Zulfikar and Humasah - Episode 21 - TRANSLATION

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Zulfikar: Yes? I am listening to you. How will you explain this condition?
Tell? What job do you have here? What is between you and him?
Humasah: Zulfikar. What are you saying? What is going on in your mind? Can this happen? Is it possible?
Zulfikar: You are meeting with him secretly. And what are you waiting for me to think? Hah? I have been seeing both of you for a long time, Humasah. You are with Iskender on every opportunity. Every second word of yours is ‘Iskender’. Humasah! I am seeing how you look at him. I am seeing.
Humasah: Zulfikar, you are breaking my heart. You are breaking my heart. It’s not like what you think.
Zulfikar: If it’s like what I think, I am not waiting for you to accept it. But, that Iskender will speak. I will take his heart out with my hands.
Humasah: No
Zulfikar: Move aside.
Humasah: Stop
Zulfikar: Humasah. Move aside.
Humasah: Don’t.
Zulfikar: Move aside.
Humasah: Zulfikar. Stop. Stop. Stop. Iskender is my brother. Did you understand? Iskender is my real brother. My real brother.

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Humasah Sultan on my opinion one of the most stylish woman in The Magnificent Century saga. Yes, perhaps she’s can’t to compete with Hurrem Sultan or Kosem Sultan with numbers of costumes “in her closet”, but she’s obviously can to compete with Hurrem Sultan from the second half of season 3 and later from season 4, for the place of most stylish woman in her middle-age in show.
I also, found Humasah’s style interesting by the fact, that in her costumes was used characteristic features of the costumes of other characters not only from The Magnificent Century: Kosem, but also from original The Magnificent Century. Humasah Sultan in show it’s the quintessential "features” of characters from the saga, she actually combines style in clothes of all her family, such as we saw them in the show, but makes it fitting is only for her with small details and color combinations.

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