What are you doing for New Years? 

Just Bought A Ton Of Crap On The Internet XD

Including :

Lego earphones,

Pink Headphones,

A DFTBA Wristband,

Social Network Soundtrack

(500) days of summer soundtrack

She & Him CD

New Charger for my Shuffle

New John Green Book (Pre-Ordered)

The Abundance of Kathrines Book

This Star wont go out charity braclet

James @ War Cd

Burger Phone and some more crap I can’t even remember..

All Ordered…

And now..I WAIT!

i hate her!!!! so fucking much!!!! i wish i’d never met her and never loved her never gotten near her never wanted to kiss her i hope she sees this and feels sick because she has hurt me so much and made me so sick and cares for no one but him