Zombie Yeti


Carl of Duty IV by Zombie Yeti / Tumblr

12" X 24" Laser engraved on hard Maple Wood finished with a coffee infused stain and satin clear coat.. S/N edition of 4, available HERE.

Part of the AMC The Walking Dead art show at Hero Complex Gallery / Facebook. All artwork on sale HERE.

Tiny mugs!!!! But I forgot to make three designs :( that’s ok, these are super fun 😄
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Previews from the Stephen King tribute show, King For a Day art show, opening Friday, March 21st 2014, at Hero Complex Gallery /Facebook. Artwork available online Saturday, March 22nd, HERE.

The Body by Ale Giorgini / Store

Horlick’s Crate by Scott Hopko / Tumblr

The Mist by Ron Guyatt / Tumblr / Store

Pressure and Time by Adam Rabalais / Tumblr / Store

You Dirty Bird by Chris Brake

The Mist by Dan Mumford / Twitter / Store

Salem’s Lot by Zombie Yeti / Tumblr

IT by Patrick Connan / Tumblr / Store

God’s Gunslinger by Chris Skinner

Dreamcatcher by Stephen Sampson / Tumblr


Hydro74 and Zombie Yeti, amazing artists and designers were denied payment for their 4 days of painstaking work! Show your support and show Mishimoto that they can’t push around the artistically inclined!

Here is my entire character/creature lineup for this past Animal Alphabets Mythical Creatures Edition.  I’m glad that I was able to get through the entire alphabet.  Looking forward to the next one!



Shenlong the Eternal by Benjamin Mounsey / Website

Apache Vs. Kong by Zombie Yeti / Tumblr

Big Ass Monster by Matthew Griffin / Store

Part of ’The Big Ass Monster Show’ opening Friday, May 16th 2014, for one month only, at Streets of Beige.

The show will feature work from over 25 artists and associated products will be available from the SOB store, HERE.