- What do you think you’re doing, you idiots? Unhook the thing! You’re meddling with things you don’t understand! 


Ok, here it is, my final drawing project of the summer.

I wanted to celebrate the companions, the heart and soul of Doctor Who really, by thinking of all the important traits needed to be a good companion to the Doctor / Audience. I tried to include as many New and Classic companions as I can but I apologize if I missed your favorite one! I guess I forgot Rose, my B, I’d put her in the Braveheart category.

I hope you all enjoy.

(Companions from L to R)

1. Jo Grant (3), Nyssa of Traken (4/5), Victoria Waterfield (2), Harry Sullivan (4), Mel Bush (6/7)

2. River Song (11), Leela of the Sevateem (4), Ace McShane (7), The Fourth Doctor (:P)

3. Martha Jones (10), Rory Williams (11), Clara Owsald (11,) Barbra Wright and Ian Chesterton (1)

4.Donna Noble (10), Peri Brown (5/6), The Sixth Doctor, Tegan Jovanka (4/5), Romana I (4), Sarah Jane Smith (¾)

5. Grace Holloway (8), Zoe Herriot (2), Adric (4/5), Liz Shaw (3)

6. Romana II (4), Clara Oswin Oswald (11?), Vislor Turlough (5), Susan Foreman (1), Mels (11)

7. John Barrowman, Jamie McCrimmon (2), Amy Pond (11), David Tennant, Slyvester McCoy, Peter Capaldi.


“Moving Right Along” vid by Nancy Blackett. Every Doctor from One through Ten and many, many, many of the companions.

Doctor Who and the Muppets, what better combination is there?

ZOE: How can we get to the device?

DOCTOR: Yes, that’s the problem.

JAMIE: Doctor, I’ve just had an idea.

DOCTOR: Shush a minute Jamie, I’m trying to think.

JAMIE: Yes I know you are, but-

ZOE: Oh Jamie.

JAMIE: Will you listen to me. Now there’s a dead easy way to get that device thing.

ZOE: Really?

JAMIE: Yes, now listen. You said they were going to drop it down the centre hole, the one they’re drilling outside here.


JAMIE: Well it’s simple isn’t it? All we’ve got to do is dig a tunnel through from here to the borehole and catch the seed device thing on it’s way down. Well, it was just an idea.

DOCTOR: But Jamie, it’s a brilliant idea! It’s so simple only you could have thought of it.

                               *Jamie considers what the Doctor just said*

JAMIE: Eh ?!

—  Doctor Who, The Dominators
First Story of Season Six
First Broadcast: 10th August 1968
Written by Norman Ashby

So. Okay. I did something I never thought I would ever do… I painted some ponies.

As a gift to my friends Paul & Jen, one’s a diehard Doctor Who fan the other is a diehard My Little Pony fan. Through the miracle of watercolor and alternate dimensions, this gift materialized.

I’m pretty happy with the likenesses drawn on the TARDIS crew (though I wish I did a bit better on Zoey).  And I am not an Equestranaut… so if there’s some sacred visual rule of My Little Pony that I disgracefully rendered, cut me a little slack, please. :)  it’s not my forte.  Thanks to infinityjoe for the insight. I am happy with the cartoonish likeness on the pony characters though.  And the colors worked out pretty well, I think.