I’m not sure if this was coincidental or pure genius on Bryke’s part, but I noticed while going through LOK eps that Mako and Lightning Bolt Zolt defend themselves against Amon in very similar manners. It’s really cool, actually, because in the art book it’s mentioned that Mako probably learned his lightning skills from Zolt.


He’s actually my dad’s cousin but he insists in calling Bo and I “nephews”… Anyway… that’s how we initially got involved with them…

Our parents never introduced him to us, they just talked about him from time to time… After some years of their passing, one of his men found me and saw the obvious resemblance, the guy stared at me for a while and then ran away; I was confused about that… but later he came back with this man… he looked at me and smiled, with a nostalgic feel. “You look just like him” He said and hugged me. I was about to punch him but then he said he was my father’s cousin and that he could help Bolin and I… and that’s how we got involved with him.

I never approved what he used to do, but, you know… we needed the money and at that time we didn’t have many options to choose from.

Headcanons, headcanons everywhere.

I also noticed the resemblance, btw!

Amon Was Right: Legend of Korra and the Role of the Avatar in a Modernizing World

Now I know there’s already been a second season and all so I’m a little behind, but it wasn’t that great except for introducing my new favorite character, and I need to go on about something to tide me over until Book 3: Lightning where Korra and friends will be swapped out for Thunderbolt Zolt and his entourage as he tries to regain his position as Republic City’s top crime boss despite having lost his bending to Amon.

I wish.

But on the subject of old Thunderbolt Zolt, isn’t a little bit odd that he doesn’t have his bending back in Season 2? Or at least, we can assume he doesn’t, because Shady Shin, whose waterbending was taken away by Amon, has not had it restored by the Avatar.

This is getting back to the “Amon was right” thing, just bear with me for a sec.

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Lightning Bolt Zolt has officially returned to Republic City, and we have been informed that he intends to take back control of the Triple Threat Triad, and is willing to do whatever it will take. If you all do not recall, the last we heard of the notorious criminal was that his bending had been taken by the infamous Amon. As of now we are unsure exactly what he is capable of, and he definitely poses as a serious threat to the citizens of Republic City. If you know anything at all please contact the police station, and stay with us here at 94.9 to remain updated on this breaking story.

-Seiki (94.9 The Republic City Momentum) 

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Okay, headcanon has just happened:

Lightning Bolt Zolt had a crush on Lin when they were young. She was also kind of interested in him. But he went the way of the criminal, she went the way of the law. Their years of young adulthood were full of flirty encounters, some of which saw Zolt in prison, others of which saw Lin broken out by a very angry Toph. Eventually Lin drew closer to Tenzin, but she and Zolt could always make room for the ironic teasing.

…now I want fanart of these two facing off because yeah.