Eyelids: Natural Mesh Eyelids by L'Etre
Earrings: Bouclier Earring by Epoque
Septum Ring: Couronne Septum by Epoque
Chocker: Anna Choker by L'Etre
Fur: Fourrure Stole by Epoque
Top: Roos Top by Ison x Rowne
Left Ring: Interjection Ring by Epoque
Right Ring: Lune Jumelle Ring by Epoque
Leather Cuff: Menotte Deuxieme by Epoque
Pants: Lia Pants by Ison x Rowne
Shoes: Patent 120 by Belgravia
: Ophelia Handbags by Overhigh

Shooting Location, Wood Zone by Rama
: Original Artwork: L'Homme de la Nuit by Apple Fall
: Ezra Sofa Black by The Loft
Wall Decor
: Troubadour Wall Decor by The Loft x Aria
: Troubadour Geo Lamp by The Loft x Aria
: Magazine by Soy

Hat: Wide Hat by Milk Motion
Sunglasses: Chambs Glasses by Zoom
Earrings: Vice Hoop by Yummy
Coat: Cropped Fur Jacket by Plastix
Top: Halston Top by Ison x Rowne
Skirt: Lace-Up Mesh Skirt by Ison  
Ring #1: Lune Jumelle Ring by Epoque
Ring #2: Curb Chain Fmale Ring by Gabriel
Ring #3: Cubist Ring by Epoque
Bag: Grace Leather Bag by Murray
Shoes: Hana Black Leather by Maitreya

Shooting location, Red Factory by Rama


Last night’s supermoon


me literally four weeks ago: idk if they’d go there, literally all it’d take is to open wikipedia to see who Zoom is hahaha bruth why would they show it as a reveal in the promos in that case iMEAN YOU CAN FIND OUT WHO ZOOM IS BY GOOGLING HUNTER ZOLOMON

me now: well fuck