The Blue Nile Falls

Thirty kilometers downstream from its birthplace in Lake Tana, the fledgling Blue Nile drops over a basaltic cliff in a sheet of water a half mile wide, plunging 45 m in a plume of spray. The mist created by the Blue Nile Falls gives it its name in Amharic: Tis Isat, or smoking water.

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could you give us a little sneak peak for SH next chapter? please <3

“Absolutely. I don’t know when and I don’t know for how long, but rest assured… One day, I’m bringing you home.” Regina took a step closer and craddled Emma into her arms. “Shadow Haven will forever be a part of you, like I am a part of you. Never forget that.”

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If tumblr is draining on your mental energy and negatively affecting you, you should step back and at least take a break. We'll miss you, but your mental and physical health is much more important!

Thank you for this message, it means a lot to me and I’ll definitely miss you all too. I just really need to get myself together and focus on what’s going to help me improve and live my life, rather than sap me dry of the energy and emotions i need to get through it. :(

That said, tumblr has also been a great source of strength, education, and comfort for me so I don’t know if I’ll be able to fully give it up. But I might have to if I cannot manage to cut down my usage. A friend suggested I try one hour in the morning and one at night which sounds good, so I might just do that for a little while and see how it goes.  

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*Oliver.. are you okay? [*Worried Poppy is worried.]

“Poppy…? Goodness, what are you doing all the way out here by yourself..?” That’s when Oliver’s mind clicked.

“…Lilac…… Lilac…” Oliver knelt down to Poppy and gently, but firmly, gripped her shoulders.

“Poppy, you know the way to Snowdin correct? Please.. I need to see Lilac.”

   okay   but!!  honestly   there   are   so   soo many  of  you  all  in  such  a  short  amount  of time,  which  i  am  expressing  my  utmost  GRATITUDE  for. I  am  so  humbled  and  ASTONISHED  by  each  and  every  single  one  of  you  that  has helped  me  find  Sandy  as  a  muse  that  has  been  sticking  to  me  like  fly  on  paper  for  the  last  three-four  days since  i  made  her.  Well,  i  guess i  just (  REALLY  ) would  like  to  say   THANK YOU   and also  i  would  truly  love to express my gratitude by giving something back,  but i don’t know in which form.          so i guess i will say this ; if you as my friend ( if we are mutuals i already consider us friends because in one way or the other ––– you light up the dash with your appearance!!) if you ever have anything that you need done, be it a background or help with coding or a promo or a friend to talk to, i am open for anything and anyone at ANY TIME ! i just want every single one of you to feel the love i have felt since i joined this part of the indie rp. So again thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of my heart !! ♡ ♦ ♢

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"Hello there, Oliver..." Tasgore looked at the small being with intrest while his tendrils where flicking about. One of them hit Oliver, "Oh sorry... did I hit you?" He cackled evily while his slits narrowed.

“Mind those tendrils hit, if you would be so kind.” Oliver started walking away from Tasgore, trying to keep away from this stranger who seemed too dangerous to take on currently.

A Little Lost

This is an incredibly embarrassing, self-indulgent piece that I apologize for in advance. It’s nothing bad. I just like to write angsty things involving nature and if it were up to me I’d write this kind of thing all the time. This has Spring and bicycles, and it was inspired by this song, A Little Lost by Sufjan Stevens (which happens to be a cover of a song by Arthur Russell). I’m not any longer posting whole stories/chapters/anything like that, but go ahead and click the link above the image.

It really is just a lot of sap. I’m sorry. 



Love nest, featuring my favorite Sanji I’ve ever drawn:

It will take a lot to someday beat this Sanji.

But yeah, I’ve always thought of Sanji as the type for big showy signs of love (as obvious with all his lady loves) but don’t think it happens until pretty late into Sanji and Zoro’s relationship. At this point they would have had to be together at LEAST a year or so– so Sanji has time to get over himself, y’know?

I also just love Zoro’s observational skills and feel like he uses them in such sweet ways, hehe.


PM: Quinn/Hunter

Is your aunt trying to earn karma points by hosting some wide-eyed, uptight, hick Bambi, from the Midwest? Please tell me this kid isn’t for real because I’m getting sexually frustrated just hearing all about him.

Speaking of sexually frustrated, how many poor saps have you broken this week, dear sister?