Brad smut, you do it on the bus;

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“Are you sure about this?” You question quietly, knowing very well that the other boys are asleep in their own bunks. Brad nods quickly as he crawls on top of you. It’s a bit of a tight squeeze, but you’ll manage. “I’m sure. I need you right now,” he mumbles. You sigh softly. “But can’t you like … please yourself in the bathroom? What if we get caught?” You worry. Brad smirks. “I didn’t fly you out here for me to use my hand when I get frustrated,” he whispers. You smile and bit your lip, nodding. “Okay, let’s do it.” Brad smiles when he hears that and reaches into his pillow case, pulling out a condom wrapper. You stifle a laugh. “Well, aren’t you prepared,” you tease. “You never know when you might need one,” he replies, winking. He gently rubs his hard against you through your clothes, making you gasp suddenly. Brad grins and kisses your neck gently as he fumbles with his pj pants. You lift your lips off of the bed to slide your pjs and underwear off. Brad helps move the clothes aside before he awkwardly opens the condom wrapper. After finally pulling the condom on, he hovers over you and you open your legs for him. “Now you have to be very quiet, okay?” He says in a hushed tone. You nod quickly and bite down on your lower lip when he thrusts in. You resist the urge to moan, but Brad grunts softly. You smirk at him and press a single finger to your lips. He rolls his eyes and smiles, thrusting in and out. You let out a quiet sigh of pleasure. “Fuck,” he mumbles under his breath, barely audible. Brad’s mouth parts slightly, and you see by his expression that he’s about to moan. Quickly, you slap your hand over his mouth. He looks at you, startled, but nods slightly, clearly grateful you did that. You feel a vibration of expelled air against your palm and you know that was Brad’s way of holding back a moan. A few minutes later, you’re almost at your climax. “Brad,” you whisper. He grunts in response and quickens his thrusts, causing you to cum earlier than you anticipated. As your body is filled with an overwhelming pleasure, you do your best not to moan. You chew on your lip and squeeze your eyes shut, but it’s not use. A soft moan leaves your lips. Brad widens his eyes but says nothing. His lips part when he reaches his high, and he makes a strange noise from trying to hold back his moan. You sigh while he rides out your highs before pulling out. “Do you think anyone heard us?” He asks quietly and pulls the condom off, shoving it under his pillow for now. “I heard,” you hear Connor’s small voice say. You and Brad share a look, realizing Connor’s bunks is below yours. “Please don’t do that there again … my bunk shook the whole time,” he tells you in a slightly scared voice. You smile in sympathy. “Sorry, Con.” “Stupid horny people,” he mutters. Brad laughs awkwardly. “At least only Con heard,” he comments. “Oh I heard too, you two aren’t as quiet as you think you are,” James says from his bunk. “So did I. Nice, Brad!” Tristan adds. You groan and blush. “Dammit,” you grumble. Brad facepalms. “I’m never going to hear the end of this.”

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Hi! Not sure if you've done something like this before, but may I request Tsukishima, Kuroo and Bokuto finding out about their crush (who seems like a studious nerd type at first) playing a quite violent contact sport, like for example ice hockey, boxing and so on:)

Hi everyone! I’m back from being MIA— again 😑— but long story short I’m getting ready for college so I’m just living from one exam to the other😵 and I’m sure you all know how exhausting that is, my brain feels like a potato😪 But I finally have some time so I got to work and I’ll be posting some requests during the weekend.

Actually I’ve never gotten something like this and I really liked this request, so thank you nonnie, I hope you like it😊

Also I hope life’s been treating you well guys💙

Kuroo Tetsurō

Kuroo’s always been a ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ kind of guy, but this is the first time he’s seen it in action. And oh man, it really is action. You have just gave an incredible punch to a girl twice your size with an effortless movement and you look as fresh as the morning.

Your usual calm and focused expression of when you’re reading a book or focusing in a particular difficult problem is long gone. Your eyes are burning more than fire and you look ready to kill. In fact it looks you’re about to do so, ‘cause the girl in front of you is looking at you with a concerned expression.

The adrenaline of the moment burns through your veins and it’s curving your lips into a devious grin, and soon Kuroo is doing just the same.

Yeah, you’re so going to be his girlfriend. Now.

Tsukishima Kei


Just when he thought you weren’t that awesome and that maybe, just maybe he still had a chance to go back and lock down his feelings into a Pandora box. But no, now you had this too.

This couldn’t be fair. It was enough that he could barely take his eyes off you during class. And now he had to lie to himself trying not to make a big deal of your new discovered ability.

The cold from the Ice ring reaches every bone in Tsukishima’s body and he can see his breath becoming vap when he sighs. You’re advancing towards the goal with such determination that he can feel the intensity radiating from you. You finally dodge the defense and open yourself a path towards an amazing annotation.

Your scream of satisfaction comes muffled from the inside of your helmet.

Tsukishima sighs again.

Great. Now there’s no way he can keep holding himself from asking you on a date.

Bokuto Kōtarō

Let’s be clear; Bokuto doesn’t need any more prove of how amazing you are. He’s been proclaiming all of your charm points during weeks. His teammates are at their limit, and they are ready to tell you about Bokuto’s feelings themselves if he doesn’t confess soon.

His captain is so amazed by your display that Akaashi needs to remind him to close his mouth. He honestly doesn’t know who looks prouder of the point you just scored; if you yourself or his own captain.

“Hell yeah! Way to go, (Y/N)-chan!!”

When you turn to smile and wave at Bokuto he looks ready to combust. His laugh is strong enough to reach the whole field, and his waving could be enough to catch the attention of a helicopter.

“Did you see that?! She waved at me, Akaashi!!”

“I certainly did, Bokuto-san.”

Bokuto’s attention is back on you and on the rugby game, but this time there’s something different in the way he’s looking at you. Actually, one gaze to his captain profile is all Akaashi needs to know that Bokuto’s act of admiring you from afar and keeping quiet is going to be over before than your game.

With You By My Side - Five

A/N:  I have said this before and I’ll say it again. This series is gonna be 90% angst. By now you all know that the Reader is sick with terminal cancer, so it shouldnt come as a surprise that its gonna be a bumpy ride. I will try and warn appropriately in each chapter, but if I do miss something, please let me know. Also, thank you for all of your feedback, keeps me motivated and inspired. Thank you to my preciou beta @thorne93, you’re the best.

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared, Gen

Warnings: Sick reader, some angst, some fuff, flashbacks in itallics.

Wordcount: 2457


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It was late Sunday night when Jensen arrived at your house, the next morning he was coming with you to the hospital to remove your stitches and do some tests to see if you were ready to start chemo. To say that you were nervous would be an understatement, it wasn’t necessarily the treatment itself you were scared of, but more the side effects, or maybe it was that you didn’t know what to expect at all.

Jensen had stayed up with you through the night when you couldn’t sleep, holding you close and stroking your hair to try and soothe your nerves, even if it helped just a little it would be worth it. The car ride to the hospital was uncomfortably quiet, neither of you knowing what to say.

You stepped out of Jensen’s car in the garage at the hospital, thinking you were ready for whatever came today, but all of a sudden your legs were unable to move. Your eyes widened in horror as the situation dawned on you and Jensen was fast at your side, taking your hand.

“I can’t do this,” you whispered.

“I can’t imagine how hard this must be for you, but I know how strong you are. I know that you can do this (YN), and I promise I’ll be here every step of the way,” he said, clutching your hand in his and looking into your eyes.

There had always been a comfort for you in his eyes, maybe it was because they always revealed how he felt, maybe because they changed color along with his mood, maybe because you could look into those eyes and feel at home. You took a few more deep breaths before your legs were able to carry you through the parking garage and into the hospital.

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