Cosmic Chemistry

Fumbling alone last year as an OL fan, one of the significant things I noticed about Sam and, in particular Cait, was what they chose to post (or not post) and the timing of the postings.

On April 3rd , 2015 Cait and Sam both posted this article at about the same time. It was from Vanity Fair, “Is Outlander the Wierdest Show on tv?”

“……There’s a genuine and, I can’t believe I am about to say a word I really dislike - sensuality - to the show, one that makes the sex more about passion, and not just some mechanical turn-on.

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan have a real connection with one another and one I am tempted to call soulful but, jeez, that would make me a real sap.

They share some kind of onscreen something, chemistry, magic, spark, whatever you want to call it. I like watching them together and not just the sexy parts. That’s the simplest way I can put it. They work……”

So, folks, we are not the only ones who see a connection between these two which goes way beyond “coworkers,” and something way beyond the ordinary. That was why, all by my lonesome, I realized the crap being peddled about “just PR” was ridiculous. It is a cosmic connection and, together , they have a power you wish you could bottle up and sell.

I always found it interesting the simultaneous posting of this article by Sam and Cait. Also, Cait chose to post other articles around this time that talked of their connection but NOT ONCE has she posted anything - including the LAtimes article.

Call me delusional , I don’t care. My intuition has never failed me in life. NOT once.

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I very much love all the blogs I follow and to choose only a handful is quite difficult, but I will make the attempt. To those included, prepare yourself for the equivalent of a love letter and to those that aren’t, know that I love you all :)

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Do you like reading? What kinda stuff so you generally read? Genres etc. What books would you recommend if so? I love getting to know bloggers cos then when I think of you it'll be more than sarah the ouat blogger! Which isn't necessarily a bad thing but still

i love to read!! i have to admit though, being in fandom has sort of sapped a bit of my time for reading book books, since i now tend to read a chapter of fic before bed instead. i do want to amend that, as much fun as it is. 

generally i’m drawn to non-fiction, books about feminism, and magical realism. some of my latest/favest reads have been:

  • “all about love” by bell hooks (which is amazing and changed my life)
  • “bad feminist” by roxanne gay
  • “words will break cement: the passion of pussy riot” by masha gessen
  • most of the haruki murakami books—at a certain point tho they definitely all turn into the same story. he does magical realism exceptionally well, but i don’t recommend reading them back to back or they’ll become almost indiscernible from one another. i think my fav is probably “kafka on the shore” tho.
  • “the things they carried” by tim o’brien—this book really did change my life. i read it in high school and it completely impacted the way i think about truth and reality; it taught me to prioritize my emotional reactions over what i observe to be true. what i felt was more important than what happened. 
  • i just bought a book on amazon called “the uses of enchantment: the meaning and importance of fairytales” by bruno bettelheim that i’m excited to read
  • “the princess bride” by william goldman—i am generally surprised by the amount of people who have only seen the movie and not read the book. as it usually goes, the book is better in many ways, and i can’t recommend it enough.
  • “slaughterhouse five” by kurt vonnegut, a book which also fundamentally changed the way i think 
  • “fables” is actually a long-spanning adult (not like xxx but not for kids) comic that’s also about fairytales coming to the real world (new york) but they’re not cursed; it’s a very good re-interpretation of fairytale tropes and is well written

beyond that, i’ve definitely felt a bit of a hole in terms of finding the right kind of fiction books i want to read. i like romance, and i really like magical realism, which is why i’ve been satisfied reading good fic recently. 

idk if any of you were ever into fictionpress (ff’s sister site for original works), but when i was a teenager i was really into it. and there was this story called ordinary world and it had a sequel 

and it was about a normal woman who fell through a rabbit hole and there was a love triangle between a prince…..and rumplestiltskin’s son (omg how am i just making this connection) (they’re v different stories though) and fairies and tongue-in-cheek fairytale universes in a unique way (ok, it is a lot like ouat)

and i could be romanticizing the writing bc i probably read it at age 14 but it was honestly just perfect and then the lady took it down bc it was getting plagiarized and i’ve been waiting like 10 years for it to be actually published BUT i’m getting on a huge tangent and

MY POINT is that it’s hard to find books that are, well, exactly like ouat but not stupid. and how to find them in the bookstore is harder. 

tl;dr, nonfiction is easy to shop for, so i’ve mostly been there for a while. and i really enjoy it. feel like i’ve grown a lot with those types of books. but i also need a little escapism in my life and want an adult fairytale that isn’t “edgy” for the sake of being edgy (we get it, grimm’s fairytales were originally grotesque, please move on) and isn’t too corny and has some healthy doses of feminism and is WELL WRITTEN and creative and where is it in a book, i want to read that, does anyone know where to find that please

basically, those are my recs, who has recs for me please

Hi there! Ann’s the name and creating awkwardness where there should be none is the game. I’m just your everyday dork who will sob like a baby when bad things happen to good people, whether they’re fictional or not. I love to play video games, I consider myself a casual gamer who thinks hardcore parkour is the solution to winning every video game. FYI, it is not and oh boy, did I learn that the hard way.

I believe that magic is real but not like the one you see in movies or on TV, but the one you experience in moments, in nature and in the people you meet. I think there’s magic in every day, if you’re just willing to open your eyes to it. I can’t like guarantee this but I’m probably one of the biggest romantic saps you’ll meet. I have a lot of love to give, I’m pretty much like Oprah. You get love, and you get love, and you get love, everyone gets love. That said, you shouldn’t give your love to just anyone though, another thing I learned the hard way.

Nature is where I found my serenity, there’s honestly nothing more beautiful to me than the natural beauties in the world. Lol who am I kidding, have you seen my dog? No? That’s cool, I’ll send you the 85215662356 pictures I have of him on my phone and you’ll see. Okay, now I’m joking…sort of.

It’s been a while since I did one of these (which you can probably could already tell), so thought I throw one back out there because I’ve always met some cool people on here, so hit me up if I didn’t weird you out xx


The Call

Mao knew this would happen. They hadn’t wanted to admit it but it was all the same as last time. But to hear it, to see the robotic mascot, to read the words on the page - it sent a chill up his spine.

This could be it. He could very well die in this place. Odds were, he would. Attacked when he least expected it, or executed after a moment of weakness, he had a better chance of literally dying than he did of ever seeing daylight again. It made a hollow in his stomach and sapped the life from his bones. He felt at once weary, sick, scared, and angry.

So instead, he clenched his jaw and did what he always did - he crammed those emotions back where they came from, set an impassive image of himself, and began to think as he walked. He couldn’t blunder through this like his predecessors had. He had to strategise.

Leaving his luggage in a neat pile, he made his way to the room marked out by a fountain, expecting a foyer of some sort. He looked around, making a cursory survey of all of his surroundings, trying to get a sense of what sort of building this was.

He exhaled and rubbed at the side of his head. As if this was really happening. “We should have learned,” he muttered, staring into space, not really registering anyone standing nearby. If this was anything like last time… then he was likely missing years of memory, and the outside world had probably fallen all over again. Sad, scared, and angry faded a little.

He just felt weary. After all that had been done to get the world on its feet again. After all of that. It was all for nothing, wasn’t it?

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Can you tell me why people think the tweets are not Louis'? It sounds like him to me. But there were ppl mentioning typos??

You’re better off asking the folks who said that. I’m not very good at picking up on tone from tweets. 

But I do know that usually Louis corrects his typos and he made a few in that reply run. Plus the coincidence of the main 1D account tweeting not only at the same time on a Sunday, but from an iPhone just like Louis when they normally tweet from either Tweetdeck or Twitter Web Client (you can see where tweets come from if you have Tweetdeck) is notable. The only time that account has tweeted from an iPhone recently was for Harry’s birthday (which makes me think Louis tweeted it, but I’m a sap like that).

Happy Headcanon #7

So I can’t get this out of my head. Steve and Tony have been together for a few years, when Steve accidentally finds an engagement ring hidden somewhere in Tony’s workshop. Steve’s kind of shocked, but so happy. He wants to run and find Tony straight away and tell him he’ll marry him right then, but doesn’t want to ruin all Tony’s plans. So he tries to act like everything is normal over the next few days, only he is really bad at hiding how happy he is. He kind of floats around the tower in a haze of bliss. Smiling sappily and sighing like a lovesick teenager. Tony notices of course, and keeps throwing him these suspicious looks which Steve takes great pleasure in kissing off of his face. 

The rest of the team are less than impressed with their fearless leader suddenly morphing into the king of sap, but it’s nothing compared to the excessive amounts of PDA and lovesickness that ensue when Tony finally gets around to proposing a few weeks later. 

The Engineers.

Piotius - Cybersalad.

- He is approx. 70% robotic.

- He uses borrowed sap (Sylvari blood) as he has no heart or way of making his own.

- Is over 3000 years old as he is from another country. His species and birth is unknown as he can’t remember anything before he was saved by his father.

- Speaks with a russian/french accent. He isn’t overly fluent in New Krytan.

Towyn Merric - The Carpenter.

- Towyn is an orphan, he was raised by his grandmother, who became sickly and passed away while he was still young.

- Is a self-taught and pretty skilled carpenter.

- Has never left Divinity’s Reach.

Thorak Sjornsson - The Ambitious Inventor.

- Thorak went to Rata Sum to try and make it big and join a college. He was laughed out of the city.

- Now lives in Maguuma, not giving up on his dream. He invents things to try and always goes back to show his inventions to the Asura.

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😒 🔥 🎥

😒 - Biggest pet peeve?

• whEN people ignore me

🔥 - Something spicy you like?

• tbh my moms salsa and my attitude

🎥 - Top 5 favorite movies?

> • Pride and Prejudice

• The Proposal

• Tammie

• The 6th Sense

• Winters Night (the movie sucked but im a sap)