Aries: Want to know a secret?

Taurus: Don’t mix anger and rocks. Unless for a justifiable cause.

Gemini: Holding onto ashes leaves your hands dusty and your breathing ragged. They are ashes for a reason.

Cancer: Flipping coins for it is not technically legally binding unless there’s a notarized agreement signed before hand with three witnesses.

Leo: Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps is physically impossible for a mortal. Don’t worry about it.

Virgo: Hand over hand over hand. Paw over hand. The Cat wins.

Libra: Singing soothes the thunderstorm in your bones.

Scorpio: Beating your skull against the floor is not the correct answer.

Sagittarius: Can you grind your teeth a little more quietly? It’s becoming concerning.

Capricorn: Writing letters to strangers from the phone-book is a cute idea in theory. It gets awkward when you get a letter back informing you the person is deceased, though.

Aquarius: Wind-chimes and smoke. The leaves are showing their bellies. More than one storm is coming.

Pisces: You filthy monster fucker. You’re wonderful.

The Signs As The Walking Dead Characters

Aries: Merle Dixon

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Taurus: Carol Peletier

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Gemini: Rick Grimes

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Cancer: Maggie Greene

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Leo: Daryl Dixon

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Virgo: Beth Greene

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Libra: Carl Grimes

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Scorpio: Negan

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Sagittarius: Glenn Rhee

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Capricorn: Michonne

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Aquarius: Rosita Espinosa

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Pisces: Hershel Greene

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How the signs react when someone farts

Aries: accepts fate and wafts it towards themselves

Taurus: violently opens window

Gemini: laughs

Cancer: screams and wafts it “BE FREE”

Leo: plugs nose but is low-key impressed

Virgo: stares at you very unimpressed “k”

Libra: runs before anything bad happens

Scorpio: uses the lords name in vain

Sagittarius: rips an even worse one

Capricorn: laughs historically and runs away

Aquarius: *pulls out perfume* “Ew”

Pisces: kills self

ENFP f, Sagittarius, Slytherin
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ya know when people immediately dismiss astrology but know literally nothing about it? like??? how am I supposed to respect ur opinion when you literally don’t know what you are talking about!??

sure I get it, not everyone likes astrology or believes in it (& that’s cool too), but when they straight up hardcore diss it with out learning anything about it??