let’s play “am I talking about a character in the atla universe or a character in voltron”

1-lanky overconfident teenage boy who thinks he’s a suave lady killer but is actually clumsy and awkward, blue,

2-tough moody temperamental guy with a mullet who says he works best alone but then finds his friends/team, red,

3-the dad friend slash only responsible one, tough stoic fighter/leader type, tall with short hair

4-girl who is underestimated because of her age but is actually the smartest and most talented of the group, small and green,

5-big goofy guy who is scared easily, loves food and has a huge caring heart, comic relief,

6-ridiculous mustachioed man

*teacher calls to tell Zuko and Katara that their 6 year old daughter Kya got into a fight*

Zuko: KYA! Kya, are you alright? Did you get hurt?

Katara: KYA! *holds daughter by the shoulders* Kya, did you win or lose???

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Wouldn’t it be so cool if Zuko and Sokka sparred with just their swords? Zuko and his dual swords vs. Sokka’s space sword would be so epic! Even when they grow older, their sparring matches would be a great way to let off steam.

Sure it is.

Who would always have advantage? I believe it’s Sokka.

In lost adventures Sokka and Zuko fought in a fair swords duel. They made Zuko win in that comic, but I think there’s writing mistake: Zuko sure has good swords skills but he’s also a firebender, if you noticed in critical situations he use both his abilities and at that point he’s in his strongest, and angry. Zuko’s a Firebender master but his sword style is not of a real sword master, he just use them to fight, simple put, it feel more of amateur style in my opinion.

Sokka, on the other hand, doesn’t have bending abilites, which help him to be more focued on his weapons alone. When he puts his mind to battle he’s calmer, colder and a lot more focused than Zuko is. He’s adaptable to the situation around him, creative and can create multiple contingency plans. He’s quick leaner, in few days he was able to hold his ground against Piandao -the strangest swordman in the world- even for a little. Sokka has quick reflex, he’s good at aiming as well as dodging (dodging Piandao’s sword, Ty Lee’s chi-blocking) which is an important skill he’s ahead of Zuko in. Also let’s not forget Space Sword is a lot stronger than any other mental since it made by unique material, and Sokka has so much love and respect for his sword.

For that I think Sokka’s a lot better in swordsmanship. His sword style is of a real swordman.

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Can u draw maiko as a married couple celebrating a birthday (probably izumi’s) and zuko jokingly pushes mai’s head down the cake, or just maiko i’m having a lot of feels rn sorry

Listen! Zuko would totally let Izumi to wear his crown and cape for her birthdays (yes every single one of them) and then let her boss people around all day.

@blueflowwer asked for a West Wing AU, and you know what, I’ve got one of those too: [Link].

1. Zuko defected from his father’s campaign midway through October, bringing with him one hell of an October surprise. His father’s business was built on an organized crime empire. His father and grandfather forced his mother into marriage by threatening her family. She was the daughter of a political dynasty, and it was thought she would bring respectability. And she did. Worst of all, Zuko found out that Ozai had helped commit genocide in a small, mineral rich African country, and had his own nephew killed when he found out about it. He went to Hakoda’s campaign because he was afraid the police would bury all of it, and Hakoda could have a press conference that everybody would cover. He never expected to be hired, or to end up working in the White House.

2. With the campaign over, Katara and Sokka prepare to go back to their normal lives. Katara goes back to being a resident, and Sokka to being an engineer at NASA. Sokka is living the geek dream. The President’s children don’t exactly like Zuko at first. Zuko did after all once help to smear Katara and Aang, Hakoda’s campaign manager, by revealing their relationship and claiming at Hakoda’s campaign was full of nepotism. For the first few months there, Katara picks a screaming fight with him whenever she comes to visit her father. The secretaries bring popcorn.

3. Aang transitions seamlessly into becoming Chief of Staff. He might be young, but he is a natural leader and manager of people. This is… He spends a lot of time wondering why he ever wanted this job. He has to control a team of absolute lunatics who are all used to being the smartest people in the room, and yes he did just shut off the lights and they are not coming back on until you all shut up, what are you, a bunch of kindergarteners? Sokka, what are you doing here, let Press Secretary Suki do her job, go design a rocket. (“That’s not what I do, Aang!”)

4. Toph is his Deputy Chief of Staff, and the poor unfortunate who ends up calling recalcitrant congresspeople to try to convince them to vote as the President wants them to. I say unfortunate, but this is Toph’s favorite part of the job. She has absolutely told the majority whip to take his legislative agenda and shove it up his ass.

5. Zuko showed real integrity and courage when he came forward with what he had found out about his father. This matters to Hakoda. It’s in Zuko that Hakoda finds a mentee, and a possible future president. When the senate seat from Zuko’s home state comes up for grabs, he encourages Zuko to run. Come next January, he returns as the junior Senator from Hawaii.


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“Sending this thought again~ After the most recent chapter, I was…”


Yeah that’s totally understandable too thoughand very true! I just hope Todo can have people he can trust later, ya know? But gosh I love his siblings, I think we also need bonding time with them now that I think about it? We need that too. BUT YEAH I GET YOU, even though I have no experiences like what you’ve had. It is pretty delicate. Conclusion: Stop hurting these poor kids, Hori.

No yeah, I think after he’ll be able to reach out he just needs some time to process because he’s a sensitive awkward boy who deserves nice things!
*shakes fist*


Compilation of my AVATAR fanart collection!


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Sending this thought again~ After the most recent chapter, I was thinking. If Todoroki goes out to where Endeavor is, I am HOPING Sero and Midoriya both go with him to support him. Those two have felt Todoroki's emotions towards his father first hand, directly during the sports festival, his cold anger (Sero) and his fiery resolve (Midoriya) respectively. So I think it would only make sense for those two to go and be BESIDE him this time. This poor boy needs all the support he can get.

Oh, that’s an interesting thought, and I totally get where you’re coming from, because yes this poor boy does need all the support he can get but…

I think Todoroki will probably have as escort to the hospital Endeavor will be in for sure, but due to how delicate the situation is, the only one who would go with him is Aizawa, other UA teachers Fuyumi and Natsuo if they aren’t already in the hospital waiting for him. I don’t think any of the kiddos will, and I’m not sure if any of them know how to handle this apart from Iida. 

Besides… this kind of thing feels like a family and security thing. With the Todorokis’ complicated history and hurt, I don’t think it would be appropriate for anyone else to go with him. Also, I’m not really sure if Todoroki would want anyone (anyone being the kids) to go with him. 

Once again, I am speaking from life experience, and something happened to my dad when I was in between Natsuo’s and Todorki’s age and I was a mixed ball, of worry, hurt, and sadness and yet I was so angry at him and I still hated him. I did not tell my friends about this until a month after it happened because I did not know how to deal myself. My closest friends knew what kind of person he was(is) and I think they’d keep that in mind in making sure I was okay, but I still didn’t feel remotely comfortable with talking about it because again I didn’t know how to deal. 

Now, Todoroki on the other hand, he had that happen VERY publicly.  So he doesn’t even get a beat. I think all the kiddos of course will want to help, will want to be there for him, but I think that will be so overwhelming that it might make Todoroki crawl back into his shell where he knows it’s “safe”. I think he needs space and his siblings right now, I think the support from his friends will be very much needed and wanted but right now? This is a family thing.

Of course this is all my interpretation that I’m going off due to life experience, who knows what Hori has planned but either way it’s a very interesting arc.