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“Luigi… thunder.” -Original description

As part of an effort to preserve deleted posts by the original owner of Supper Mario Broth, here is the Luigi Thunder song. According to the author, the song was intended to be a quick practice for applying pitch shifting in the FL Studio digital audio workstation. The author is very pleased with the response the song has received over the years.

anonymous asked:

a kiribaku tickle fight would be super cutesy??? (though bakugou may get violent... hope kiri's ready to harden)

a kiribaku tickle fight would be super freaking cutesy I actually had like a million different ideas for this but i only have so much sketchbook space lmao

So I hc that Kiri is super ticklish in his sides and maybe his sibs/friends too real advantage of this so he kinda adapted so that the moment anyone came near his sides he hardens his sides as a precaution

and Baku is super ticklish on the back of his neck so of course Kiri’s gotta give him a lil raspberry