This weekends adventure | 27.10.11

Have a peep at this link…….. this is where we will be heading to tomorrow afternoon for an adventure fuelled weekend : ) We really can not wait!!! If I can get my laptop hooked up to the tinta web I will do my best to get some photos uploaded over the weekend. Have any of you been before.Would love to hear where you would recommend going!


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王嘉尔: 你们在回家的路上吗?现在是吃饭时间! 🍚 吃了吗?没吃快吃! 每天吃饭的时间最好有规律!😤 来到 我们家 的美景之一的 张家界 天门山! 也是 阿凡达 曾来过的😶, 太太太太太美了 👍😍 有时间来下这里看看风景!跟心爱的人!爸爸妈妈!男朋友!女朋友!老公!老婆! - J.Y.P 哥。。。知道你是鸟宝宝,但是 我们的FLY舞蹈不是这样跳的 😳 FLY~ 啊啊啊啊啊 ~啊啊啊~ 😘 #王嘉尔##张家界##天门山##太美了##跟爱人来##怪蜀黍来了##王霏霏##JYP哥##吃饭时间##快吃##每天吃饭要有规律#

Are you on your way home? It’s time to eat now! 🍚 Have you eaten? If not hurry eat! Meal times everyday should be fixed! 😤 I’m here at one of my country’s most beautiful places, Zhang Jia Jie Tian Men Mountain! Avatars have been here too 😶, really really really beautiful 👍😍 If you’re free you can come down here to enjoy the scenery! With your loved ones! Dad Mom! Boyfriend! Girlfriend! Husband! Wife! - JYP hyung… I know you’re an ahgase, but that’s not how you dance to our FLY choreography 😳 FLY~ Ahhhhhh~ Ahhhhh~ 😘 #WangJiaEr #ZhangJiaJie #TianMenMountain #TooBeautiful #ComeWithYourLovedOnes #GuaiShuShuIsComing #WangFeiFei #JYPHyung #TimeToEat #FasterEat #EatYourMealsOnTimeEveryday

Trans by: fywangjackson
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SCANDAL; On MTV Taiwan’s “I Love Idols” (w/ translations)

Popular Japanese girl band, SCANDAL, debuted with their single “DOLL” in year 2008. All the 6 albums they’ve since came up with has also ranked in the Top 5 on Japan’s Oricon charts, marking them as not a force to be trifled with. This year, they held their world tour and were in Taiwan during May. Although that day was Mother’s Day, they still attracted plenty of fans to come get high with SCANDAL. Their first visit to Taiwan in 4 years, but the fans’ passion, to SCANDAL, is nevertheless unforgettable.

  • HARUNA: “This is our first time here in 4 years, but it doesn’t feel like that long. We sang as though we’ve always been coming here. We spent a great night with all of the fans that have been waiting for us for 4 years, whom were also really passionate last night.

This tour has been going on since January. In these many performances, has anything unforgettable happened?

  • RINA: “We’ve always been doing performances overseas, but this is a first for us to visit all of the members’ hometowns. We had our mothers and friends from hometown come to see us, which makes us happy, to be able to create such a ‘homely’ experience, and that was unforgettable.

SCANDAL’s songs have also been chosen regularly as Anime theme songs. Which Anime do the members like the most personally?

  • MAMI: “I’d go buy the latest on Attack on Titan and TERRAFORMARS always. For Attack on Titan, there will be a live action movie screening this Summer, so I’m looking very forward to that. As for TERRAFORMARS, there will also be a movie opening next year, so that I’m looking forward to as well.

Since their formation in year 2006, SCANDAL has also stepped into their 9th year this year. Have they ever fought over anything in these 9 years together?

  • HARUNA: “We don’t have any huge fights, but when we’re making songs and trying to have input, we do have plenty of heated conversations, but it’s not like the mood is bad. When we’re rehearsing for lives, there will also be situations where our opinions differ, and each of us refuse to give in at times, but this is where we’ll express ourselves as deemed fit and respect each other’s opinions, thus be able to create something better.

We’ll now go into a huge heart-to-heart session. The first question will have the loser answer. If you could wake up and find yourselves becoming another member, who’d you want to be?

  • TOMOMI: “For myself, I’ll like to try being MAMI. All the things that she always think about are humourous and are usually ideas that others don’t think of. So I’m wondering about the kind of life she leads every day.
  • MAMI: “For her to say that, I wondering what sort of everyday life I lead now…(laughs). But really, my every day is normal and I don’t think that deeply at all. However, since I’m being told this, I’ll once again reflect upon myself and think about what I think about each day. (LOL)

The second question: Who’ll be super shy when meeting their own super idol?

  • HARUNA: “Once, on a music programme we guested on, Hamasaki Ayumi appeared in front of her (RINA), and she was extremely shy. But no matter what, although we knew how much she loved Hamasaki Ayumi and tried to get her closer to her, but we just really couldn’t.
  • MAMI: “At the end, RINA tried to get close to her but ultimately couldn’t, so we were wondering if it were impossible after all. But I guess we’ll like to continue liking her in such a distance.

And now, the last person who loses must drink our bitter herbel tea!

(RINA drinks, and when the Taiwanese staff says this is usually drunk by the Chinese, TOMOMI looks surprised.) HARUNA also says she wants to try drinking a bit, while RINA exclaims, “It feels like this is good for my body though!

Now, we’ll invite the passionate and cute SCANDAL to say something to their Taiwanese fans.

  • HARUNA: “Everybody in Taiwan, this is our first live in 4 years. We really do hope to come more often, so to be able to hold this live had made us really happy. Next time, we’ll hope to come back again. Please kindly support us from now on too.

The cute SCANDAL are not only fond of their Taiwan fans this round, but surely the bitter tea will also forever be memorable.

Video upload w/ thanks to Zhang Jia Jie-san @ YT, Jpn/Chi - Eng translations by fyscandalband. Apologies that this one’s up late but I wanted to do a proper translation for it. Enjoy!