The MIT cycling team is now using sets of Zipp 404s and 808s, some of the most aerodynamic wheels on the market, with excellent performance in hard crosswinds like those blasting the course during the Team Time Trial on Friday. Both the women’s and men’s TTT teams were able to shave critical seconds off of their times, taking home 1st and 2nd place, respectively, at Nationals.


ZIPP Demo Ride @graygoatsports in Franklin, IN

I feel very lucky to have a company like ZIPP/Sram located in Indianapolis. They brought down a ton of wheels for us to try on the group ride.

The wheels of choice: ZIPP 808 Firecrest Carbon Clenchers

Reason for choice: After discussing wheel choices with the reps, we decided to go with full 808’s due to the very flat nature of where I am moving for school.

Impressions: The comfort is greatly improved over my aluminum DT Swiss wheels. Vibrations and harsh bumps are soaked up quite well. It makes the ride more enjoyable for the backside. Crosswinds did not create any problems even though I went with the full deep 808 wheels. A group of us were fast and pushing each other, so it’s hard to tell the wattage savings over my aluminum wheels, but when leading the pack they did feel very good.

Accelerations out of corners and sprints were the key improvements that were actually noticeable. My main pro of the wheels was that I could really feel what the rear wheel was doing, with my legs, while sprinting.

Would buy?: 8/10 would buy.

I would like to try a 404/808 setup before I buy. I will be buying ZIPP’s though. I feel compelled to rep my home town.