little b things:
- calling sainsbury’s ‘salisburys’ no matter how many times i correct him
- our first date was at a kebab shop and we had chicken nuggets and chips bc we couldn’t be bothered to go anywhere fancy
- eating chocolate muffins and cheersing with our rubicon mango juice boxes at breakfast
- his face lighting up everytime he uses his oyster or presses the bell on the bus
- watching documentaries on netflix
- trying to fit as many 'british’ phrases into his speech as possible
- smelling heavenly 24/7
- napping 24/7
- being cute 24/7


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What does he smell like?
Even if he does care about what he wears and has a sense of elegance, I don’t see Henry wearing any kind of perfume. He must own several bottles (possibly bought by his mother for Christmas because she didn’t know what to buy him except for a bunch of old books whose titles she couldn’t even decipher), untouched and neatly aligned in a bathroom cabinet. I imagine his smell to be very faint, very sly, timeless : something cold and earthly, a dusty trace of old paper and damaged bookbinding; an ever-present, slight touch of dirt, grass, tree sap. In any case, a smell that is very difficult to detect, very personal, and that one notes only when it’s been missing and comes back suddenly (just like the odour of your home when you left it for a while.)

What music does he enjoy?
I don’t imagine Henry to be a real music-lover. I see him listening to low volume music, only as background to his work, only as ambiance when he’s alone at night. He must enjoy soothing, or classical instrumental music, something that will not distract him when he’s translating and thinking, and that will never provoke a migraine. I’d say Beethoven, Tchaikovsky or Vivaldi,  and potentially church choirs and religious chants, in intense mood.

His favourite thing to collect?
According to Richard, Henry doesn’t have that many books at home. I guess he keeps only the most precious with him, or the ones he works on at the moment (preferring to go to the library for random readings). I’m not sure we can call it a collection, since it’s a quality over quantity thing, but they must be close to his heart.

Also, I think he would totally keep a herbarium. It’s such a neat, obsolete hobbie, you know. God. I imagine him, leaning hard on his kitchen table, glasses high on his nose, cautiously applying a wove paper on the dry fern leaves, roses, strange mushrooms; he would look for it in the country or grow it in his garden. The album would be tidy, sober, expensive and well kept; he would caption it with dark ink, in Latin.

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// sorry for the ooc but like for a long time I have always loved the concept of Plant Kyle because like all I can picture is flowers growing from his Afros red hair and it’s almost like a bush. Like depending on his mood depends on the birth of the flower. Then like when he gets into trouble of combat he has these thorn shields grow from his forearm to defend himself. He has all these cool abilities like releasing some form of toxin pollen. Then when it comes to getting hurt it can go both ways of a new body part regrowing or little vines curling out of the wound and connecting to the part that got chopped off to put it back together.he never bleeds red blood though. It’s always just this green clear thing like the sap. The rest of the guys follow the same concept. Like Stan involves water. Kenny with Earth and Cartman with fire. None of them ever bleed normal blood. Stan’s blood comes out as dark water and when he cries the water is clear and pretty. Kenny’s blood would be weird because he’s earth so the cuts would probably just float out dust or mud would slick down. Cartman, depending on what section of his body you hurt, it can go from Lava to smoke coming out. I just really love element AUs tbh.


chem & lady, my war boy & milk mother OCs!  i think i have them a little more fleshed out now.  chem’s normally too ill to make supply runs with the other boys (he gets dizzy and sick to his stomach a lot) so he stays behind and makes himself useful in the infirmary since that’s typically where he spends his time anyway.  after joe dies, lady has no other home to return to, so she decides to stay at the citadel and help the influx of the sick and injured, and that’s how she comes across chem.

and of course they end up falling for each other cuz i’m the sappiest sap ever.

fun fact: chem got his forehead scar when he passed out one time and fell in a heap of scrap metal.  he was terrified of getting tetanus and it didn’t help that morsov kept calling him “lockjaw” whenever they passed each other.

The Cupcake Girl Goes Solo: Ice cream for lunch because prison visits are exhausting

I woke up to the girl sleeping on the bottom bunk of my bed packing her bags because she had a 7 AM flight to Thailand. We said a quick goodbye (our only other interaction was when she said ‘hi’ when I came barging in the dark room at 2 AM) and I pondered on how to conduct myself with the rest of my room mates. Do I shower first? How the heck am I going to rummage through my backpack when it’s dark? Should I open the lights then and risk annoying these strangers with hangovers? In the end, I spent the next hour browsing Instagram. Once sunlight shone through the window, I took a shower and headed to the kitchen to eat the free breakfast that came with the $5 rate. The strong coffee was just what I needed.

To be completely honest, I was very hesitant to go out of the hostel. A sap would have reached the bottom of a trunk before I finished eating my breakfast. I knew I was stalling.. and when I finally got to steel myself to ask directions to the train station, Phung informed me that she can book it for me over the phone. Which she did. So I just got a map from her instead and asked her where she can suggest I go.

Off to the prison we go. (Entrance fee: VND 30,000)

I’m not going to go give you historical facts because you can probably just read it all over the internet (and some in photo below). Prior to visiting, I only had a vague idea about the history of Vietnam. I have never really excelled in History but I spent a solid two hours here because I read all the captions and went to every single room accessible to the public.

I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that this prison was built to accommodate 500 people but there was a point in time wherein over 2,000 inmates where contained here. Can you imagine how that would feel?? (On a side note: do correct me if I’m wrong - my memory is a bit faulty)

This is where they mixed the food for the prisoners and how it was served.

Prison uniform.

All the political prisoners were kept in this room, with their feet shackled together. No bathroom breaks whatsoever. Damn. When they were planning to escape, they found a way to loosen the shackles so they could exercise and place their shackles back on to not get caught.

I did not take photos of the cells in here. I was already having goosebumps with the thought of everyone who must have died in these dreadful isolation rooms. You can peek in the doors and there was a mannequin in different poses. I did not take a look at all the rooms in fear of not finding a mannequin.. silly, I know. But I was the only one in this area at the time and could not ignore the chills.

Boxing gloves used to torture prisoners.

It may have been a good thing that people usually get thinner in prison for them to pull this off. If I was a prisoner here, I would have probably been left behind when they escaped via the sewers (and created a barricade for the remaining ones behind me because I couldn’t fit through). Out of the twenty prisoners who tried to escape, less than ten was successful (again, anyone is welcome to provide me with accurate information).


I felt emotionally drained after my prison visit and went to Quan Su temple afterwards. I went inside and was the only tourist there.. so I was not aware if it’s disrespectful to whip out my camera and take photos (some temples are strict about this). I settled to simply walk around and observe temple goers.

I started walking around the area, thinking of where to have lunch, when I found this really cute house. I can see myself living in a house that looks like this.

I saw an establishment that looks nice from the outside and decided to go in - because it was also marked in the map I got from the hostel.

It was an ice cream place! I had to talk myself out of ordering this one..

Journal entry while I was in Fanny’s:  Happiness is staying inside an ice cream cafe. I swear, I’m a bit hesitant to go outside the streets of Vietnam. Crossing roads is a death-defying stunt in itself and I get hounded by strangers who offer motor tours. I am usually smiling and accommodating of strangers, but I have learned to keep my poker face on and firmly say no while walking. Also, I honestly want to eat everything in here.

The people from Fanny’s gave me a gift! I was asked if it was my first time in Hanoi and as I was leaving, they handed me this city guide (I was drawing circles and routes in the map while leeching off their wifi haha) and told me ‘this is a gift for you from Fanny's’.

I may have been VND 165,000 lighter when I left the ice cream place but I’m still dreaming about it until now. All the bad juju from being scammed had almost been forgotten (because ICE CREAM).. and the City Guide have proven useful for the rest of my time in Vietnam. Win!

I’m ending this post here because I go through the photos as I write and I have so much photos of random things, it takes a while to relive everything. :)

The Cupcake Girl Goes Solo in Vietnam+Cambodia:

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Scammed on my first night in Vietnam


En un poble molt petit viu un nen molt eixerit, en Martí. Un dia, de bon matí, el vailet busca al seu gat, en Vellut, i no el troba. Comença la seva recerca, el sent miolar però no sap cap a on mirar, fins que alça el cap i… en Vellut ha pujat a dalt d’un avet i no pot baixar.
El nen demana ajuda als seus pares perquè el gat no sap baixar, ni amb l’ajuda d’una escala poden arribar, però al pare d’en Martí se li acut alçar “una torre tan alta com un pi”.
Comencen a cridar a tot el poble, a la canalla també perquè “a dalt de tot aniran bé”. Tothom és benvingut, alcen les mans, i comencen a pujar.
També hi ha una nena que toca la gralla, la Roser, i tot i que el seu pare li demana que ajudi a salvar en Vellut, en Martí diu que la deixi perquè la música de la gralla els ajuda a pujar.
En Martí ha arribat a dalt de tot, ja té el seu gat i diu: “Si faig l’aleta, toco el cel amb la maneta!”.
Des d’aleshores, els castells no paren d’alçar-se: castells, pilars, torres, folres, manilles, i castellers de tots colors, i si es vol arribar ben amunt, cal fer pinya, cal treballar i assajar, i si es fa llenya, cal tornar-se a aixecar, perquè els castells són FORÇA, EQUILIBRI, VALOR i SENY.
Els Castellers ens explica l’origen del món casteller al camp i del vincle als seus inicis amb els pagesos i els camperols, la importància de totes les persones per a fer un castell on tothom és benvingut, on tothom hi té cabuda. Els membres del castell per salvar al gat ja ens els mostren amb pantalons blancs i camises de colors, i per motivar-se els uns als altres es fan servir paraules i frases que avui dia encara s’escolten tant als assajos com en les actuacions: som-hi, amunt, ja ho tenim, amunt colla!