Zip wire


Alright, so, here’s the fruit of my labor!

(aka, my loot from Petco)

Before (left) After(right)

I bought Squid a 5.5 gallon (second shelf to the top, right side), and a Java Fern. I was intending on getting all my boys 5.5 gallon tanks, but Petco only had one 5.5 gallon in stock, and didn’t feel like going to any more stores, hence Chilli and Naners (Top tanks), are in 5.3 gallon “critter totes,” for now. I absolutely hate the blue lids, like…someone please help me. XDD

I fixed up and organized all my fish stuff, too, and tried to clean up all my wires (Zip ties are the best!)I still want to fix it up some more, but it looks so much cleaner already!

Also, there are bags of Purigen in all three of the boy’s tanks, in case their cycles crashed (which, Squid’s has, thus far.)  Also gonna’ buy some more decor, soon!

Take note of Naners, and his “B” book. XD

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Well the when Aaron was on business in France old Robert reared his head and tried to kill (well badly injure) Chrissie by sabotaging the zip wire.

So we did. I’m down for Robert doing anything dodge especially if it’s to Finn


Gizmo and Toma’s new enclosure! They’ve just started exploring, i think they were confused and scared with their cage being moved but they’ve gotten over it (i think scattered veggies helped). They’ve been popcorning and wheeking ever since. I think also, because the of the table top, they feel safer as the play area is covered.
We had all these things around except the tarp and blanket, which were super cheap. Their cage was $50 and i’d put the table at about $30-$50 if you were to buy those things, without having to buy them tho it’s:
Tarp- $3
Blanket- $2.50
Chicken wire- $7
Zip ties (used to secure wire to table legs)- $3
Total: $15.50


So this has been bothering me… - Shades is called Shades because he wears sunglasses. - Pop is called Pop because of the sound of his punches - Zip.. I assume, because of the zip wires he uses to choke people out. But Tone? Is there an explanation? He hits people with keyboards? He’s kills at karoake? I don’t know.

The Other Carter - Part 7

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Carter!Reader
Warnings: Angst and TEARS, Major character death
Summary: You’ve heard of Peggy Carter? Well this is the story of her sister Y/N Carter, and the love between her and Bucky.         
A/N: Part 7! Please give me feedback as this is the first series I have ever done. Love you all! I hope you like it! Message me if you want to get tagged! Also I do apologise if you cried…
Word Count: 751

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Holding onto a zip-wire was not what I was planning to do on a Monday morning. But hey, war’s war. I dropped down on top of the train and followed Bucky and Steve.

Jones was being the watch. We climbed down the ladder and entered a dark carriage. I had my gun at the ready as I trailed behind Bucky, looking for any signs of human activity.

When Bucky and Steve reached the next carriage the doors suddenly slammed shut. Me being on my own and Bucky and Steve being in the other. I looked at Bucky in fear through the small glass window. He equally mirrored that expression.

I turned around and started shooting at various Nazi soldiers that entered the room. Switching from side to side ending as many enemy lives as I could.

With the last soldier still shooting I still had my pistol. I kept shooting until I wasted my last bullet.

“Shit…” Was all I could say as a kept shelter behind the crate.

But luck was on my side today because the panel door opened revealing Bucky and Steve. Steve threw a pistol at me and pushed a crate that was in the middle towards the enemy shooter missing him only for the shooter to be shot by Bucky.

“Thanks guys..” I said. Bucky walked over me eyeing me up and down checking for any injures.

“I’m fine Buck… Let’s get going.” He kissed my forehead and the three of us continued on. We didn’t get very far as a guy in a built armour suit came through the door at the other end of the carriage.

The soldier blew a hole into the wall and we were all blown back. I pushed Bucky out of the way, picked up Steve’s shield and started shooting at the machine.

The next events all happened so fast. At the machine’s second blow he knocked me out of the train.

Bucky’s POV

“Y/N!” I shouted. Steve finished off the soldier and I looked outside of the train desperately trying to see any sign of my girl.

I looked over to my left witnessing Y/N holding onto the side of the train. I slowly climbed out of the hole in the train despite Steve’s protests.

“Come on sweetheart grab onto my hand!” I shouted down to her. The look of fear in her eyes sent shivers down my spine.

“Bucky I can’t!” I held out my hand and she desperately tried to grab a hold of it.

“I love you!” She shouted. The burning sensation at the back of my eyes was present.

“I love you too doll. But I’m begging you grab onto my hand…” As she tried to reach out the bar broke of the train. My heart stopped as I heard her screams. Steve pulled me back onto the train and looked as though he was about to cry too. I was already in tears as the woman of my life is dead.

Time Skip

We returned to the base and all of the men behind me were mourning. I tried to keep a straight face as we entered the base.

Howard and Peggy emerged from the crowd.

“Mission was a success. We lost one soldier.” Steve informed Colonel Phillips. Peggy and Howard were both looking at me. The moment I looked into Peggy’s eyes was when I broke down. She knew. She ran back out of the base and Steve followed her. Monty and Dum Dum passed me a beer.

I was numb. I couldn’t feel anything. Why her? Why her?

When I returned to my room I looked at the ring box by the side of the bed. I pick out the ring Steve and I picked out a few weeks ago when we visited a nearby village, and looped it through my dog tags.

Let’s win this war. For Y/N.

A/N Plot twist! Sorry its short but I wanted to give you guys something. Thank you for all the support, and no this isn’t the end. Death is just the beginning.

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Brexit is official: some updates for my international friends on what this means

Q) why did this happen? Wasn’t remain in the lead?

A) yes it was, the result was a shock for everyone - the margin of votes was tiny, less than two percent. The result has been blamed on poor turnout from pro-remain constituencies, who wished to remain but didn’t vote (???why???), and the overwhelming ‘grey vote’, ie. votes from people who will be dead before we see any of the proposed law changes that come of leaving the eu.

Q) what will happen now?

A) it is assumed that the most immediate effect of the result will the resignation of the pro-remain prime minister David Cameron (update: he has resigned), and although most liberals would normally be glad to see the back of pig boy, there’s a worrying chance that he could be replaced by Boris Johnson, the Trump of UK politics, best known as the guy who got stuck on a zip wire while waving union jacks - the uk may not get the chance to vote on this as the Conservative party have a right to choose their own replacement leader. The value of the pound has already dropped to a low we haven’t seen since 1985 (update, it’s now down by over 8%, which is about eight times worse than the average currency crash) and is likely to drop further. It is likely that we will have a major economic dip because we will lose our free trade rights with Europe.

Q) what’s the next step for the uk?

A) now the uk will begin negotiating with the EU to create a deal that will cause us as little economic and political upheaval as we can, but given that we just told them to go fuck themselves they’re not likely to be in a helpful mood.

Q) what does this mean for immigration?

A) as soon as the uk leaves the EU, the open borders policy will presumably be revoked - EU citizens cannot come to Britain without submitting to whatever travel or migration policies the uk decide upon, ie. as strict as we can reasonably be bc we’re all xenophobic af. UK citizens will also have altered conditions for travel in Europe. The effect on students and travellers will likely be felt pretty hard, not to mention the massive emmigrant British population of retired pensioners in places like Spain and France.

Q) how longs will Brexit take? 

A) it’s a long complicated process that could take up to two years to complete

Q) what does this mean for the uk’s relations with non-European countries?

A) we’ll be begging them to trade with our puny little country and in the most part they’ll be ignoring us because we’re a third of the size of Texas and our biggest export is our increasingly expensive Ivy League education. Hopefully we will be able to secure more deals with non-EU countries but personally I think we might overestimate our appeal.

Q) what are your feelings about Brexit?


Updates added as I hear more news