Crushes are for Mortals - Klarion x Reader - Part Two

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Part One

Requested by Anon -  a part two Halloween edition for the Klarion fanfic ‘Crushes are for Mortals’.

“I don’t know if I want to go to a Halloween dance,” you mumbled as M’gann pulled you into your bedroom to find a costume. She invited the entire team to her school dance, but you were nervous about it since it would be your first dance. Also your run-in with Klarion still had you on edge.

“Oh, come on (Y/N). It will be fun besides you need to get away from the cave once and a while,” M’gann argued. She dropped a bag full of costumes onto the bed, laying them out for you to inspect. “Some of these were for Conner, but he refuses to wear them.” Leaning closer to you, she whispered into your ear. “I think I’ll just wrap him in some bandages and call him a mummy.”

You smiled, studying the costumes. “Yeah, that sounds like a good idea for Conner.” None of the costumes looked appealing to you. “What are you planning to go as?”

“I am going to go as a zombie bride! Look I have it already figured out,” M’gann cried in excitement, morphing into her costume. 

“Wow, it looks amazing, M’gann,” you praised, smiling at the blush that came to her face. “I hope I turn out looking as good as you do.”

“Aww, thanks (Y/N),” M’gann cooed, blushing even more. “We’ll find you a good costume, don’t worry about that.”

“I’m not,” you mumbled mostly to yourself, however M’gann heard you. 

“(Y/N),” M’gann began softly. She could sense your fear and worry. “Are you still upset about your battle with Klarion?”

You sighed, wringing your hands together while keeping your gaze on the costumes. “Yeah, I guess I am.” You laughed with no humor. “I just can’t get his words out of my head.”

“What words?” M’gann tilted her head at you. You didn’t tell the team what Klarion had said to you.

“He said I was his equal,” you confessed, frowning at your conflicting feelings about it. Part of you was flattered while the other half was horrified. You felt M’gann staring at you in concern as you did your best to change the subject. “So, what costume should I pick?”

M’gann looked at you for a long moment before going along with your subject change. She started talking about the different costumes, letting you sigh with relief. Klarion’s promise to meet you again echoed through your head as if hinting at what was to come.

Klarion was dying to see you again, but he was at a lost of how to get to you. He knew if he made a distraction like last time, the Light would find out, thus rekindling their interest in you. However, the idea came to him while he was floating with Teekl in his pocket dimension. 

“That’s it,” he exclaimed, popping up from his pout. Teekl meowed in curiosity. “I know how I can see (Y/N) again!”

Klarion floated to the ground with Teekl, catching her in his arms. “I just have to blend in with the mortals,” he explained. Teekl meowed in disbelief.

“Shut up, you stupid cat. It would work if I disguise myself well enough,” Klarion snarled, creating a portal to enter the human world. “(Y/N) would be able to see though it.” Teekl was unamused. Klarion ignored her, jumping through the portal with a laugh. “I just have to find the right costume.”

Despite your misgivings, you found yourself leaning against the wall of the school gym, watching the dance. You fidgeted for the fairy costume that M’gann convinced you to wear itched and was tight in some places. M’gann, Conner, and Wally were dancing on the dance floor after giving up trying to get you to join in.

It wasn’t like you didn’t want to join in, but the amount of people in the room made you too nervous to leave the security of the wall. The room was uncomfortable hot, and eventually you couldn’t take it anymore. Slipping out of the gym, you stepped outside for some air. The night was still with the full moon shining brightly in the sky.

Just when you were thinking about heading back to the cave, a voice called out to you. “Hello, my love. I was looking for you.” You froze at the voice, recognizing it immediately even though you couldn’t see it’s origin.

“Klarion, what are you doing here?” you asked with a hint of enthusiasm in your voice. You looked around, frowning when he didn’t appear. 

He waited for a second before fading in next to you. Teekl was perched on his shoulder, meowing in greeting. “I am here to court you, (Y/N).” Your eyes widened when you took in the sight of his vampire costume.

“Well, I give you points for trying to blend in, but we can’t do this,” you argued, taking a step away from him while glancing around you to see if anyone was around. You had to admit though, his vampire costume was impressive. He actually made his pale white skin look like makeup. Klarion was really trying.

“Why can’t we?” he asked playfully, closing the distance you tried to make in between the two of you. Teekl meowed her confusion at your refusal. He stopped when his face was inches from yours. 

You swallowed hard, trying to gather the flitting thoughts in your head. “Because the team is already suspicious for what happen in New York, and since you’re working for the Light, it wouldn’t be right.”

“Ha,” he sniffed, turning up his nose. “I do not work for the Light. I only support them because it provides me with something fun to do. I am a lord of chaos, after all.” Teekl meowed in agreement.

“Well, I care about being part of the team,” you retorted, not liking how he rolled his eyes at your words. “I can’t be courted by you while you are working for the Light.”

Klarion frowned deeply, his hand grabbing your arm to pull you against him. “You realize we exist outside of their pathetic mortal conflict, my love. Nothing that happens in this conflict will have any effect on us in the long run.”

“I’m not immortal, Klarion,” you snapped, frowning when he chuckled at you.

“Oh, my love, you understand nothing about being the love of a lord of chaos, do you?” Teekl meowed in amusement, jumping off of Klarion’s shoulder to rub against your leg. They were successful trapping you between them. 

“I can’t do this, Klarion. I’m sorry,” you apologized, trying to get away from him, but your body refused to move. Part of you knew you had to reject him, but another part wanted to accept him.  

“My beautiful (Y/N), how about we make a deal?” Klarion offered. His hand let go of your arm to rest on your cheek. Your skin burned at his touch. “If you accompany me tonight in courtship, I will give you certain information about the Light.”

You froze, studying him in confusion. “You will?” Teekl meowed in confirmation as she continued to rub against your leg. You thought about it as the part of you who knew you should say no decided to change it’s answer to yes. “Fine, but only if you uphold your end of the bargain.” You reasoned that if anyone found out you could say you did this for information, therefore it wouldn’t betray the team.

“Good,” Klarion cooed, smiled at you as his thumb traced your lips. “Let us be away then for I have a lot planned for tonight.” He dropped his hand from your face to grab yours while opening a portal with his free hand.  Teekl walked in between the two of you. “I appreciate your fairy costume, (Y/N).”

“Thanks,” you said, wondering if it was really a complement. “I appreciate your vampire costume too.” He smiled brightly at you before pulling you through the portal. 

Klarion could be quite charming when he wanted to be. He took you everywhere from a party held by ghosts in a old castle to a movie theater to see all the Exorcist movies. You never met a ghost before, nor did you ever see the Exorcist movies, but it was a night filled with new experiences.

Before you knew it, Klarion teleported you back to Happy Harbor. The sun was rising, making you realize what the time was and how worried everyone must be. 

“I have to get back,” you stated as you both walked out of the portal. You held Teekl in your arms, letting her jump down. “I have a wonderful time, Klarion.”

“As you should have had, my love,” Klarion replied, grabbing your hand and bringing it up to his lips. You blushed at the touch before pulling away from him.

“I really have to go. Everyone’s probably worried about me,” you whispered, stepping forward to press a light kiss on his cheek. “We should do this again.” You turned to leave only for Klarion to catch your arm to stop you.

“What about my end of our bargain?” Klarion asked, frowning when you shook your head. Teekl meowed, repeating Klarion’s question. 

“No, it wouldn’t be right,” you admitted. You felt a little guilty as if you used him, which you did in part if only so it didn’t feel like you were betraying the team. 

“Nevertheless, a bargain is a bargain,” Klarion confirmed, pursing his lips in thought. Teekl meowed, suggesting what he should tell you. 

“Wait, what do you know about Red Arrow?” you asked, having understood what Teekl had said. Klarion and Teekl shared a look before a devious smile grew onto Klarion’s face. He pulled you back to him, holding you close as he whispered into your ear.

Your eyes went wide as Klarion told you the secret of Red Arrow’s origin. The blood drained out of your face. “You’re kidding? Please tell me you’re kidding,” you begged, shaking your head as tears stung your eyes. “They couldn’t do that…” You looked at Klarion for a denial, but he just smiled at you. “No…no.”

“Now (Y/N), may we make plans for next time, or should I drop in on you again?” Klarion asked, not noticing the horror on your face. Teekl meowed at him to pay attention, but he didn’t listen. 

“No,” you gasped, tears falling down your cheeks. Klarion noticed your distress finally, frowning at your upset. “I don’t know if I can be around you anymore. Not when the Light did that to Roy. He doesn’t even know.”

“As I said before (Y/N) what happens in this conflict between the justice babies and the Light means nothing to us,” Klarion justified, his frown deepened when you backed away from him. 

“I have to go,” you sobbed, running away from him. Klarion started to cast a spell to stop you, but Teekl meowed at him to stop.

“What? I’m not going to let my (Y/N) walk away from me,” Klarion pouted at Teekl. Teekl meowed back at him, explaining the situation.

“They do not need space, they need me,” Klarion retorted as Teekl meowed at him some more. “Fine, I’ll let them deal with what we told them.” He held out his arms, letting Teekl jump into them as he opened a portal. “I don’t see why it’s so dramatic.” Teekl shook her head, knowing it will be some time until Klarion was ready to enter a complete and full relationship with you. 

You stumbled into the cave about an hour later, still shaken to the core. Your fairy costume was tattered from falling so many times on your way back because you were so distracted by the turmoil inside your heart. 

“(Y/N), where have you been?” Batman demanded, having run into the room once you entered the cave. The rest of the team was right behind him. You gave him a blank look, taking several shaking breaths.

“(Y/N), are you okay?” M’gann asked gently, sensing the turmoil inside your head. You shook your head as a tear escaped your eye. M’gann stepped forward, catching you when you fell to your knees. 

Eventually, M’gann was able to get you into the medical bay by guiding you to your feet. Batman and Black Canary were there waiting for you to speak as Red Tornado tended to your wounds from falling so many times. M’gann left you alone with them after sending you encouragement over the mental link. 

It took a bit, but you told them the whole story about your “relationship” with Klarion. You described how he approached you last night and how he bargained he would tell you a secret about the Light if you went with him. Losing the ability to speak, you struggled to tell them what Klarion had said.

“You are safe here, (Y/N),” Black Canary reassured you, placing a gentle hand on your shoulder. “Tell us what he said.”

“He…he said that Red Arrow was a clone,” you whispered, noting the shocked looks on Batman and Black Canary’s faces followed by the looks of disbelief. “Klarion said Lex Luthor cloned Red Arrow when he captured the original Speedy three years ago. They programmed Red Arrow to follow their plans.”

The three leagues all traded looks, sensing the truth behind your statement. “Are you sure he was telling the truth?” Batman demanded, his voice rough from the impact of the revelation.

“Yes, he wouldn’t lie to me,” you admitted, blushing when Black Canary raised an eyebrow at you. You knew deep in your soul Klarion would never lie to you. As you told Batman, Red Tornado, and Black Canary the truth, you could feel the time line shifting as it started on a new course. One that would bring you and Klarion even closer together, but neither of you knew it yet.  

Horror movie scenes that scared the shit out of me the first time I saw them

The attack on the moors - American Werewolf In London 

The chestburster - Alien 

The demon behind Patrick Wilson - Insidious

The final scene in the house - The Blair Witch Project

The blood test - The Thing 

The old hag in the bathroom - The Shining 

Freddy creeping over Nancy - A Nightmare On Elm Street

Alice’s doppelganger - Lake Mungo 

The plaza scene - Suspiria 

The witch in the girls bedroom - The Conjuring 

The party monster scene - Jacob’s Ladder 

Ayesha crawling on all fours - V/H/S 2 

The tall man in the bedroom - Phantasm 

The voodoo zombie bride - The Serpent and The Rainbow 

Look behind you! - The Descent 

The demon on the top floor of the apartment - [REC.]


Roam [Iron]

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Artist: Iron | Word Count: 1.357

Ayee happy Halloween for those who are celebrating!:D I felt like ditching the beers to prove as if they can have fun without getting drunk, I hope you don’t mind that anon:) Hope you like it<3


“Damn babe, your makeup skills are amazing,” Hunchul said in awe, “We look like we just came from the dead.” You both were standing in front of the mirror, inspecting the Halloween costumes you both had on.

“Yeah, we are so ready for Halloween!” You chirped in excitement, “We’re going to scare a lot of people and get lots of candies.”

The two of you are dressed as a zombie couple that are going to be married, as you were in charge of the makeup and Hunchul did all the ripping and blotted the clothes with paint. Hunchul was wearing a suit and you were wearing a white wedding dress which was ripped and painted in red and brown, with a tiny little branches and leaves sticking on both of your clothes. While you took the makeup game to a whole new level and Hunchul was still gawking over how you both were looking like zombies in the movies.

Suddenly, Hunchul fished something inside the pocket of his suit, and you caught a glimpse of red hidden in his fist. He then crouched down and presented a tiny red box, much like a wedding ring box. Your eyes turned wide but the moment you saw what was inside, you bursted out into a loud laugh.

“Hunchul! I thought you were going to propose to me, you jerk.” It didn’t take you long to realize the ring inside wasn’t real gold, and Hunchul had added little red paint over it as well.

“This is the final touch, (Name). I’ll definitely do the real thing for you in the future.” Gently grabbing your right hand, he slipped the ring on your ring finger, earning a goofy smile from you.

“So are we ready to go, my fiancé?” Noticing the change of tone in Hunchul’s voice, you decided to play along and pretended to be his zombie bride, changing the expression on your face.

“Why of course, my man.” Lacing your hand with his, Hunchul then opened the door for you as you both walked out of your apartment.

As expected, people ranging from kids and even adults were running around holding pumpkin-shaped bucket filled with treats. Everyone was dressed with such detail, and it was truly the Halloween atmosphere you both wanted. The neighborhood seemed so full today, but you both didn’t mind at all.

In fact, this was the first time you two had gone out as a couple officially after the news broke out, and Hunchul had suggested that this first date in public should be a bang for the reporters. You agreed as well and used this year’s Halloween to show people how you both truly love each other.

It wasn’t long before you both arrived at doorsteps, with Hunchul in charge of screaming and scaring people inside. The bucket you both carried was starting to pile up with treats, and you received lots of positive comments on the makeup. It felt like turning back to a kid again, and this was probably the best way for Hunchul and you to release all the stress from work.

When you both took a left turn, you noticed from the corner of your eyes how someone was holding a camera inside a car, pointing it towards you and Hunchul. You then whispered to Hunchul that you spotted a reporter hiding, but what shocked you was the reaction you got from him. Hunchul grabbed your chin and kissed you gently, and you could clearly see his eyes were darted towards the car. And he had that victorious smirk on his face as he walked off while whistling, leaving you in a blushing mess.

“Hunchul! I wasn’t ready for that one,” You pouted, crossing your arms, “You cloud have at least warned me.”

“But that’s the plan we agreed on, right?”

“Well, yeah, but-”

“But you love it, and I tell you that we are doing great on this plan.” You ended up kicking him on the ass because of his over-the-top confidence, but he was right anyways. You love getting kisses from him, whether it’s unexpected or not.

Somehow, after a few hours of knocking to doors and scaring people, the buckets were so full that you both had to eat some along the way. The walk from where you both started to where you’re stranded now was pretty long, but you still recognized the area as the outskirts of your neighborhood. As you both were chatting away, Hunchul suddenly stopped in his tracks, causing you to do the same while staring in confusion at him.

“Hunchul? Why’d you stop?” You asked, following where his eyes were staring and releasing a groan realizing what he saw.

It was a basketball court. And Hunchul was a sucker for playing basketball in the middle of the night.

“Come on, just one game, please?” Hunchul pleaded, “Whoever reach 10 points first wins and can take any candies they want from the loser.” Of course you couldn’t back down, since you’ve been eyeing the untouched Reese’s that Hunchul has, and this was the perfect opportunity.

“Deal!” And so you both raced towards the court, setting the buckets down and Hunchul then grabbed the basketball.

The mini tournament ended sooner than you thought with you only managing to score 6 out of 10, and Hunchul enjoyed playing with you and teasing your skills since he was holding back. Nonetheless, he won the deal and you were sure he was going to aim for every candy corn you got. You laid down on the concrete trying to regain your normal breathing, and Hunchul followed suit, plopping beside you and intertwining his right hand with your left ones.

“Hunchul, I feel so tired today,” You huffed, “Carry me home, okay?” Hunchul looked at you incredulously, faking his looks as if he looked shocked.

“But (Name)! I’m the winner here, remember?”

“Nooo Hunchul, I’m tired as hell! I don’t think I can walk anymore tonight.”

“I’m not going to carry you (Name), who’s going carry the-” You silenced him with a kiss, as if it was a payback from before, and smiled sweetly at him while batting your eyebrows.

“Please? Your fiancé feels very tired. You wouldn’t want me to fall ill when we have to get ready for our big day, right?” And this time, Hunchul was staring at you in awe again, and then changing into a look that was so full of love and care.

“Alright, I’ll carry you back home you big baby.”

“Hey! Who are you calling a baby?!”

“It’s you, (Name). Now get up to my back or I’m taking my words back.”

“Geez, okay you dork.”

And with sleepy eyes, you leaned to his back and found yourself inhaling his strong masculine scent, feeling very protected and cared with Hunchul. While the black haired man was peeking at your sleepy form with loving eyes, as he find his heart beating fast against his ribcage, which was clearly not because of the sweets he ate.

Guessing from the sunlight that breached the room through the window and the birds chirping nearby, the time was probably under nine in the morning. A soft chuckle escaped from Hunchul’s lips as he scrolled through his phone, reading through the articles. He didn’t realize the soft rumble in his chest made you stir awake, as you opened one eye to observe his weird attitude this morning.

"Hunchul? What are you laughing about?” You asked, holding in a yawn while stretching your arms and legs up.

“You have to check this out, (Name).” You furrowed seeing Hunchul was scrolling through Dispatch’s twitter, and then your eyes locked onto an article that received lots of likes and retweets.

Rapper Iron and his girlfriend, (Name), roams the neighborhood dressed up as zombies that are about to marry! Read the article to see the full story and see cute pictures of their first date.

Sharing the exact same victorious smirk as Hunchul, you high fived with your lover and broke into loud laughs.

“So do you think we nailed our first date in public?”

“Oh hell yeah we did!”