Types In a Zombie Apocalypse


- unofficial leader everyone loves

- ultimate plan checker; makes sure that they covered every possibility

- argues with ENTJ and ESTJ a lot, but always ends up winning arguments


- comes up with plans to defeat zombies

- assigns roles to everybody (which no one follows)

- rations the food and essential items


- invents weapons and technology

- database of info on zombies

- awake at 1:00 AM not because of zombies but because they want to make another zombie meme


- weapons analyst

- keeps everyone on track

- can defeat zombie on their own


- helps build weapons

- accidentally got separated but found their way back

- fights zombies front line, not scared at all


- supervisor, keeps everyone in line

- organizes everyone when time to fight

- always angry at ENTP for arguing


- official weapons manufacturer

- can troubleshoot and fix weapons and armor

- builds shelter for everyone


- the ultimate soldier

- literally the only person who follows the rules

- can recall important information about the zombies


- can think like a zombie

- comes up with every possibility of how a zombie could attack the camp

- helps cook food so everyone doesn’t get bored of the same old granola bars


- the ultimate comforter

- makes sure everyone is happy

- can address the whole group and deliver instructions so that everyone doesn’t freak out


- scared of the zombies

- the baby of the group, everyone loves them

- everyone shares their food with them


- tries to correct ESTJ and ENTJ, but gets pushed aside

- makes ENTP do the arguing for them

- understands zombies motivations in a whole


- the entertainer

- tells jokes

- no one is ever bored with them along


- takes everything ESTJ says literally

- finds gossip somehow

- helps ENFP cook


- also scared of the zombies

- documents all the zombie encounters by drawing them

- good at fighting the zombies, but sometimes feels bad for them


- will sacrifice themselves for others

- makes sure everyone is happy

- remembers which methods worked against the zombies before

DOOM: Former Humans

UAC Log Archive 00E1-M8: Phobos Anomaly

After the first field tests of teleportation between Mars’ two moons proved to be successful, an extra-dimensional tear occurred, forming a gateway on the surface of Phobos. Though the gateway seemed to show no signs of activity at first, strange occurrences began to arise on the Phobos base after its appearance. On-site personnel started to show signs of strange sicknesses and an uptick in violent behavior within hours of its arrival. A request to UAC Mars Central Command for increased security and Military assistance was granted. With the gateway being categorized as an anomaly, it was unknown where its source point was located. UAC Mars Central Command quickly reacted to the situation, focusing their research solely on the origins of the gateway and its unexplainable properties.

Communication with Deimos was met with difficulty, eventually culminating in complete radio silence mere days after the gateway was formed. Within a week, all personnel on Phobos were stricken with death or had undergone bizarre physical mutation. The security officers and marines sent to Phobos were not heard from again.

UAC Demonic Entity Log: 001-Former Humans (UAC)

UAC research personnel were the first to perish from the gateway’s radiation, followed quickly by the marines sent to aid them. Radiation made much of the crew lose their hair, though oddly, others hair changed color. The unnatural properties of the radiation led the bodies of the dead to rise again, acting as a hive-mind seemingly fueled by bloodlust.  Any survivors were reportedly killed by those deemed to be undead. Commonly, noses were seen to be clawed off or completely decayed, with some security personnel showing signs of advanced decomposition, though unnaturally able to move and fight.  Though the bodies continued to decay and brain activity appeared low, these abominations seemed to hold a collective memory of past life, able to use weaponry and equipment just as before.

Though the request of Military reinforcement was initially appreciated, a large portion of security personnel were oft-equipped with weapons of unnecessarily lethal capabilities, a number of them seen with heavy firearms such as UAC-issue rotary-cannons and double-barreled shotguns. These weapons, in the hands of the undead, made the eradication of the Phobos base a quick feat. Concerns worsened when new completely inhuman lifeforms began to infiltrate the base.

Blue Exorcist AU in which the Illuminati Zombies got out of control before Shirou told Rin everything - so we got a full fledged zombie apocalypse on our hands with the parent & children road trip of hell in which Rin learns that his crybaby brother can shoot a whole bunch of zombies very fast, his priest father is pretty badass and blue flames are an kickass anti zombie weapon.

in which arthur fights zombies, rescues two confused londoners, slightly creeps them out & puts his world war one trench club back in service 


A set of concept art images for various aspects of Call of Duty: Black Ops’ Shangri La, designed by Arnie Swekel at Raven Software.

It is amazing to see just how the artist thinks through these concepts, especially in the case of the concept-designs for Shangri La’s wonder weapon, now officially named the 31-79 JGb215.

Also, it seems that the final decision came down to either the 31-79 JGb215 model that we know and love, or this “Village Bell” concept.  Amazing to think that one decision could’ve made such a difference in how we play Shangri La!

- images courtesy of Raven Software, and artist Arnie Swekel. 

ZR Headcanon: Runner Culture

So (possibly because of my sociology and anthropology classes) I’ve been thinking a lot about Runner Culture.  Little things that only runners do because no one else know what it’s like.  We get some of it in S2M25, but imagine:

Runners creating a hand sign that at once means: “Stay safe, be careful, come home”

Runner field signs to tell of food and weapon caches, zombies, or where one of their own fell

Runners wearing black bands with fallen runner’s numbers

Runners seeing other township runners with the black bands and saluting in respect, because you might not be allies, but you know what the other is going through

Runners being protective of their own: “Three ran through a zombie invested grocery store so you better be thankful for that spam” or “Sam saved my life, lay off” (because Sam is one of theirs and only they’re allowed to heckle him)

Runners have rituals before going on a big run, or after someone comes home from one

Runners retiring a fallen runner’s shoes because yes, good shoes are hard to come by, but those were their shoes

A runner’s number becoming their name, because in the field that’s all that matters

Runners having inside jokes, like always getting Eight ammo as presents or leaving Sam Curly Wurlys after a hard run

Runners developing their own lingo and hand signs because sometimes common words can’t express what they’ve been through

Runners recognizing the signs of PTSD in others before anyone else because they’ve been there too

Runner superstitions, like leaving shoes facing their bed so they’ll always come back.

Runner culture, because when one group of people are constantly risking their lives, they learn to survive together.  (Please feel free to add any ideas of your own)