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I won't say I'm in love.
I won't say I'm in love.

When you got a crush but are too tsundere to admit it. 
I assumed from previous fanart your character had a thing for Arthur, so sorry if I’m wrong. 

Melodie belongs to @thepurpah
Vivi, Arthur, and Mystery skulls belong to @mysterybensmysteryblog

Sweet dreams...
( darkiplier )
Sweet dreams...

@arlinabloodgrave20 submitted a script for Darkiplier regarding a sleeping listener. Enjoy!

(Sees a listener sleeping) 

“Well…would you look at this. Humans are so fragile even when they sleep. Their life can be taken away and they wouldn’t know it. And yet…humans look like they’re at peace. Strange how it’s possible for this to happen. Perhaps they’re not afraid of what will happen to them if they sleep. This is perfect. I could just “protect them” as they sleep.”

(Listener slowly wakes up) 

“Oh! You’re awake! Did I wake you? ….No? Good. I was just merely watching over you as you sleep. What’s that? Of course I’ll stay with you as you sleep. Just rest.”

(Listener eventually falls asleep)

“Perfect. Now I can get to work. Sweet dreams.”


Comic and art by @foxy-sierra



What’s this, three dubs in one day? You bet your sweet booties!

This time we got love hotel number three with robo and emo

When you see a post direct at you because you compare mavin to turnwood.

Listen, there were some hardcore Mavin fans back in the day. Michael and Gavin also heavily played into it. I think at some point even Michael had to tell people to fuckin chill.

That being said their are some people who need to fuckin chill. Its this weird need to try and imply some shit that not there. People act like Meg and Ryan haven’t addressed some of the more aggressive fan. I remember in a stream Meg being annoyed about the whole Cosplay bioshock infinite thing.

Where someone says “poor gavin” or “poor ryan wife”. An she says “Why the fuck would someone do anything their significant other wouldn’t approve of?”

They can’t take stupid cosplay photos with one another without someone saying something. Then lets just add people are waiting for some shit to happen.

Just to prove guys and girls can’t befriends without something happening. They are waiting for that moment when they can turn around and say “HA I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO!” When in reality that would just be a sad situation all the fuck around. An why would you want that? Just too see someone fucking career​ end.

This is why Ryan wife is separate from achievement hunter. This is why we have zero pictures of her. She not coming on relationship goals. She has her own life with her husband and kids. An it fucking better this way because people will do one of two things. If she ever so much as waved her hand in a video or said hello. 1 be really fucking nasty too her if she doesn’t meet some weird fucking delusion people have. 2 people trying to get real personal with her. Asking personal question just all around being fucking creeps to her.

An honestly im like thank god she doesn’t want to be in any videos. Because it the “fans” that make shit awkward. Its the “fans” who blow shit out of portion because they have this sense of entitlement. Entitlement to someone’s life when they are just entertainers. Entitlement to people friendships and relationships because you watch a few videos.

Thats not how shit works.


Spoilers for chapter 2 (comic by @hoshiryoumaofficial)


Oh snap son a new comic fresh out the kitchen with your chef Mask boi

Jinyoung: You’re gonna grow some facial hair on Law of the Jungle, right? I’m sure the fan’s will love it.

Mark: Probably…Hey, why don’t you show your facial hair once in a while? Like you said the fans’ll love it.

[Jinyoung looks into distance, a single tear rolling down his cheek]

Jinyoung: I *chokes back sob* can’t- no, I shouldn’t.

Mark: ??

Jinyoung, with a straight face and tears gone: and scene!

Mark: were you?…this isn’t?….*sighs deeply* okay.