Here we are!

So, recently @rythian gave out some long awaited answers to the Blackrock Series and I don’t know about the rest of you but I finally feel like I can close this chapter of my life. We were all sort of left hanging but now it feels like it’s finally over, and I’m satisfied. So with that, I give you all one last Blackrock fanart from me. 

For those new to my blog, this blog was originally created for the sole purpose of sharing my Blackrock fanart, and as you can see in the background of this image, there was quite a few of them. Through Blackrock and the fandom I met some of the greatest friends I’ve ever known, many I am still great friends with and have dragged into other fandoms, and my art has improved a LOT thanks to drawing these characters, Rythian especially who became a muse for my art for most of that time. 

Blackrock will always have a special place in my heart as will the time spent with the Fandom. @rythian if you happen to see this, man, Thank you, for everything. 

Endless Pairing Aesthetics: 

#01 Zoey and Rythian 

“Let me tell you a story…about a boy and a girl…and a land of magic and monsters. It all started when a girl fell from the sky…”

More Pairings:

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More Aesthetics:

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