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Straturday Sategy 300th Follower Edition: Reaper, King of Tribes

@beardfoot is my 300th follower, and as he has requested today I’ll be going over a build for a Reaper King EDH.

Reaper King grants an anthem to scarecrows while giving them permanent destruction on entering the field. Scarecrow tribal is one way of going about this commander. Instead, we’re going to go Magic: The Gathering tribal.

With a lack of Scarecrows, we’re going to use a different creature type: Changeling. Changelings count as every single creature type we need them to be at all times, so this allows any tribal bonuses to apply to them. This goes beyond +1/+1 bonuses.

First we want all the changeling creatures. Then we want Blades of Velis Vel, Wings of Velis Vel, and Runed Stalactite.

Now that we have those in, we want all the major tribes represented in our deck. Myr (Myr Reservoir), Soldier (Captain of the Watch), Spirit (Drogskol Captain), Elf (Elvish Archdruid), Sliver (Gemhide Sliver, Necrotic Sliver, Manaweft Sliver), Goblin (Goblin Chieftain), Knight (Kinsbaile Cavalier, Knight Exemplar), Zombie (Lord of the Undead, Rooftop Storm), Barbarian/Warrior/Berserker (Lovisa Coldeyes, Raiders’ Spoils), Dragon (Utvara Hellkite, Crucible of Fire), Illusion (Lord of the Unreal), Minotaur (Rageblood Shaman), Ally (Sea Gate Loremaster), Faerie (Scion of Oona), Vampire (Stromkirk Captain), Treefolk (Timber Protector, Rootgrapple), Werewolf (Full Moon’s Rise), Merfolk (Merrow Commerce), Giant (Crush Underfoot), Wizard (Diviner’s Wand, Sage’s Dousing), Human (Mass Appeal), Rogue (Knowledge Exploitation), Elementals (Horde of Notions), and Kraken/Octopus/Leviathan/Serpent (Whelming Wave).

There’s a few cards that work well with Changelings being crazy. Distant Melody and Descendants’ Path (which the latter triggers for any creature). 

So why tribal tribal? Any deck worth its salt can function without its commander. Reaper King offers you spot removal so you have to pack less. Each creature was selected based on its tribal abilities, Lord of the Undead grants +1/+1 and also recurs your changelings. Death Baron is also a solid option. When selecting your tribes for the tribal consider what keywords you’re giving and what abilities they grant you, gun for the most flavorful and the most useful keywords and abilities. Try not to double up. Happy tribing!


So I just bought the zombie tarot deck and I’m super excited about it. Ive wanted it for a while now and needed some retail therapy anyways so $13 and a coupon later I have a new deck 😃 to get better acquainted with it I am offering free readings. Requests will be closed tomorrow night May 30th at 11:30pm. You dont have to follow me to recieve a reading. I doubt I’ll do them tonight but tomorrow and Tuesday I will get to everyone’s readings. Yay!!