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Carlos have you seen the video of Liam "swinging that round" and his white joggers revealing everything ;)? Zayn and Liam are truly GIFTED in all areas #blessed

(I wonder how y’all perceive me when y’all come to me with this stuff. LMAO)

I didn’t even know about the video★ till you sent it to me TBH. I’ll be honest and say I can’t see clearly on that video. There’s a gif★ on the same thread (and you can see it a bit slower), but the quality doesn’t make it justice. That said, trackies are a gift. They always find a way to tell you the truth. 👀

(I think the second movement is WAY more prominent.) But what can I say? Is anyone really surprised? #blessed from head to toes. Zayn’s been preaching that for years now. He’s had the full experience. He knows what he’s been talking about.

And he’s also part of the #blessed ones★.

I don’t really have anything relevant to add about those gifted, beautiful men. Talk about winning team. #blessed through and through. ;)

Mom: Why are you always so tired ?

Me: *reads fanfics till two in the morning* *binge watches shows when I should be resting* *juggling school and a social life* *running 4 different fan accounts* *writing six different fanfics* 


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