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NU’ESTs records/Facts unique to them you might not have known!

-As some of you already know despite Nu’est being underrated they still have some records (I’ll put those in bold) and many things unique to them, so I’m making this list of info for new loves :)

- NU’EST is the first ever boy group from Pledis (debut 15th March 2012) and the 2nd ever Pledis group

-JR aka Kim Jonghyun was the first ever male trainee Pledis recruited (2009). He was casted on the street in his hometown and first thought he was being scammed lmao until he saw pictures of After School on the walls at Pledis HQ. 

(cute baby bugi)

-JR is the only Leader from a Pledis group who IS NOT the oldest member in the group (he is the 2nd oldest, Aron is NU’ESTs hyung born in 1993) 

-JR was called the ‘Male Kahi’ during debut

-His first MV appearance was pre-debut in Orange Caramel’s “Bangkok city” giving him the nickname ‘Bangkok city boy’ 

(15 year old JR check out those braids)

-JR felt lonely as the only male trainee for 1 Year, He had to eat instant ramen alone for that year (I guess Pledis was super broke)

-Mingi was the 2nd male trainee to Join Pledis in 2010, so JR wasn’t lonely anymore. Then Baekho joined, then Minhyun and lastly Aron joined NU’EST, possibly training for 6 months unto 1 year. 

- Minhyun’s first pre-debut MV appearance was in Orange Caramel’s “Shanghai Romance” giving him the nickname “Shanghai boy”

(I remember I was pissed seeing this kid reject Nana back then lol)

-Baekho made his first pre-debut MV appearance in After School’s “Play Ur Love”

(What! a! cutie!!

-JR had a pre-debut rap feature in UEE’s “Sok Sok Sok” and also featured in Gilme’s “Me First”  

-All of NU’EST + S.coups appeared in After School Blue’s “Wonder Boy” as backup dancers!

(Aron and Ren made their first appearances here)

- Aron rejected a place to study journalism at New York University (SUPER HARD to get into) to go to Korea and join NU’EST

-Aron got almost full marks on his SAT’s, but he said he’s bad at math so he failed the math questions

(Aron in high school) 

-Baekho’s stage name, meaning literally “white tiger” in Korean, was given to him by UEE, because apparently he looks like the character Kang Baekho from Slam dunk Manga lol

-NU’EST debut song “Face” was the most viewed kpop debut on youtube for years, and is still the most viewed kpop Boygroup debut MV all of time (almost 70m now)

- NU’EST “Face” was the best selling debut album of 2012

- During their debut, NU’EST was the group with the youngest overall age 

- JR is the Youngest Kpop Leader ever to debut (at the age of 16) 

Kid Leader —–> to Nation’s Leader

-NU’EST is the ONLY group ever where the Leader and Maknae are the same age! (Born 1995) 

(baby Jren ❤️ ) 

- Besides JYJ, NU’EST is the only boy group where at least 80% of the members are the same age.

-JR  and Aron have been writing rap lyrics for some years now (maybe 2014 or earlier) but in early 2016 their style changed drastically with the release of “Q is”. Baekho showed his composition skills and dream teamwork with Bumzu. 

-In the “Canvas” album the members were involved in every aspect of it, JR Aron Minhyun Ren and Baekho all wrote lyrics. Baekho was heavily involved in composition, Ren’s cousin made the album art (the illustrations) and Ren also helped in Styling and Minhyun wrote the song “Thank you” for loves.  

-Minhyun’s ultimate inspiration are ot5 TVXQ, his favourite song is “Love in the ice” and his Bias is Xiah Junsu 

-You likely already know, But Ren’s ultimate inspiration is Lady Gaga, like her he wants to be a strength for his fans.

-The song that helped JR get through hard times when he felt like giving up is DOK2′s “On my Way” when you listen to lyrics is clear how he relates to it

‘I have long ways to go and many walls to climb over

It has been eight years but everything is still the same

To make my dream comes true, still I’m on my way’

-In 2017 4 members of NU’EST joined Produce 101, they were the trainees with the most debut experience

-Aron did not go onto Produce 101 because of a leg injury. He stayed at the dorm and waited for them to come, cooking food for them when they did.

-Minhyun is the member of Wanna One with the most debut experience 

-On the PD101 final, instead of the show trending on Korean search engines, “NU’EST” and “Kim Jonghyun” trended no.1 and no.2 

-NU’EST is the only group to change their name/ become a unit (NU’EST W) because 1 member is not present.

-NU’EST W is the 3rd group ever to get over 100 million hearts on v-live

-’Hello’ has been nicknamed ‘Zombie-seyo’ because of the many many times it managed to climb the chart so high after so many years, peaking no.3 on melon on the night of pd101 final

-NU’EST W got their first no.1′s on charts with “If you” a song written for Minhyun

-Despite not even having a comeback yet, Korea and internationally NU’EST’s rise has been trending

-They have been crowded “Reversal Icons” 

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-Lastly, when Minhyun comes back, they will be 7 years old, and will likely become the group who took the longest time to get a win on a major Music show (assuming fans stay and make them stable for Minhyun’s return)

I made this to show you how long NU’EST have been in the industry, how long they have been chasing their dream.

I hope you learned something new about NU’EST! they deserve the world for their pure talent and all they have gone through, Please support them from now on <3


Ksenia Cheban (2005) on beam @ the Khorkina meet. Really nice style.

i get irked when i see people like “i appreciate namjoon so much because he makes my fave look good” 

like…no…namjoon is so talented, and he deserves to have his words heard in his voice. i’m reminded of an old interview with sheryl crow. when she was asked why she decided to perform instead of produce for others though her true passion is songwriting, she replied, “no one can sing your words like you, so even though i don’t have the best voice…” she decided to get out there and sing. 

i worry that this tendency in fandom to view namjoon’s production and composition skills as a stepping stone to making others look or sound good is going to force namjoon purely into a production role. he’s very self-aware and has been withdrawing from taking a central role in songs for a while now, and while there’s nothing wrong with turning the spotlight onto others, i hope he’s not doing it because he thinks he doesn’t have fans of his own or enough fans to support solo activities. 

Tonight i saw Your Name 君の名は。(Kimi no Na wa 2016) in the cinema, il try not to say too much other than i really enjoyed it :D annnd i can see why its doing so well around the world. Im big fan of Shinkai’s other films & shorts but i was glad that the story had more to offer than a typical romance and was also packed with humour, drama & personality.  Compared to his previous works it features even more of his signature face melting/beautiful/breath taking digital art & scenery but even from the first few shots you can see his shot composition and cinematography skill has reached a whole new level. 

As far as comparing Your Name to Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away…. its a total apples and oranges situation and i think the least abstract comparison can be made in box office figures as the films are made by two men from completely different generations created using a very different set of tools and skills. Its said that 2D animation is a dead art form but the truth is its just being made in a different way and personally I’m glad there are a new generation of anime film creators like Makoto Shinkai and Mamoru Hosoda around. 

(Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post and let me know what they thought of Your Name, honestly the most fun thing about tumblr for me is reading other peoples comments my posts)

Yi Tien Cho

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I was born Yi Tien Cho in Guangzhou, the city of rams. I was found early to have skill in composition, to make the images of my brush resemble the ideas that danced like grains within my mind. I became known as the fenghuang, a bird of fire. My poetry came before the eyes of Wong May, the emperor’s second wife. She asked that I joined her household in Beijing, the Imperial City. It was a great honor, my name inscribed in the book of merit. But there was a condition. All servants of the Royal Wives must be eunuchs. It was most dishonorable to refuse the Emperor’s gift. It was a death sentence. And yet, I had fallen in love with woman.

Not a woman. All woman. Their beauty blooming like lotus flowers, the taste of their breasts like apricots, the scent of a navel in the winter, the warmth of a mound that fills your hand like a ripe peach. I fled. On the night of the lanterns, as the fireworks shot from the palace roof, I left my house and came to a place where the golden words of my poems are taken as the clucking of hens and my brushstrokes as their scratchings. For the love of woman, I am come to a place where no woman is worthy of love. To a place where woman are course and rank as bears. Creatures of no grace, and these women disdain me as a yellow worm, so that even the lowest of whores will not lie with me. By not surrendering my manhood, I have lost all else. Honor. Livelihood. Country. Sometimes I think not worth it.

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gonna ruin some days by suggesting: chopped, but with artists

  • like chopped, there are four artists and one $10,000 prize. but maybe everyone else gets $500 consolation prizes because artists are poor as hell anyway and it probably cost them more than that to travel to the studio
  • there are three different levels: 2-D, 3-D, and digital. few people are professionals in all three so you have to be adaptive
  • at the end of each level the artists present their work in the “gallery” and one is eliminated by the judges
  • instead of mystery baskets there are a list of mystery supplies that you must use, AND a mystery prompt to fill. for example, in 2-D, the prompt is “division” and your mystery supplies are yupo paper, light molding paste, and roseart colored pencils
  • pieces are judged on creativity, composition, skill, and connections through meaning (which will be presented with the piece as the judges see it for the first time)
  • the studios for each level will have almost any supply you could possibly imagine, the digital level would allow the artists to use any computer system, tablet type, and program they would like (unless the mystery supplies tell them not to)
  • because honestly wouldnt it be hilarious to see a classically trained oil painter lose their mind because the mystery supplies limited them to drawing with a trackpad
  • there are so many ways that this could go wrong but i honestly think it could be the funniest thing ever

An exercice of acting-lipsynch done for school, mixing 2D and 3d characters. :) I still need to improve my animation and compositing skills :s (especially 3D aeuuurghh…)

practice, practice, practice…

Simple Art Tip #14: Avoid These Compositional Kinks

We can all agree that art is subjective. However, there are some things that are universally acknowledged to be detrimental to a composition and having a good composition directly affects the quality of an art piece. Of course you are always free to take full advantage of your creative license as an artist and it’s up to you to decide whether you want to break the rules or not. Regardless, it’s always smart to take design principles seriously and to take on a thoughtful approach to your work, especially when you’re still learning. 

Tangents, tension points, and passive overlapping are the kind of details I look for in a composition before moving from a rough sketch to a tight sketch. These kinks can seriously affect the quality of your work, so it’s important to address them early on in the sketching process to avoid having to make adjustments later on. This will increase the quality of your work and save you time in the long run. 


When lines or shapes touch at a single point, drawing unwanted attention to that area. 

Tension Points

When lines or shapes are not touching, but are close enough to one another to create visual tension, drawing unwanted attention to that area.

Passive Overlapping

When lines, shapes, or objects are passively overlapping, drawing unwanted attention to that area. If you actually want things to overlap, make it look intentional. 

Cropping At Joints

Specifically when dealing with figures, cropping at the joints looks awkward and draws the viewer’s eye to the edge of the composition (and away from your art!). 

It might take a bit of effort, but once you make it a part of your process to scan for these compositional kinks you’ll find it easier to spot them in your work and others’. It won’t be too long before you avoid making these mistakes naturally, making you a more competent and efficient artist. 

🖤🖤🖤 INKTOBER # 8,9 🖤🖤🖤

Page 2  🌿🦌🌿

This Inktober I want to work on improving my background skills, composition, & values (in terms of how you use lights and darks for contrast) & on this page specifically I had a real challenge with the values but I think it worked out in the end :D

canonthought  asked:

What kind of education did you need to become a story boarder? Specific skills to learn? Portfolio? I'm an illustrator and it sounds like such an amazing career

You don’t need a specific degree for storyboarding, since the most important thing is your portfolio! However, school is very good for other reasons, namely for meeting people in the industry or if you have difficulty staying on task or trying new things. So it’s at least important to look for a school that’s accredited and has teachers who know the industry well. (And beware of scammy schools…I know there’s lists out there.) 

Important skills to learn: drawing quickly and getting a pose down without much rendering, good composition, general sequential storytelling skills, expressions, poses, perspective, general film language. Helps to look at a wide variety of TV, film and animation! 

Portfolio is definitely the most important: good to have samples of different style of boarding, such as a board for action, one for comedy, etc. Original ideas as well as attempting to reinterpret a script are both good. And just general sequential storytelling and lots of life drawing is good to have, too.

Hope that helps!