SO here is at least ONE of the reasons why I’m so slow around~

Next week it will be our Comic-con version in here and, pretty much in the LAST MINUTE, we figured we shall pull some little fanzine~
It got 28 pages and I’m pretty happy the way it came out (even with some 4 filler art pages)  (●´∀`●)

Only in Hebrew right now because JEWS♥
Tomorrow I shall post all the other posters we made… right now i need to collapse…

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A$AP Ferg - Persian Wine

Dope video. This guy reminds me a lot of Juvenile. A$AP Ferg - Persian Wine (by ASAPROCKYUPTOWN)

Tips for people who vape

-if you go to your favorite vape shop, bring your setup with you.

-if your setup uses external batteries, always have a fully charged spare.

-if your setup uses an internal battery, you might want to have a back up.

-please god don’t use nickel or titanium on an unregulated mod.

-if you don’t have to leave it in your car, don’t leave it in your car.

-always make sure your external batteries are in good shape. Don’t use jank ones.

-just because you CAN go at 200W doesn’t mean you should.

-don’t drip and drive. Just don’t do it.

-avoid flooding your RDAs. It’s just a pain in the ass to clean up.

-CLEAN YOUR MODS. Clean them. Polish them. Keep them pretty.

Now I know some people might read this and think “well duh” but I can’t tell you how many people don’t know this.

Lewis: Here’s to our birthday girl, Vap, whatever she might be doing at anywhere else!
Hell: And here’s to us, becoming the best BFFs for life.


All cheering aside, this one goes out to Vaporotem and her b-day, which I’ve made it in time to post this. Thought, it’s really strange that I never got around to fave and comment on her posts around DA, but nevertheless, I hope she gets better real soon.

yellayeen asked:

hey vap, what's your take on fursuits? would you ever get one? (sorry if you've already gotten an ask like this)

Ahhaa the fursuit… the holy grail of all furries…

..and since I’m not a furry, I will never get one pfff

But I do think they are friggin AMAZING looking (at least some of them) and it must be hella fun to be the character that represent you…. but something about them hit the uncanny valley for times to times for me..

A Birthday comic for :iconvaporotem:
these are her characters Ai and Yu, she created a webcomic about them and the series is call “Potato Cats”
you all got to go check it out, you’ll love it. http://www.potatocats.com So anyways Ai and Yu are on they’re way to Vap’s birthday party
and I think they got a long way to go… So Ai ask Yu if he can keep her present in Yu’s chest for storage and for some reasons he gets very sensitive there….. >_>;;;
Well hope you like it and have a happy birthday!:party::cake:

Ai and Yu/Potato Cats © devvaporotem

Art © meckelfoxstudio

Got the Kangertech-KBOX 💕💕💙💙 video to come laterrr 😁😁😁 #vape #vapelife #driptip #clouds #cloudlife #cosmicfog #theshocker #vapping #vaping #vooping #vapecommunity #vapefeed #vapefam #vapeporn #doyouevendrip #kryptonite #church #goldenvapor #bajablastliquid #vapecommunity

shellyshockz asked:

hey vap I wanted to ask how you're liking clip studio paint? I got it myself and I've been slowly getting used to it


This program is pretty amazing yes. I’m so glad I got it <3
My only “problem” is that THERE ARE TOO MANY OPTIONS AND I GET LOST SOMETIMES with just wanting to change something little FFFFFFUUU

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