes, reading all kinds of things from comics and mangas to psychology essays and adventure novels , travelling , expecially by train, writing and making notes about everything that inspires me, reflecting on life and its poetry, magic, going to the cinema and watching all kinds of movies besides horror or stupid ones. I also love tv series such as Stranger things, the good place, castle, ncis, but most of all animation, in which I wish to pursue a career, and cartoons -between my favourites are Wbb, Miraculous Ladybug and maaaany anime- and drawing, of course, so it would be great to exchange opinions, advice and sketches with someone who loves art too. Right now I’m learning French and Japanese, but I’d really like to practice my french with someone,even if my skills are close to zero. Finally, I cannot live without music, one of the most crucial things in my life, and I love movie soundtracks other than various artists. If you read this till the end, you have to know that I’m looking forward to a penpal with wich I can share lots of thoughts about different interests, passions and a new culture, thoughts about life and very long messages as well such as this one as well as silly one who can light up the day a bit. I’m not so serious as I sound, really, and if you can tell me about new, interesting and different things, you’re welcome!

Preferences: Not really, just be a nice, honest and respectful human being, and sincere about yourself. Age maybe 16-23.

Up in Flames -- Tim Drake x Reader

Just a heads up, there is angst ahead. I know I should be doing my requests, but I am a master of productive procrastination. So here’s a short prompt based off of Burn from Hamilton. As I said, angst ahead. You’ve been warned.

Word Count: 905

You stared blankly at the pile of various items that lay on the coffee table in front of you. Several folded up and crinkled notes could be seen in the pile amongst the numerous ticket stubs from movies and concerts you’d attended over the years with Tim. A few small pictures were here and there as well, taken with the instant camera given to you by Barbara for such occasions.

Reaching out, you gingerly plucked up one of said pictures.

Tim had a miserable look on his face while you had the goofiest grin ever on yours. Atop each of your heads was a party hat placed there by Dick. In the background, you could barely make out a banner that said, “Happy Birthday!” on it. Normally looking at these thigs would bring a smile to your face and laughter to fill your lungs at the memories associated with each item.

Today, you felt none of those gleeful emotions.

You placed the picture back on the pile with that same empty feeling you’d been experiencing since you’d came back from your mission. You leaned back onto the cushions of your sofa and stared up at the ceiling as if searching for answers. As if the ceiling could tell you where everything had gone wrong.

The sound of keys turning in the doorknob reached your ears and alerted you that Tim had arrived home. You stayed where you were not bothering to move or even acknowledge him as he entered the room. The couch sifted under you as Tim settled down on it. You could feel his gaze on you, yet you still couldn’t bring yourself to look at him.

The two of you sat there in utter silence for what felt like an eternity. Tension was thick in the air between the two of you. You let your (E/C) eyes slide close and took a deep breath. Tim flinched at the small action.

“(Y/N),” Tim spoke softly, “please let me explain.”

“I think you did that perfectly well back at the cave Tim.”

Again, Tim flinched. He stared down at his lap then glanced at the pile you had made on the coffee table. By this point, you had reopened your eyes and were observing the dark-haired man from the corner of your eye. He reached out a shaky hand to the pile and pulled out one of the ticket stubs from it. It was from the concert he had taken you to for your birthday the first year you two were together. A small smile ghosted his face as he recalled the memory.

“Do you remember this concert?”

Instead of answering, you shrugged your shoulders. What did it matter at this point if you remembered everything the two of you had done together during your relationship? It obviously meant nothing to him anymore.

Tim sighed at your response. “Can we please talk about this?”

“There’s nothing more to say.”

“(Y/N), please…”

“What do you want to say Tim?” You finally snapped. Your angry gaze was now fixed solely on the vigilante. “Do you want to say how sorry you are for everything? Do you want to beg me to forgive you for what you did?”

“I made a mistake, I was weak. It didn’t mean anything to me.”

You laughed dryly at his words. “And you expect me to believe that? You don’t even sound like you believe your own words.”


You felt the urge to let loose, you felt like letting Tim know exactly how you felt at his betrayal. How hurt and heartbroken you were over the news of how he cheated on you. You wanted to yell and scream at him. You wanted him to feel the same, agonizing pain you felt.

You wanted him to suffer.

“I’m done.” You finally settled for. “I’m done talking about this.”

“We haven’t even discussed anything yet.”

“What’s there left to say Tim? You cheated on me while I was on a mission, a mission you knew would take at least a year for me to complete. You knew I was going to be gone for a while. You knew we wouldn’t see each other during all that time. And somehow, somehow, you still thought it was a good idea to do what you did. You still thought it was a good idea to sleep with someone else. As far as I can tell, there’s nothing left to discuss.”

Having said what you needed and wanted to say, you stood up from your spot on the couch. As you passed Tim, he reached out to grab your wrist. You quickly moved so that you were out of his reach. You kept your head high and your eyes forward as you spoke again.

“You can sleep in the guest room tonight, and for the foreseeable future. Or go to stay at the manor. Or with one of your brothers. I don’t really care at the moment which you choose to do, but you are not sharing a bed with me.”

As you walked away, you flicked your wrist out towards the pile of memories. In an instant, flames had spring up and engulfed the pile. You didn’t worry about the flames spreading to the coffee table. You had better control over your powers than to let that happen.

As everything went up in flames, you felt just the tiniest bit better.

Reasons why the Batman Lego Movie is arguably one of the best movies of 2017

  • Batman blankly says the lines of “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson and claims it as his own quote.
  • Uses every opportunity to call Robin “Master Dick” and still manages to keep a U rating
  • Patrick Stump writes and performs a heavy metal song both praising Batman and outing him for tax evasion
  • Proceeds to make 3 Suicide Squad jokes/references with 2 of them calling it stupid, then proceeds to use it’s plot for twenty minutes
  • Kite Man is there
  • The Bat Family bond by blowing up the Eye of Sauron
  • Voldemort, the Wicked Witch, Daleks, Jaws, the Gremlins and the raptors from Jurassic Park are all there for some reason and it’s never explained
  • The Justice League throw a party without Batman and he gets sad
  • “you’ve been union jacked”
  • Mentions Iron Man to remind you that Lego also has the rights to them
  • Puts in loads of pop songs to remind you that Lego bought the rights to them too
  • Actually makes a reference to Dick Grayson being able to speak Romanian
  • Has a genuinely amazing soundtrack
  • Is great and honestly if  I had the money I’d have already seen it 5 more times

me too, plagg… me too.

Marichat May (Identity Reveal)

welcome to adrien inner mind theater (again-ish)

my headcanons are that this nerd reads a lot of shoujo manga and that he really does think he’s beautiful af so here you go—


Maybe they’ll save it. All the pieces. Store it in the town hall attic and rebuild it in a hundred years. Wonder who the hell we were. 

Riverdale, “Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show”


Victuuri Week Day 3: Goblin AU

in which Viktor is this 937-year-old goblin who’s looking for his bride and Yuuri is fated to his bride and can see ghosts:

It was the strangest kind of attraction.

Even Yuuri, with his rather dull intuitive perception, had been very much cognizant – at that precise moment of meeting the stranger’s gaze – of the sudden electrifying chemistry between them, transpiring ever so briefly yet imparting a long-lasting effect on his consciousness.

It felt to him as though the world around him was so abruptly thrust into an eternity of quietude, blurred by the hollowness of nonexistence, except for the figure of the man who captivated his undiluted attention, a defined entity against the illegible backdrop, like a distinctive gleam of light in a vacuum of disorienting darkness.

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  • <p> <b>Fanfic:</b> Two cinnamon rolls fall for each other.<p/><b>Me:</b> Cool<p/><b>Fanfic:</b> Two pure unadulterated badasses fall for each other.<p/><b>Me:</b> N I C E<p/><b>Fanfic:</b> A Pure unadulterated badass and a cinnamon roll fall for each other<p/><b>Me:</b> F U C K Y E S<p/></p>