Adjectives that describe the signs (my opinion & experience)
  • Aries:energetic, fiery, honest
  • Taurus:down-to-earth, naive, cute
  • Gemini:colorful, open-minded, pure
  • Cancer:kind, pretty, split
  • Leo:stubborn, critical, warmhearted
  • Virgo:fair, smart, neat
  • Libra:gorgeous, worldly, understanding
  • Scorpio:persistent, mighty, strong
  • Sagittarius:loud, sometimes uncivil, easily distracted
  • Capricorn:arrogant, clever, overestimating
  • Aquarius:cool, musically, humorous
  • Pisces:shy, nervous, confused
Cuando le dices a un signo que lo amas...

Aries: *ya lo sabía, te estaba esperando*

Tauro: *la/el que lo niega*

Géminis: *incomodo… te cambie el tema*

Cáncer: *se ilusiona y se hace un mundo de posibilidades*

Leo: *ya lo sabía, pfff, todos aman a Leo<3*

Virgo: *el/la que te friendzonea*

Libra: *tiene sus dudas*

Escorpio: *no dice nada*

Sagitario: *finge que estás bromeando y piensa cómo escapar*

Capricornio: *el neutro*

Piscis: *sorry, estaba despistado, repitele lo dicho*

Acuario: *te da tiempo para que lo pienses, y niega lo evidente*

p.d: virgo es tan directo xd 
p.d2: #ReblogSiVirgoTeFriendzoneo xd #okno
p.d3: #VirgoEsIrresistibleYLoSabe<3

Who The Signs Didn't Want to Die Tonight

Aries: Glenn
Taurus: Glenn
Gemini: Glenn
Cancer: Glenn
Leo: Glenn
Virgo: Glenn
Libra: Glenn
Scorpio: Glenn
Sagittarius: Glenn
Capricorn: Glenn
Aquarius: Glenn
Pisces: Glenn
(This is a remake from the time I thought he died at the dumpster) Rip Glenn and Abraham but mostly Glenn

The Signs As Cartoon Network Shows
  • Aries:Ed Edd n Eddy
  • Taurus:Adventure Time
  • Gemini:The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
  • Cancer:Steven Universe
  • Leo:The Amazing World of Gumball
  • Virgo:Regular Show
  • Libra:We Bare Bears
  • Scorpio:Johnny Bravo
  • Sagittarius:Chowder
  • Capricorn:Courage the Cowardly Dog
  • Aquarius:Rick and Morty
  • Pisces:Uncle Grandpa
Signs as Danganronpa Abridged Thing Quotes
  • Aries:"The first one to die of dehydration just isn't bro enough."
  • Taurus:"I have brase balls, forced in the line of duty as hall monitor."
  • Gemini:"Bitch what did you say about donuts?"
  • Cancer:"This school environment is not welcome in a school environment."
  • Leo:"It has to be the cis white male scum." "I'm Japanese" "Stop derailing my argument with facts!"
  • Virgo:"Let's show those dense mother fuckers some logic, shall we."
  • Libra:"AH! Social interactions, get it away from me."
  • Scorpio:"You all got to know each other good and proper," "awesome now kill each other."
  • Sagittarius:"No, BRO, I do not care that you are a murderer, I do not even care that you are a furry!"
  • Capricorn:"Listen, what we got going on right here, it's gonna go viral on the net
  • Aquarius:"Ok, are you all done making complete ass's of yourselves?"
  • Pisces:"Is this metaphorical murder or literal actual death causing?"
Ask The Astrologist
  • Aries:What's your biggest passion?
  • Taurus:What's your favorite feature (about yourself obviously).
  • Gemini:What policy/morale do you have that you forego the most often? Why?
  • Cancer:What form of media makes you cry?
  • Leo:What are you a leader of?
  • Virgo:What's your aesthetic?
  • Libra:What do you look for in a partner? (Facial Feature and Personality wise).
  • Scorpio:Are you a virgin? If not: Weirdest sex story?
  • Sagittarius:Best adventure you went on?
  • Capricorn:Dream Job/Life?
  • Aquarius:List conspiracy theories you believe in.
  • Pisces:Best dream you've had?
  • -
  • Conjunction:What's something you will never have an opinion on / rather stay out of?
  • Opposition:Something you will ALWAYS argue about with people.
  • Square:Do you ever do things just to get into fights? Like play Devils Advocate?
  • Semi-Square:Are you salty, petty, or savage?
  • Trine:What do you love about the world?
  • Sextile:What do you aim for in 2017?
  • Semi-Sextile:Have you ever done something to get your way, and not have to face karmic debt?
  • -
  • Sun:How's your ego? Are you prideful or insecure?
  • Moon:How empathetic are you?
  • Mercury:Favorite thing to talk about?
  • Venus:Best relationship / Ideal relationship?
  • Mars:Most passionate moment?
  • Jupiter:Luckiest moment?
  • Saturn:How do you feel about commitment?
  • Uranus:Time you got caught doing something you shouldn't?
  • Neptune:Day-dreamer? Vivid dreams? Idealist, or realist?
  • Pluto:How interested in the occult are you?
  • -
  • Chiron:What event in your life hurt you, but you learned from?
  • Pallus:How do you feel about the opposite sex as a whole?
  • Ceres:How do you feel about your parents?
  • Eros:Ideal Partner?
  • Vesta:With whom do you feel the most secure/comfortable with?
  • Juno:How do you feel about marriage, and who is your ideal marital partner?
  • -
  • Rising:Describe how you feel you come off.
  • Midheaven:Your most "honorable" trait?
  • Second House:What do you usually spend your money on?
  • Third House:How do you prefer to communicate? By calling, texting, or in person?
  • Fourth House:Dream home?
  • Fifth House:What is your "type" when it comes to dating?
  • Sixth House:Whats your daily routine?
  • Seventh House:Would you marry for money?
  • Eighth House:Freebie! Ask any question you'd like - I'll answer if comfortable.
  • Ninth House:What religion/philosophy do you follow?
  • Eleventh House:How big is your squad?
  • Twelfth House:What is, in your opinion, the worst way to die.
The Moon in the Signs

The Sign the Moon falls under shows our habits, reactions, and instincts. It also shows how we express, or deal with, our emotions at their most basic state. Our Lunar Sign shows our innermost needs. Our Moon sign is most obvious in our homes or in private, as this is when tend to feel comfortable enough to react instinctively. The Moon also shows how we “mother” or “baby” ourselves, and our loved ones.

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The signs as things my brother has said
  • aries:Ok but it's not even that hot. It's just a /little/ fire
  • taurus:*after coming home drunk* Ice is just... so cold, ya know?
  • gemini:I'm going to go eat a loaf of bread and watch Friends
  • cancer:Happy "the FedEx man dropped you off at the wrong house" day
  • leo:Pop a squat on the Cool Bench
  • virgo:Most people find you...fairly decent
  • libra:*while eating cold spaghetti* at least I'm doing something with my life
  • scorpio:Life can suck but sometimes you just gotta chuck it in the fuckin bucket and move on
  • sagittarius:Haha! I'm so empty inside!
  • capricorn:What's the wizzle homefry?
  • aquarius:*passionately sings Phantom of the Opera*
  • pisces:Don't you DARE drink my chocolate milk ok. It's all I have.