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Just a little rant

I’m so fucking tired of people talking shit about Bioware because their females aren’t “hot” enough so far in ME:A. It’s just comment after comment from sad straight boys who can’t handle it when there aren’t breasts on display or model-like features that seem to copy over onto every female in the game, and who try to make an argument on how “feminism” bullshit is influencing how Bioware creates their games.
Yes, Bioware is actually taking into consideration that not everyone who plays their game is looking for just pretty faces to stare at, but why the fuck do people need to give a shit when the majority of other games/developers(not including Bethesda) don’t bother to try and keep the sexualization of female characters at level with the male characters? I for one love the way they portrayed female characters in DA:I, there was actual variation in features and individuality in not only the main characters but random npcs. So, in short, get the fuck over it and stop whining.


Adam Adamowicz was the primary artist for Bethesda Studios during the production of both  Fallout 3 and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. he sadly passed away but he pumped out so much artwork for Fallout in particular that he defined the entire art style of the franchise as it continued after his death with Fallout 4.

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Also side-note good writing makes everything in a game, the factions and morality of witcher and the fallout games not made by bethesda have very good criticism and interrogation of politics and society. Bioware is fake-deep pandering bullshit with no real substance

True. I’m not sure what happened to Bioware but I guess nothing that EA touches survives.