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in which i got way carried away and this became ¾ of the hamsters being stupid about waffles

get it because zoke

I’m really frustrated with the Total Drama writers/producers right now.

The break ups of Courtney and Duncan, and Gwen and Trent were executive decisions. The reasoning was that it would be unrealistic to have these characters find love and stay together forever. They stated that they didn’t think it was realistic for the characters to find that one person they were meant to be with at sixteen. They then continued to say that they didn’t want the viewers to think that love only comes once in a lifetime. However what is realistic and healthy is pushed aside for the monstrosity that is Zoke (Zoey and Mike).

Zoey and Mike are very much ‘meant to be’ and their love defeats all- including Mike’s mental disorder? Multiple times in the show Mike’s love for Zoey has cause him to- momentarily- overcome his disorder. Not only does Mike’s love help him overcome his disorder, but Zoey also keeps him on the island because she wants to help him. 

Everything about Mike and Zoey is unhealthy. If the writers wanted realistic and healthy then Mike and Zoey’s love wouldn’t help him overcome his disorder, but instead would help them persevere as a couple. Instead of trying to save Mike herself, Zoey would be desperately trying to get Mike off the island in hopes of him finding some real psychiatric help to get rid of his 'Mal’ personality. But instead Zoke shows love in a strange and unhealthy fashion where the characters risk their lives and sanities in order to stay together. Zoey risks her life just to get Mike to save her and over come his disorder. This is horrible for children to see because then they think that they can fix other peoples disorders, when in fact they should be handled by a professional.

If the writers/producers want to talk about realism, and lessons to teach kids about love then they should go back and rethink Zoey and Mike, but I assume they won’t and will let kids watch unhealthy and unrealistic actions and portrayals of selfish love, and dealing with disorders.

Zoke Week Day 1: First Impression

I imagined this big scenario of Mike and Zoey getting pushed around while the other contestants were rushing to get on the ship and they ended up running into one another. I wanted to do a short comic but got lazy. :( So I drew Mike picking up a bag that got knocked out of Zoey’s hand (probably by Lightning or Scott let’s be honest), and sweet Mike of course picks it up for her only for them both to suddenly feel hope that they won’t be alone anymore!

It’s Zoke Week! And I am so NOT late…Well I tried doing TD style and kept feeling like everything was getting worse and worse. Next time we’ll just go with a style I’m more comfortable with I think. Ugh I suck.