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I was literally just thinking about I Won't Mind this morning. Larries love to talk about Home, and I Won't Mind is even more obvious in my (humble) opinion. Like how the fuck else do you explain that song??? IMO Larries who are willfully ignorant about ziam are pretty much just as bad as all the other antis. In a way some larries are the very thing they hate (the antis)...oh the irony. Sorry for venting haha

Yeah, I’ve discussed that a bunch of times. Actually I’ve never seen an Anti, Larrie or otherwise, attempt to analyze I Won’t Mind. I’ve seen the “People can write about anything. It’s called creativity.” argument. But I’ve never seen an Anti dive into the lyrics and try to explain what could have inspired the lyrics. I mean, it’s not a standard, generic, love song. It’s very specific to a particular kind of situation. Why, though?

Cuz we are who we are,
When no one’s watching.

I’m not allowed to talk about it,
But I gotta tell you…

What inspired raging hetero serial cheating cad Zayn to write so sensitively about what clearly is a secret relationship? What inspired it? Larry? I haven’t even seen Larries try to sell that. They probably would have tried except that they bought into the Zayn-hates-1D and 1D-hates-Zayn foolery. So, painted into a corner, they say nothing. And really, that says it all. Those who do continue to rage against Zayn/Ziam sound more unhinged by the day. Pro tip: Your hate is showing.

I’ve talked a lot about Ziam erasure in this fandom. A while back, some bloggers  would openly mock me for it. Now with two year’s more worth of water under the bridge, I never see anyone mocking anymore. Just silence. Lots of fans get it now. But many feel they’re in too deep to turn back. Some have said too many horrible things about Zayn (and for some, Liam too) while painting themselves as the ultimate champions of the LGBTQIA community. And some have insisted forever that Ziam is just a fun ship. Many won’t eat humble pie or risk alienating their followers. So there you go.

At this point, it doesn’t matter much to me. I’m totally at peace with it. Because I’d bet money that I’m not wrong and it seems not many in the fandom would take me up on that bet these days.

This little mess (well not so little tho it’s not dead long but I’ve put some under the cut) was written after my request for prompts yesterday (fluffy ones) and this was one from @comealiveinfalltime - Thank you ilo    +

Hope it’s even halfway okay.

It’s set within the last week and is canon AU and is predominantly daft fluff. 


Zayn’s tired lately.  Tired from recording.  Tired from writing.  Tired of all that’s been but that’s nothing new.

And he’s tired from being at home too, except that’s the less troublesome side of tired. Sleepless nights filled with touches, kisses and so much more.  

He knows Liam’s tired as well, and for all the same reasons he is.  The highs and the lows of this week in particular, though chipping away at his usual Duracell bunny like energy levels.   

When Zayn found him sat at the kitchen table at 3am in the morning, hours after he’d got home from the Carol concert staring into space, he’d decided then what to do.

He’d pulled out the chair next to Liam’s, sat down on it, and gently pulled Liam’s fingers away from where they worried at the point on his beard where he always fidgeted when he got anxious and he’d pressed a kiss against the fingers and tickled at Liam’s palm till he got the reaction he’d wanted, the giggle and the completely unconvincing “I hate you so much.”.

They don’t talk much about the stuff they do with those people now, it’s all been said, been planned to the nth degree so they focus on the mundane.  

And there’s nothing more mundane than putting Christmas decorations up.  

Normally it’s always been something they’ve come home to, Karen or his mum and his sisters doing it for them. 

This is the first year that it could change, and okay, it’s still November but if you add all the days they’ve missed in previous years together, he’s pretty sure they’d have a good argument to start in August if they wanted. 

Liam grumbles as Zayn stands up first and then pulls on Liam’s hand, but he stands up anyway, and then cocks his head to one side at Zayn’s expression. 

For a man that’s used to keeping secrets, huge secrets that affect every part of their lives, and others, Zayn is pretty shit at keeping certain types of secrets. 

Well, okay, one secret.   And it’s not even a secret really. 

“What are you up to?”  Liam asks, squeezing the hand that’s still in his just a little tighter before he drops his hand from Zayn’s and puts his hand on his hip and curls his lips in an attempt to show some measure of displeasure. 

Zayn resists the urge to answer back with “Wouldn’t you like to know?” and instead he lifts up one finger of his other hand and says.

“Wait there.”

Liam’s indignant “Zed, whatever you’re up to its quarter past 3 in the morning, you may not need your beauty sleep, but I do,” follows him out of the kitchen as he walks into the hall and towards the cupboard under the stairs.

Well,it’s more like a massive room under the stairs where they dump all the crap they’re sent before they send it to charity or to family and friends. 

He opens the door and turns on the light looking for the box with Karen’s ‘Xmas Deccies’ written on it. 

 There are a million advantages to spending most of the year in the US really, hot weather, a little more privacy, but none more so right now than the fact that they’ve barely been here and so not had time to build up any more clutter so he finds the box easily and pulls it out, placing it on the floor in the hall.

Zayn sees rather than hears the feet in front of him and the box, and he looks up. Liam’s right eyebrow is arching upwards, but he’s got this smile on his face, as he shakes his head.

“And people say you’re the serious one.”

Zayn shrugs as he straightens his body. “Just thought if you can’t sleep, this is something nice, something positive, something about Christmas that’s for us and we don’t have to finish tonight, well today that is.”

Liam smiles, takes a step forward, bends down to pick up the box and then starts walking away, firing back “That sounds suspiciously like a challenge Malik.”

Zayn grins and follows him to the lounge. 


They fall into bed a few hours later, covered in bits of tinsel and the fake snow makes their hair look like they’ve had some kind of awful shock or something that’s affected random parts of it. 

But it doesn’t matter, when they wake up later their house’ll probably resemble your tackiest Harrods Christmas displays as they may both be pretty decent at art, but their approach to Christmas decorations was if there’s a surface, sling a bit of tinsel on it or dangle a bauble from it. 

But Zayn doesn’t care.  He knows if either of their mum’s see the state of the house they’ll be whipping it into shape within minutes, but that’s fine, it doesn’t take away the feeling, the satisfaction that came from watching Liam bent over double laughing at what one of their Santa ornaments was looking like he was doing to one of the Rudolph ornaments the way Zayn had positioned them. 

He thinks they’re allowed to act like kids sometimes, makes up for all the times they weren’t. 

It’s just a good job the dogs are at Karen and Geoff’s at the moment really as they’d be bedecked with tinsel and Santa hats by now sending glares in their owner’s directions. 

“Thank you,” comes the voice from beside him and Zayn turns his head to see Liam.  

Liam who looks all kinds of sleepy, but the faraway look in his eyes is gone, and he’s got this soft smile on his face, and little bits of fake snow flecks in his beard.

“You always know what to do,” Liam continues, though his words are interrupted by a yawn halfway through and his eyelids shutting before he blinks them open again “You always know how to make all the shit fade away, never ever will I ever not appreciate how lucky I am to ha-.”  

Sleep wins as he doesn’t finish the sentence, instead there’s a little huff of a breath, and the smallest hint of a snore before his breathing evens out.

Zayn whispers “You’re welcome babe.” before he shuts his own eyes, half expects to think the thoughts, the worries that seem to come mostly at night, but he barely even has time to think about that before he falls asleep too. 

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Zayn comes to really like his new neighbour. They make quite the match.

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Liam and zayn are both so out of the loop with current trends I feel... I imagine them in 20 years having a teenage child talking about some drama on whatever new social media is out at the time and both of them looking at each other confused... or their child talking about a new meme and both of them being very ????? at each other but trying to show interest in their kids life... I'm getting carried away with parent ziam I will go now!

domestic ziam is my lifeblood. i feel like theyre gonna be the awkward parents who mention a meme that’s 5 years old and then start using it… or the awkward parents who think ‘lol’ means ‘lots of love’ god bless them theyre so cute