“And I have been ash turned to dust to dirt, “ 
       “-and from the earth I will grow again.”

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On a rewatch of Expiration Date, something caught my eye. In the beginning, he wakes Scout to take the call. It was a video call, no hands required and noone else was on the road. It was a call he could’ve taken, or made Soldier take. It stands to reason that if Heavy could believe that Spy was Scout’s father, he’d figure out something as obvious as Scout liking Miss Pauling.

Why would he? Well, Scout is a lot less of an asshole when Miss Pauling is around. Spy probably isn’t the only one who’s been defaced with Scout’s drawings.

But, I think even deeper, if you look at scenes in MVM trailer, or Heavy with his family, or his lines with Medic, you’ll see a pattern.

Heavy is deeply loyal, and far more shrewd that most people assume he is. He knows more about the actual business than any of the other mercenaries. Everything from hiding his family from his employers back in Meet The Director, and refusing to open up to the director, which turned out to be a trap, to suspecting Miss Pauling’s intentions before any other mercenary, and doing everything he can to keep them secret. He is a roaring menace on the battlefield, but it is outside of the battlefield where he shows the true depth of his leadership and intelligence.

Being a defense class doesn’t just mean capping a point. He takes care of his team, and he takes care of his family. Whether it means trailing Miss Pauling and Soldier on a doomed mission to intercept Gray Mann’s base, or nudging Scout, a teammate Heavy doesn’t even always get along with that well in the right direction be it his possible family, or love. He watches over his comrades, protecting and guiding them, even at the cost of his own wants and needs, or his own glory.

Regungslos, so saß ich da,
Vor meinem Auge Welten, die nie zuvor ich sah.
Untermalt von Wind gleich einem stöhnenden Chor.
Das Ende schien mir nah, wie der Nebel dem Moor.

Manchmal ergreift mich eine Kälte
Und diese Erinnerungen holen mich ein.
Und mir wird klar: Nichts, was wir leiden,
wird umsonst gelitten sein. 

FFXIV | Zhe'a Yilma
 commission done by the talented @kurocyou

I will call you:

  • he/him
  • she/her
  • they/them

I will not call you:

  • *e/h*/h*s/h*self
  • ae/aer/aers/aerself
  • ce/cir/cirs/cirself
  • co/cos/cos/coself
  • e/em/eir/emself
  • ey/eim/eir/eirself
  • ey/em/eir/emself
  • fey/fer/fers/ferself
  • fey/feys/feyself
  • fey/feyr/feyself
  • fir/firs/firself
  • hir/hir/hirs/hirself
  • hu/hu/hume/humeself
  • it/it/its/itself 
  • jee/jem/jeir/jemself
  • jam/jam/jams/jamself
  • jhey/jhem/jheir/jheirself
  • kye/kyr/kyne/kyrself
  • kir/kir/kirs/kirself
  • lee/lim/lis/limself
  • mae/mair/maes/maeself
  • ne/nem/neir/neirself
  • ne/nem/nir/nemself
  • ne/nis/nimself
  • ne/nym/nis/nymself
  • per/per/pers/perself
  • she/sheer/sheers/sheerself
  • sie/sier/siers/sierself
  • sie/hir/hirself
  • ou/ou/ous/ouself
  • tey/tem/ter/temself
  • thae/thaer/thaers/thaerself
  • this one/ that one
  • thon/thon/thons/thonself
  • ve/vir/virs/virself
  • ve/vis/vir/verself
  • xe/hir/hirs/hirself
  • xe/xim/xis/ximself
  • xe/xir/xirs/xirself
  • xie/xem/xyr/xemself
  • xe/xem/xyr/xyrself
  • yre/yres/yreself
  • zay/zir/zirs/zirself
  • ze(or zie)/zir/zirs/zirself
  • ze/hir/hirs/hirself
  • ze/zir/zirs/zirself
  • ze/zan/zan/zanself
  • zed/zed/zeds/zedself
  • zed/zed/zeir/zedself
  • zhe/zhim/zhir/zhirself
  • zhe/zhir/zhirs/zhirself
They Should be the top 9

in my opinion

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Cai Xukun
♥ visal
♥ sinnamonroll
♥ Probably will kill us
♥ That body
♥ StOp HiM
(♥ Lay’s favorite)

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Li Quanzhe
♥ cinnamonroll
♥ babyfat
♥ Works Really Hard
♥ Cares for others
♥ Supports everybody

Xiao Gui
♥ Can dance
♥ Can rap
♥ that HAIR
♥ Those ears
♥ Looks tough but actually soft

Zhe Zhengting
♥ waers glasses like god
♥ his lips
♥ fLeXiBlE

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Chen Siqi
♥ dunno his face got me
♥ da marker
♥ probably is the mischievous one
♥ awkward
♥ comfused

You Zhangjing
♥ Softest face
♥ FlowerBoy
♥ Best name

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Bu Fan
♥ Dangerously Cute
♥ 192 CM PUPPY
♥ shy
♥ rap
♥ ProTeCt
♥ Xukun Fanboy

Zhuo Rui
♥ my soulmate
♥ voice of an angel
♥ we need more long hair idol
♥ squishy

Qian Zhenghao
♥ AnGeLiC voice
♥ you can do it boi
♥ I need your voice
♥ He will rescue us

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 The excitement is real, while Zhe & his daughter Ifah share a beautiful family moment.
  It’s not easy balancing daily Necro business & being a single dad, man.
« That super lovely piece was done by @domirine who was such a pleasure to work with ;v;. Go and visit their beautiful art-page  💗  »