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Viria you're a ray of sunshine what happened to you, you went directly from salty (very reasonable and understandable salt) to well, the embodiment of hugs? Kinda? I'm so happy for you and I'm glad everything is going fine, really

Sasha happened to me, ahah:”D

Thank you! I’m glad to hear I’m kind of growing! I just have more important things to care about these days? I used to spend a lot of time on tumblr, and tumblr makes me salty almost every time I spend a lot of time using it. Even if you try avoiding the negativity here it’s still showing and you soak it in a lot. Now I just realize how unimportant it really was.

I still get salty sometimes anyway, but these days I no longer feel miserable and unhappy to be honest..I have been turned into a total sap, what can I say:”D I have no regrets.


Favorite Destiel Moments 

Before I transformed this to my current Black and white obsession.
I have to upload my edit of one of my favorite Destiel moments.

Caged Heat
SPN 06X10
While most people focused on Castiel and Meg’s kiss, and the pizza man (bonner alert).
For me, this particular scene caught my attention, and is one of the first classic Destiel exchanges that happens fast and subtle.

In this particular scene, they are talking about recover Sam’s soul. If you look on the third frame Cas is so disappointed because he is unable to give the answer that Dean wants.
So, as usual, Dean keeps pressing Castiel for what he needs to hear.
Of course Castiel is acting out of guilt, knowing he was to blame for this situation.
But for me, it was one of this things you do because of love.
It tends to gradually affect your personality, as you feel like you want to do whatever within your powers, and even beyond for never look your lover’s eyes tainted with disappointment.
This kind of look first happened on the angelical room where Zachariah held Dean waiting for the apocalypse, but here is more noticeable and was one of the reasons I joined this whirlwind of emotions and madness that is Destiel, and makes me so happy today.
But Heck!! , love makes you a real SAP.
Sometimes is the main excuse for me that I’m proudly free of any of this heart and mental condition’s. Once you are in, it’s so difficult to have a clear perspective and or objectivity.

Cas, come on!
Just two seasons ago you tell the boy to shut up because he looked you funny and questioned you a lot, you told him you will smithe his ass back to hell if he doesn’t looked to your general direction with respect.
And now your are looking down because his pouting, gets really close and gives you the hot serious look?
Even if you explained him the laws of physics that mandate recovery his soul is a bad idea, at your last frame you said ok yes it’s possible, everything will be fine.
Your an Angel of the Lord remember? The size of a Chrysler building? (now… that… that distracted me a little)
And of course it’s Dean at the end of all this frames with the classic, “I will now look at your lips casually as I pull back, and give you the cute glance because I admitt, I has kind of harsh with you” combo.

To be in Love. It’s really that good?
I know the theory, and because of my past experiences I believe I want a repetition, but seriously?
That’s why I prefer to love others love stories, sometimes is less frustrating, but with this two…



Hey Guys, Gals, and Non-binary pals! Time for an awesome Giveaway! Over the past few days I’ve caught Auslove a total of five times and these two are my favorite so I wanted to share them with you all!!! 

First up is!:

Pokemon: Goodra

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Pokemon: Flygon 

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Deposit a Pichu name ForGman into the gts! 

This giveaway will go on until I make a post saying its over! Please feel free to send asks! I really enjoy answering yalls questions! 

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A Dryad's Elegy

The cool green souls
Who whispered secrets
And dreams of ages
Past, who wrapped

Their arms in dappled
Shade around those
Lonely quiet hearts
Who could only

Confess their dreams
To the stars at night;
Twinkling, cast upon
A thousand gentle breezes.

Beauty razed and buried under;
Sap that flows through
Broken branches, I’ll always
Be grateful to you.

My bourbon’s final whisper (and the other yearnings)

The last sip of bourbon;
And I miss my horse.

The last sip of bourbon;
And I stick to pine sap.

The last sip of bourbon;
And I change the channel.

The last sip of bourbon;
And I ask when she sleeps.

The last sip of bourbon;
“The sooner, the better.”

The last sip of bourbon;
And I accept the answer.

The last sip of bourbon;
And I’d once heard an hour.

The last sip of bourbon;
And let the ice dance.

The last sip of bourbon;
And every poem has its end.

Let it end.

     - L.C.

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Okay but you have to agree that these moves sidney has been making are stupid.

I think they are the same stupid plays we see all other players do and I am all for having him get a penalty when he does. But the level of rage this is getting is crazy out of proportion to what’s happened. It made me feel gross when I’d see a mob turn on some unsuspecting sap when they used to do it in high school (prob everyones) and it makes me sick now when you see that much hate unleashed at someone on social media. It’s gross. It makes me ashamed to be human. no turtle posse ever did this to one of its own. Team turtles

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Do you only do ask rps? I love them by the way

I do threads too (I’m actually in the process of planning a thread with @actually-hermione-granger) but I’m really anxious about asking people to join me in threads and I tend to be sapped of ideas, but…. I do both threads and ask prompts. :)

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i need more of that librarian au liv!!! also... imagine alec either finding cute or romantic poems and giving them to magnus OR reading poetry aloud to magnus (cause you can't tell me he'd be a shakespeare and robert frost lover and NOT do that).

You know I might write something if I have time! AND OMG YES HE SO DOES ALEC IS SUCH A ROMANTIC SAP he will collect these super beautiful poems and will learn them by heart so he can recite them to Magnus while they’re cuddling and he’s pressing kisses to his hair

Mourning Maples

These unusual, predominantly gray trees were first seen in the grove of the Gloomwillow, Tanhe, but their unique quirks and edible sap have seen people growing them in other parts of the world.

Mourning Maples can grow to be upwards of 20 or 30 feet tall, but the majority of their bulk is their skinny, flexible trunk. Their branches are covered in strange blue-green leaves, are disproportionately thick, and form only at the very top of the tree, to give the illusion of a “head” or “hat.” The weight of their limbs causes the Maple to slowly bend as they grow, until the stress causes fractures and splits to form. The deep black, thick, sticky sap rushes to fill these wounds in mere minutes, hardening over several hours into a bonding agent nearly as strong as iron to prevent further breaks. The fractures, now filled with the resin that stands against the grey bark, can sometimes resemble squinting, crying eyes, complete with “tears” of dried resin streaming downwards, giving the illusion of the tree facing skyward in tear-filled sadness. Because of this, some cultures believe that Mourning Maples contain earthbound or fallen spirits, forever looking skyward at all they’ve lost.

Mourning Maple wood is flexible but lacks durability unless treated with its sap, a notoriously dangerous substance due to its tendency to gum up any machine or tool used to cut the wood into manageable parts. Anything used during processing must be meticulously disassembled and cleaned, limiting Mourning Maple wood to simple, small curiosities. Ambers and other crafts made from the sap are more common than actual woodwork. The sap has little sugar, so syrups made from it tend to be bitter, though it does taste something like almonds. An acquired taste, but a unique one.

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If you can even stomach shipping a pairing that a lesbian had to be murdered in to facilitate, you're not an ally and you don't give a shit about us gays. Just saying. If you cared about LGBT people you would have boycotted and not watched like the rest of us. We don't want to hear the sap stories.

i don’t understand the first sentence. but i respectively disagree with the rest. my understanding of what you’re saying is that everyone who doesn’t ship clexa doesn’t give a shit about the lgbt community, and everyone currently watching the show doesn’t either. that doesn’t make any sense and is a huge generalisation. its an unfair judgement of a lot of people, and is exactly the kind of unfounded and inflammatory rhetoric that started this whole war. yes a conversation needs to be had about lgbt representation in television and mainstream media, and how hetero-normativity is influencing that, but mud-slinging isn’t going to help anyone understanding anyone.


Viktor starts sneaking in little terms of endearment when he’s talking to Yuuri (Russian is such an emotionally expressive language!!), and Yuuri is confused until he gets his hands on a Russian dictionary…. and then he obviously has to surprise Viktor by returning the favor. :^)

(click on individual images for translations <3)