Dream (slight Daryl Dixon x reader)

Hi guys! I’m so sorry for my lack of update but I’m already spending my day writing for University so I’m already tired when I come back home. I’m so tired that I can’t find the courage to write more. 

However, here is a little something that I wrote a while ago. Because you guys deserve something to read for your amazing support :) 

So first of all, this is something I had on my mind for a while now. I know it’s weird but I couldn’t stop thinking ‘what if someone still has the ability to think as they transformed into a walker?’ ‘What could happen if the person is still there but can’t control her/his body and actions?’ So I came up with this small one-shot.

Hope you can deal with my weird idea XD

Ps: it was originally a dream I’ve made a while ago.

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I woke up suddenly, gasping for air as if I’d been underwater. My throat was soar and my entire body felt heavy. I was still gasping and panting for air but the only sound that erupted from my mouth was a deep and guttural groan. I frowned and tried to cough, the need to clear my throat becoming unsustainable. 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t force the gesture. I frowned again and cursed out loud but I heard nothing more than another horrible groan. What the hell was happening to me? Was I at the hospital? Maybe I was in some kind of coma and had some tubes shoved down my throat to keep me breathing? Yes, it might be that. It must be that. I tried to look around or to turn my face but nothing happened. 

I started to panic and tried to scream for someone, anyone! I wanted to know what was happening. As I tried to trash around and make somebody notice me, a bright light blinded my eyes in a flash. I closed my eyes and cursed again. I heard multiple groans around me and I opened my eyes once again but this time, I saw something. What I saw was a blur but I could definitely see the silhouette of threes. A lot of them. As I blinked several times, my vision started to get clearer and I saw the dense woods that surrounded me. I was lost. Disoriented. Was someone carrying me? Was I kidnapped? 

I tried to scream but nothing came out of my mouth. I cried out of exasperation and despair. I neared a smaller bush slowly and jumped as a human body suddenly appeared by my side. The man was tall but looked extremely dirty and… Dead?! His half-eaten face turned slowly towards me, facing me with his dark and blurry eyes. I could see the past blue color still present in his iris but they were dead, inexpressive and creepy. I squeaked in surprise and had to look away in order to catch my breath and calm my stomach down. What was he? What happened to this man? I asked myself as I tried to hide from the monster but once again I couldn’t get away. My body kept its slow pace towards the unknown destination. I screamed as realization hit me.

I was like him. I was a monster

I was dead. I was walking and I was dead! 

I freaked out as I heard a scream into the forest. Was it a living? Maybe they could help? Suddenly, I winced as a painful feeling gripped my guts. The pain was strong enough to make me black out if I could still react like a human being. My body started to walk faster in the direction of the scream. 'Stop!’ I thought but nothing happened. My body was now following the lights of a fire through the thick branches, the hunger even more painful.'Help!’ I tried to scream. 

'Please do something! I’m in there!!' 

No one answered my pleads, no one even noticed me until another monster plunged it’s teeth into a young woman’s upper arm. She screamed in pain, a piercing scream that froze my bones. 

“Amy! No!“ 

Another blond woman shouted. I gasped but my body moved on its own towards a man who had tripped over his own feet and I screamed as I took a huge bite of his shoulder. I was screaming to make it stop but I had no control over my actions. I had no will power anymore.It was chaos around me and around my pray.

"Shane! Shane! What do we do?”

I heard a woman’s voice scream loudly. She sounded afraid, she sounded so afraid…


I turned my head to see a young boy, gripping a woman’s leg tightly, a huge man shooting the monsters with a riffle before them.

“Go into the RV! Lori!”

The man screamed. My body slowly rose to its feet and limped towards the man. I tried to stop once again but I simply couldn’t.

'Please… Stop this, make it end…’

I was slowly becoming insane, even if I wasn’t alive anymore, somehow I still had to be the spectator of my horrible murders. 

'What an amazing way to picture my after life.' I thought. Suddenly, a sharp pain erupted through my arm, making me look down. An arrow was traversing my shoulder, making me stop in my tracks. Then, something hard connected with my head and I fell on the floor. Black spot covered my vision and I cried in pain. My tired eyes landed on a man. He was tall and muscular. He had broad shoulders and toned arms that were holding a crossbow into my face. His short sandy blond hair was sweaty but looked soft. His deep blue eyes looked at me for a while, as if he was observing my face, searching my eyes for something I couldn’t understand. I blinked and a warm feeling gripped my heart. This man was absolutely gorgeous and what shocked me the most was that he was looking at my soul not what I had become. He watched me for a little while longer and I caught myself smiling at the soft look he had upon me. The whole word disappeared around me and he was the only one that mattered. A sad feeling gripped my heart as I understood that I would never know his name, I would never have a conversation with him, I would never tell him my name, I would never have a life again. I am dead and now was the time to be set free, again. I watched the man as he sighed and shook his head in disappointment.

“Such a shame to waste a pretty face like that…”

I heard his deep Georgian voice whispered as he closed his eyes for a brief moment. After a while, he opened his stormy eyes and aimed his crossbow at me once again.

“Rest in peace, beautiful soul.”

The blue-eyed man said before pulling the trigger. I smiled one last time before everything went black. 


Hi guys I hope that you liked it! Sorry if it was kinda sad, I’m not really in a cheery mood ^^’ 

The Walking Dead 7x14: Death Wish

Guess what guys. I really liked this episode of The Walking Dead. I know this is shocking for you all to hear after my season’s worth of complaining and nitpicking, but this episode actually incorporated everything I really like about the show. Last week I talked about how the character’s are consistently the strongest element of TWD and also that I longed for Maggie - this week was a celebration of both! Hooray!

The episode started by giving us an almost silent recap of what has been going on in Hilltop this whole time. In a nutshell: Maggie is crushing it as a benevolent leader with the heart of a warrior and a tummy full of baby, Sasha is faithfully leveling up the fighting skills of the people of Hilltop whilst nursing a low key death wish, Enid is making peanut butter snack trays, Jesus is Jesus, and Gregory is still the worst. We also see that a guilt-ridden Daryl has returned to Hilltop and spends his time mournfully whittling. This relatively serene opening is shattered by Rosita’s arrival and suicide mission proposition to Sasha. The jarring shift back to sound after an otherwise peaceful sequence actually gave that moment the gravity it deserved. That proposition was deserving of a redo, when we saw the scene the first time it felt almost thrown away.

Also the show “officially” outed Jesus (who is gay in the comic books) with an offhand comment. The Walking Dead has done a nice job writing characters who happen to be gay versus characters who are explicitly defined by their gayness, that being said it’s still frustrating that the show’s only lesbian relationship ended in horrible death (for more see the Bury Your Gays trope which disproportionately affects women). ANYWAY, I’m happy that there is another badass, visible, LGBT character on the show and please don’t kill him because I love him.

Moving on- Sasha and Rosita ghost through a pile of wood as the Saviors pull up to Hilltop. This Savior squad is led by Simon (aka Steven Ogg aka Trevor from GTA aka the best) who is easily my favorite Savior and sometimes my overall favorite character. Yes, he is a huge asshole but you can’t help but love the guy. He hits all the character notes that Negan should be hitting, Simon is capable of both brilliant comedy and also real intimidation. I am more than ready to never see Negan again, but I will truly miss Simon when he meets his inevitable doom. Simon is a man who clearly loves his work, and when that work includes mind fucking Gregory (who is the worst), who can blame him? Simon is so likable that even stupid Gregory tries to emulate his casual threatening attitude (it does not go over well and will likably be the cause of his downfall. Maggie forever.)

As the Saviors mill about Hilltop, Daryl is forced to confront (literally) Maggie when they have to hide together in a storage cellar. Maggie absolving Darryl of responsibility for Glenn’s death was a truly touching moment, and seeing Daryl cry cut through my black soul right to my poor stone heart. Their hug (there have been a number of great Daryl hugs this season) felt like a fitting conclusion to the period of mourning that many of our survivors have found themselves in since the season premiere.

Lastly, this was a great episode for Rosita and Sasha. These two ladies have of late been defined by their romantic attachment to Abraham and their conflict with each other over it. It is disheartening to see women still fighting over men even at the end of world, but I thought this episode did justice to both. Rosita has long been an impenetrable character, prior to this we have only seen her as a love interest or as a veritable swiss-army knife of survival hacks. Seeing her finally open up in the face of her assumed death was extremely rewarding and made me excited for the first time about the future of the character. Sasha clearly thought so too and made the choice to go on what she believes is a suicide mission in order to spare Rosita’s life. Sasha clearly saw herself in Rosita’s anger and grief, and in the end the two women were able to unite rather than continue to tear each other apart. The feels were reals.

While I am sad to see Sasha go (for she has a starship awaiting her on CBS), this ending does make a certain amount of sense. Sasha has lost everyone she has been closed with (a brother and now two love interests) and she now believes she is doing what is best to protect those left, including Rosita. If this is to be her end, then it is a fitting one at least. Hopefully she is able to take out Negan before we say goodbye for good.

Next week it looks like we are making a return to the All Lady, All Killer seaside community. Hopefully it doesn’t go totally shit (it almost certainly will).

This episode successfully told two tight stories that both furthered the plot and also had authentic emotional resolution. What’s more it boasted meaningful character development and Bechdel test-smashing realness. This is something that as viewers we all know TWD dead to be capable of, but has been increasingly rare as of late. With ONLY 2 EPISODES left it feels like we are suddenly running out of time with which to wrap up this season, but after this episode I am feeling cautiously optimistic.