You can buy an anti-zombie cabin. $113,000 gets you a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, garage, living room, TV, Xbox, rooftop deck with barbed wire, and an escape hatch. There are also extras like solar panels, water cannons, search lights, and flame throwers, but everyone gets the same 10-year guarantee: if you can prove a zombie made it past the reinforcements, you get your $$ back. Source


Zombie Hammer

Though they might appear to be props, they are actual weapons. Models shown above are the Brainsaw, Zombie Hammer, Piece Maker and Street Cleaver. The last photo is a rack they sell that can hold 5 of their weapons or your house keys. There are more models though; the Predator (machete), Double Tap (pick-axe), Traumahawk (tomahawk), Ventilator (spear) and H.A.K (bowie knife *seen hanging on the rack). Link below if anyone is interested. Price isn’t that bad; most are under $150. I think I might get the Piece Maker… (GRH)



Chris & Alicia protecting each other in ‘The Good Man’. (ง •̀_•́)ง

Regardless of how prepared you are, if the zombie apocalypse ever rolls around, survival will likely entail some form of scavenging. And the apocalypse may place several man-made obstacles between you and that not-yet-expired can of dog food. In that case, consider the Stanley FUBAR demolition tool (Model STHT55134) your personal key to Alpo-ville.

The Stanley FUBAR is essentially a hunk of carbon steel with a prying claw on one end and a curved cutting surface/chisel on the other. Both ends facilitate nail-removal (you don’t want to succumb to tetanus during the zombie apocalypse, do you?) while the rubberized grip ensures the tool won’t slip out of your hand and take out an eye. Designed originally to take out drywall and sheetrock, the FUBAR  should be able to handle brains and connective tissue in a pinch, but I wouldn’t become overly reliant on it. 

At 14.25" long, the FUBAR can add a lot of function to your bug-out-bag without adding much bulk. Currently retailing for about $20, it’s a good item to purchase and then have at the ready…just in case.

This handy dandy reference will serve useful should one fine one’s self in the middle of a zombie apocalypse with nigh a clue as to how to proceed. Other improvised zombie weapons:

  • brick
  • rock
  • cane
  • croquet mallet (name that reference)
  • human femur
  • lid to toilet tank
  • bicycle seat (another reference)
  • snide humor
Man, they should totally pay me to make these infographics. Anybody listening?

Nothing says extreme zombie survivalism quite like the Crovel Extreme by Gearup Center. Apparently the original Crovel (which is the result of a shovel and a crowbar sharing a regrettable hard night of drinking) just wasn’t extreme enough for the zombie apocalypse. Instead Gearup Center offers this new, improved version that boasts a hallowed-out fourteen-inch handle (ideal for storing your emergency stash of bath salts as well as other trinkets) and the ability to attach accessories at its base (for an additional cost, of course). If you do decide to purchase one, pray that the zombie attack doesn’t happen during the 30-45 day turnaround period.   

in which arthur fights zombies, rescues two confused londoners, slightly creeps them out & puts his world war one trench club back in service