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    whattup . been here a few months , my experience with this fan.dom has been uhh mixed but i can’t deny i’m having FUN ! i love playing noctis and apparently y’all like him too , so here’s a little appreciation for some ppl i adore  because i’m p sure i would have bailed on this blog  a g e s ago without the lot of you . i’d put all my followers on this but rn i especially just wanna highlight those i’m close too , bcus forreal , you guys make this for me . ( SOME OF Y’ALL HAVE SO MANY ACC’S I CANT KEEP UP W/ U IF UR BLOGS NOT ON HERE / IS ON HERE TWICE THEN U FUCKIN KNOW WHY !! )

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C A N I K I L L YOU P I C E O F W O R T H L E S S L I V E I N G W I T H A R T O F A 2 A G E K I D A N D C A R E L E S S F R I E N D S W H O A R E F R I E N D S W H I T Y O U O N L Y C U Z O F P O P U L A R I T I =) I H O P E I S E E A F A I L L I K E Y O U D E A D I N H E L L •w•

Did a two year old send this to me?? I mean thanks for sending me an ask though!! Hehe, you didn’t have to waste your time tho writing illegable garbage tho

I haven’t animated in so long??

S U M M E R 1 7 P L A Y L I S T

Swim good- Frank Ocean
Don’t touch my hair- Solange
Baby boy- Childish Gambino
Self Control- Frank Ocean
Electric Relaxation- ATCQ
Sunday Candy- Donnie trumpet & the social experiment
Woman- Harry Styles
Pink matter- Frank Ocean
Biking- Frank Ocean
Don’t- Bryson Tiller
The Louvre- Lorde
Supermodel- SZA
Wild Thoughts- Rihanna, Bryson Tiller
Mabidda Riddim- Drake
Redemption- Drake
Writer in the dark- Lorde
Drew Barrymore- SZA
Shining- Beyoncé, jay z
Blem- Drake
Party Monster- The Weeknd
No Makeup (her vice) - Kendrick Lamar
She - Tyler the Creator
Forest Green- Odd Future
High by the Beach- Lana del Rey
This is what makes us girls- Lana del Rey
Good to Love- FKA twigs
Bad at Love- Halsey
Location- Khalid
Father Stretch my hands- Kanye West
Super Rich Kids- frank ocean
Pink + White- Frank Ocean
Blue Velvet- Lana del Rey
The space program- ATCQ
White teeth teens- Lorde
A world alone- Lorde
Bad Liar- Selena Gomez
Baby Blue- Action Bronson, Chance the rapper

Boredom- Tyler the Creator I ain’t got time- Tyler the Creator https://open.spotify.com/user/lilalalalay/playlist/70J7R6SwBtUUkIl8Fm3gLN

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S T U D Y  P A C K  # 1

B Y  E I N T S E I N

Hey guys, my week has been pretty hectic but I made time to create a few printables that will hopefully help you with your school life. Click on the titles (links to the file on my Study Drive) to download them!

T A S K  T R A C K E R

To help you keep track of all your assignments, homework, projects, etc. Includes a progress bar that you can shade in according to how much of the assignment you’ve completed. You can also set a goal or expected score and compare it to your final score. I included fields for “date given” and “date due” so that you can prioritize and plan your tasks accordingly.
I wanted to include a box to check when you’ve submitted the assignment because sometimes I complete the assignment but forget to submit it, or I’ve already submitted the assignment but panic because I thought I hadn’t done it yet. I couldn’t squeeze this into the sheet, but I think you could just put a tick beside the due date or something.

F O R M U L A  L I S T

For subjects that require you to memorize formulas, like physics, economics, math, etc. The left column is for the formula, while the right is for variables and their units, e.g. “v = u + at” would go on the left, while the right column would have something like “v: final velocity/ms-1; u: initial velocity/ms-1; a: acceleration/ms-2; t: time/s”.

H A B I T  T R A C K E R

31 columns and 16 rows to help you maintain your habits, e.g. drinking 8 glasses of water a day, exercising, journaling, etc.

 T E S T  T R A C K E R

Similar to what I have in my bullet journal in this post. I use it mainly to see the relationship between how much I study and how high I score on tests, but you can also use it to maintain your grades.

That’s all for now. Hope these printables help, and may the rest of your school year be well-organized! Oh, and feedback would be rad; I always appreciate it when I find out how I can improve my content. Have a great week :)


・。 ✵ Shingeki no Kyojin : S u r v e y  C o r p s ✵ 。・   

The Survey Corps is the branch of the Military most actively involved in Titan combat, Titan study, human expansion, and outside exploration. They have the best soldiers and are the most skilled at using the vertical maneuvering equipment. But, despite having little success, they still symbolize the “hope of mankind” with their insignia being known as the “Wings of Freedom”. They hope that someday, their efforts will change the world and they will be able to recover what has been taken away from humanity.


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( + Guest Suga / J-Hope ) 

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