My Best Friend

Today, 16th February 2015, my best friend in the world passed away.

My cat, known to all of you as Ziggy, but specifically known to me as Lord Ziggleton the First, frequently referred to in person as Ziggle Buddy, was with me through every hardship and hurdle in my life. He got me through everything.

When I first stepped out in to the world and got my first job, I was very lonely, I was struggling with life and very depressed. After years of asking my mum she finally gave me permission to get a little friend, so I went to a local rescue place and found this cute little guy. He was roughly 3 or 4 years old at the time, they weren’t sure, and his owner could no longer take care of him. He looked up at me with that silly expression on his face and I fell in love instantly and took him home.

He escaped the very first night, the little rascal. One tiny bathroom window had been left open and he was gone. So for two solid weeks I stayed up every night as late as I could manage, pacing up and down my street and knocking on everyone’s door. Every now and then I would catch glimpses of him, but nothing ever stuck. Hadn’t even given him a name yet so I couldn’t call out to him! But I persevered. I stayed out on my doorstep every night with a bowl of biscuits just waiting for him. And eventually he trusted me. He walked right up to me and ate the biscuits by my feet, and I brought him fully in to my life.

He never left my side after that. This will sound silly to many people, but I think that cat may have had superpowers. He always knew exactly when I needed him. When I lost my job, when I got depressed, when I broke up with exes, when I struggled with my identity, when I couldn’t handle life any more, when I was scared, lonely, lost, whenever life was at its darkest suddenly there would be a little echo of a cute meow, and he’d jump up on my lap or headbutt my nose and tell me he was there for me. He literally went through everything with me, every bad thing in my life, for so many years. We never knew how old he actually was but as of today he would have been about 10 or 11. That’s over 6 years of him being by my side, getting me through everything. There are so many hurdles I’ve had to get through in the last few years, so many things that only he knows, my life has changed rapidly, my mental health was a roller coaster, everything was too much to handle. I believe that had Ziggy not been there by my side I would not have been able to get through it all alone. He took me one step further every time I thought I was at the end.

The very first time Fiona came round my house, she was suddenly very ill and had to rest in my bed, and without hesitation Ziggy jumped straight up there and curled up next to her. He was there for her too. After many months we decided to move in together, and I just couldn’t handle the thought of being without Ziggy. The move was very stressful, a whole new place, a whole new life, I couldn’t handle it. So Ziggy came with me, took me another step in my journey, got me that little bit further. But he was getting old, he had to adjust too, and I could tell he was getting tired.

i have been very depressed since moving house. Fiona is amazing, but I am far away from my family, I have no friends here, I’m struggling to do my job and the house is a mess. Last week I was crying to myself in bed. I was the most distraught I have been in years, I was all alone and it was dark and I was scared and I just hated it all. Ziggy curled himself up at the end of my bed, and I said to him, I know that he is feeling old, I know that he wants to just sleep now, I could see it in how he acted, but I asked him, if he could please just get me through one more week, if he could please just be there for me that bit longer, I know I would be okay.

And he did. He did everything I could ever ask of him and more, he was more of a friend to me than any human has ever been. I am stronger now because of him, I have achieved so much because I had him by my side. He got me just that little bit further, and I am strong now. I don’t want to give up. I am not going to let every night with him at my feet go to waste, I’m not just going to throw away all the progress I’ve made, he got me as far as a cat ever could, his little tongue sticking out every step of the way, he got me to this house. He got me by Fiona’s side, he made sure I was settled and okay, he did everything and I’m rambling now but you guys cannot possibly understand or comprehend just how important this cat is to me. 

He died peacefully. He had spent the afternoon curled up on my lap, slowly dribbling on to my leg, we had recently got his claws trimmed and a fancy new collar, he was looking very dapper and cute. He got up and walked in to the other room to sleep upon his favorite spot, a windowsill where he could feel the sun on his back and watch the world going by. He didn’t wake up, as far as we can tell he just drifted off peacefully and slipped on to the floor. There’s no blood, no pain, no suffering. He took me as far as he could manage and he will never be able to understand just how grateful I am for that. I love you Ziggy, thank you for being my best friend, thank you for doing exactly what I needed when I needed it. For every headbutt wake up call, for every drop of drool on my clothes, for every time I was able to get through another day and have you there at my feet as we fell asleep. Thank you so much.

Thank you for getting me through everything I needed to get through to be in this new house with Fiona. Thank you for getting us to the point where we can actually start our lives. Where we’re together. We can’t thank you enough for your little headbutt pushes and we will never forget you. Fiona has put out your favourite bowl of chicken for you.

So I watched Rythian’s playthrough of Transistor and then had Blackrock Chronicle on the brain so now, twenty-four hours later, I have this and I should have been in bed an hour ago. Basic aim was to try and pull off the feel of Jen Zee’s art in the game, idk how well I did that but it still looks nice.

Why on EARTH I thought it would be a good idea to paint something at 1440x900 is beyond me.

The Blackrock Chronicles T-Shirt is here!

“What started as basic shelter for an exiled mage and his apprentice who fell from the sky, eventually became home for both of them, as well as two wolves, several golems, a green sheep, and a mute dinosaur sniper. Shame about the whole nuclear bomb thing… Remember Blackrock Castle by proudly wearing this shirt!“

Designed by me, with input by Zoey, and brought to life by the awesome artists at Yogscast, this shirt is, in my not so humble opinion, pretty damn awesome! 

Buy it to support me, Zoey and the Yogscast! Or just buy it because you’ll look amazing in it. Or don’t buy it, you’re still pretty cool either way. :)

Do You Want To Craft A Golem?
  • Do You Want To Craft A Golem?
  • Zoey Snowasheck

Rythian… do you want to craft a golem?

(This was requested yesterday so I woke up at the crack of noon and recorded it and here it is and oh my gosh the feeeeels [sorry that it’s so pants compared to everyone else’s attempts!])

(Art from

Rythian? (knocking)

Do you wanna craft a golem?
I’m sure we can find a head
All you care about is dragons
and endermuns
you just wanna see them dead
But look at all your buddies
See what you’ve got
Nobody has to diiiiiie
Do you wanna craft a golem?
We can even name him Gilbert.

Gilbert’s dead, Zoey.

Okay, fine.

Do you wanna craft a golem?
Or ride our dino through the town?
I’m sure that Cabertown is missing you
and look the band and pets and Fishton’s still around
(Don’t worry, Teep)
The whole world is our oyster
And there’s much to do,
we can travel through space and time!
(Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock)

You’re still set on violence
All you want is to kill the queen,
That’s not all life is, there’s smiles too
And I still miss when you… took me adventuring
I don’t want her to hurt you,
Think of me and Tee.
I know something else to do
Do you wanna craft a Golem?


Part 3 of my Yogscast inspired gowns! Rythian was a pain in the butt to design for @_@;; I went through so many versions before I was satisfied lmfao. Next four are in the works 8)

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Hey you! Today is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, #IDAHOT, so I just wanted to type up a little somethin’ somethin’.

Firstly, no matter who you are or what your sexual orientation is, whether you’re gay, bi, straight, pan, asexual or the myriad other labels, and no matter what your gender identity or expression is, whether you’re trans, cis, or anything in between or nothing at all, I want to stress to you how important and amazing it is that you are you. Humanity is evolving to a point where people can just be who they want to be, and that’s awesome.

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