Zombies Run!


Runner 5 is canonically your exact weight

Runner 5 is canonically your exact size

Runner 5 canonically goes exactly as fast as you do, however fast that is. Yes, even if you walk.

Runner 5 canonically uses a wheelchair, walker, cane or crutches if you use any of those devices (unless you don’t want 5 to)

Runner 5 canonically is loved and respected by Abel and plenty of other people

You are canonically Runner 5. You are the perfect Runner 5. However fast you are, you are fast enough. You are perfect right now. You are Runner 5.

Just keep running, just keep running. :) And stay safe out there.

You got freckles on your shoulder, ammunition like a soldier
And visions, ambitions to be the best

Oh and Jenny why don’t we, Jenny why don’t we be getting together
I said Jenny shouldn’t we, Jenny shouldn’t we be getting together

I haven’t drawn ZR art in a very, very long time but I still love Janine very, very much

  • Mass Effect Andromeda: Introduces "Simulated Adaptive Matrix" aka SAM, linked to you (sees what you see), supports you from the ark with situational awareness/problem solving, "There's a very specific relationship there. It's more of a partner than EDI was. You're way closer emotionally to SAM."
  • Internet: Speculation is SAM is a reanimation of your mother, or designed by your mother, which would make it like a sibling, so it's unlikely to be a romance option. Even outside of that, I don't imagine much interest for an AI that is not yet confirmed to eventually gain a body or-
  • Me: [grabs them by the shoulders, wild-eyed] Listen. I have been playing Zombies, Run! for four years. Please just let me have this.
Knitting during the zombie apocalypse

I’m currently playing this game called Zombies, Run! (or rather, the 5K training app) which  gives you a mission to do every time and does running drills. It’s basically interval training but more fun. You play as Runner 5, a runner for a post-apocalyptic township.

So on today’s mission, Runner 4 (Jody) says we’re going on a secret mission, and starts running us towards an abandoned mall, without telling you where you’re going and saying it’s a surprise. And then lo and behold, we get to a craft store, and she’s like “OK I lied. We’re here because I need yarn supplies.”

My first reaction is “GDI Jody, we are going to be infected because you wanted yarn” but honestly, I would TOTALLY do the same. She’s like, “I can almost taste the yarn. Not that I taste yarn or anything. They taste pretty much all the same anyway.”

But then we start getting stalked by another human figure, which we run into later… and it turns out to be another desperate knitter looking for wool.

During our 5 minute break, she goes into the yarn store to raid it. I hope my girl Jody gets all the good shit, like alpaca and merino wool. Let’s just hope in the event of the apocalypse, all the Malabrigo and madeline tosh yarn survives.

In return for helping her, she made something for me! It’s a knitted Runner 5 doll.

“I want something that will motivate me to get exercise!”

“I want a story with PoC characters!”

“I want a story with gay characters!”

“I want a story with lesbian characters!”

“I want a story with bisexual representation!”

“I want a story with strong female characters!”

“I want a story with a super cute and badass radio operator!

"I want-”