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Whatever You Want

A fluffy birthday AU for Liam today, including both Ziam and puppies :)

When Liam had first learned that Zayn was an EMT, the thought that’d popped into his head was how sexy that was. How caring he must be. And how sexy that was. Had he said that already?

It was only after the two of them started dating that he realized what a pain in the ass it was. Evenings were usually empty, and it wasn’t just evenings but sometimes full nights. 

But, he always told himself, those evenings off were always the best nights of his week. 

He’d been telling himself this for months now, chanted it like a mantra whenever the house felt too empty for just his own breath and voice.

But he admits it. He didn’t want to have to say the words again on his birthday, for God’s sake.

“It’s fine,” he’d said, trying to giving an understanding smile but knowing full well it probably looked more forced and sad than anything else. Zayn gave all the excuses in the world, about how no one else could take the shift, about all the people he’d save, about how much he loved Liam.

And maybe then, just then, Liam should’ve been suspicious.

Or at the very least, he should’ve been suspicious when Niall was driving around Wolverhampton for more than twenty minutes trying to find some dead poet’s house–some poet that Liam had never heard of. And, by the way, did Niall even like poetry?

He’d known the lads for more than enough years to be able to put two and two together. More than six years, to be precise. He’d had over 72 months to figure out these assholes, but had he even gotten close? No.

But half an hour later, they pull up to Niall’s house, able to at last watch all of the Batman movies in a row–which Liam has a feeling they’re only doing because Niall feels bad that Zayn’s cancelled on him, but he isn’t about to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.  

He pulls open the door with a grin, ready to watch Christian Bale kick some ass while they chomp on popcorn and Skittles. But he stops, taking a step back at the crowd in front of him that jumps up from behind furniture that Liam didn’t even know Niall had. “Surprise!” They all call out in unison.

“I–” Is all Liam can get out, biting his lip as he steps through the doorway. “Does this mean we can’t watch Batman?” He asks then, still dumbfounded by the scene in front of him, and–apparently–not able to think about anything else except his favorite superhero.

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Breaching All These Aqueducts

read it on the AO3 at

by cracktheskye

Zayn taxi jumps this one time, completely by accident, but it’s all good because Liam’s a nice guy and Zayn’s an exception, apparently.

Words: 6501, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
عدل - Justice

read it on the AO3 at

by luminous_nyght

“I want this song to be what we walk up to on Sunday.” He stammers out slowly, afraid that Liam wouldn’t really like the idea.

“I’d really like that.” He replies though, pressing a kissing into his jawline. “Truly Madly Deeply made us Z, why hide it.”

“It’s their song.” But Liam shakes his head, “I know that you want post some of the clips online after we get back home, but to hell with what people might think, this made us what we are, we need to celebrate that.”

“Main tumse pyar karta hoon.”

“Mehbi tumse pyar kartah hoo” Comes the easy response from Liam, almost immediate, I love you too, it rolls off his tongue so effortlessly Zayn’s now finding trouble finding errors his pronunciation, but then Liam’s pulling him back. “ Project baby next.” Is coming out of his mouth and all Zayn can manage is a weak smile, because he didn’t expect it so soon into their wedding weekend. When he goes to reply, he chokes on his words and holds onto Liam’s hand tighter. When he composes himself, “I’d love that with you.”

Liam just comes closer to kiss him and Zayn feels like flying.

Words: 4570, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Addicted to Lov-no Cheese.

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by sunnysideup

Its Liam’s birthday and all he wants to do is go to Sainsbury’s to get some cheese.

There may be an ulterior motive, perhaps.

(still chronically bad at coming up with titles, so instead I make them deliberately awful..Wish it was deliberate)

Words: 2632, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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