Ties That Bind Us

Part 2:
Lance fell out of the healing pod a day later with one hell of a headache.
Allura was waiting for him a look of concern on her face. “Lance…” she bit her lip seeming to change her mind “how do you feel?”
Lance shrugged as casually as he could. “Not a headache I suppose.”
“That would be the leftover effects of the concussion. Though your longer in danger it will likely hurt for a few minutes more.”
An awkward silence hung in the air, nether wanting to be the next to speak.
“Look Lance about your farther.”
Lance held up his hand to silence her. “I don’t want to talk about it… not with you at least.”
For a second Allura’s features showed hurt and Lance felt a stab of guilt.
“I just mean… if I’m going talk to anyone it should be Keith right? I mean he’s kinda already gone through finding out he’s not all human.” Lance said quickly.
“Oh… yes I suppose that makes sense. I did not tell them, I didn’t believe it was my place to tell your fellow Paladins. But I couldn’t keep it from Coran.” Allura admitted shamefully.
“I understand, I mean he has a right to know what happened to his son… I’ll talk to him too ok… I promise.” Lance gave her a shaky smile as he left the infirmary heading straight to Keith’s room.
It was late when quite knock woke Keith up. He glared at the noise having just fallen asleep only minutes before.
“What!” He snapped opening the door ready to make who ever it was wish they had never been born.
However when the door slid open and Lance was standing there looking at feet shyly. “We need to talk…” he said so quietly that Keith almost missed it.
“Erm… sure come on in.” Keith stepped aside allowing the blue paladin to enter and take a seat on the edge of his bed.
“So what’s going on?” Keith asked as he awkwardly joined him on the bed.
“I just found out my dad Altean…”
Keith was silent for a moment “your d-dads what?” He asked his mind having just been blown by that simple statement.
“Yeah apparently the original blue paladin was my dad, he ended up meeting my mama somehow and well… guess I’m not just a boy from Cuba. I’m not even just a boy from earth.” Lance’s voice broke with emotion and Keith didn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around him pulling team mate into his arms.
“shhh it’s ok it’s going to ok.” Keith whispered as he stroked Lance’s hair. “I know it doesn’t feel like it right now, that you feel caught between two worlds, but this doesn’t change who you are. You Lance, human or Altean, he’ll you could be a robot for all I care. Your still you and your still amazing.”
Lance sniffed looking up at him as he wipe his eyes on his sleeve.
“Thanks… glad I can remember this bonding moment.”
Keith responded by blushing bright red and stuttering for a moment.
Lance started laughing quickly followed by Keith.
The two just sat there laughing for a while just letting the weight of the universe and their heritages slip away, even if it was just for a moment.
Then the moment ended and Lance got up to leave.
He hovered at the door for a moment before grabbing Keith by the shirt and pulling him into a kiss.
Lance stepped away just as flustered as Keith was. “Oh by the way Coran’s my grandfather.”
Lance grinned at Keith’s shocked expression as the door slid shut.
However soon as the door was closed the smile slipped away as he slowly made his way towards the control room, knowing now was the best time to confront Coran.
No matter how much he didn’t want to.

Tan acostumbrada esta la sociedad al maquillaje y pintura, que al ver una persona sin ello, declaran haber visto un ángel.
Mi sembra che sia meraviglioso quando due persone riescono a stare bene insieme senza innamorarsi, invece quando si innamorano o iniziano a dirsi che si amano o a introdurre le parole “per sempre” è come se in quel momento iniziasse l'atterraggio. Come se la frase “ti amo” fosse l'inizio della fine. Forse esagero… è un argomento su cui ultimamente sono molto confuso.
—  Fabio Volo
Ma non sempre separarsi vuol dire dimenticare, tu te ne andrai ma io non smetterò di volerti e di vedere la tua immagine appena qualcuno pronuncierà il tuo nome. A volte la vita separa solo per dimostrarci che delle distanze l’ amore se ne frega.
—  ilragazzodalsorrisomaledetto
C’è qualcuno che mi fa compagnia?

Se mettete un cuoricino vi cerco io.

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The positive thoughts I had started having towards Harry and his album after his french thing yesterday have been successfully destroyed cause of these tweets. Like at this point I don't even care if they make Harry talk about the boys/the band or make him tweet 'Larry is real'. Nothing is going to make me get excited for Harry's album if it's not babygate ending. So continue flopping, Sony, until you end it.

that’s the thing like sony’s built up so much fandom resentment because of babygate that even the smallest thing (like these tweets) is enough to rapidly evaporate any goodwill they might have previously won back (like w/the french interview yesterday).

i feel bad for harry because it’s not his fault that this shit is still dragging on but he’s also being represented by the major player behind most of our rage so it’s going to affect him and his album sales if sony’s not very, very careful.


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Because I still imagine Toon!Bendy being catlike: imagine Bendy just sitting on the table, and he's staring at Henry's glass of water. He starts to gently bat at it, and Henry tells him no. Repeatedly. Finally, Bendy looks Henry in the eye and knocks the glass off the table.

Some of the water splashes on him and starts fucking up his face. He does not stop smiling.

some little gesture sketches. angus ballantyne arguing in court. i had a little debate with myself over whether or not to give him one of those iconic wigs, but iirc at the time generally speaking it was mainly senior advocates and court officials who wore them so it made more sense for him to plead without one