*Jaw drops*

I went to the Crofoot Ballroom to go see Angelspit, and while me, Onyx, and our friend Claudia were in line, we were looking for other goths (all the other bands that were playing were scene, so most of the kids were scene). All of a sudden, I saw a goth man standing near the middle of the line. On closer inspection, I realized he was none other than Zoog Von Rock, one of the lead singers of Angelspit. We got somebody to hold our place in line, and we ran to him. He held his arms out and, with an excited expression, shouted “Goths!!” and gave us all a huge hug. He seemed to be happy that there were actually some goth kids amongst all the sceney-boppers hha. We had a conversation with him, and got a picture as well. Then, later on, we met all the other band members!!! And got autographs and pictures! IT WAS AMAZING! Their performance was by far the best I’ve ever seen. We also got hugs from all the band members. They were all really nice. This has officially been my best night ever.


While in Chicago, we managed to find an awesome little vintage store called Knee Deep. The guy working there was highly knowledgeable in the history of just about everything sold there, and helped us out quite a bit, including cutting a few deals. So, just as we were walking out the door, he said we could talk anything we wanted off of the dollar rack for free! Naturally, I grabbed the only velvet dress there; it fit perfectly! After cutting off the sleeves and about a foot of the skirt, I added custom Angelspit detailing with Zoog Von Rock’s help. The patches on the shoulders are white leather with studs, chain, fringe, and safety pins, all hand sewn onto the fabric. The front patch and the red lace trim on the bottom are also hand sewn.