This “top 10” list was floating around the web today so I decided to translate it:


1. G-Dragon
2. Bangtan Boys (BTS)
3. Black Nut
4. Big Bang
5. Yoo Byung-Jae
6. Lady Gaga, Seo Taeji
7. Shin Hae-chul, Lee Seung-hwan, Yoo Ah-in, ZICO
8. Anonymous (Hacker Group), Eminem, Block B, Kim Jae-dong, Gukkasten
9. Dok2, Justin Bieber, Ilgan Best, IKON, BOBBY, PSY
10. Miley Cyrus, Kim Jho Gwangsoo, Akdong Musician, Hyuk-Oh, Busker Busker

Do you agree with this list?


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160723 Jisan Valley Rock Festival - I am You You are Me

Another angle of this performance - ZICO ²

He said kinda [ZICO; -audience-;(me)]:

0:04 I am you guys. And you guys are me. ((he’s panting omfg))

Starting from now, we are going to duet, okay? Because I am you, you are me. Together, one more time “I am you-”  -You are me!-

Okay let’s go. ((0:29 I cant hear this))

((0:54 Okay the band made a mistake)) 1:00 Plese wait a moment, let’s do this again. Okay

-It’s okay, it’s okay it’s okay!-

1:23 ((HE FUCKING DID FREESTYLE AND IM mAD I DONT UNDERSTAND IT something like “im okay, even if i made a mistake im okay ill be fine just like this”)) 

1:40 Let’s do this again, I won’t make a mistake let’s go.

(5:06 FUCK)

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[HELLOSOBONThis time we should have followed #YurisDad👨🏻 and gone with him 👻 Last week, as we waited for #YurisDad👨🏻 to get off work, five-year-old kid #Yuri👧🏻  and #UncleZico met

These days she’s been squirming with shyness when she meets #SingerUncles ㅋㅋ #HonestlyMomEnviesYouALittleToo💃🏻
#Yurstagram #UncleZico #yuri w/ #zico

Trans by: bontheblock