Pete Mako is doing an INDIEGOGO to fund his sophomore album.
$1 gets you downloadable music.
$11 gets you music and a sweet shirt!
Lots of other goodies are available as well.

If you like nerdy monster rock, feel free to take a listen at


So, in celebration of Carnaval I was allowed to work in costume for the past few days and therefore I decided to bring Nurse Kurosaki out again who has quite the possessed/infected aesthetic going on as you can see. Personally I’m not a real fan of carnaval nor do I celebrate it myself so for a day or two I like to pretend it’s extended Halloween :’)

PS: I’m a little sad that the auto-beautify function integrated in my phone kind of took the honor away of my make-up job though.. I swear It looked so much more realistic IRL D:


Fish community photo challenge, week one:

My boys!
Blue Veiltail(?) is Cielo, my newest baby. He was a gift from my boyfriend! Full of anger, suspicious of snails. He’s incredibly pretty.
Purple Plakat is Crowley, my little old man at three years old! Very smol, very wiggle. He’s been through three moves with me! Second Betta I ever adopted.
Bonus Nerite snail, Zombie.

Zombie, Cielo, and Crowley share a divided ten gallon tank. They flare occasionally, but for the most part they ignore each other. No signs of stress as of yet. All the Bettas I’ve had save for Cielo have been rescues gotten for free or bought from wonderful breeders on Aquabid. I have had seven so far. I’ve been keeping Bettas for a little over three years, but I’m still learning a ton, so feel free to offer any advice/constructive criticism! My goals are to rescue and love as many Betta fish as I can! Someday I hope I can have a 20 or 30 gallon tank with real plants. I would love to see my boys able to swim around in a big jungle!