oh my god im finally done with this piece please rest in peace my soul I took like 2 weeks+ on this im crying niagara falls

Somewhat a 250 follower thank you art on my main and a new fresh meme banner for my art blog! My apologies if this looked too crowded, tried my best to fit as many yogs as I could c: Can’t slot in most of the references sadly or it’ll get insanely crowded

my back hurts im not old yet not like this

Hey good lookings!
My name is Zoeya, a friendly Bosmer who’s an archer and mage in training, and who calls Skyrim her home. It is not where I was born, but it’s been my home long enough now that it’s where I belong.

Before I meet Rythian, I lived a boring life in Riverwood, working at the lumber mill. Visiting friends in the different holds when ever I could get a holiday long enough for that kind of traveling.
Now though, my life is nothing but adventures after adventures thanks to Rythian. He suggested I should join him at the College of Winterhold, and so I did! Which lead to me becoming the Arch(er) Mage (Get it? Because I’m both archer and mage!). Still not sure why they picked me, but I am set on proving that it was not a bad choice!

Oh! And I bet you must have noticed my arm! That’s thanks to Lalna, he build it for me when I lost my real one. It even comes with several gadgets build into it. And I totally rock it, don’t you think?