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heya this is a bit late but i just wanted to say happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it and happy Day to those who don’t!! i’m super grateful to all the wonderful people who make up the stevetony fandom, everyone in it has made my life sincerely so much happier and i’m so glad i got into this ship and that i’m surrounded by people who are just as passionate about these Idiots :>

  • Harry, reading his 37th birthday card from Draco: 'Happy Birthday, Grandpa. It's better to be over the hill...'
  • Harry, opening the card: '...than buried under it.'
  • Draco: and I meant every word.
  • Harry, trying not to cry: It's alright, I guess

I feel like we need to appreciate this scene from the credits a bit more because it is… so powerful. It’s beautiful for a variety of reasons because it shows them having a good time, playing around, comfortable enough to act so relaxed and close like this.

Yuuri smiles for Victor. 

We’ve seen Yuuri smiling in the show a few times, and I think it’s valid to remember that Kubo mentioned that sometimes Yuuri smiles, but his heart is not smiling.

I think Yuuri's smile here is definitely coming from his heart. It’s so earnest, so sincere, carefree. He seems like he’s laughing and we haven’t seen him laughing the whole show. He’s having such a wonderful time in this, eyes closed, vulnerable, laughing, playing with Victor.

And then you look at Victor, who’s also smiling - though this is hardly a surprise because we’ve seen him smiling many times throughout the show. Though this one, in particular, feels different? It’s intimate, almost flustered in a way like he’s wondering if this is how it feels like, how love is supposed to feel

His eyes look down as if he’s searching an answer in himself, maybe trying to think back if he’s ever been this close to someone, if he’s ever felt this happy in his life before. While Yuuri is giving himself freely and laughing with his eyes closed, it feels like Victor doesn’t want to miss a second of it.

I feel like Victor is sincerely happy in this picture. And I feel like it’s one of those moments where it’s such a meaningful moment for these two that we don’t get to see, only catch snippets of it. The blurry pictures at the beach with them playing with Makkachin have this same sort of energy - an intimacy so great and a love so powerful we can’t really see everything. 

(Also Victor’s nose in this picture is really cute.)

can we take a sec to talk abt everything green day stands for:
anti racism anti homophobic anti sexism anti nazi anti trump

billie joe, every 👏🏼 concert 👏🏼, will go on for minutes at a time chanting, screaming these things. he makes it so loud, so evident & clear what he stands for & what the band stans for & what the fans stand for.

god it makes me so happy that louis loves this band

Dean squeezes Cas’s hand a little as he points out a shooting star that zips by. They’re lying on their backs on top of the impala in the middle of a desert strip.

“Alright, Cas, you win,” Dean says, sighing deeper into a sense of comfort and calm. “This isn’t too bad.It was a good idea.”

He can see Cas smiling in that way that makes his eyes crinkle as he pulls Dean closer, kissing him on the forehead.

Dean blushes.

“What is it with angels and stars, anyway? You’d think you’ve had enough of the skies for a lifetime. Hell knows I’d be happy if I never got on a plane again.”

Dean smirks. “Literally. Hell knows.”

Cas rolls his eyes. “I knew what you meant, Dean.”

Another star pummels through the sky in a curved arc, appearing and disappearing in a flash.

“Really, though,” he continues. “Why?”

Cas sighs, looking as if he’s struggling to accept the fact that Dean is unwilling to let it go.

“It’s…” Cas starts, uncomfortably, “kind of personal.”

Slowly, Dean nods. Cas can have his secrets if he needs to.

“Ok. No biggie,” he shrugs while trying to avoid the curious itch in his brain.

But Cas looks torn, anyway. Even if Dean isn’t going to push it, suddenly it seems like he’s contemplating it.

“I want to tell you, but it’s going to sound kind of strange.”

Dean, cocking an eyebrow:

“Try me.”

Cas bites his lip.

“When I pulled you from hell…” Cas starts reluctantly, “I put you back together again.”

Dean waits for Cas to continue. He knows this, but somehow it’s still strange to hear it out loud. Strange to think about. He nods.

But, Cas has a half smile and his hand is getting slightly tighter in Dean’s as he talks.

“Well,” he says. “Humans are made of atoms and matter. Cells. Water. Dust.”

Dean squints, looking down at his own skin, feeling goosbumps prickling.

Cas sits up on the Car, glancing down at Dean as if he were a fond memory.

“You’re made of comets and stardust,” he says proudly with a smile. “I put bits of the stars inside you. So, the sky doesn’t really make me think of heaven. It makes me think of you.”

Dean sits up, too, squinting.

“Cas,” he says. “That’s… kind of a weird thought.” He smirks, “and a little bit sappy…”

Letting go of Dean’s hand, Cas turns away, looking frustrated.

Dean glances again at his arm, wondering suddenly about the patch of freckles near the elbow that reminds him of a constellation.

He smiles.

With his thumb, Dean reaches out, running it along Cas’s jaw, pulling his boyfriend’s annoyed gaze back to him.

“You make me think of heaven, too,” Dean finally whispers. “Not the real, nightmare one. But the one where it’s you and me under the stars and the cold metal of the impala underneath us. And I get to hold your hand for as long as I want.”

Cas squints. “You’re talking about right now,” he says.

“I’m talking about right now,” Dean confirms.

Cas’s smile is shy and perfect, and there’s another shooting star over the tip of his left shoulder.

“I can live with that,” Cas says.

Dean pulls Cas in for a deep, long kiss, his thumb still perched under Cas’s chin.

“Mia piccola stella,” Cas says with a smile when they pull apart.

Dean makes a face.

“My little star,” Cas says, proudly.

Dean smirks, and doesn’t even call his boyfriend a sap again as they tangle themselves back into each other’s arms to watch the meteor shower. Instead, Dean returns the forehead kiss grabbing Cas’s hand again..

“This was a good idea,” he says, and Cas squeezes his hand back.

It was three days into their stay in Thailand when Yuuri finally woke up earlier than Viktor.

He savoured those times, they happened so rarely. Viktor was often out of bed before Yuuri had even started to stir. Like this he had unimpeded time to study the small flutters of his eyelashes, the slight furrow on his brow that disappeared when Yuuri ran a comforting hand down his side, how his arms tightened around Yuuri when he shifted to keep him in place.

He could never look enough. No matter how much, how often, it would never be enough. Gently, still careful about not waking him, he ran the tips of his fingers from the cut of his jaw, the graceful line of his neck, and over his shoulders before pausing. Viktor sighed. Accent thicker from having just woken up, he asked, “I was enjoying that. Why did you stop?”

Yuuri didn’t answer, still staring at the skin of his shoulders. “Yuuri?”

“You have freckles,” he said, hearing the quiet awe in his voice.

Viktor took his right hand where it was motionless on his shoulder and kissed it, his eyes sliding shut again. “Mm. Only if I’ve been in the sun too long.”

He was saying it so casually, as if it wasn’t one of the best things Yuuri had ever learnt. Granted, he thought that of most mundane things he learnt about Viktor, but it wasn’t as if he wanted to stop. He considered kissing them all one by one, even if there were so many it would probably take hours. Reluctantly settling for around ten instead, he mumbled “I love them,” against another few. Viktor’s chest was shaking, probably laughing at his little display, but looking so delighted when Yuuri met his eyes that he couldn’t complain.