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Sarinna’s Baby, Part 2

(A collaborative rp between @the-silversorrows​ and myself.)
 [Part 1]

The Flea hesitated and walked toward Sarinna, seeing how scary she looked when she was in pain and screaming. He held her hand and was slightly worried when she squeezed hard during the delivery. He felt his hand was going to get crushed.

However, the process went smoothly and afterward, he kissed Sarinna’s sweaty head as she gasped for air. Sarinna tried to lift her head to see the child, who started crying as soon as Kelah cleaned him up. His crying subdued when the blanket wrapped around him.

Sarinna’s smile began to fade. “What do you mean? He’s half-elf. He’s half human. There’s no Sin’dorei in him.” She reached for her child and the first thing she noticed was a tuft of light hair on his head. The Flea stepped away and Sarinna unbundled him, noticing that his skin color was a very faint blue, almost unnoticeable, and his ears were slightly wider at the base, but all she saw was herself. There was nothing of Evan’s. No features, no traces. Nothing.

“No…” Sarinna lifted a hand to her lips. “This is wrong. Kelah, this is wrong!” The tuft of light blonde hair on his head caused her eyes to widen. “No! NO!” She turned to the Flea, fear in her eyes. “Flea…please don’t….”

The Flea removed his hat and took a step toward her. He looked at the baby and smiled at how peaceful it slept in his mother’s hands. “I won’t say a thing, Sarinna. For you. I promise.”

Sarinna began to cry and she carefully wrapped the child once more. She looked at Kelah, her eyes ladened with sorrow. “This was…supposed to be a happy day for me…for us.” She held the baby close to her bosom.

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