SUJU Reaction: When their Significant other hugs them.

Leeteuk: *He would love getting a hug from his significant other, which would usually by followed by kisses.*

Heechul: *Even though he has that tough/sassy exterior he would have a soft spot for your hugs.*

Yesung: *He would love getting hugs especially when he’s not expecting it.*

Kangin: *He would act like he doesn’t want hugs, but secretly he would love getting hugs from you the most.* 

Shindong: *He would probably be the first one to return your hugs.*

Sungmin: *He would accept your hugs with a smile each time.*

Eunhyuk: *Don’t let those dance moves fool you, because this kid is a softy who would probably beg for hugs.*

Donghae: *Be careful when hugging him, because it will most likely lead to something more.*

Siwon: *He would turn the deepest shade of red whenever you hug him, but would still enjoy them.*

Ryeowook: *Would always ask for hugs but you’d deny him every time, so when you try to hug him he won’t allow you.*

“Oh so now you want my hugs? Well you don’t get any.”

Kyuhyun: *Despite his wittiness he would get flustered whenever you hugged him.*

Zhou Mi: *Once you hug him, he won’t let you go.*

Henry: *Would become cocky whenever you hugged him.*

“I know you can’t keep your hands off me.”


SUJU Reaction: When you tease them by touching their butt.

Leeteuk: “Is there a reason why your hand is on my butt.”

Heechul: *Would get you back by slapping your butt.*

Yesung: *Would get shy and turn red.*

Kangin: “Two can play that game Y/N.”

Shindong: “If you keep doing that you’ll regret it Y/N.”

Sungmin: “May I help you?”

Eunhyuk: “Do you know what you’re getting yourself into?”

Donghae: *Has you backed up in a corner before you can even blink.*

Siwon: “What am I going to do with this girl?”

Ryeowook: “This is considered harassment you know? I think you should apologize and make it up to me.”

Kyuhyun: “Isn’t this supposed to be the other way around?”

Zhou Mi: *After trying to stop you multiple times.*

“There’s no stopping you is there?”

Henry: “It’s nice isn’t it!?Now let me touch yours.”


SUJU Reaction: When his crush (you) is taking care of one of the members because they have a high fever.

Leeteuk: “She’s just taking care of him, nothing will happen.”

Heechul: “I don’t trust Donghae, he’s gonna try something I know it.”

Yesung: “What if she likes him? What am I going to do?”

Kangin: “He’s my friend, it’s nice of her to be taking care of him, but what if something happens?”

Shindong: “What if she falls for him? How am I supposed to compete with Siwon?”

Sungmin: “They’re just friends right? Am I over analyzing this?”

Eunhyuk: “She’s just taking care of him, nothing more, nothing less.”

Donghae: “NO, I’ve lost my chance. She’s gonna fall in love for him because of his vulnerable state.”

Eunhyuk: “Calm down man, you’re going crazy.”

Donghae: “I can’t risk it, I don’t have time for competition.”

Siwon: “Stop worrying, she’s not your girlfriend she can do whatever she wants. But why does it hurt?”

Ryeowook: “No I don’t trust his slick ass, he’s probably not even sick.”

Kyuhyun: “He was fine this morning, when’d he get sick? I’ll go pay him a visit then.”

*Rushes to members apartment to make sure nothing happens.*

Zhou Mi: “I’m overreacting, Leetetuk hyung would never do such thing. Right?”

Henry: “She should be here taking care of me.”

Kyuhyun: “What’s wrong with you?”

Henry: “I’m love sick.”