Lots of people have made observations about how reading fanfic is watching the same two people fall in love over and over and somehow it never gets old, but sometimes it feels more like I’m falling in love with the same two people over and over, and that never gets old either. I love how a really good fic can make it feel like The First Time, the first fic you read, all over again.

Orange Tulips (M)

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=> Jeon Jungkook. Soulmate!AU. Reincarnation!AU 

Summary: You’d remember Jungkook with every life you lived. Only he’d never remember you, never recall how your fates were written in the stars since the beginning of time.

Genre: Angst. Fluff. Light Smut

Words: 10,294

a/n: This is a roller coaster of emotions, but it has a happy endng because I’m a sap and didn’t want to make myself cry.

He came to you like a breath of fresh air, cleansing your body and bringing life to your bones. He was the type of art that only existed on grainy canvases of white, beautiful colors blending together to form a perfection to your eyes. He was the smell of fresh rain on a summers afternoon, peculiar and satisfying mixed into nothing other than complete and utter fondness on your part.

He was your other half.

He just didn’t know it.

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Hi! I was just curious whether or not you just dislike the radical feminist social/political *discourse* on tumblr or the theories themselves? Do you think there is room for legitimate critique on a site like this or is it just not possible in this platform? (I'm actually trying to decide for myself and read the post with the girls selfies compared and thought you might have some good thoughts!)

radical feminism offers some meaningful tools for addressing patriarchy but tumblr (and really any insular cyberspace void) is evil and i wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. it’s def possible to have constructive convos on tumblr but it is rare due to the dogmatic nature of the site in general. and if one’s idea of leftism is sapped of all empathy, especially for kids, in favor of browbeating one’s political rivals? then it’s a waste and a damper on the environment imo ! need my gas mask


Soo…. I’m a loser, right? And one night my girlfriend @nickvalcntines was feeling shitty so I decided to make us a castle in fallout. I’m not the best at building in fallout but she loves plants and cats and the stars and stuff so…

The whole thing is lit with lanterns and candles excluding the disco balls used to make the star pattern in the turrets, the fancy light above the stairs, and the toppers on the turrets. Cat cage is there so that hopefully one day we can have a cat in our castle. Aesthetic Lesbians is our ship name and Grace is my middle name and hers is Rose. So tl;dr this castle is just a bunch of stuff we like so that we can look at it and feel happy and loved and together and we’re basically giant saps

Quantum Break All Cutscenes Movie (Game Movie) FULL STORY
Quantum Break All Cutscenes Movie. This is a Quantum Break All Cinematics Game Movie that contains all the cutscenes for one playthrough of Quantum Break's s...

Hey, Mod Sigma here! If you are like me and cannot afford to play Quantum Break, you can always just watch let’s plays or stuff on YouTube. But if you want just the story, in its most watchable form, this video is the way to go. It’s about as long as two movies, so you can definitely watch it all in one night!

Not pictured: the 80+ embers I have , 30 tongues, and 38 shackles I already gave into the covenant leaders. Invading is so much fun, even if you don’t always win since 2+ v1 is difficult, especially if they flask up. So I pull out all the stops: 

Flask chugging to bait out a parry, whiffing to bait a parry (got the Hornet Ring too), throwing Hunter Charms, Black Firebombs (rope firebombs for escaping), Alluring skulls, dung pies, running to mobs to waste the host’s precious estus, turnaround slashes, freeaiming, and even Dragonslayer Bow shenanigans.

To those complaining about “muh honor”: Playing honorably gets you ganked and killed. Playing to win strikes fear in the poor sap you’re invading.

To those SL25-55 mucking about in Dark Souls III: Prepare to Die. 

Because you’re next.

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Be honest. In a AU where Akielos and Vere would have been in peace, Damianos could have courted Laurent with all the grace and sweetness that he deserves! He would have sent to him a lot of poems. Laurent would have been so charmed and woud have read them again and again, he would have write a lot of letters himself and Auguste would have been the teasing brother "you have so cute when you blush" , "how many pages have you write ~?" and "I should except that he asks your hand at his next visit?"


We all know what kind of romantic sap Damen can be: I mean, in the book half of his thoughts about Laurent are basically love poems. So here we go:

When Laurent returns to Vere after they have met and consequently fallen in love, Damen can’t stand the pain of the separation: he starts to walk for hours in the moonlight, admiring the ocean and letting out soft sighs any time his gaze lingers North- towards Vere. He stops eating, stops speaking, spends hour on end staring out of the window.

Nikandros believes him ill, and, sick with worry, knocks at his door one night. When he enters Damen is sitting on his bed, his eyes staring at nothing. Nikandros kneels at his feet and, carefully placing a hand on his friend’s knee, he whispers: “Damen“. Damen looks at him, but his eyes are distant. Nikandros feels something clench in his chest. “Damen, you are scaring me.“ No answer. Nikandros’s heart starts beating faster “Please,“ he says “please tell me what I can do to help.“

Damen’s eyes unexpectedly lit up. “There is something…“ he says, voice hoarse “Something you could do that would really help me. But it’s too much, I would never ask you to…“

“Anything“ Nikandros interrupts him, the whole force of his steadfast loyalty somehow contained into that single word.

Damen smiles. “Thank you“, he says, and he finally sounds like himself again. “you are lifting a weight from my shoulders, my friend. I’ll be forever grateful“.

“There’s no need for that“ Nikandros answers, voice a bit choked “You know I’d lay down my own life for you.” Damen stares at him for a few seconds, then nods, eyes suspiciously wet. 

He turns around, and takes something from under his pillow: Nikandros realizes they are a dozen sheets of paper completely covered in chaotic writing. He wonders what they could be, to reduce Damen in such a state: a declaration of war? News of an assassination attempt? Proves of high treason?

Damen hands him the papers with downcast eyes, looking oddly self conscious.

Nikandros takes them with trembling fingers. Dreading the next moments, he looks down and reads the first few lines:

“Your lips are like the soft curl of a calix

  that conceals treasures far beyond men’s knowing.

I am dying of thirst, and those soft lips I beg

for just a taste of you, My Love, My Water:

Oh, how long have I to wait to quench this yearning?

Please, let me get drunk, My Flower, on your sweet nectar!”

Nikandros blinks.

Than blinks again.

Then he pinches himself. Hard.

When he realizes that this is, unfortunatly, not a nightmare, he looks up at Laurent as a man condamned might look at his executioner.

“…what is this?“ he whispers, resigned.

Damen looks at him like Nikandros is the one who has lost his mind “Love poems, obviously“

Obviously“. It’s Nikandros turn to stare at nothing. This can’t be real.

“So? Are they any good?“ says Damen, so nervous it seems he’s going to jump out of his skin. Nikandros looks around: the door is too far, so there’s no way out. Maybe he could jump from the window: he would break his legs, of course, but you know what they say, “Desperate times, desperate measures” and all that…

“Come on Nikandros, I need to know. Are they good enough for Laurent? I mean, nothing will ever be enough compared to Laurent, but are they at least acceptable?”

Nikandros groans.

Laurent receives the poems in Vere, of course.

After the third time he blushes while reading a letter, Auguste snatches it from  hand and reads it. The servants will wonder for months what caused the King to laugh so hard he almost chocked himself, and the Prince to turn the color of hot coals. “You are so cute when you blush“ Auguste wheezes between his laughter. Laurent stalks away.

Laurent writes back, of course, but his letters are different. He writes pages and pages about history, economy, strategy, politics: at a cursory read they appear the letters of one diplomat to another. There is nothing in them that might suggest the existence of a friendship, let alone any kind of romantic interaction.

And that’s exacly the point.

Laurent is a consummed politician. He is the prince of Vere. He’s been dealing with the intrigues of the court for years, and he knows how to play this game. Showing weakness is a fatal mistake (and how can Damen not know that? How can he bare himself to his enemies without a thought, laying his very soul on paper for all to see? How that man is still alive is beyond Laurent’s comprehension). It doesn’t matter how in love Laurent is, how much he is pining, how he is almost wasting away: no one can be allowed to know. Not the courtiers, not the overly curious courier who might decide to take a peek inside the message he has to deliver, and MOST DEFINITELY NOT AUGUSTE with his irritating penchant for sticking his nose in other people’s business (especially if the business is Laurent’s; especially if it is potentially embarassing.)

That’s why Laurent heartfelt messages are written in code. To read the sweet phrases, the heartbreaking poems, the intimate confessions Laurent includes in all his letters, Damen has to decrypt them. The fact that this proceeding is bound to annoy Nikandros is just a pleasant side effect. That’s all.

Every time he has to answer the letters, Laurents locks himself in the library for hours on end.

One day Auguste, curious, sneaks in to see what his little brother is up to. He has to repress another un-regal display of mirth when he sees Lauren writing furiously, surrounded by mountains of books, his sleeves loose (who died?) and his hair a dishelved mess.

“How many pages have you written? Haven’t you heard that brevity is the soul of wit?”Auguste says loudly, earning himself a reproaching glance from the decrepit Palace Librarian.

Laurent actually jumps in his chair. Obviously, he composes himself immediatly. Auguste smiles fondly.

Laurent shoots him a cold glare and says, haughtily: “And what would you of all people know about wit, brother mine?“

Auguste just scoffs and ruffles his brother’s hair, relishing in the small smile that he can glimps under Laurent’s angry scowl.

“Should I expect him to propose the next time he comes visit?“.

Laurent blushes.

Auguste has exactly three seconds to gloat before a well known smirk makes its way on his brother’s lips. “Oh, that’s so sweet.“ Laurent drawls, his voice dangerously saccharine. “You think there is still need for him to propose.“

“What do you…“ understanding dawns on Auguste. He blanches.

“Good night“ Laurent says, still smirking. He stands up.

Auguste explodes. “I’m your brother. Forget that, I’m your king!“ he unconsciously draws himself to his full height “He MUST ask for my permission before he makes ANY MOVE towards you! “

Laurent pats him on the back “Keep telling yourself that, brother.“ He starts to move towards the door.

Wait!“ Auguste is practically shouting. In a corner, the librarian’s face is turning a worrying shade of green. Auguste lowers his voice “You mean he already… “ he gestures vaguely with his hand.

Laurent turns slowly. His face is serious, but his eyes are glinting. “Are you asking me if he has already proposed,“ he says slowly “or if he has already defiled me?” Auguste turns beet red. Unperturbed, Laurent continues.  “Because one of those things hasn’t happened, but I can describe the other in vivid detail. Care to know which is which? “

Auguste opens his mouth to speak. He closes it.

“Oh well,“ says Laurent with an exaggerated sigh “I guess you are not curious, then. Have a good rest.“

Laurent is halfway out of the door when Auguste manages to regain control over his limbs. “Laurent“ he sputters “Laurent, where the hell are you going? Come back here and tell me!“.

Laurent doesn’t even turn around when he replies. “As you are so fond of  reminding me” he says sweetly  “you are the king, Auguste. You have a net of spies at your disposal. If you really want to know, put them to good use for once”

Auguste is left standing in the library, gaping.

Then he turns on his heels, grabs a piece of paper, and starts to write a letter to Nikandros of Delpha. After all, he thinks, desperate times call for desperate measures

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*would love to invest in someone emotionally but the energy has been sapped by those that didn't appreciate the effort in the past*


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((omg stan is a tOTAL SAP and doesnt want to admit iT AAA))


ooc;; haha whoops I’m kind of late on this, aren’t I? well. I thought I would just make it official and give you guys a date that you can actually expect me back on! ……….for the people that are still following me for some reason. hfsldkjf.

basically I’ve just been busy with finishing out my first year of college ( it really sapped my motivation to RP starting around spring break, to explain the month I’ve been MIA ) but I have the date of my last final now: may 20th. so. after that I’ll be out for the summer! I really do have urges to come back now but I just know that that would probably be a bad decision, so I’ll be missing for about another 2 weeks. I’m still very much into Undertale and my muse for chara is definitely intact so i just need to get through all these last tests. 

thank you to anyone still around to read this, a huge apology to the people I’ve kept waiting on replies, and I’ll be back and actually active soon!!