HAPPY 23RD BIRTHDAY
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exo as shit they've already done in 2016
  • minseok:married jongdae
  • joonmyeon:greeted sehun wearing just a t-shirt and no pants
  • yixing:cuddled a dog in a taxi
  • baekhyun:got dragged off stage because he didn't want to leave
  • jongdae:bought minseok a present that he never opened
  • chanyeol:got pushed off a beanbag by minseok
  • kyungsoo:hardcore insulted joonmyeon's humor
  • jongin:started dating krystal jung
  • sehun:bodily threw all of exo under the god damn bus
  • +3
  • luhan:grew muscles????????/
  • yifan:played an all star basketball game for fucking canada
  • zitao:rapped with wiz fucking khalifa

I am not crying you are crying.

Tao-Kris at the Shanghai Film Festival Red Carpet today. Both of them are there to promote their 3 respective movies.[ Luhan is in Shanghai as well and was invited to the event but could not attend the Red Carpet due to his busy schedule.Not sure if he will make an appearance]