“jrotc is bad its military propaganda and is training kids to be war machines” / “jrotc is a terrible program it should be removed from all high schools”

About Me Tag

 I was tagged by @theb0ywhocriedwolf thank you ^-^

name: Charlotte

birthday: May 13

favourite color: Sunset Orange

siblings: 1 @pink-bunny-bookmark please send her anon hate she deserves it for erasing all my love notes I wrote on her window in her dorm :/

relationship: *cue Super Junior Sexy Free and Single*

pets: I have a Golden Retriever who is too cute for her own good

bias groups: top five- Exo, B.A.P, bts, Monsta X, and NCT!

met a celebrity: Dude I wish

favorite food: I am a huge fan of toast

favorite fictional character: My boyfriend (answer supplied by @bubble-tea-byuns

motto: Whatever floats your boat

zodiac: Taurus

last thing you googled: Ten’s age  (He’s 20 if any of you were wondering)

coke or pepsi: I hate soda soooooooooooooo

tea or lemonade:Tea, lemonade leaves me desiring more kinda like my ex 

time: 8:41 PM

city or country: City

dream vacation: Asia mate

where do you live: U S of A

favorite kdrama: Boys Over Flowers, gotta go with the classic

I tag: @tae-smile @jungkookies-lobster @igotnojamseither @got7beingcute @bubble-tea-byuns @looks-into-office-camera @shiningarmy17