The last full day on our short family vacation we went whale watching with Vancouver Whale Watch out of Richmond, BC.  There were about 40 folks in our zodiac boat and we traveled out into the Strait of Georgia and among the islands. We were lucky enough to see the J Pod of Orcas, including Granny (who maybe upwards of 100 years old) and several babies. They swam near our boat for upward of an hour. They surfaced and slapped and spyhopped.  It was Vancouver Whale Watch’s 104th consecutive days of orca sightings of those they went out. At the end of our time three large ferry boats came into view and the pod frolicked in the foreground. What a perfect scene! We also saw a young eagle and seals lounging about.

Vancouver Whale Watch, Richmond The last full day on our short family vacation we went whale watching with Vancouver Whale Watch out of Richmond, BC…

I HATE doing portraiture, but I will happily draw five characters stuffed in a boat.  Or a crowd scene.  More people is better!  One person, FUCK THAT.

base sketch for “Zodiac” equipment card for Rage CCG.  Three Homids, one crinos Ratkin, and a wolf in a landing craft… Pentex won’t know what hit them.

Probably will get this cleaned up and painted in next two days.


So the fog disappeared, rain stopped and the wind got smoother. We dressed up for the zodiac boatride, with big big jackets and outdoor trousers. I looked like and felt like sumo wrestler. At least I would be warm! 

I sat in the front, of course, on the boat, so I could have the best view and without turning my head see all whales in front. If we would find any.. Since it was not the best weather and very windy, it was indeed hard to see them. For long time we had huge waves which we were jumping over with the zodiac boat in full speed! For a moment I felt like riding a horse. Once in a while like a dog that is too warm and just having the tongue outside. But our Captain had a great eye for them, and we found them so we all could admire these marine mammals. 

There was a family of 5 to 6 blue whales. If you didn’t know, blue whales are the largest animal that lives on this earth. The captain told that it is not very common for them to show the tale and jump up from the water. But oh boy, we found the blue whale that just loved the attention! He was laying on his stomach and waving with the hand. Dived and showed his tale. Adorable. He was not the only one though, some of the other whales were showing their tales also. And now you may think we saw the whole body, nope, just a little part, which in deep was big. 

Several different types of whales and few blue whales! We were so lucky!

After 2h, I could not hold on anymore, I thought I was going to pee in my pants and thinking off taking a swim with the whales so I could breathe again. I really needed to pee, very bad. Solution was found, there was a emergency toilet on the zodiac boat! What a relief! 

Great trip with new adventures! I love whales!

signs on a boat

Aries: gets seasick and throws up on gemini
Taurus: films aries throwing up on gemini
Gemini: freaks out after being thrown up on, wipes it on scorpio (which gets them killed)
Cancer: screams when gemini wipes vomit on scorpio because they know what would happen
Leo: laughing their ass off which gets everyone mad so they make leo clean up the mess
Virgo: stays away from the throw up as far as possible, then almost throws up themselves by looking at it
Libra: slips on the vomit and almost falls off the boat
Scorpio: murders gemini after getting throw up on them, throws their body off the boat
Sagittarius: enjoying this a lot but doesn’t want to get in trouble so they just watch it all happen with aquarius
Capricorn: was going to clean it up but it was gross so they persuaded everyone to make leo clean it
Aquarius: watching everything with sagittarius but stops virgo from throwing up too
Pisces: fell off the boat a long time ago but nobody noticed

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