i’ve probably used up all my griping points on here and should wait longer for them to re-accumulate but i had a subpar day and you know what?? elektra natchios, deadliest assassin in the world, lone ninja and reluctant hero, is still getting the short end of the katana in all arenas. “we brought her back to life and now she’s an amnesiac zombie weapon!” great!! a) i already watched the winter soldier and b) i’m so glad you have this excuse to go from handwaving elektra’s motivations and internal life to not bothering with them at all. this is approaching sexy lamp territory, if the sexy lamp could stab people. we’re supposed to enjoy watching elektra because she’s cool (she flips! she stabs! she wears a sick outfit!), while all the emotional weight of her character being present in the narrative at all goes to how matt feels about her. they can’t just let her exist. i think the ghost of frank miller (he ain’t dead yet but you know he’s made a deal with satan and can astral project) has put a curse on all elektra adaptations that will last a thousand years. i’m tired!! it’s a waste of elodie yung’s prodigious talent and enthusiasm!! if i have to go another season of television watching elektra inexplicably not interact meaningfully with anyone other than matt and stick i will blow a gasket 

Types In a Zombie Apocalypse


- unofficial leader everyone loves

- ultimate plan checker; makes sure that they covered every possibility

- argues with ENTJ and ESTJ a lot, but always ends up winning arguments


- comes up with plans to defeat zombies

- assigns roles to everybody (which no one follows)

- rations the food and essential items


- invents weapons and technology

- database of info on zombies

- awake at 1:00 AM not because of zombies but because they want to make another zombie meme


- weapons analyst

- keeps everyone on track

- can defeat zombie on their own


- helps build weapons

- accidentally got separated but found their way back

- fights zombies front line, not scared at all


- supervisor, keeps everyone in line

- organizes everyone when time to fight

- always angry at ENTP for arguing


- official weapons manufacturer

- can troubleshoot and fix weapons and armor

- builds shelter for everyone


- the ultimate soldier

- literally the only person who follows the rules

- can recall important information about the zombies


- can think like a zombie

- comes up with every possibility of how a zombie could attack the camp

- helps cook food so everyone doesn’t get bored of the same old granola bars


- the ultimate comforter

- makes sure everyone is happy

- can address the whole group and deliver instructions so that everyone doesn’t freak out


- scared of the zombies

- the baby of the group, everyone loves them

- everyone shares their food with them


- tries to correct ESTJ and ENTJ, but gets pushed aside

- makes ENTP do the arguing for them

- understands zombies motivations in a whole


- the entertainer

- tells jokes

- no one is ever bored with them along


- takes everything ESTJ says literally

- finds gossip somehow

- helps ENFP cook


- also scared of the zombies

- documents all the zombie encounters by drawing them

- good at fighting the zombies, but sometimes feels bad for them


- will sacrifice themselves for others

- makes sure everyone is happy

- remembers which methods worked against the zombies before

  • Nightmare Questions:
  • 1) Favorite horror movie?
  • 2) Scariest place to be outside at night where you live?
  • 3) Any animal fears?
  • 4) When you were younger what were you afraid of?
  • 5) When you were younger how did you cope with your fears?
  • 6) Is a basement or attic scarier to you?
  • 7) Ever have recurring nightmares?
  • 8) Favorite old horror film?
  • 9) Are you comfortable being at home alone?
  • 10) Has the fear of something ever kept you up all night?
  • 11) When you imagined monsters when you were younger what did they look like?
  • 12) Do you sleep with one foot out of the covers or both under?
  • 13) What is your natural response upon hearing a loud crash in your house?
  • 14) Have you ever played any horror games? (The Midnight Man, One Man Tag, Three Kings, Kokkuri-San)
  • 15) Top 5 scariest noises to hear when you're alone?
  • 16) Pick a horror movie and explain how you would survive.
  • 17) Do you have pre-planned hiding places in your house for scary situations?
  • 18) Have your experienced any paranormal happenings?
  • 19) Do you believe in ghosts?
  • 20) Are there any spots in your house you are to afraid to be?
  • 21) Any recommendations for horror films?
  • 22) Do you prefer gore or thrillers?
  • 23) What did your parents tell you about monsters when you were young?
  • 24) Are you a fan of jump scares?
  • 25) What is your go to for horror entertainment?
  • 26) Do you believe aliens or other life forms exist?
  • 27) Have you read Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark? If so what was your favorite or what was the scariest story?
  • 28) Have you ever been near a murder scene?
  • 29) Would you ever spend the night in an abandoned building?
  • 30) Are you superstitious?
  • 31) Have you ever had a fortune told to you that came true?
  • 32) Do you sleep with your window open?
  • 33) Have you ever trespassed onto private property late at night?
  • 34) Would you ever stay overnight in a place that is said to be haunted?
  • 35) Do you ever have dreams/nightmares that end up occurring in real life?
  • 36) Have you ever worked in a haunted house? If not have you wanted to?
  • 37) Have you ever seen something super spooky and unexplainable?
  • 38) Scariest horror game you've played?
  • 39) What do you do for Halloween?
  • 40) Post a pic of a Halloween costume that you've worn.
  • 41) Ghosts or Ghouls?
  • 42) Do you have any phobias?
  • 43) While on the subject of phobias, do you have any things you want people to tag for safety?
  • 44) Have you ever used a Ouija Board? If so did anything happen during your experience?
  • 45) Favorite horror movie antagonist?
  • 46) Favorite horror musical?
  • 47) Zombie apocalypse weapon of choice?
  • 48) Tell a spooky joke.
  • 49) What would be your back story if you were the killer in a horror movie? Why are you killing people?
  • 50) One unrelated question of your choice.
ZR Headcanon: Runner Culture

So (possibly because of my sociology and anthropology classes) I’ve been thinking a lot about Runner Culture.  Little things that only runners do because no one else know what it’s like.  We get some of it in S2M25, but imagine:

Runners creating a hand sign that at once means: “Stay safe, be careful, come home”

Runner field signs to tell of food and weapon caches, zombies, or where one of their own fell

Runners wearing black bands with fallen runner’s numbers

Runners seeing other township runners with the black bands and saluting in respect, because you might not be allies, but you know what the other is going through

Runners being protective of their own: “Three ran through a zombie invested grocery store so you better be thankful for that spam” or “Sam saved my life, lay off” (because Sam is one of theirs and only they’re allowed to heckle him)

Runners have rituals before going on a big run, or after someone comes home from one

Runners retiring a fallen runner’s shoes because yes, good shoes are hard to come by, but those were their shoes

A runner’s number becoming their name, because in the field that’s all that matters

Runners having inside jokes, like always getting Eight ammo as presents or leaving Sam Curly Wurlys after a hard run

Runners developing their own lingo and hand signs because sometimes common words can’t express what they’ve been through

Runners recognizing the signs of PTSD in others before anyone else because they’ve been there too

Runner superstitions, like leaving shoes facing their bed so they’ll always come back.

Runner culture, because when one group of people are constantly risking their lives, they learn to survive together.  (Please feel free to add any ideas of your own)

My Zombie Apocalypse Posts

This is just a compilation of my thoughts, ideas and resources about surviving a zombie apocalypse (though some of them can be applied to any kind of apocalypse) and zombies related stuff.

Note: I will come back to this and keep it updated.

Blue Exorcist AU in which the Illuminati Zombies got out of control before Shirou told Rin everything - so we got a full fledged zombie apocalypse on our hands with the parent & children road trip of hell in which Rin learns that his crybaby brother can shoot a whole bunch of zombies very fast, his priest father is pretty badass and blue flames are an kickass anti zombie weapon.

mycupcakedreams14  asked:

Could you do a scenario about what each of the incubi brothers would do in the zombie apocalypse? Like their reactions, what they do, etc.? Thanks!! Love your page btw. 😁 I know this is a little bit of a needy request, but I'm OBSESSED WITH THE WALKING DEAD. Ok bye now. 😂

That is totally okay!! I love zombie AUs!!

James: His weapon of choice isn’t very well appreciated in the zombie world, so James learns quickly to retire his guns only for the most dire moments. He gets good at taking care of injuries, more so than usual, thinking that it would be beneficial for at least one of them to have medical aid experience. So far he hasn’t had to amputate anything and he hopes it stays that way.

Erik: Going on supply runs is a lot easier when he has his powers to help him along. Zombies don’t even seem to notice the purple tendrils coming at them until it’s too late, so Erik never needs to get too close to actually kill any. Not only that, but they make carrying heavier supplies home a lot easier. He becomes the go to guy for supply runs; if you’re going out, take him.

Sam: Definitely a hard hitter during the zombie apocalypse, Sam is the one who protects everyone when they’re out searching for supplies. He holds the record for killing the most dead and he knows how to do so in a safe and efficient manner. Though, just because he knows how to do it safely, doesn’t mean he does. A guy’s gotta have a little fun while the world is ending.

Matthew: Being smaller and faster than all his brothers gives Matthew an advantage when it comes to collecting supplies. He’s usually the one to run in and grab things while his brothers handle the zombies and he’s pretty good at only grabbing the essentials. This doesn’t mean he can’t take care of himself though; he doesn’t have all those knives just for show.

Damien: Luckily for Damien, people cease to have any real thoughts once they go zombie, so the world is a lot quieter for him. This actually gives him quite the advantage because now he can hear when hostile people are approaching his group. He becomes an expert negotiator because of this, always finding out his enemy’s weakness before things can go sour.

I am on a quest! For the PERFECT Pride and Prejudice cast! I’ll be reviewing the characters from one of my favourite books, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and selecting the actor who played the character the best! 

Colin Firth 

You know him as Darcy, in fact everyone does. In the mid to late 1990s, every woman was head over heels in love with Firth as Darcy in one form or another. The 1995 adaption of Pride and Prejudice started a nationwide trend for period dramas and excessive side burns. It even inspired a cult classic in it’s own right, “Bridget Jones’s Diary”, and in the film adaption, Mark Darcy was played by none other that Firth himself.

Lets analyse Firth’s Darcy to see what makes him so iconic,


  • Wet shirt
  • Very funny and vulnerable when he wants to be 
  • So angry


  • Has a bit of a dad vibe
  • Tainted forever by Mamma Mia 
  • So angry

Matthew Macfadyen

He played Darcy in the beautifully shot 2005 adaption with Keira Knightley, and then went on to star in the BBC drama “Spooks”, but other than that, he hasn’t hit Hollywood hard since. His Darcy was vulnerable and was so obviously in love with Elizabeth that it makes me melt every time I watch it. I have lots of love for Macfadyen, reasons being this scene

which is beautifully filmed and the chemistry is amazing. Oh and this moment


  • That bit where he says “love” three times and it’s the cutest thing in the world
  • When he roleplays Jane to help Bingley at the end


  • Not as pretty 
  • Not as angry
  • No curly hair

Daniel Vincent Gordh

He’s the originally faceless Darcy from Hank Green and Bernie Su’s webseries of Pride and Prejudice. His reveal on the show was one of the tensest moments of my life. This series sent me back onto my Pride and Prejudice obsession, because it was so painfully accurate and so painfully funny. Ashley Clements deserves a shout out for her version of Darcy 


  • Very cute
  • Never angry
  • So much tension and chemistry with Lizzie


  • Sometimes a little bit wooden
  • Not really my idea of Darcy
  • The bow ties 

Sam Riley 

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. That is correct, regency deliciousness, and rotting corpses. It’s perfect. The film is relatively new, and is based off the 2009 book of the same name. Sam Riley plays a zombie hunter, weapons master version of the Darcy we all know and love, taking his frustrations and general anger out on the undead. This film has many qualities, but one of its best is the truthfulness to the original whilst still being completely fresh. Take the first proposal scene for instance


  • Right level of constant annoyance
  • Totally in awe of Elizabeth


  • The voice doesn’t match his face?
  • Darcy’s emo phase
  • Leather jacket?

And the winner is…

Always Firth. He’s synonymous with the role, as soon as the name Fitzwilliam Darcy comes into my head, out he emerges in blazant glory and his wet white shirt. I love Macfayden because I love the 2005 adaption, but Colin Firth has played Darcy twice, and no body can top that.

Complete List of My characters with snippits

Hood- Johnathan Satlin, the universe Guardian. Lazy, married to Liz Wright

Liz Wright- Wife to Hood, ultimate Mom 

Aaron Nitishino- Number 42, The God Killer, adorably fluffy, married to Beth Wright

Beth Wright: Aaron’s wife, will kick your ass, adorable.

Tiggs Nitishino: Aaron’s cousin. 9 foot tall black and silver four armed tiger man. Total mad scientist.

Jasmine Nitishino: Aaron’s cousin. Shapeshifter, lynx lady, pan, will stab you and flirt with you

Pinstripe: Mafia Hit man possessed by ancient assassin god

Sheriff Waters: wild west sherriff and time displaced Pinstripe.

Sheriff McCreed: immortal western zombie sheriff, total nonchalant asshole.

Deputy Colt 45: super futuristic robot sent to the wild west. Deputy to Waters and McCreed.

Guilty’s Gang: Guilty, Thomas Ralz the pianist, and old man Joe the banjoist. And their swamp monster.

Scorpio: bandito given powers by the zodiac spirit scorpio,

Cheif Kitchi: Blackfoot indian chief.

Vessal: bronze golum, protecter of Kitchi’s tribe, host to hundreds of warrior spirits.

Argon and Neon: nova kids trapped in the Wildwest, brother and sister.

Nobilis Krypton: Anodyne, roman themed, trapped in wildwest with Argon and Neon

Stephan and Justin Wright: Little Brothers to Hood and Aaron respectively. Adopted by Tracey Wright and Hail Tartalgia. The bridges to the multiverse. Cinnamon roll and sin-namon rolls.

Tracey Wright: Hail’s wife and the mother to Justin and Stephan, sexy, tired of everyone’s shit. 

Hail Tartalgia: Second Youngest of the Tartalgia family. Shy, ice powers, twin brother to Zana, cinnamon roll. Married to Tracey Wright.

Lightening Tartalgia: youngest Tartalgia, power over energy, super speed. Energetic, outgoing, friendly.

Fog Tartalgia: Middle child of Tartalgia family, twin brother to Storm. Power over all gasses and vapors. Quiet, kind, wise.

Storm Tartalgia: Middle Child of Tartalgia family, twin brother to Fog. Power over weather. Loud, arrogant, secretly a cinnamon roll.

Kujo: Second oldest of Tartalgia family, twin brother to Zoey. Blunt, dry, helpful. Can know everything about an item  by touching it, and will know expertly how to use it.

Zana: Second youngest of Tartalgia family, twin sister to Hail, power over water and liquids, equally as shy as Hail if not more so.

Zoey: Second oldest of Tartalgia family, twin sister of Kujo, control over plants and animals. Busty, curvy and flirtatious. Sin-namon roll.

Hero: eldest of Tartalgia family. Power of adapting to any situation (nearly infinite powers). Outgoing, positive, conceited, loves himself.

Pops: Possibly immortal old man, Looks like 60, but is as healthy as a 30 year old. Street brawler, travels with Launa.

Launa Dandies: Descendant of Waters. Can’t be harmed. Sociopath, angry at everything.

Taurus: Minotaur like being, greatest enemy is Hood, wants to envelop the world in eternal night.

Number43: almost clone of Aaron. An attempt to repeat the success that is Aaron in making ultimate weapon.

Grave Digger: older than time, is death, grim reaper, and the grave all at once. Always drinking.

Arnold: The Graveyard Cat. Zombie cat with the power of decay. Experiment of 100 Project

Ronny: The hellhound, control over darkness and fire. Experiment of 100 project

Damian: Giant Golden Flying Fox, A big ass fruit bat. Kind, gentle, not sure where he is. Clings to Digger

Marty: a mothman, silent, thinking, will fight you.

Vet: time traveling immortal redneck doctor getting into shenanigans

Uncle Sam: ultra patriotic American bald eagle robot. Made by vet

DJ Giz: super sleek robot covered in speakers. Makes noise. Made by vet

Livewire: robot with tendrils coming from his back. not made by vet but saved by him

SARAH: vets body guard. Ultimate fighting robot girl. Sexy, but will kick your ass

Leao: Wizard cat!

Farmer John Stidham: first of Shattered Six, hard working, blunt farmer

Don Lomas: Second of Shattered Six, mob boss, mysterious, dangerous.

Poindexter Carter: third of Shattered Six, genius, scientist, nerd

Smiley Joe Stidham: fourth of Shattered Six, mixer, dancer, happy.

Dr Dean Lomas: fifth of Shattered Six, doctor, muscular, pretty boy

Agent Carter: Sixth of Shattered Six, agent, fighter, dangerous.

The Fivefold: The Pastor, Prophet, Evangelist, Teacher, and Apostle.

The Big Three: The three who made everything, Austin, Chance, and Fernando.

Curly Satlin: Giant lumberjack with bigger afro. Works for Don and Brigitta Vigarin.

Kristopher Krins: towns person of Keypers Cove, might be santa, definitely Santa, necklace is two candy canes which he uses when fighting.

Galve: flaming skeleton goat man in a robe, comes out from November to February.

Sir Issac Wells: real name of Johnny Rockers. Large bulky man, from Arkansas, used some enhanced cocaine, permanent other personality emerged, sophisticated man of class, still an absolute psychopathic serial killer.

Mr. Hicks: Henry Hicks, CEO of large tech company, travels the world joining fighting tournaments, boxer.

Lord Harlston: Victorian era gentlemen revived as a half plant, half zombie, very kind and polite. Hates rude un-gentlemanly people.

Pedro Gonzalez: former CEO, current Hero of Mexico, very strong boxer, rival to Mr. Hicks.

The Matador: Alfonzo Rivera, fighter, uses a sword and two bull fighting spears.

Wechidna: Immortal butler and warrior, butler to Mr. Hicks, neighbor to Tracey Wright.

Ashura: Ghost of formally immortal warrior, bonded to Liz Wright

Foxcrest: perfect maid

Wolfthorn: perfect Butler

Hawkridge: Perfect butler,

Ursa: Tigg’s main maid. Super strong

Lea: Tiggs’ main gardener. Mastered every last known martial art

Shaun-Li: Tigg’s cheff, poison touch.

Pastor Smith and Juddeep: World traveling Southern Pastor and his Saudi Arabian friend/ex-airport security guard.

Romulin: Son of Anubis, permanent rival to Uncle Sam

Valz: Greek titan of love, passion, erotic pleasure, and drinks.

Issac: Son of Hood, inherited all his powers.

Tommie: Daughter of Aaron, inherited all his powers (and looks)

Tedd: living teddy bear, adopted by Hood.

Ishmael: ancient warrior and shaman. Rival and big brother figure to Issac

The Mesh: large, jumbled robot, created by a deceased boy genius, roams the world looking for a new owner.

Abra: Alternate pinstripe, unknown female who’s theme is magician.

Ringmaster: Circus ringmaster with reality altering abilities

Chuckles: Alternate pinstripe, unknown female who’s theme is clown.

Ragdoll: Hood from a forgotten universe, a patchwork ragdoll like being of pure evil.

Snap: the alpha hood, the original who snapped upon seeing the multitude of various deaths.

Corruption: alternate Aaron. Put on Hood’s sweater, old programming resurfaced, Went crazy.

The Pinstripe Corps: multidimensional assassin group of alternate Pinstripe’s

The OFFKeys: a group of six musicians from Keypers Cove, each represents a different music genre

The entire town of Keypers Cove: hoh boy. Their necklaces has powers

Thunder and Zora Tartaliga: Parents of the Tartalgia Family and founders of Tartalgia.

Ultra42: Alternate Aaron, true ultimate weapon

Omega42: Zombie Ultra, mindless animal, afterwards a depressed former hero.

Aaron+: alternate aaron, controlled with nanites, killer.

Amalgam: an amalgamate of Pinstripe, Fatality, Legion, Patient Doe, Mr Thompson, Scorpio, from a computer world.

Scrap: all of Vet’s robots, mashed into one, torn to shreds by Aaron+ individually before reforming and killing him.

Virus: Vet’s true opposite. Body is home to every last disease, fungus, and bacteria in the universe, complete control over all disease.

Schism: the true embodiment of chaos and order. True equality. A god pretty much.

EL: The elemental. Splits into six main elements, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Machine, Nature, Light and Dark. Then they fuse into four sub elements. Fire and Water make Energy. Air and Earth make Decay. Nature and Machine make Time. And Light and Dark make order. Then they fuse to make two. Time and Decay make Death. Order and Energy make life. El, the final fusion, is the element of Humanity

Error53: a mix of science and magic, a demonic computer virus.

El guillao: Puerto Rican Gansgter, uses soul flame and machetes.

Fatality: embodiment of fear, true monster.

Legion: former youth pastor turned host to millions of demons.

Train Man: Wildwest Zombie, enforcer of death, rounds up souls Digger doesn’t feel like finding.

Dr. Isotope: former Cold War Scientist, imbued with the power of ten atoms bombs

Xalarn: flaming spikey skeleton man, makes more flaming skeletons for army.

Damian Weaver: form an alternate universe, survivor of zombie apocalypse. Thinks he is edgy, is not edgy,

Justin Carter: from the same forgotten world as Ragdoll. Another patchwork ragdoll man, with a flaming chainsaw for a hand, a hero.

Patient Doe: unknown. A patchwork person trying to make themselves the perfect body, might be alien, no facts known.

Mr. Thompson: really friendly serial killer, animals love him, everyone loves him, everyone knows hes a killer too.

Silver Heart: given a robotic heart that replaces all damaged parts with robotics.

Bob: robot from the future meant to be sent to 1950’s America. Sent to modern America. Typical 1950’s dad but is actually killer liquid metal robot.

Rex: very large man with brain of hyper intelligent dog. Loyal, works with a pirate, but always dressed in a suit.

Leon: demon lion man. Crazy, violent, evil

Captain Longbeard and Shiv: Pirates. Longbeard is very intelligent, pilots a ship from the far future, Shiv is his malfunctioning robot fighter/first mate.  

Clove: Skeleton Wildwest gun for hire. Known as the Gunslinger.

Beryl and Obsidian: Gem people. Servants for the Gods.

DOTcom: a program and nanite cloud created by Vet, pilots his TAURTOS.

Talli and Mingan: Talli cant die, Mingan is his giant grey dire wolf who is the real brains of the duo.

Blachidna: Alternate version of Wechidna, evil, arrogant, ruler of planet of factories.

Employee18: leader of worker revolution against Blachinda, favorite weapon :picaxe

Ashuraos: alternate Ashura, driven mad with power, being of pure chaos, body is half liquid energy

The Lounge Singers: 1920′s era smokey ball room band, actually hitmen, Ricky, Big Al, Betty, and Li.

Lukas Muler: Swiss cowboy living in Treasure Canyon. Earth bending powers, loves rocks.

Kopano Pillay: South African mercenary, true soldier, gun for hire.

Malware: a corrupted, computer virus infected Justin, wants to recreate his family using the glitches.

Trojan: a corrupted, computer virus infected Stephan. Wants to make Justin fix their world then kill him, willing to destroy whatever stands in his way.

The Televnagelist: former big name preacher turned serial killer. 

The FRESHfold: the fivefold, but Fresh.

Vetster: Vet and Gaster merged together. 

Aroodamate: Hood and Aaron, amalgamated

anonymous asked:

Got any good headcanons for Chandler?

chandler loves makeup but she hates the process of actually applying it bc it takes her forever – she needs to look like a knockout 24/7 and anything less is Unacceptable

she enjoys doing her friends’ makeup tho – same goes for painting their nails or doing their hair. she doesn’t feel the pressure to do it Perfectly

she would love will & grace if she were allowed to watch it

in a zombie apocalypse her weapon of choice would absolutely be a chainsaw