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An exercice of acting-lipsynch done for school, mixing 2D and 3d characters. :) I still need to improve my animation and compositing skills :s (especially 3D aeuuurghh…)

practice, practice, practice…

High School Mark AU

Originally posted by monoka

Request: hi! can i request a high school mark au please!! and good luck with your blog!

Thanks so much for requesting! I hope you like this!

-High school Mark

-high school mark

-hiGh sChOOl maRK

-high school mark lee

-hiGH sCHOol mARK LeE

-let’s paint a picture

-so high school mark is popular but not extremely

-like everyone knows him because he’s a sweet bun who always smiles and helps people but he’s not like that school jock everyone fawns over

-you know what I mean?

-his favorite color is yellow

-because sunshine and happiness

-like everything he owns is yellow

-yellow shirts, and sweaters, and bags,and notebooks, and folders, and EVERY SINGLE THING IS YELLOW

-he’s an awkward sweet sunshine whose goal in life is to make everyone happy

-what a cutie

-you two became friends through a school project in freshman year

-It was for freshman composition (aka writing skills)

-he would always be super nice and all smiles so you were like what is it with this kid

-he would always insist on doing more of the work but you were also one of the nicest bestest people in the world so you would not allow that

-your project ended up being the best Best BEst BESt BEST one

-and from then on mark would always say hi to you and eat lunch with you and sit next to you and stuff

-so, even though mark works hard on big projects like these

-Mark is probably that type of person who does a lot of shit at the last minute

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Art for art’s sake

Ahhhhh so many artists like to compare themselves to people they think are better, or worse, than them. Well we all have our different talents, strengths, and weaknesses. There will always be someone better than you in something and there will always be someone worse. Stop comparing yourselves to others and focus on the strengths that you DO have, and enjoy the art you make for art’s sake. 

I appreciate all art that you put your honest effort into, for a good purpose, no matter what level you think you’re at! :D

Main Challenge #4 - Results

You hear Oak’s words echo in the distance…

Er-hem! Congratulations! This floor is the Pokémon Hall of Fame. Pokémon League champions are honored for their exploits here! Their Pokémon are also recorded in the Hall of Fame! You have endeavored hard to become the new League Champion. 

But who the hell is he talking to?

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“Diamond is Unbreakable comic page redraw”- Two of my favourite characters in this arc of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures playing a “friendly” gambling game together. 


February in Review

Whats up tumblr fam!

I hope that you have all survived this previous retrograde. Thanks to the lordt that I came out mostly unscathed by dodging any bullshit thrown my way and communicating my thoughts, feelings and expressions CLEARLY. 

This month has allowed me to experiment more and more creatively trying new techniques and concepts. I am really feeling this new direction & vibe that I have been setting for myself lately. I have taken a hiatus from adding graphics/graphic treatments to my work for the time being allowing me to really shine as a photographer and getting a chance to show, grow and cultivate my lighting skills, composition and concepts. Working on a few new projects that I cant discuss at the moment (but be excited for me) but heres to March being even more productive, creative and positive for everyone. Much love to all of my models and my creative team for always having my back and for being super trusting and supportive. 

Night Time Creative

I am definitely the type of person who does most of my creative thinking / doing at night time.

Also - I’m proud of how far I’ve come with hand lettering since I’ve only been learning it for 2 and a bit months :D My composition skills still need work though ._.

Using brushes made by ipadlettering for the Procreate App :)
Learned handlettering thanks to thehappyevercrafter

African Violets

Viola Hortensia Delaney eight years old when she watched her brother walk away.

She was ten years old when her mother Lady Vanessa Delaney née Fairfax, the Marquess of Middlesex caused a great scandal and a dishonor upon her name divorcing Horace Delaney her father and running off to Paris to live in a townhome and pick up young socialites in St Germain.

She was eleven when her father realized he could not raise a daughter, and the scandal of her mother would do her no good in gossiping London, so he sent her to America, to a New York Girls School to learn how to be a lady and have her away from the torture of brutal gossip.

Viola ended up becoming a wobderful dancer, a trained songstress, an expert at composition, her fingers are skilled at the harp and piano and violin, she is fluent in French, Spanish, Latin, Greek, and Italian, she is above rliterate, her needlework breathtaking, her painting is well enough, her horseback riding could rival a Knight, her fencing is almost as superb as a Spaniard, and her poetry is depressing, not to mention her etiquette matches her royal blood, all in all returning to London society at nearly eighteen years, Viola Delaney is a lady.

And despite looking exactlt like her mother with a full figure perfect for birthing, round cheeks full of life a complexion so even its as if her flesh is naturally infused with rosewater, hair black as an Orients and hair as curly as a hebrew, and eyes rivaling any violet…Viola Delaney and Lady Vanessa couldnt be more opposite, while The Marquess is ostentatious, flirtatious, haughty to a fault and ignorant, and promiscuous, Viola is quiet and stern, she never made many friends just an acquaintance to a Philadelphian department store heiress, (a nouveau riche her mother would just die if she knew of her associations!) she was a loner and strict with her lessons never broke a rule and kept to herself, she likes animals most and found people too much like Janus, and perhaps what also made her a recluse was her ongoing affections for her own flesh and blood…

No matter how many handsome and rich Americans doted on her even obsessed ive eher, she paid them no mind, a Yale boy even nearly killed himself over Viola.

She wasnt at all shyjust easily aggravated by poeples behaviors..anyway her brothrr…yes well, the girl is in love with him, its his own severity that captured her severe with all but her and his inhuman qualities thst made him unwordly, she just…loves him to the point she refuses to be with anyone else even though that means dying a spinster.

And now here she was back in London her accent slightlt Mid-Atlantic, a woman now physically, her hair worn disobediently down, returnign to find out her father has died she was at his homee with ehr suitcases and her hood up. She opened the door to where she wants lived, it was dsrk and everything looked forgotten…including Brace the housekeeprr/Butler

“Welcome home Miss Viola” He said this without surprise as if he had expected her arrival and as if she were still eleven years old rsther than seventeen soon to be eighteen she took him in his appearance alsonabandoned but did not lower her hood just set her belongings down “You look hungry” She said which made Brace smile an she did too, something about this antique of a home made her feel better.

“Am I desitute or not?” She asked him with amusement in her eyes as if the possibility of her living on the street was hilarious.

Brace’s eyes twinkled “Ill take your bags up to your room and we will talk soon.”

Shes a patient girl so she accepted it and followed the old man up to her old bedroom that remained untouched and just the same.l, but she knew London was in much different condition.


Consolation - Keystone Motel
Austin C. Kuhn
Consolation - Keystone Motel

On the way home I was listening to Steven Universe, as I always do.

But I got to wondering… What if we had heard the conversation between Pearl and Amethyst? What if we would have gotten to see that?

So I’ve decided to make yet another contribution to this fantastic work. This is an original piece titled “Consolation” created for this (unseen) scene in Keystone Motel.

The drum kit available on my composition tool is limiting, but I’m okay with the simplicity of how it turned out. The idea is that Amethyst is there supporting Pearl, so the drums were never intended to take over. Of course, as the scene doesn’t get a resolution, I had to write this song without a proper resolution.

I always love to get opinions/advice, but I definitely have to thank the crew for one more thing! This especially goes out to the songwriters… thank you for teaching me. I can feel my composition skills improve as I listen to what you’ve written, so thank you so much for never failing to deliver new and exciting music for such an inspirational show.

jeffliujeffliu rebeccasugar laurenzuke ianjq ben-levin raveneesimo hilaryflorido waltzforluma surasshu stevensugar joethejohnston

The Lace Cap (1932). Gari Melchers (American, 1860-1932). Oil on canvas.

The Lace Cap, depicting a Dutch woman reading a letter, was Melchers’ last painting. Even at his age, Melcher maintained his skills, including composition, a full palette of colors, and fine details, even while he employed broad brush stokes and a quick hand.

RANIA Introduces New Black American Member and Releases Teaser for “Demonstrate”

Agency DR Music has announced that the girl group RANIA has recruited a black member named Alexandra to group.

Alexandra, age 21, is a rapper hailing from the U.S. Her father is black and her mother is white. She was born in Kansas and has lived in New York and Texas. She was part of the American record label Def Jam (housing Kanye West, Ludacris, and Justin Beiber, among others currently) starting from when she was 15 years old. Alexandra was preparing to debut with the help of her manager Scott (who formerly managed Rihanna and currently manages Bruno Mars, according to DR Music), when she came to know RANIA and signed on to become an official member.

Alexandra also starred in Jamie Foxx‘s “You Changed Me” music video, and she is said to boast top rapping skills. In regards to her composition skills, she has worked with Alex Dakid,who has worked with Eminem, and JR Rotem, who has worked with Britney Spears.

According to DR Music, Alexandra became interested in K-pop through YouTube and decided to come to Korea and be part of the K-pop scene through this opportunity with RANIA.

Because of visa issues, Alexandra was only able to join the group in Korea last month, but is currently preparing hard to promote with the group and is looking forward to going on TV.

Viewers will be able to start seeing Alexandra performing November 5, through RANIA’s “Demonstrate” comeback on “M!Countdown.”

RANIA has also recruited new members Seulji and Hyemi to the group for its first comeback in about two years.

You can watch RANIA’s latest teaser for “Demonstrate” below.

- Soompi

For people who have artist/writer friends who may do stuff that’s not your taste/interest: even if you don’t feel comfortable with the content (feel like it’s not fitting with your content curation/don’t like the ship/whatever), drop them a line if encouragement. Find something you like and let them know. How they color, their way of setting up narration, their composition skills, something to give them feedback on.

This may be the one place they feel comfortable sharing or maybe even the only place they can get critique, so take the time. A nice constructive note is always welcome and believe me, it will make the day of ANY creator.