Rey progress so far!
I found this really cheap cotton crepe that I’m using for the sash, and although the color is nearly perfect, I’m going to dye it slightly more grey-ish to get the color that I want. Top right picture shows the quick test I did with hot water and a tiny bit of black paint, that got the exact result that I wanted.
For the shirt I was orignally making it myself, but I then decided to spare myself some time and effort and just bought a plain jersey t-shirt from H&M that I’m now altering, and will be tea dying shortly. (the shirt on the middle picture is the old one i was making myself)
Bottom left is the screen accurate Po-Zu shoes that arrived yesterday!! (they were a christmas gift from my parents but they didn’t arrive in time), they’re actually the most comfy boots I’ve ever worn. I WANT TEN.
Aaaand bottom right is the first makeup test I did a while back, I’m going to get more hazel-ish lenses though, since the ones I used were too dark.

I had one of the best dreams ever this morning...

Britney Spears came to Australia and her tour was sponsored by Zu Shoes.

I was hired to look after all of her shoe needs, so I went to meet her to give her some options. While I was showing her the shoes (none of which she really liked) I was so nervous and excited, that I was crying. Any who I described another shoe that I had for her and she loved it so I agreed to get it for her.

After this we got photos together, but some stupid people kept blocking my face in all of the photos. This worked me up more and I left crying and so angry.

Then I forgot to take the shoes to Britney, so I called mum and she said not to worry we can just go over to Britney’s apartment(because I had keys to it) and we will take the shoes, and dad gave me some sausages to give her to say sorry that I forgot.

So in the end, Britney got the shoes, and the sausages, and we got some really cute photos together (definitely facebook worthy), and we agreed to keep in touch.