a for complex family dynamics

Today's Special

You need to watch this!

It’s a heartwarming, sweet romance about a chef with Indian background, who tries to make it in the French cuisine world, but has to take over the family restaurant when his father suffers from a heart attack.

You have a full range of characters, a complex family dynamic, a sweet romance with more substance than usual, and a food story that goes deeper than “boy discovers his origins”.

WTNV ep 79: Lost in the Mail

The new character of Basimah already has my heart. She’s an interesting character with a complex and interesting family dynamic (ghost-dad in the space war 1000 years in the future, y'know.) She’s also a queer Muslim woman who is part of an all-girl Thrash band called the Mizfits (is that how it’s spelled?) I don’t know if we’ll see more of her, but I really, really want to.

Also, The Emissary is such a cool character that I want to see more of. It speaks with the voice of woodwind instruments, is a sentient void in a astronaut suit (my aesthetic 100%), and seems to know and be able to do so much more than any of us know. I hope it continues to be a presence in the narrative. And that ending, with Basimah…is The Emissary her dad returned? Did it bring her father back to her? An apparition of the father? Who knows.

All in all, this was a killer episode of Welcome to Night Vale, and one of my favorites in recent months.

i just had to hide my birthday from fb so that my brother could safely get out of a social commitment by saying that he had to go to my 21st birthday without risking somebody seeing that it’s not actually until october

say what you want about my family’s seemingly genetic social avoidance but at least we’re thorough

reasons why you should consider watching ‘fear the walking dead’

  • diverse and racially accurate Hispanic/Spanish cast that are incredibly talented
  • there is a scene where police shoot an unarmed person of color so the show unashamedly relates to current news and issues
  • it has good old fashioned nail biting suspense building complete with alfred hitchcock style low angle tracking shots and silent scores
  • centers around complex non-stereo typical family dynamics that aren’t portrayed as negative or dysfunctional 
  • brilliant writing slowly revealing details of characters without spoon feeding you which brings me to my next point
  • really clever subtle visual storytelling e.g part of the show centers around a drug addicted teen, but those words are never explicitly said 
  • you DO NOT even have to have watched the walking dead to get totally sucked in, but the writing is so good that even twd fans are on the edge of their seats!
  • there is a scene in the most recent ep where 2 women with obvious history immediately agree to support each other - women supporting women, what more do you want?
  • if you love watching gritty yet actually tasteful montages of the decay of civilization then this is the show for you
  • basically this is the first show I’ve seen in a long time where the writers, directors and producers respect the trust of the viewers and as a result they’ve made something really gripping in every way

okay but can we talk about how AMAZING Inside Out is

how it addresses that sadness isn’t a bad thing bc it helps mold us

and how the majority of the characters are female

but that the genders aren’t played for laughs. they are completely incidental. They don’t make jokes that “oh of course joy and disgust and sadness are female lol” “oh riley likes hockey that’s so weird shouldn’t she be more feminine???”

and how the pacing was beautiful

and how there was NO VILLAIN. the characters and environment and plot are strong enough that they didn’t need to shoehorn a bad guy into it. it’s a movie about self discovery and personal growth and it’s beautiful

also the character designs were beautiful

riley’s family was complex and realistic and you completely understand their dynamic, even with the little screentime they had

and amy poehler’s performance was beautiful. her monologue (if you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about) brought the theatre to tears. I could hear sniffling all around me

in short, this is one of the new pixar classics and I really hope more people start talking about it


It seems like everyone who disliked Crimson Peak were people focusing entirely on the plot, saying it was flat and predictable and boring.

The thing that made Crimson Peak such a wonderful, beautiful film was the little details and the characterization and the natural flow of the movie. It relied very heavily on the characters, their personalities and backgrounds and their dynamic with each other.

I feel like people focus too heavily on the story that’s being told and not enough on what’s happening within the story. The Sharpe family dynamic is incredibly complex and is executed perfectly. Edith is an extraordinarily modern and yet still perfectly within her time character. She’s forward in wanting to be a writer and recognizes some of the sexism of her day, while still following the social bindings of the day. Thomas is the perfect combination of an upright man of title and command while still being a loyal servant to Lucille. And Lucille is so incredibly complex and so incredibly simple.

There’s so much not explored and so much left open to the imagination. Crimson Peak is not a movie held up by a plot, but rather it’s characters, which at least in my opinion is far more important and worth much, much more.

ahhhh yes, the first christmas the whole family has been together in four years; the ‘three bottles of wine between us’ brand of pissed, tying napkins around the dogs’ heads, and staging elaborate roleplays