Outfit Post: Channelling MJ

Photographer: Ramon

It’s winter and I can finally wear leather pants! I had bought these at the newly opened Sass and Bide outlet store at DFO for a bargiain $50 and have been wanting to wear them since. I had tried to wear them earlier on in the year but was perspiring like a mad woman who had run on a treadmill for hours.

The pants go with any blouses and I thought a white sheer blouse would soften up the appearance.

Every winter, I try to stay clear from wearing all black. It’s depressing and the cold weather doesn’t help either. I needed break up this black on black and the white sheer top did just that.

It was so windy but I’m so glad that with these felt hats, you can squeeze the top to tighten it.

We had been experimenting with some shots that had become unuseable as we were trying to rush through them in the cold. We will be attempting some creative shots this weekend that will hopefully turn out ok the 2nd time around.

After not seeing my parents for a few weeks, we finally went to go see them. It’s been so tough to try and find a time to see them with all our schedules being so busy and clashing all the time. You learn to appreciate the time you do get to spend with them, even if it’s just small talk.

I’m off to watch Hercules tonight and hope that it won’t be a disappointment. I did promise a part 2 of a collaboration blog post but unfortunately, I’m still waiting on the images to be edited. I know how difficult it is to shoot and edit photos so I don’t want to be pushy. I have so much I want to share with you on the blog but will have to shoot them all this weekend first. We haven’t done a shoot the past 2 weeks as we’ve been busy and I’ve been feeling a bit ill but hopefully, we can get through the backlog.

Sheer Blouse: 6ks
Leather Pants: Sass and Bide
Felt hat: Cotton On
“Mob” boots: Zu Shoes

I had one of the best dreams ever this morning...

Britney Spears came to Australia and her tour was sponsored by Zu Shoes.

I was hired to look after all of her shoe needs, so I went to meet her to give her some options. While I was showing her the shoes (none of which she really liked) I was so nervous and excited, that I was crying. Any who I described another shoe that I had for her and she loved it so I agreed to get it for her.

After this we got photos together, but some stupid people kept blocking my face in all of the photos. This worked me up more and I left crying and so angry.

Then I forgot to take the shoes to Britney, so I called mum and she said not to worry we can just go over to Britney’s apartment(because I had keys to it) and we will take the shoes, and dad gave me some sausages to give her to say sorry that I forgot.

So in the end, Britney got the shoes, and the sausages, and we got some really cute photos together (definitely facebook worthy), and we agreed to keep in touch.

I’ve touched base on summer 2011’s colour infusions with sunglasses, but how do you add a bit more colour to match your bright statement through glasses?… but with shoes of course!

External image

Since launching in 2003, Zu Shoes has become a shoe-tastic leader in men and women’s shoe fashion! The Zu style experts tread the sidewalks of Milan, New York, London, Madrid and Tokyo to bring us only the very latest styles!

My friends at Zu were able to show me some of their newest colourful splendor which will be your Summer necessity. Here are my favourite bits and pieces for head and toe colour bursts to brighten your morning, day or evening at beachside bars and cafes! You will be able to find the featured shoe styles at your nearest Zu Shoes store!

External image
External image
External image
External image

External image

And of course, for more colour eyewear ideas and inspiration; look no further than Prada or Vogue eyewear! 

External image

External image
External image

- T xo 

* Thanks to Zu Shoes for their fabulous images