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 I was hungry?? and I wanted to draw keith and lance at the same time??? and this was just kinda the result??


Life Can Be a Dream meme (Gift)/// Ft Bunny Toe from Ew Clone Au by @moho-milk-town-and-power-down ///Original meme- Wasup Kookie on youtube

the cutest thing i’ve ever made– (Ik she doesnt draw it anymore, but i didnt know how to animate back then+ still my favorite au)

– I animate with fire alpaca, Adobe animate cc, Wacom intuos pro–

452 frames At 11:00fps

Band of Ampelomeryx. Didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped but better than that POS drawing that Wikipedia is using for their Ampelomeryx stub, which I drew and uploaded there 10 years ago.

hey pals i wanna say something important about artists on the internet and how they handle themselves. its super rad when u meet an artist u really like and they reply to ur messages and respond real quick and are easy to talk to. but thats an ideal situation. not all artists, especially young popular artists, on the internet can keep up with that kindness. there are artists who are minors and they get so many asks a day and so many people ignoring what they have already asked and just you need to know that they dont necessarily owe you anything.

its one thing when someone is being downright nasty but, if you feel hurt that they didnt answer ur ask, or u arent friends, or they didnt have the patience for ur entire life story when they dont know you, please take a step back and realize this is just some kid on a computer.

when u follow an artists tumblr its easy to gain this easy familiarity with them as a person but, you need to remember they dont know u. you might know when they are sad cause of vent posts and their fav color cause they posted about it once but they dont know you. at all. its like walking up to a stranger on the subway and getting mad when they dont want to hear all about ur day while they are minding their own business.

this isnt a post saying its ok for artists to degrade others, im saying please have patience and understand that while they may create content for ur fandoms, online artists dont owe u anything.