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Harada Tomoyo 原田知世 15 years old by photographer Nagahama Osamu 長濱 治 from the 1st McDonald’s Musical Ashinaga Ojisan あしながおじさん (Daddy long legs) program - Japan - 1982

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Viv Vision - "An Attraction to Boys"
Ivy Dupler
Viv Vision - "An Attraction to Boys"

As requested by a couple of people (including @nadiapyms!), here’s a little something I recorded for Pride Month featuring Viv Vision: I decided to read a couple of relevant panels in the voice I used for Viv in MARVEL Avengers Academy!

I started watching Still Star-Crossed the other day and now it’s been cancelled and I’m sad. And annoyed. Because sure, it’s cheesy and ridiculous and everyone is extra af but so are other shows, like how is this different from 99% of TV out there? Emerald City got cancelled as well, and Pitch, and again, maybe they weren’t amazing, but they sure weren’t any worse than other TV shows that are getting 7th or 14th seasons even though they ran out of plot and character development 10 seasons ago, and why are these new shows getting held so such high standards when they are clearly just meant as simple straightforward entertainment, and other shows get away with exactly that?

but then you look at the main characters, and the actors who play them, and their ethnicity and their gender

and then you kinda go “oh"