Dollhouse | Zuko & Azula  

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Zuko and Azula have always been clashing forces. But they act like a family to try and look perfect to the fire nation and outside world.


I was so proud of how well my costume has turned out so far I decided to do a mall photo shoot! I still need to get some boots and make some broadswords,but I think what I have now pretty fantastic,even if the colours are a little bright.

The scar make-up was a little rushed since I was running out of daylight. I’m going to make it more realistic when I go to the convention. I’ll probably use liquid latex as well :)

One of my freakier, weirder headcanons re: Azula is that at some point in Smoke and Shadows Ursa tracks Azula down, and they have a heart to heart (precede by yelling on Azula’s part, followed by hugs).

But at some point Azula complains to her mother that everyone hurt her and Ursa never protects her and let everyone hurt her. Ursa promises that she will protect Azula and while Azula was wrong for hurting others they were wrong for hurting her. Ursa even makes Zuko apologize.

So when leaving, Azula turns to the rest of the Gaang and tells them “And if you hurt me my mother will punish you!” 

Whereupon Aang tells her, as seriously as he possibly can “Even an Avatar knows better than to cross someone’s mother.”

Told you it was weird.

When the Antagonist Becomes Your Fav Character

Me (episode 1): what a fricken a-hole. They need to GET GONE

Me (episode 5): wow thanks for that tragic backstory. i didnt ask to pity them!

Me (episodes 8 on): they are my life please i just want them to be hhappy STOP HURTING THEM