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After cleaning diet from bad stuff (starting a real cleansing later this week though) and sleeping LITERALLY the whole Tuesday (I’m not kidding; I woke properly up at 9pm) I’m already feeling A LOT better. I was getting angry for not feeling like my own self and after I consulted my cards the message was that I was exhausted and needed to rest. Apparently while really not being that busy I’ve emotionally exhausted myself (plus the wrong diet, PMS starting and allergies) and I need to rest more. As the cards never lie, I try to sleep this week as much as I can.

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im too lazy to finish this anyways this is my danganronpa OC monopostmortem that was a shitpost but it turned into something i put too much effort on

  1. ¼ of his face is detachable, also his teeth was drawn on lazily
  2. he usually doesn’t speak also he’s dead inside
  3. he has a detachable head. it has multiple uses! like a murder weapon, a murder weapon, a murder weapon, a murder weapon,

so monopostmortem is actually a bear corpse that was revived, so basically he’s a zombie. he really wants to die so he can stop suffering existing already but he’s pretty much immortal. so he’s left to be his monopostmortem self in this monopostmortem world where he’s just monopostmorteming around he likes coconut juice

his name is long on purpose

Imagine Woozi feeling incredibly grateful to have meet you, who is someone that is very accepting of him and his busy lifestyle.

Shatt!Youtuber au
  • Matt’s bigender (he/she) and so sometimes goes by Maddie
  • Shiro knows and supports him
  • Matt has a youtube channel for space/technology/nerd stuff and occasionally invites his boyfriend to collaborate
  • Shiro accidentally calls matt Maddie in one video and someone in the comments asks “who’s Maddie”
  • they decide to start another youtube account for Maddie, separate from matt, and the divide begins
  • matt has a prosthetic leg but since he’s always sitting down in matt videos it’s only really visible in Maddie videos when she stands to show off an outfit or to model her newest addition to her prosthetic, 
  • maddie does a lot of fashion/makeup videos (she’s a model and i love her) and her and Shiro flirt and laugh and do each others make up.
  • she has a tattoo on her wrist that says 銀 貴 (Shirogane Takashi) that’s visible in both channels and there are Conspiracy Theories
  • (Shiro’s prosthetic was made by matt and as a joke matt added his initials to the wrist. The MH on Shiro’s wrist looks like a matching tattoo which leads to further Conspiracies.)
  • Shiro also has a tattoo on his left arm that says מתיו (Matthew)
  • Shiro collabs on both sets of videos and everyone’s like ‘oh Matt and Maddie should do a video together” but,, somehow,, this never quite happens
  • at some point, Shiro slips in a petname during a Maddie video and someone theorizes that he’s cheating on Matt
  • Matt and Shiro get an Idea
  • this…explodes into drama rapidly
  • Shiro starts getting hate (and a few Incredibly Gross messages about how it’s understandable that he’s cheating on maddie bc she’s disabled)
  • (Shiro: takes off prosthetic, angrily waves it around for a bit)
  • shiro gets demonized immediately and it just escalates
  • some of it is funny bc…he’s not cheating…and matt’s reading the hate mail in silly voices
  • they string this out for months
  • after a particularly discomforting message it becomes a lot less funny and they decide to put an end to it. 
  • Shiro takes the opportunity and in their next collab video (where they were going to explain the whole mess) he gets down on one knee and proposes.
  • “Maddie, Matt, whoever the fuck you are. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you be my pardNer for the rest of time?”
  • (bonus lance reaction:

*screeeeeches @ myself*

WELL, idk what i’m doing buT

while I was at school I made another character but like- completely not Undertale related… maybe-