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So it’s been almost exactly a year (54 weeks to be precise) since I first found @aroford‘s blog because of this playlist and sent them a number of very excited messages about it.

Anyway, it turns out that the chords to one of the songs on it, “Home” by Phillip Phillips, are in the new groupsinging songbook Rise Again. Shoutout to Snadge for letting me play it for the first time while we were camping in the Oregon woods even though she didn’t know the song at all. Here’s a slightly more practiced version.

Which is to say, time is strange, and the world is strange, and you never know what seemingly inconsequential things are going to lead you to the people who turn into your family. I wish you all friendship and music and serendipity.

And Ford, here’s to many more years.

Sap Alert!

Mileven Headcanon that after Eleven comes back in Season 2 (which she does) she and Mike always hold hands. Whenever possible. Especially when the first night she comes back she won’t sleep anywhere else but in her fort in Mike’s basement and all the boys bring their sleeping bags and spend the night there and she and Mike fall asleep holding hands.

anonymous asked:

Do you actually like Clinton at all or do you just dislike Trump so much more and don't feel a third party vote is worth it?

A mix of both.

Really, I feel like people are too easily falling for the idea that Clinton is some evil she-witch who is just as slimy as Trump.

That’s isn’t to say that she’s not imperfect, though. Even she wasn’t my first choice and I’ve always commented on how disconnected she seems with a younger audience, and how questionable her actions of late have been.

But she’s no Trump, and that is good enough for me.

As for third parties, it really isn’t worth it. Neither the Greens or Libertarians have a remote chance of winning, and all they’ll do is sap votes away from the Republicans and Democrats, potentially spoiling the election.

Seriously. Don’t do that.

hi it’s @wreckofherheart, this nerd’s british, and absolutely perfect gf. she’s currently out and i’ve decided to write a post on her blog cos i can. haha. jas is a nerd, and she’s a super slow walker, and she might be a muscly footballer but she is actually a real sap inside. the more you know. oop, gotta go she’s coming back bye xxx

every-kiss-begins-with-keiji  asked:

I just discovered your blog, and your art is so beautiful. Everything from heart-wrenching to heartwarming to adorable. Please keep doing what you're doing ❤️

aaaaah thank you I’m so glad you love my arts especially the emotional side of it (´∀`) I’M JUST A BIG SAP WITH LOTS OF LOVE (*ノ▽ノ) 

not to be a harrie but im so happy harry exists and i love him and not to be a sap but hes like my lifeline sometimes and i wouldnt know what to do with myself if he didnt exist like id probably still have a shit ton of hatred towards my sexuality and id probably not even be thinking about coming out but harry gives me courage everyday to be proud of myself and to accept myself and be who i am and thats just the best feeling to know that even if we never met i know harry supports me and loves me and thats the kind of shit u cant help but cry over tbh

Lots of people have made observations about how reading fanfic is watching the same two people fall in love over and over and somehow it never gets old, but sometimes it feels more like I’m falling in love with the same two people over and over, and that never gets old either. I love how a really good fic can make it feel like The First Time, the first fic you read, all over again.