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Seven Things About Supernatural: 12x10 - “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets”

So basically that was the best birthday present ever and I want to marry Steve Yockey.  Which, uh…he’s probably got opinions about, but at least I’m not Lube Guy this time around, right? 

  1. Okay.  So.  Gender and vessels.  I am here for this, and wish we’d get more of it because there’s so much potential for exploring things.  Benjamin’s use of masculine pronouns in a female vessel, Cas being very clear that Benjamin is an angel in a vessel, and that these things are distinct, Castiel’s previous female vessel, etc. all make me want more data about how this looks from an angelic point of view.  

    Angels probably aren’t doing genders the way people do genders, but given that we’ve seen cross-pronoun vessels multiple times over the course of the show (Raphael, Hannah, Castiel, Benjamin) and those gendered pronouns are preserved, there’s some kind of identity thing happening here.  Possibly not intentionally on the part of the writers, but…well, there’s enough of it in canon now that the idea of wavelengths of intent having some kind of affinity seems like a thing now, and I’m so fucking here for it.  
  2. There is so much in this ep about angels and humans in relationship, both positive and toxic.  Ishim becomes obsessed and abusive toward Lily and hates humanity, Akobel loves humanity and has a positive relationship with Lily, Benjamin has a close relationship with his vessel that potentially reads subtexually as romantic – Sam is the one who says “friend” before Cas can find a word – but is at least mutually satisfying, Cas’ relationship with the Winchesters (with none of them willing to sacrifice the other) develops and is discussed, and even Lily’s possible reconciliation with Cas.  

    Heaven has always tried to pretend it is a united front, with a monolithic (and often negative/dismissive) view of humans, but this episode shows us how diverse those views actually are in practice when angels are given an opportunity to form their own opinions/relationships. 
  3. Benjamin and Akobel deserved better.  Benjamin was interesting for the five minutes we saw him, and I’m so curious about the nuts and bolts of his relationship with his vessel.  Angels don’t beg for their own lives; Benjamin was begging for his vessel’s safety.  As for Akobel, did you see how kind?  How affectionate?  How protective?  This is an angel who understood The Mission.  Who cared.  [insert “GROSS SOBBING” gif here.] 
  4. You know, for an episode that retcons the “angels didn’t walk the earth for centuries” thing, this ep is kind of a reverse Buckleming.  So many callbacks, so many strong references to, reinforcements of, and reimaginings of earlier canon.  Some of it is small, like Ishim’s comment about Castiel being a “spanner in the works.”  Some of it is bigger, like Dean’s disapproval of rescues that invoke cosmic consequences, Sam’s experience of soullessness.  Hell, we’ve got the wing-shaped burn marks back.  I think we can trust Yockey with canon, guys.  
  5. Cas.  Cas is so worthy.  I’m glad that this episode served to illustrate that, both in terms of the story we see and his experience as a character.  This episode has given us so much about his development, and how he has come to deeply respect both humanity and genuine justice.  He’s given up on that Great Chain of Being bullshit.  He’s ready to fight down someone who is unjust and violent, and to take responsibility for past injustice.

    He more than deserved that beer at the end of the episode.  I’m also really hoping that Operation Drink And Find Another Way works out.  (I mean, it’s Supernatural, so there’s going to be a lot of sobbing and drinking, but…)
  6. Lily Sunder is probably one of the most sympathetic characters we’ve seen in a long while.  She’s just…it’s weird to describe her as reasonable and human and wonderful, but that’s the best way to do it.  She’s still a bit otherworldly, which makes sense given that she’s over a century old and burning out her own soul to use Enochian magic, and she’s coldly calculating about Sam’s place in things when Dean leaves to help Cas/fight Ishim, but she’s also got more humanity and conscience than we often see in similar characters.  She’s emotionally complex and dynamic.  Good, good stuff. 
  7. So many good Winchester Family Dynamics moments.  Sam third-wheeling Dean’s snit with Cas, knowing when Dean’s going to storm the cafe, the brothers sticking up for Cas, Dean’s problem with Mary jumping back into hunting v. Sam’s feeling that she’s just being who she is, Dean’s show of respect and understanding when he gives Cas a beer…  So good.  

But yeah, this ep is so good.  Just…

iris literally said out of her mouth, not even 4 hours ago that THEY WERE FRIENDS BEFORE HE MOVED IN? FRIENDS..barry moved into the wests house because iris and him were f r i e n d s, they have NEVER EVER SEEN EACH OTHER AS SIBLINGS. joe referring to barry as his son, and wally calling barry his brother (because that’s literally his future brother in law????) doesn’t take away from the fact iris and barry have never seen each other as siblings and share absolutely no dna. I know it’s such a WILD concept but sometimes ya know in real life, family dynamics can be complex. if y'all don’t get it by now it’s only because you’re choosing not to. this argument is tired and has aged terribly, let it go

sweetsugarhoneyfics  asked:

What kind of relationship do you think Emmett has with each of the other Cullens individually? Do you think he ever gets pissed off with any of them?

I think for the most part he’s an easy-going guy and doesn’t get pissed off much, but he will get ‘mad’ or annoyed at losing a video game or bet or wrestling match and might sulk about it. I think if he DOES get mad from time to time it’s when people aren’t being fair to Rosalie–but since we don’t see it in canon, I can’t say that for sure, but I still think that was related to the “protagonist-centered morality” thing, so like when Rosalie apologized in New Moon, Emmett was all “doesn’t count until she’s conscious” (because Bella was so exhausted) rather than “Don’t worry, Babe, wasn’t your fault.” And I think, realistically, he would have told Jacob to knock it off in Breaking Dawn once it got physical (throwing the dog bowl at her head). Like blonde jokes and dog jokes are fine, but there’s a line and I would have liked to have seen Emmett stick up for Rosalie here, but in this case Jacob was our narrator/protagonist so Emmett just laughed. 

I think Jasper’s the one who he has a lot of fun with, Emmett makes Jasper act his physical age, and they’re both from the South (along with Alice) so there might be some shared culture there that Emmett doesn’t have with big city rich kids like Edward and Rosalie. It’s wrestling matches with Jasper and video games with Jasper and making obnoxious bets with Jasper. Very brotherly and fun. 

Likewise his relationship with Edward is brotherly, too, and there’s an element of that bringing out the happier side of Edward, but there are limits, at least during the peak of Edward’s pre-Bella melancholy. Emmett seems to think of himself as Edward’s “big brother” calling him stuff like “kid” and all, even though Edward is actually older than him in terms of how long he’s been a vampire and how long he’s been on earth. I imagine there’s a lot of teasing but also a protectiveness.

I sort of imagine Emmett/Alice as a more light-hearted version of the Edward/Rosalie sibling rivalry. Lots of teasing and pranks that sometimes spill over into arguments because Alice told Emmett who would win the Big Game, or Emmett destroyed another nice shirt or pair of pants by being reckless and rough. I imagine he has a lot of nicknames for her related to her being so tiny. 

Emmett’s 20 to Carlisle’s 23, so I don’t know how father/son their relationship actually is. I’ve said before I think the Cullen family dynamics are more complex than that, and that it’s really only Edward for whom Carlisle’s mostly a ‘father’ (and perhaps Alice, not remembering hers and seeing Carlisle/Esme in her visions from almost the beginning), but for the rest it’s more of a vague fatherly figure, an Obi Wan, a Dumbledore, an Aslan. The benevolent captain of the spaceship they’re all traveling on. Sort of a mentor, a teacher, and example, rather than a “let’s go outside and play catch, son” Dad thing. I think Emmett gets a kick out of making Carlisle laugh, and that Carlisle, being only 23, finds more of Emmett’s antics funny than he might be willing to admit out loud. 

Emmett and Esme might be a little more parental, just because Esme just exudes that “Mom” aura, and I think she’s the one who does scold and discipline him when he gets out of hand. But we’re not talking spanking or grounding, but like “EMMETT DID YOU TRACK BLOOD ALL OVER THE CLEAN FLOORS?! CLEAN THEM UP THIS INSTANT YOUNG MAN.” I like to imagine he helps her cook sometimes, that it reminds him of his human life and helping his Ma. I think they also share a bond because they both were instantly dazzled by their future spouses and woke up to this new life with love waiting for them. I think they’re more appreciative than some other members of the family because they didn’t have that “waiting for decades/centuries to find ~the One~” that seems to plague Twilight vampires. 

If you’re not watching Wynonna Earp (now on Netflix) then I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. 

I mean…

Badass female lead who is unashamed of liking sex? Check. 

A story about complex family dynamics between two sisters? Check.

Supernatural mythology with a Western gunslinger theme? Check.

A lesbian relationship that is developed just like any on-screen relationship would be? Yup. 

A pretty cast that provides eye candy for everyone? Yup yup. 

Tl,dr, Wynonna Earp is awesome and if you like Supernatural, Buffy, or any shows in that vein, you’ll like it. 

@ everyone still sleeping on queen sugar

👏 WAKE 👏 UP 👏

the show is about a black family (siblings) taking over their late father’s sugar farm in louisiana. drama, grief, omg moments, complex female characters, great family dynamics; the first episode will make your heart hurt; one of the sisters is bisexual, the brother is a single dad to an adorable little boy named blue, the older sister is dealing with a something major involving her husband back home and her teenage son is a blessing–this show honestly has everything and the rep is fantastic.

watch queen sugar. s2 premiers june 20 on OWN. s1 has 13eps so it’ll be easy to catch up. Go go go.

i am literally sat here bawling my eyes out i love this show so much

i love marcus, he is so fucking strong and so principled and so deeply kind even to complete strangers after being abused and abandoned over and over

i love tomas for realising that he has made mistakes and gone against his ethics but he has never stopped fighting to be a better person and never, ever gave up on the rance family

i love casey and cat for never letting each other be alone through their traumas even though they resent each other sometimes and giving up everything for their sister 

i love henry for being the best dad in the world and reassuring his daughters and telling them he loves them while literally being tortured by a demon in his wife’s skin   

i love angela motherfucking rance for being the literal embodiment of badassery and survival and taking back control over her life 

i love bennett for putting up with marcus and actually caring about him deeply even though he disagrees with him on so many things and for the fact that he can snap a bitch’s neck in like it’s nothing

just genuinely this show is so important showing the positives and negatives of faith and the struggles that come with it, showing multiple trauma survivors and their different ways of handling their lives, and having such a rich and complex family dynamic in the rances

i just really, really love the exorcist and everyone should watch it

PowerPuff Girls Stories

I have come up with a bunch of stories about the PowerPuff Girls as they get older and continue to fight crime, but they have difficult adult themes - an adult swim version if you will. These would include changing family dynamics, eating disorders, exploring complex relationships, academic struggle, alcoholism and their different journeys to happiness and young adulthood. I’d love to post them but I have to somehow arrange them in my head so it makes more sense!

WTNV ep 79: Lost in the Mail

The new character of Basimah already has my heart. She’s an interesting character with a complex and interesting family dynamic (ghost-dad in the space war 1000 years in the future, y'know.) She’s also a queer Muslim woman who is part of an all-girl Thrash band called the Mizfits (is that how it’s spelled?) I don’t know if we’ll see more of her, but I really, really want to.

Also, The Emissary is such a cool character that I want to see more of. It speaks with the voice of woodwind instruments, is a sentient void in a astronaut suit (my aesthetic 100%), and seems to know and be able to do so much more than any of us know. I hope it continues to be a presence in the narrative. And that ending, with Basimah…is The Emissary her dad returned? Did it bring her father back to her? An apparition of the father? Who knows.

All in all, this was a killer episode of Welcome to Night Vale, and one of my favorites in recent months.

It seems like everyone who disliked Crimson Peak were people focusing entirely on the plot, saying it was flat and predictable and boring.

The thing that made Crimson Peak such a wonderful, beautiful film was the little details and the characterization and the natural flow of the movie. It relied very heavily on the characters, their personalities and backgrounds and their dynamic with each other.

I feel like people focus too heavily on the story that’s being told and not enough on what’s happening within the story. The Sharpe family dynamic is incredibly complex and is executed perfectly. Edith is an extraordinarily modern and yet still perfectly within her time character. She’s forward in wanting to be a writer and recognizes some of the sexism of her day, while still following the social bindings of the day. Thomas is the perfect combination of an upright man of title and command while still being a loyal servant to Lucille. And Lucille is so incredibly complex and so incredibly simple.

There’s so much not explored and so much left open to the imagination. Crimson Peak is not a movie held up by a plot, but rather it’s characters, which at least in my opinion is far more important and worth much, much more.

Familiar Names and Family Nicknames

While we’re on the subject of what to call family members

This is so much more complicated that just what country your character is from or what culture they belong to. As an example, I will give you some insight into my family dynamics:

  • For the past decade or so, I’ve called my father by his first name (let’s say it’s Frank). This is because we had a long-standing working relationship in a professional environment, and it would have been improper for me to be calling him “dad” all the time.
    I still call him “dad” sometimes, though I’ll also use “daddy” when I’m being cute or “father” when I’m being jokingly formal. Very rarely, I’ll use “da”. “Da” comes mostly when it sounds best in the sentence or when I’m in a hurry.
    • “Frank, where have you been? I’ve been running all over the house looking for you!”
    • “How are you, Dad?”
    • “I love you, Daddy!”
    • “Father, would you be so kind as to pass the mashed potatoes?”
    • “I’m going to see my da in the morning!”
  • I call my mother “B” a lot. This comes from some long-forgotten quirk of my childhood. No one in the family can explain why I do this to my satisfaction, and it started so long ago that I have no explanation for it myself. I also sometimes call her “Peeka-B”. Maybe from “Peek-a-Boo”? Who knows.
    When I’m around my father and calling him “Frank”, I’ll sometimes slip into calling my mother by her first name (let’s go with “Mary”). I also use “mom” sometimes, especially when I’m around other family members who are not part of my immediate family and who aren’t used to hearing the nickname “B”. When I shout for her across the house, I might use “MA!” with an A sound like apple
    I sometimes call my mother “mommy”–again, because, let’s face it, it’s adorable. At times I’ll use “mother” for the same jokingly formal reasons I use “father.” Also, as a result of learning French very young, I sometimes call my mother “maman”. “Maman” is pretty interchangeable with “mom” for me. 
    • “B! You’re here!”
    • “I’m ready to go when you are, Peeka-B!”
    • “Frank, Mary is calling you.”
    • “My mom just bought a new lamp.”
    • “MA, LET’S GO!”
    • “Mommy, will you make me snickerdoodles?”
    • “I can’t imagine why you’d say such a thing, Mother.”
    • “I think we should head over to the bookstore next, Maman." 
  • I also have a brother. We’ll call him "Zander”. Most of the time I call him by his given name, but he also has a couple of nicknames. Chief among these nicknames is “Peaches” which comes from the fact that he has such trouble growing facial hair and is regrettably and perpetually stuck with peach fuzz for a beard. It’s a bit of a jibe, yes, but it’s said with fondness.
    Sometimes I call him “Sloth”, as in Sloth from The Goonies. Because why the hell wouldn’t I? 
    I rarely if ever call Zander “bro”. I often refer to him as “my brother” to other people, but rarely call him “brother” to his face. Sometimes he calls me “sis”, though. Go figure.
    • “I’ve invited Zander down for the weekend.”
    • “Shut up, Sloth!”
    • “Oh, Peaches! Look what I got for you!”
    • I haven’t seen my brother since the beginning of the month.

So much is dependent on the age of your character, family dynamics, personal preference, and sometimes just mood. The micro-culture of your character’s family is going to dictate their in-group dynamics, and that is something you develop for your story just like it develops for real families over the years they spend together. 

Am I saying that you need to have five different names for every person in the family? No way! That could get very complicated for readers! I’m saying that there are many factors contributing to familiar names.

Family members are often around each other a lot and therefore have many opportunities to develop nicknames or familiar names for each other. This is worth considering. It’s worth exploring far more deeply that the surface level of the language spoken between the characters or even the predominant culture of which they are a part. Who says they’re part of only one culture, anyway? That’s a whole new set of complications!

Families are dynamic. They’re complex. My point here is that there’s a lot of room to play around with familiar names, and that’s at least worth considering.

Thanks for reading!


reasons why you should consider watching ‘fear the walking dead’

  • diverse and racially accurate Hispanic/Spanish cast that are incredibly talented
  • there is a scene where police shoot an unarmed person of color so the show unashamedly relates to current news and issues
  • it has good old fashioned nail biting suspense building complete with alfred hitchcock style low angle tracking shots and silent scores
  • centers around complex non-stereo typical family dynamics that aren’t portrayed as negative or dysfunctional 
  • brilliant writing slowly revealing details of characters without spoon feeding you which brings me to my next point
  • really clever subtle visual storytelling e.g part of the show centers around a drug addicted teen, but those words are never explicitly said 
  • you DO NOT even have to have watched the walking dead to get totally sucked in, but the writing is so good that even twd fans are on the edge of their seats!
  • there is a scene in the most recent ep where 2 women with obvious history immediately agree to support each other - women supporting women, what more do you want?
  • if you love watching gritty yet actually tasteful montages of the decay of civilization then this is the show for you
  • basically this is the first show I’ve seen in a long time where the writers, directors and producers respect the trust of the viewers and as a result they’ve made something really gripping in every way

transgenderapocalyptica  asked:

Top 5 Books

This is an impossible question so I answer it with a disclaimer: these are just the first five books that popped into my head as worthy of recommendation. The actual list is… er. Quite a bit longer. Than five.

1. East of Eden, John Steinbeck. Intense biblical allegory. Fucked-up family dynamics. A female character so intense and complex that she sears the page. Requisite Steinbeckian prose describing the Salinas Valley in loving detail. One of those rare books that I’ve read only once, because I know the experience would never live up to wading through it the first time and I don’t want to try. 

2. The Westing Game, Ellen Raskin. For children. Formative as fuck. I wrote weird fanfiction about it yesterday (in my soul I’m writing weird fanfiction about it every day). Murder. Intrigue. Heirs to a vast fortune. Corpses lying dead on fancy rugs. Riddles! Mysteries! Painted crutches! Read it. Do it. It’s shorter than many of the fics you read all the time. Go on. It’s worth it. I promise.

3. Every Discworld Book Ever Written Except for the Ones About Rincewind, Terry Pratchett. Satire. Fantasy. HILARIOUSNESS. Sharp social commentary on war, class, history, government, and religion. Ladies who tame dragons. Men who are tamed dragons. Night Watch, which is maybe the best book of all time. Nobby Nobbs. Reasonably priced love! And a hard boiled egg!

4. Interpreter of Maladies, Jhumpa Lahiri. The essence of humanity distilled down into a collection of short stories so perfectly constructed that my skin itches to think of them. Actually my review of this book is Tina Belcher, on the floor, groaning, because that is the exact emotion it provokes in me. In a good way. In the best way possible. 

5. The Mother Tongue, Bill Bryson. Nonfiction. The history of the English language. FASCINATING. JUST. FASCINATING. 

So many of my favorite stories, in any medium, are about friendship. Those relationships are so often just as emotional and complex as any romantic or family dynamics, and yet there’s a dearth of resonant, grounded films about platonic bonds in American films. Granted, we’ve enjoyed a handful of “bromances” over the past ten years, but there haven’t been many female equivalents that handle the specific way we relate to our friends honestly and comically.

My writing partner, Joni Lefkowitz, and I love studying girl friendships in particular because they seem defined by a combination of codependent intimacy and subtle, constant passive-aggressiveness. And more generally, as a director I was excited about telling a story where the women are layered protagonists: witty without being glib, emotional without being overly vulnerable, or letting a dude define their self-worth. On a related note, the idea of normalizing a best friendship between a lesbian and a straight girl without overly politicizing their sexualities felt exciting and true to the zeitgeist now.

—  Susanna Fogel on her film Life Partners

okay but can we talk about how AMAZING Inside Out is

how it addresses that sadness isn’t a bad thing bc it helps mold us

and how the majority of the characters are female

but that the genders aren’t played for laughs. they are completely incidental. They don’t make jokes that “oh of course joy and disgust and sadness are female lol” “oh riley likes hockey that’s so weird shouldn’t she be more feminine???”

and how the pacing was beautiful

and how there was NO VILLAIN. the characters and environment and plot are strong enough that they didn’t need to shoehorn a bad guy into it. it’s a movie about self discovery and personal growth and it’s beautiful

also the character designs were beautiful

riley’s family was complex and realistic and you completely understand their dynamic, even with the little screentime they had

and amy poehler’s performance was beautiful. her monologue (if you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about) brought the theatre to tears. I could hear sniffling all around me

in short, this is one of the new pixar classics and I really hope more people start talking about it


i just had to hide my birthday from fb so that my brother could safely get out of a social commitment by saying that he had to go to my 21st birthday without risking somebody seeing that it’s not actually until october

say what you want about my family’s seemingly genetic social avoidance but at least we’re thorough

on friday night my brother and i were waiting in the car for mum to come out of the supermarket and two girls he knows saw us and stopped to chat to him and long story short there is now apparently a rumour that instead of going to his ex’s party, my brother was seen hanging around in a car with some “mystery girl” what a scandal