Zoella Sugg


Jonathan:”Can you say Zoe?”


Jonathan:”Can you say Alfie?”


Jonathan:”Which one do you prefer?”


Hahaha, she’s the cutest!!


How adorable is this card @betweenfaithandchaos sent me??! 😍 I absolutely love it!!! and also for these Zoella beauty postcards from your local drugstore in Germany! I hope you get a chance to try out some of the products since they are amazing 👌🏻😄 Everyone knows how much I adore my Zoella so it means the absolute world and more 😘Honestly Marie is one of the nicest people you could meet on here and I’m so happy to call her my friend 💗 I’ve been so very lucky to meet some great people on here, you are also one of my favourite people on Instagram and I’m so happy we found each other, You’re the one who’s beautiful and perfect inside and out!! 😘 💖